Stanley Hastings Books in Order

The Stanley Hastings books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Stanley Hastings books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Stanley Hastings Books


Hall, Parnell 1987
Two-bit private detective Stanley Hasting's growing sense of worthlessness prompts him to refuse the case of a bonafide client, but when that client is killed, Stanley vows to find the murderer Read More


Hall, Parnell 1987

Stanley Hastings, the New York private detective, is back in the swing of things. But playing it safe and toning down his investigations doesn't work for him because he is a magnet for trouble. Stanley needs to help an apparently innocent housewife/call girl get out of a prostitution ring and retrieve a compromising video of her held by her pimp.

Unfortunately, Stanley walks into the pimp's apartment while a slaughter is in progress. To make matters worse, Stanley himself is the number-one suspect.

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Hall, Parnell 1988
Stanley Hastings, a self-effacing private eye, finds himself accused of murder and face to face with blackmail, usury, murder, and the Atlantic City Major Crimes Unit Read More


Hall, Parnell 1989

As if Stanley Hastings didn't already have bad luck, in his first case the guy he was looking for was found dead and Stanley was accused. But he got out of that one. What were the odds of it happening again? In Stanley's case, apparently very high. Now Stanley must fight to clear his name when the NYPD accuses him of another murder.

This gunless, gutless P.I. must solve a case that even New York's finest can't. Is it time for Stanley to find a new line of work?

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Hall, Parnell 1990
Blessed with a paying client, Stanley Hastings soon finds himself cursed with the onus of suspicion when the woman he is following is murdered, and the sleuth's efforts to clear his name take him to the highest levels of New York government Read More


Hall, Parnell 1990

Shanghaied into jury duty and placed on a hopelessly boring civil case, Stanley Hastings swings into action when a juror is murdered, and engineers a most unusual courtroom climax. An amusing inside look at the jury selection system and a must for any prospective juror.

"This unlikely private detective operates in an exquisitely refined state of paranoia ... he manages to effect a pretty astonishing resolution to the mystery ... (the case) turns out to have a surprising kick at the end.”—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review"Terrific…You’re never, never, never, ever gonna guess whodunit!" —San Diego Tribune"A great book … hilarious … you’ll become addicted to Stanley Hastings.

" —Mystery News"The last scene of the tale's approximately forty in-court pages embodies a terrific stunt payoff, and, all in all, this is a hugely enjoyable novel."—Jon L. Breen, Novel Verdicts, The Armchair Detective

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Hall, Parnell 1991
When a wealthy woman offers him two hundred dollars a day to follow her boyfriend, sleazy private eye Stanley Hastings finds his case complicated by the boyfriend's murder. Reprint. Read More


Hall, Parnell 1993

Early one summer morning, Stanley Hastings receives an unexpected phone call from Herbert Drake, an old college acquaintance and now the producer of a summer stock theater in rural Connecticut. Herbie's problem: An actor has dropped dead of a heart attack - a last-minute replacement is needed for the leading role in George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man.

And even though he hasn't trod the boards in nearly twenty years, even though there are only two days of rehearsal before opening night, even though he knows nothing of Herbie's current associate, Stanley is bitten hard by the dreaded Acting Bug.Frantically trying to re-learn lines he hasn't spoken since his college production of the play, Stanley is charmed by Nellie Knight, the lovely young ingenue; infuriated by Avery Allington, the hammy soap-opera actor imported to give the show star appeal; and baffled by the diversity of the carnal and emotional intrigues that threaten to turn Arms and the Man into Peyton Place.

And when the dress rehearsal is interrupted by murder, newcomer Stanley becomes the suspect of choice.The town police chief - an amateur actor himself - is delighted to let Stanley take over the detective work in an effort to clear himself of suspicion.

But the amazing array of red herrings, and nearly everyone's cheerful assumption that Stanley is the killer, make his job as difficult as possible. Though not enough to prevent Stanley from leading his investigation to a knockout denouement in a scene that would make Mr.

Shaw's beard curl - or elicit a standing ovation...

