Steve Allen Books in Order

The Steve Allen books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Steve Allen books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Steve Allen Mystery Books

The Talk Show Murders

Allen, Steve 1983
When Elmo Finstetter is murdered on national television in the middle of the talk show on which he was appearing, it is merely the beginning of a series of bizarre crimes Read More

Murder On The Glitter Box

Allen, Steve 1989
Famed talk-show host Steve Allen becomes embroiled in another villainous plot when he steps in as a late night talk-show host's replacement only to find a dead guest and lots of unanswered questions. Reissue. Read More

Murder in Manhattan

Allen, S. 1990
Book by Allen, S. Read More

Murder in Vegas

Allen, S. 1991
While rehearsing a routine with legendary crooner Buddy Hamilton, Steve Allen is shocked to discover that Buddy's glamorous young wife, Christie, has been strangled in a sauna. Reprint. Read More

The Murder Game

Allen, Steve 1993
When Jayne Meadows Allen is invited to an on-air reunion of the TV quiz show, "The Murder Game," Jayne's husband, Steve, must step in to investigate when, one by one, the show's cast members die. Reprint. Read More

Murder On The Atlantic

Steve Allen 1995
Invited to join the maiden voyage of a reclusive billionaire's luxury liner, Atlantis, amateur euth Steve Allen and his vivacious wife, Jayne Meadows, are called upon to solve a mystery when a body is discovered in the lifeboat. Reprint. Read More

Wake Up To Murder

Allen, Steve 1997
When a soundman is strangled with a microphone cord the morning of Steve Allen's debut as host of a popular morning talk show, Steve and his wife, Jayne Meadows, must sort through the suspects before there is a repeat performance. Reprint. Read More

Die Laughing

Allen, Steve 1998
Just as Benny Whipple, a vaudeville veteran who had died at age ninety-three, is being buried, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows discover the body of murdered slapstick king Terry Parker, and with the upcoming Comedy Awards fast approaching, everyone in Hollywood is a suspect. Reprint. Read More

Murder In Hawaii

Steve Allen 1999
Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows accept an invitation to guest star in a new TV series called "Hawaii Wave," but they are unprepared for the string of "accidents" that seem directed at them. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Wake

Steve Allen 1972
Great book to read. Read More

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Public Hating

Allen, Steve 1955
Twenty-three stories deal with a recent widower, a religious fanatic, a compulsive gambler, murder, autograph seekers, an alcoholic, religious broadcasters, a troubled marriage and city life Read More

The Man Who Turned Back the Clock

Allen, Steve 1995

Actor, comedian, song writer, and author, the versatile Steve Allen has shared his very special brand of entertainment with audiences the world over. His penetrating wit and widsom allows us to laugh at ourselves while thinking about some of the serious issues of our time.

Drawn from life's raw materials and his own fertile imagination, The Man Who Turned Back the Clock is a delightful yet provocative collection of short stories as only Steve Allen could write them. This wide-ranging assemblage includes 31 tantalizing tales.

In addition to the title story, readers will find "The Humor Strike"; "It's Nice to See You Again"; "The Day the Jews Disappeared," addressing anti-Semitism; "The Sunday Morning Shift," focusing on the scandals of money-grubbing evangelists; "The Jensen Theory," which takes a look at racism; "The Girls on the Tenth Floor;" Allen's whimsical "Point of View"; and many more.

Readers will find in some the surprising twists and turns of an "O.Henry" yarn.This collection is funny, it's thoughtful, it's vintage Steve Allen!

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Mark it and Strike it: An Autobiography

Allen, Steve 1961
Vintage celebrity biography Read More


Allen, Steve 1973

Funny People

Allen, Steve 1981
Presents exemplary anecdotes about such entertainers as Mel Brooks, Sid Caesar, Lili Tomlin, Jerry Lewis, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, George Burns, and Jonathan Winters Read More

Beloved Son

Allen, Steve 1982
The noted entertainer details the circumstances of his son's sudden joining of a religious enclave, the reasons involved, and the effects on his family and discusses the wider social context of cults and their converts Read More

More Funny People

Allen, Steve 1982
Presents exemplary anecdotes about such entertainers as Abbott and Costello, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Martha Ray, Bob Hope, and George Carlin Read More

How to Make a Speech

Allen, Steve 1986
The experienced lecturer, author, and television star shares rules and tricks anyone can learn to become an accomplished speaker in this combination of easy-to-follow instructions and humorous examples Read More

How to Be Funny

Allen, Steve 1987

No one knows more about comedy than Steve Allen. For more than five decades as a writer, performer, and keen observer of the social scene, he has looked into every aspect of who's funny, what's funny, and why. Allen shares his discoveries in How to Be Funny, the book designed to help everyone develop their special talent for funniness.

