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The Stephen Greenleaf books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Stephen Greenleaf books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of John Marshall Tanner Books

Grave Error

Greenleaf, Stephen 1979
One-time lawyer turned investigator, John Marshall Tanner is hired by Mrs. Nelson to determine whether her husband, a leading consumer advocate, is having an affair, but the facts must be kept secret to prevent a scandal Read More

Death Bed

Greenleaf, Stephen 1980
Stated first printing. A near fine copy in a very good dust jacket. Soiling to the edges of the book's upper page block. The dust jacket has small frays to its spine tips and rubs to its corners. Mild dust soiling to the rear panel. Read More

State's Evidence

Greenleaf, Stephen 1982

San Francisco P.I. John Marshall Tanner is called in to help a crusading district attorney locate the only reliable witness to a mob-orchestrated hit-and-run killing. But is ex-model Teresa Blair hiding out, or is someone holding her hostage?As Tanner investigates mob culture in the Bay Area and examines Teresa's privileged life, he discovers that mobster Tony Fluto isn't the only person to want her dead.

The closer Tanner gets to the truth, the more he realises that everyone from Teresa's business partner to her best friend to her husband has something to hide - including Teresa herself.

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Fatal Obsession

Greenleaf, Stephen 1983
After a thirty-year absence, San Francisco private eye John Marshall Tanner returns to his hometown of Chaldea, where he must settle matters concerning the family farm, but the sudden murder of his nephew, Billy, turns his family trip into business as usual Read More

Beyond Blame

Greenleaf, Stephen 1985

"Readers who like their private-eye novels witty, literate, and properly balanced between misanthropy and compassion will find Stephen Greenleaf's BEYOND BLAME exactly to taste."NEWSWEEKPsychologist Dianne Renzel has been brutally butchered in her own bed.

The evidence points to her husband, Lawrence Usser, a brilliant law professor, whose speciality is the successful use of the insanity defense for a variety of unsavory clients.Now Dianne's parents have hired Tanner to make sure Usser doesn't use his customary fancy legal footwork to skip the rap for his own wife's murder.

But as Tanner digs into the case, assumption after assumption gives way to question after question, and soon it's nearly impossible to know who is guilty and who is beyond blame....From the Paperback edition.

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Toll Call

Greenleaf, Stephen 1987

"Stephen Greeleaf's John Marshall Tanner series improves with age. Tanner [is]...altogether one of the most convincing of today's private eyes."THE SAN DIEGO UNIONP.I. Marsh Tanner thought he knew his secretary Peggy well. But he didn't know half as much as the phone caller, the mystery man who called Peggy at home and threatened her with mutilation if she refused to tell him her most intimate secrets and desires.

And he could never have imagined that Peggy might grow to love the calls as much as she hated them. But in the treacherous, twisted days that were to follow, there was much about Peggy--and himself--that Marsh Tanner would wish he didn't know....From the Paperback edition.

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Book Case

Greenleaf, Stephen 1991
Private eye John Marshall Tanner returns in a case involving the author of a manuscript that is a Pandora's Box of intrigue, murder and scandal threatening the San Francisco elite Read More

Blood Type

Greenleaf, Stephen 1992
Certain that the death of Tom Crandall was not a suicide, John Marshall Tanner investigates and learns from Crandall's homeless, paranoid brother some clues that involve greed and malevolence. 25,000 first printing. $15,000 ad/promo. Read More

Southern Cross

Greenleaf, Stephen 1993
When a racist hate group, the Alliance for Southern Pride, sentences an old friend to die, John Marshall Tanner's investigation leads to South Carolina along a trail of prejudice spanning generations. 25,000 first printing. $10,000 ad/promo. Read More

False Conception

Greenleaf, Stephen 1994
Performing a background check on a prospective surrogate mother for childless tycoons Millicent and Stuart Colbert, detective John Marshall Tanner uncovers terrible secrets when the surrogate disappears two months into her pregnancy. Reprint. Read More

Flesh Wounds

Greenleaf, Stephen 1996
Asked by old fling Peggy Nettleton to investigate the disappearance of her future stepdaughter, a model who vanished after posing for some nude photographs, detective Tanner remembers his feelings for Peggy while uncovering deadly secrets. Reprint. Read More