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Hall, Parnell 1994
Against his better judgement, private detective Stanley Hastings agreed to act as a go-between, between Marlena and whoever was blackmailing her. But what started out as simple extortion was turning into a case of multiple murders and mysterious motives. Read More


Hall, Parnell 1995
When Manhattan private eye and part-time actor Stanley Hastings gets an offer to have his screenplay produced, he thinks he's finally hit it big. But when corpses keep turning up, he sees he will have to re-write the ending, to catch the killer. Read More


Hall, Parnell 1996
Working for an ambitious defense attorney, Hastings has a ringside seat at a juicy murder case plus $200 a day to investigate the accused's ironclad alibi. But the more Stanley investigates the alibi, the more it crumbles around him. Read More


Hall, Parnell 1997
When actor-cum-sleuth Stanley Hastings investigates the complicated conspiracy an investment broker claims is being hatched against him, all fingers point to the broker himself, and players begin falling one by one Read More


Hall, Parnell 1998
While tracking the source of threatening phone calls to bestselling author Kenneth P. Winnington's wife, P.I. Stanley Hastings becomes the prime murder suspect when those threats turn deadly Read More


Hall, Parnell 2001

In this new Stanley Hastings mystery novel, the put-upon New York private investigator is vacationing at the Blue Frog Ponds Inn, a trendy New England bed-and-breakfast, with his wife, Alice. The cheerless room with its paper-thin walls, no TV, and a blue cartoon frog on the door does nothing for Stanley's spirits or his libido.

Besides all that, someone has started bumping off the guests. Worse still, the first murder happened right under Stanley's nose, so he finds himself a key witness if not a prime suspect. Back home in New York City Stanley could call upon his friends on the police force to help him solve the crime, but not at Blue Frog Ponds.

Here he has only his wits, his wife, and a cat -- all of which he'll need if he's to catch a killer before the culprit strikes very close to home.

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Fear of Failure

Hall, Parnell 2002

Murder on the basketball court? When six foot ten, 280 pound Grant Jackson collapses and dies, ending his team's chance of reaching the N.I.T playoffs, his mother sues for negligence. Stanley Hastings would like to get some money for the single mother of 8, but he has a another concern.

Who killed Grant?"...the stories by Lawrence Block, Parnell Hall, Laurie R. King and Mike Lupica are all well and good" - Kirkus Review

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Hall, Parnell 2003

Stanley takes on the case of Joe Balfour—who did time for killing a man in a barroom brawl and is now being blackmailed—and winds up breaking and entering, contaminating crime scenes, concealing evidence (or else planting it), framing two innocent men for two different homicides, aiding an extortionist, hanging out in a topless bar, blackmailing a few attorneys, and outwitting the cops.

"Like ... a Marx Brothers routine. The convolutions of the plot are tricky fun. —The New York TimesA dazzlingly complex and laugh-out-loud funny narrative. —Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine"Whodunit fans with a taste for the unconventional will find this just what the doctor ordered.

" —Publishers Weekly"As usual, Hall has crafted a mystery that's both funny and genuinely mysterious, a real treat for his many fans." —Booklist

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Oh, What a Tangled Lanyard We Weave

Hall, Parnell 2006

A soccer game ending in sudden death? Sounds like the wrong sport. But when Stanley and Alice attend their son's school match, a murder halts play. Who strangled the Valley View High soccer coach in his own whistle chain? It's up to Stanley to find out, before a high school student pays for the crime.

"a real whodunit...award-winning, homicide-oriented authors...incorporate a craft whimsy ...including an actual pattern and brief history...Weaver Parnell Hall gives Coach Crandall his just and deadly rewards, and subsequently explains the intricacies of this woven necklace.

" - Booklist

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Hall, Parnell 2007

"What Mr. Hall does to the private eye formula is very funny, but it is not frivolous. His puzzles, for all their manic nonsense, are fiendish constructions of sound logic."-The New York Times Book Review Private Eye Stanley Hastings doesn't want for idiosyncrasies, as fans of this long-running "unconventional" and "very funny" (The New York Times) mystery series know.

For instance, he doesn't carry a gun. So he seems a particularly improbable choice, among all of New York City's private investigators, for the cold-eyed Martin Kessler. Not that Kessler requires firepower. He's got a gun of his own-an automatic with a long, ugly silencer-although he'd like to retire it.

A contract killer who wants out of the game, Kessler hires Stanley mostly to watch his back in the event that someone of similar professional skills is shadowing him. Someone is, in fact, only Stanley fails to spot him and dead bodies are soon piling messily up.

There's an obligation a PI owes a client, so Stanley figures, and in the face of a situation that with more luck or diligence he might have averted, he determines to sort it out. The hapless PI thus begins an odyssey that will take him from a seedy topless bar to a plush corporate boardroom, and ultimately a Manhattan courtroom, in his attempt to uncover just what did go down, and why, during his client's last, decidedly dirty job.

Edgar, Shamus, and Lefty nominee Parnell Hall is the author of the Stanley Hastings private eye novels, the Puzzle Lady crossword puzzle mysteries, and the Steve Winslow courtroom dramas. An actor, screenwriter, and former private investigator, Hall lives in New York City.