Now reissued in paperback, How to Be Funny covers all the basics, including joke telling, ad-libbing, writing humorously, performing comedy, emceeing, and much more. Allen takes you inside the world of comedy, from the early writings of Mark Twain, to the more contemporary work of Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Maher.

Allen even provides homework assignments for the budding comic!Yet How to Be Funny is far more than just a book for aspiring comedians it will help anyone who wants to be a more amusing conversationalist, a more effective public speaker, and everyone who just wants to be the life of the party.

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Allen, Steve 1989
In what may be the ultimate how-to book, Steve Allen addresses a social problem so pervasive that it may well be the cause of many others. The author's thesis started with observation of a sharp increase in instances of inefficiency. Read More

Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion and Morality

Allen, Steve 1990

America's dean of intelligent comedy doesn't think the Bible is a laughing matter. His good look at the good book is a closely reasoned examination of Scripture, designed to encourage rational analysis of the most influential document of Western civilization.

Although the Bible has been consulted for more than twenty centuries, Allen asserts that there remains an extensive degree of common ignorance about it. Noting that most people today rarely read the Bible, Allen is convinced that the millions who do read it are not able to understand certain passages at all.

Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality took form when Allen began his own exploration of the Bible, marking passages that struck him as extraordinarily beautiful, or those that were profoundly confusing. Spellbound by the very mystery of it, he perceived that much of the text leads directly to controversy.

And, he urges, it is of greater importance now than ever before that all Americans be conversant with the Bible, partly because of those who would use Scriptures as a weapon to force their views on others.Allen presents his ideas as a series of alphabetically arranged essays on characters, events, and books of the Scriptures, as well as on such controversial topics as abortion, anti-Semitism, capital punishment, death, evolution, and original sin.

He draws on the expertise of biblical scholars, theologians, and philosophers to demonstrate that fundamentalist assumptions about the reliability and authenticity of the Bible as the inviolable Word of God simply have no rational or factual basis.Allen highlights the errors, inconsistencies, and self-contradictions of the Bible.

While not denying the value of many biblical passages, he argues that Americans can and should critique the Bible as they would any other historical document.While Allen finds much in the Bible with which one can take issue, his examination also reveals that much is meaningful.

Allen's goal - to make people think reasonably about Scripture - is achieved through remarkable clear, readable, and insightful prose.

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Hi Ho Steverino

Allen, Steve 1992
Steve Allen writes about his experience as creator and first host of the Tonight Show in an anecdote-packed, nostalgic autobiography which is also a history of television's Golden Age. The best of all his books! Read More

More Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion and Morality

Allen, Steve 1992

The popularity of Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Moralityled the Dean of Intelligent Comedy to continue his skeptical examination of biblical claims. Among the topics discussed in this successor volume are abortion, alcoholism, angels, homosexuality, the Song of Solomon, Leviticus, Peter, and women's liberation.

Although the Bible has been referred to, quoted from, and applied to broad social issues and private problems for centuries, Allen asserts that the degree of ignorance as to its contents is vast and deep. Noting that adults rarely read the Bible, Allen is convinced that millions who do read it are not able to understand certain passages at all.

Throughout the book, Allen offers direct quotes from biblical scholars - Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish - in addition to generous references to the views of various scholarly specialists. His goal - to make people think about what the Bible really says - is achieved through clear and readable prose.

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Make 'Em Laugh

Allen, Steve 1993

The success of Steve Allen's How To Be Funny led first to the republication of that book, and now occasioned a companion volume, Make 'Em Laugh. This new how-to book about the art of comedy includes an even richer assortment of examples of the author's unique humor.

In Make 'Em Laugh, Allen laces his formal instruction with hilarious ad-libs, written jokes, TV comedy sketches, satires, song parodies, humorous essays, amusing autobiographical reminiscences, one-act plays, witty speeches, and stand-up monologues from his comedy concerts.

