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The few remaining men can exist out their puny days dropped out on drugs orstrutting around in drag or passively watching the high-powered female in action,fulfilling themselves as spectators, vicarious liver*, or breeding in the cow pasturewith the toadies, or they can go off to the nearest friendly suicide center wherethey will be quietly, quickly, and painlessly gassed to death.Prior to the institution of automation, to the replacement of males by machines,the male should be of use to the female, wait on her, cater to her slightest whim,obey her every command, be totally subservient to her, exist in perfect obedienceto her will, as opposed to the completely warped, degenerate situation we havenow of men, not only not only not existing at all, cluttering up the world with theirignominious presence, but being pandered to and groveled before by the mass offemales, millions of women piously worshiping the Golden Calf, the dog leadingthe master on a leash, when in fact the male, short of being a drag queen, is leastmiserable when his dogginess is recognized – no unrealistic emotional demands aremade of him and the completely together female is calling the shots. Rational menwant to be squashed, stepped on, crushed and crunched, treated as the curs, thefilth that they are, have their repulsiveness confirmed.The sick, irrational men, those who attempt to defend themselves against theirdisgustingness, when they see SCUM barreling down on them, will cling in terrorto Big Mama with her Big Bouncy Boobies, but Boobies won’t protect themagainst SCUM; Big Mama will be clinging to Big Daddy, who will be in the cornershitting in his forceful, dynamic pants. Men who are rational, however, won’t kickor struggle or raise a distressing fuss, but will just sit back, relax, enjoy the showand ride the waves to their demise.