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Charsoc glared at Jether with undisguised loathing. “A message from my master concerning the forthcoming evacuation of the Nazarene’s subjects,” he said. “They are more than an irritant, Jether. They greatly obstruct our progress in the realm of Men.” Charsoc removed a parchment missive from his carpetbag. “You know I have always been a stickler for legal protocol. I hold Yehovah’s guarantee—the Rubied Seal.” Charsoc held out a parchment missive with a glimmering Rubied Seal to Jether. “My master demands its immediate implementation.” Jether slowly took the missive from Charsoc’s outstretched hand. “The Rapture,” Charsoc hissed. “As it is called in the world of the Race of Men.” “It is imminent,” Jether said, his voice very soft. “Imminent is not soon enough. They plague us with their confounded supplications. The incursions of the angelic hosts through the Portals to assist them must stop.” Charsoc swung around. “The Nazarene,” he spat. “Visitations to this wretched planet. Nightly.” “They are His subjects. He is their King. He comes in answer to their supplications.” “Precisely. Their removal ensures His removal. And it ensures our victory. From the hour the Ishtar Treaty was signed, we had seven years until the Final Battle. Forty-two months are all but gone. We are running late.” “But we are right on time, Charsoc.” Jether’s voice was very soft. He looked down at the missive in his palm. “We demand their removal,” Charsoc snarled. “According to the precepts of Eternal Law.” “You can make no demands. You abide by Yehovah’s jurisdictions only.