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Deal Me In

Hall, Parnell 2007

When a poker player slumps dead on the table, disrupting stock broker Adam Addington's elite Park Avenue game, Stanley Hastings will have to redeal the fatal hand to prove who killed him."Fifteen new stories show how poker can be-or lead to, or cover up-murder.

..The best hands are dealt by Parnell Hall..." - Kirkus Review

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Hall, Parnell 2010

The latest in the beloved Stanley Hastings series―the unlikeliest private eye in New York City, who doesn’t even carry a gun. Poor Stanley Hastings. After getting hired by a hitman and nearly getting shot, the put-upon PI needed some fun, so when a gorgeous damsel in distress walked through his office door she seemed just what the doctor ordered.

Wrong again. The fair maiden turned out to be a married mom who wanted Stanley to find out why her teenage daughter was skipping school. Playing truant officer wasn't exactly Stanley's idea of fun, but at least it should be easy. Fat chance. Stanley being Stanley, nothing goes right, nothing is as it seems, bodies start to pile up, and faster than you can say 'fall guy', guess who's left holding the bag? Before the case is resolved, Stanley will be nostalgic for the good old days, when all he had to worry about was a hitman.

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Hall, Parnell 2013

The new crime thriller in the ever-funny and charming Stanley Hastings mystery series, featuring the only detective in New York City who doesn't carry a gun.Stanley Hastings finally felt like a real PI, staking out a New Jersey motel to get evidence on a woman's cheating husband.

It should have been a piece of cake. Only the husband wasn't cheating, someone killed him, and the cops are trying to pin the murder on the man apprehended at the scene, who just happens to be Stanley. To clear his name, Stanley will wind up jumping bail, impersonating a police officer, staking out a mob boss, and appropriating a murder weapon from a sassy Jersey Girl who keeps trying to distract him by ripping her clothes off.

 And that's just for starters . . .

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Death of a Vampire

Hall, Parnell 2013
Stanley Hastings couldn't believe it. The girl wanted him to follow a vampire! It had to be a joke. To Stanley's surprise, it turned out to be deadly serious. Read More

Clicker Training

Hall, Parnell 2013
A Stanley Hastings short story, originally published in Canine Christmas: When Santa leaves a dead body under the tree at the Vermont country inn where Stanley and Alice are staying, the local police are stumped. Can Stanley solve the crime, or will their Portuguese water dog Zelda have to do it? Read More


Hall, Parnell 2014

Stanley Hastings on safari? I don't think so. Neither did Stanley, until Alice's small inheritance—coupled with scrimping on a few luxuries like food and rent—allowed them to book a group trip to Zambia. Now the New York PI is hiking with lions, canoeing with hippos, and having close encounters with elephants and giraffes.

It's a dangerous safari. The leader is a reckless, gun-ho, great white hunter who delights in leaping from the jeep with a hearty, "Come on, gang, let's see where this lion is going!" And a series of bizarre accidents quickly dwindles the group's numbers.

Why was the guide's young spotter foolish enough to walk under a sausage fruit tree . . . just as one on the huge sausage fruits fell? How did the leaves of a poisonous plant wind up in a tourist's salad? Are these really accidents?A stabbing tips the scale.

It's murder, and the only policeman in a hundred miles is a park ranger (whose only murder case was that of a ivory poacher shot dead in plain sight). It's up to Stanley to crack the case . . . if he can just avoid being eaten by a lion.

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A Fool for a Client

Hall, Parnell 2015

A sensational murder trial! A young woman found naked and stabbed to death in her apartment! The woman was the girlfriend of his boss, Richard Rosenberg, and the hotshot lawyer is charged with killing her.Now Richard's in court fighting for his life, and Stanley's out on the firing line trying to dig up some evidence in his favor.

It won't be easy. The murdered woman was a law clerk for a prominent judge, and everyone Stanley needs to question is currently tied up in a high-profile Global Banking trial.As Stanley races back and forth between two courtrooms, searching for the key to the mystery through investigative techniques that could easily get him charged as an accessory, every fact tends to point to Richard's guilt: DNA evidence proves he is the man who had sex with the victim just before she died, eyewitnesses put him at the scene of the crime, and his fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

In desperation, Richard resorts to a series of courtroom tactics so outrageous they would make Perry Mason blush. Before the case is over, everyone in the courtroom will be convinced that not only does Richard Rosenberg have a fool for a client, but the client has a fool for a lawyer.

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The Naked and the Dead

Hall, Parnell 2020
When Stanley is caught with a dead naked woman, the police are less than pleased. Read More

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