William J Coughlin Books in Order

The William J Coughlin books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the William J Coughlin books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Charley Sloan Books

The Court

Coughlin, William J. 1982

Nine Supreme Court judges will soon decide four history-making cases. Eight of them will split along party lines four to four. The ninth judge, holding the swing vote, will tip the scales of justice. He's a good man, a fine man, and, unknown to nearly everyone, a dying man-barely kept alive by machines in a very private hospital.

High-powered Washington attorney Jerry Green is one of the privileged few who discovers American justice rides on the rise and fall of a respirator. Now he's been called by the President himself to do something about it. It's a hunt for truth that will arouse his darkest suspicions.

..force him to make a shocking choice...and save the legitimacy of American justice. Or shatter it forever...

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Shadow of a Doubt

Coughlin, William J. 1991

Detroit attorney and former alcoholic Charley Sloan lost his practice, his wife, and his fortune to booze. A chance at a comeback arrives in his former lover, Robin Harwell. She's now the desperate widow of a multimillionaire--and stepmother of the teenage girl charged with his brutal murder.

  Damned by forensic evidence, witness testimony, a history of mental problems, and by her own confession, young Angel's defense will be hard coming--and believing in her innocence could come at a price far more personal than he ever feared. As the media descends, Charley finds himself shadowed by rivals determined to destroy him, trapped in the seductive grip of a never-forgotten love affair, and plunged in a dark morass of terrible lies, bitter secrets, and unforgiving family ties… 

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Death Penalty

Coughlin, William J. 1992

Detroit lawyer Charley Sloan has been around the block once or twice. Down for the count, drinking heavily, a three-time loser in the marriage wars, Charley repairs his tattered career and gets back in the game. Heading his rogues' gallery of clients is the infamous, twisted angel of mercy, Doctor Death, whose patients have a strange habit of dying under very peculiar circumstances.

But now Charley steps into a case with the opportunity to do some good. The high stakes include a literal matter of life and death. And, as he quickly discovers, they also include the sinister stench of corruption that reaches to the highest levels of jurisprudence-including Charley Sloan's respected mentor.

Suddenly, a rock and a hard place never looked so good.

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The Judgment

Coughlin, William J. 1997

The death of innocenceIn a rural area outside of Detroit, bodies are being found in the snow. One after another. Neatly washed, wrapped in platic, methodically laid out like sleeping angels. And very, very young.The birth of evilForty miles away and at the other end of the world, an honest cop, the deputy chief chief of police, has been framed for a corruption charge.

In a world of big-city politics, he wants ace lawyer Charley Sloan to get him off.The only hopePulled into the two very different cases, Charley faces the heat of a perplexnig serial murder investigation and the heavey hitters of the Motor City's inner circle.

Interviewing witnesses, putting together clues, Charley Sloan, a man who has been at the bottom and at the top, is about to uncover the explosive difference between true innocence-and the most dangerous guilt of all...The Judgement

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Proof of Intent

Coughlin, William J. 2002

Charley Sloan isn't your typical lawyer. But then again, this isn't your typical case. When famous author and hometown hero Miles Dane is arrested for murdering his wife, it seems like an open-and-shut case. With no credible alibi, a mountain of physical evidence, and a motive of millions, it seems the prosecution's case is airtight.

The police suspect that Dane had planned this crime many years ago--and made the mistake of writing it all down...in exact detail. Even Charley begins to question Dane's innocence. But Charley's own investigation gives him reason to believe that his client is being framed and that the real killer is using Dane's own bizarre imagination against him.

But why isn't Dane speaking up? What secrets is he hiding?As the trial begins, it's still unclear where Miles Dane's wild imaginings stop and reality begins. Or whether he is committing the ultimate sacrifice in order to atone for something he did long ago.

Only in the crucible of the final, fevered moments of trial will Charley finally put the pieces together and reveal the stunning truth...

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Destruction Committee

Coughlin, William Jeremiah 1971

The Grinding Mill

Coughlin, William Jeremiah 1973

The Stalking Man

Coughlin, William J. 1979

In a twisted trail of blood, he spelled out his name, The Stalking Man, hunting women in cities across the country the way his father had once taught him to hunt deer. He loved the moment of terror frozen on their faces when the all-too-horrifying realization would hit them-they were going to die a death more violent and ghastly than their worst nightmares.

..They had caught him once-he did his time and now he was "cured." But he'd been sloppy then. This time he slithered through the country, striking with cunning and precision, laughing at the law as he outran them again and again. Now two men must piece together his macabre clues and stop a sadistic killer who's about to strike too close to home.


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Day of Wrath

William Jeremiah Coughlin 1980
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The Twelve Apostles

Coughlin, William J. 1984
With the death of one of the twelve senior partners at the elite Manhattan law firm of Nelson and Clark, beautiful Christina Giles and the man who loves her, Dan Spencer, become rivals for the "Apostle's" chair Read More

Her Father's Daughter

Coughlin, William J. 1986
When Hunter Van Horn, one of the wealthiest men in America, is killed in a plane crash, his daughter Victoria assumes his place but soon discovers she has fallen into a hornet's nest of enemies Read More

Her Honor

Coughlin, William Jeremiah 1987

In The Presence of Enemies

Coughlin, William J. 1989

Attorney and client, they broke the first law: never fall in love.Elizabeth DarenWith evidence missing and key witnesses changing their stories, the battle for her dead husband's fortune is turning ugly. Someone is out to get her, and only one of the country's shrewdest, most battle-hardened lawyers can save her.

If he can trust her.Jake MartinHe's a rising star in a powerhouse law firm. Everything he ever dreamed of and sweated for now means nothing to him. He's become Elizabeth Daren's lover-and made her enemies his own. It's a choice the could take him down.

..and the only one that matters.With all the power and authenticity of The Firm and the Client, Federal Judge and former prosecutor William Coughlin dazzles us with In the Presence of Enemies-the smash sequel to his best-selling courtroom drama Shadow of a Doubt-and his toughest, most absorbing novel yet!

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The Heart of Justice

Coughlin, William Jeremiah 1995
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