Past Tense

Greenleaf, Stephen 1997
When his friend, police lieutenant Charlie Sleet, breaks into sudden acts of violence, San Francisco PI John Marshall must unearth the repressed memories at the heart Charlie's corruption and vigilantism to put an end to the killing. Reprint. Read More

Strawberry Sunday

Greenleaf, Stephen 1999
While struggling to recuperate from a near-fatal gunshot wound, San Francisco P.I. Tanner befriends fellow hospital patient Rita Lombardi, and when she is brutally murdered after her release, his investigation draws him deep into the violent and corrupt world of migrant farm labor Read More


Greenleaf, Stephen 2000

Bodyguard to a glamorous, bestselling novelist? It's the last kind of case that San Francisco private investigator John Marshall Tanner would normally accept. But Chandelier Wells comes with a personal referral Tanner cannot refuse. For all her money and fame, Chandelier is scared.

Someone is sending anonymous notes: If you don't stop, you will die! Stop what? She says she doesn't know, and she has no time to find out before beginning the publicity tour for her new book, Shaloon. Chandelier writes romantic suspense, but she takes on tough issues.

Shaloon attacks the cosmetics industry, and next year's book, just finished in manuscript, dissects the luxury cruise business. Could the research for her books have made her the kind of enemies who would wish her bodily harm? Tanner's inclined to think that the lady might exaggerate her peril, but when a car bomb explodes, leaving one person dead and another gravely injured, Tanner regrets he didn't take Chandelier's fears more seriously.

She has annoyed many people over the years, but who would want her dead? As Tanner begins to probe Chandelier's background, he discovers many potential suspects, including her ex-husband, a spurned lover, and a jealous writer who accuses Chandelier of plagiarism.

Is one of them behind the car bomb, or is the answer even more complex and frightening? Drawn into the bizarre life of a superstar author and an investigation that threatens to go full circle and bring back demons from Tanner's past, Tanner must also deal with his own grief for a departed friend and his developing love for a very special assistant district attorney.

His life is at a turning point. The future is vast and vitalizing. The present is poignant. Recently nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award, mystery writing's highest honor, author Stephen Greenleaf with Ellipsis adds another mesmerizing chapter to one of the most intoxicatingly powerful series in all of crime fiction.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Ditto List

Greenleaf, Stephen 1985
A self-deprecating divorce lawyer with a yen for happy endings, D.T. Jones takes on as clients three women--Mareth Stone, Lucinda Flinders, and Esther Preston--each of whom has a seemingly hopeless case Read More


Stephen Greenleaf 1989
In a taut courtroom drama, two attorneys and former college best friends battle to uphold the interests of their clients, the survivors and relatives of the victims of a plane crash Read More


Greenleaf, Ann Garrison 2012

They called it R&R. It was supposed to be romantic, a week's vacation from the war, a second honeymoon for soldiers and their wives, an idyll of rest and recuperation courtesy of the U.S. Army. But for three women who meet while flying to join their husbands in Honolulu - a Berkeley student who is an avid anti-war protester, the African-American wife of a career soldier who worries about managing a family in the military, and a pregnant San Francisco hippie who sees facets of her husband that terrify her - many things have changed since the men went off to Vietnam and those changes have traveled to Hawaii, too.

Aspirations and ideals are colliding; nothing is going as smoothly as they'd hoped. The men - a draftee committed to advancing civil rights after his service, an ambitious Master Sergeant determined to promote his career, and a battle-hardened corporal called Super Snipe by his peers - have trouble adjusting to the quick trip to Paradise.

As the women struggle to repair the damage that the war has inflicted on their plans for the future, one of the men sets out on a quest for vengeance that has nothing to do with romance, or even rest and recuperation, and their R&R becomes too much like the war itself - a matter of life and death.

R&R was inspired by the personal experience of its authors. Stephen Greenleaf wrote the John Marshall Tanner series of detective novels and the courtroom dramas The Ditto List and Impact. Ann Greenleaf is the author/illustrator of several books for children.

This is their first collaboration. f "Mr. Greenleaf is a real writer with a real talent." The New Yorker.

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