Noel Coward called Steve Allen the most talented man in America, and he is probably the most borrowed-from comedian of all time. The perceptive reader will recognize many of the comic ideas that Allen originated during the "Golden Age" of television comedy - ideas that are still influential in the 1990's.

If there were a college course in creating and performing comedy, Make 'Em Laugh would be the ideal textbook.

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Steve Allen Songbook

Allen, Steve 1994

Our collector's edition folio features the best songs from this well-known comedian, songwriter, conductor, singer and pianist. Allen has written more than 4,700 songs (a feat that has earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records) which have been recorded by artists from Aretha Franklin to Judy Garland to Perry Como and Diane Schuur.

This book features photos, a biography highlighting his countless accomplishments, and 22 songs in piano/vocal/guitar format, including: Gravy Waltz * Impossible * Picnic * South Rampart Street Parade * This Could Be the Start of Something * and many more.

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Allen, Steve 1994

"Steve Allen does so many things, he's the only man I know who's listed on every one of the Yellow Pages." That's how protege Andy Williams once described Steve Allen. Noel Coward called him "the most talented man in America." Apt descriptions, indeed, for Allen is not only a comedian, but a prolific writer, composer, pianist, actor, and a serious thinker as well.

Those who are familiar with Steve Allen only in his capacity as a comedian may find it surprising that he has produced a collection of thought-provoking observations on a variety of serious topics in his new book, Reflections. But anyone familiar with his two-volume study of the Scriptures - Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality - or his incisive critique of America's declining intellectual standards - "Dumbth": And 81 Ways to Make Americans Smarter - will realize that Allen's serious side is at least as creative and interesting as his flights of comedic fancy.

Steve Allen is, for the most part, a self-taught intellectual. Perhaps this is the reason that he is able to write in a casual but clear, non-academic style, which makes even his weightiest ideas accessible to the average reader. And as befits a professional humorist, Allen displays his considerable wit from time to time in these pages.

But by and large, his comments on assorted philosophical, political, and social questions are not only serious but challenging. No matter what issue he addresses - aging, happiness, heroes, justice, love, psychology, religion, sex, or TV - the popular humorist-and-philosopher-in-one always finds something fresh and insightful to say.

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But Seriously...

Allen, Steve 1996

As its title suggests, But Seriously . . . offers readers a superb sampling of Steve Allen's articles, personal correspondence, speeches, book excerpts, and forewords written to introduce the work of important writers.Whether Allen is serving up some tongue-in-cheek advice on "How to Attack a Liberal" in which he identifies himself as the liberal and then advises conservatives on how best to confront his beliefs ethically, or is offering his views on Chinese nuclear capability, his razor-sharp insights always cut to the core of the issue.

This cornucopia of well-reasoned discussion is filled with good humor, irony, and a deep concern for the human condition. Whether he's offering "Concluding Remarks at the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice," an excerpt from The Courage of Conviction, or expressing his views on Native Americans, labor relations, the lessons to be learned from Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, or presenting an open letter to Frank Sinatra, Allen's devotion to common sense and serious social involvement carves a path for others to follow.

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Steve Allen's Private Joke File

Allen, Steve 2000

Why Did Steve Allen Cross the Road? Steve Allen is a legend among comedians and entertainers. He's been playing to audiences on stage, radio, film, and television for more than fifty years, gaining acclaim for his unique wit and energy. Now for the first time, he shares more than a thousand of his favorite one-liners, anecdotes, limericks, quotes, and other generally funny things.

The entries are divided into nearly two hundred categories to make it easy for anyone to find the right laugh for any occasion. If you're faced with the prospect of having to "say a few words," Steve Allen's Private Joke File is the perfect place to look for ideas and inspiration on such topics as awards, drinking, baseball, lawyers, dentists, insurance, marriage, the stock market, and dozens of other subjects.

A sampling:* My wife and I had words, but I never got to use mine!* If ignorance is bliss, he should die of joy. * "How are the acoustics here?" "Great, I can hardly hear you!"* I learned to rumba very early in life ... I had a tricycle with a loose seat.

* Room for rent, by young lady, freshly plastered.Steve Allen has also included a number of his favorite essays and monologues. Steve Allen's Private Joke File is great to flip through for fun or for function, and for those of us looking for a good laugh -- to give one or to have one -- it's indispensable.

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