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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Mammoth Resurrection

Mejdrich, Terry 2002

Just as Henry Thoreau, Charlie Johnson finds himself an alien to his contemporaries. On a quiet lake he finds solitudesome would suspect a place to heal or hideand a purpose. But his predictable world is shattered when Sheriff Bodeman requires his tracking expertise.

The object of the Sheriffs search, a suspected serial killer known as The Skinner, carries a secret of immense importance. The search sets off a chain of events that quickly challenge not only Johnsons survival skills, but also casts him into an unlikely alliance with a corporate executive and a young, out spoken woman deputy.

He immediately trusts Jerry Koler, but his relationship with Lora Whitney gets complicated. He owes her his life, but her loyalties are unclear. Johnson has no idea something is missing from his life until he suddenly becomes the hunted, and is forced to come to terms with his own past.

A critical turning point in his life becomes the focal point of all past events, even the death of an ancient mammoth. Two months earlier he knew Lora Whitney only by sight, and Jerry Koler, Chris Colby, and Maclin Ethek not at all

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The Bog Lady

Mejdrich, Terry Oliver 2004

Tracker Charlie Johnson and Deputy Lora Whitney race against the clock searching for the common link between the mysterious bones, a suspicious airplane crash, and a reluctant sky-diver in order to prevent another victim from following in the footsteps of The Bog Lady.

"Any idea how long she's been down there?" "Really hard to tell. At least five years, not more than twenty." "Any idea about the cause of death?" "None of the remains give a hint. Best to put her back together and see where she leads." "Put her back together?" "Her face at least.

She may not look like much now but wait until we get her makeup on. After that it's simply a matter of Who-done-it 101." "Explain." "The first place we look is within the family. If she's rich, then monetary considerations are almost certainly woven into the motive.

" "Doesn't seem to be much to start with." "You'd be surprised how few motives there are. Power, greed, and jealously pretty much cover it. I have a feeling this person left a pretty big hole in society somewhere."

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Ghosts in the Heart

Mejdrich, Terry 2007

An investigation into the gruesome death of a campground attendant in northern Minnesota takes a bizarre turn when two witnesses insist that the perpetrator was the mythical Bigfoot. The authorities, unwilling to subscribe to the existence of such creatures, come up with an explanation of their own-a bear attack.

But without a body, it is left to Charlie Johnson, a local woodsman and tracker, to sort it all out. In doing so, he discovers a mysterious connection to the prehistoric past and a vast underworld far more dangerous than any wild animal. "You think it was a bear then that dragged Monsen away?" Charlie asked.

"What else?" "There's a problem with the bear theory.""What's that?""No other campers heard or saw anything. Seems like a man getting mauled by a bear would have plenty to say about it.""Scream his bloody head off, I'd say.""Yet the body was never found.

Kind of hard for even a bear to eat an entire man in one evening, bones and all, don't you think?""True. What's your take?""Confused at the moment," Charlie admitted.

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The Tranquility Child

Mejdrich, Terry 2008

In that day those who bought into the accepted dogma-whether religious, political, cultural, or economic-became ever more rigid and unyielding. They chose up sides each hiding within their own invented version of God, each declaring the sanctity of their own set of beliefs, each vilifying all others who thought differently.

And the inevitable outcome came together in a place called the Holy Battlefield where the armaments of mass ignorance decimated the pawns. Nature had messed up, it seemed, and gave rise to an organism with no natural enemies, and so, to be fair about it, Nature turned man upon himself.

Would History continue to repeat itself? All the signs were there. Human nature had not changed and wasn't likely to. Yet a secret society of scientists found a way to forestall what might well be inescapable. However, the government considers the group a terrorist organization, and they are treated as such.

Providence will leave it up to one mysterious child to make the decisions grown men and women would not."Hello," she said, clutching the tattered doll to her breast. "Would you like to play a game?"

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Publication Order of Poetry Collections

Thoughts from the deep woods

Mejdrich, Terry 2004

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR.The reflections contained between the covers of this book are not necessarily intended to entertain but to evoke thought. They are ideas captured by words as simply and concisely as I can present them, and I fully acknowledge mere words often provide only the crudest of outlines.

This is not a bad thing, however, because then it is left to the reader to fill in the spaces with creations from his or her own imagination and life experience. The result can be something even better than effortless entertainment. It can lead to such oddities as THINKING, INTROSPECTION, and REFLECTIVE REASONING.

It is my hope that my thoughts might inspire you, the reader, to put into words some reflections of your own, since there has never been a more appropriate or pressing time for all voices to be heard.

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