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It was the same book, every day. The pages of said book were rounded and soft where Young Sam had chewed them, but to one person in this nursery this was the book of books, the greatest story ever told. Vimes didn't need to read it any more. He knew it by heart.It was called Where's My Cow?The unidentified complainant had lost their cow. That was the story, really.Page one started promisingly:Where's my cow?Is that my cow?It goes, "Baa!"It is a sheep! That's not my cow!Then the author began to get to grips with their material:Where's my cow?Is that my cow?It goes, "Neigh!"It is a horse! That's not my cow!At this point the author had reached an agony of creation and was writing from the racked depths of their soul.Where's my cow?Is that my cow?It goes, "Hruuugh!"It is a hippopotamus! That's not my cow!This was a good evening. Young Sam was already grinning widely and crowing along with the plot.Eventually, the cow would be found. It was that much of a pageturner. Of course, some suspense was lent by the fact that all other animals were presented in some way that could have confused a kitten, who perhaps had been raised in a darkened room. The horse was standing in front of a hatstand, as they so often did, and the hippo was eating at a trough against which was an upturned pitchfork. Seen from the wrong direction, the tableau might look for just one second like a cow ...Young Sam loved it, anyway. It must have been the most cuddled book in the world.Nevertheless, it bothered Vimes, even though he'd got really good at the noises and would go up against any man in his rendition of the "Hruuugh!" But was this a book for a city kid? When would he ever hear these noises? In the city the only sound those animals would make was "sizzle" But the nursery was full of the conspiracy, with baa-lambs and teddy bears and fluffy ducklings everywhere he looked.