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He straightened. "Are you ready?""Yes." He nodded, his gaze traveling the length of her body, deliberately, slowly, as if to memorize her as she stood."Then may I have a kiss?" he asked, unmoving. "For luck?"She felt her heart pick up. She felt her face grow hot."You see? I'm asking, not demanding." He lifted his hands to her, palms up. "Even the most beastly of us can learn."Rue dropped her gaze to the ground, discomfited. "I don't think you're beastly.""Thank goodness. I was about to point out that that fellow down there has far worse breath than I do."She laughed softly, shaking her head, but by then his fingers were curling around hers."Is that a yes, mouse?"She inhaled: heat, and animal. Him.Rue lifted her chin. "Yes."Everything happened so gently at first, so languidly, as his hands drew hers behind his back so that she had to step toward him, so that their fronts had to touch. As soon as they did his fingers released; he smoothed his palms up her back, one hand at her waist and the other rising to cradle her head. She felt her hair bunch and slide with the passage of his fingers. She felt the cool air on her skin, and the welcome warmth of his chest and stomach and hips. His eyes roamed her face with that half-lidded intensity; she brought up a hand to the slope of his shoulder, resting it there. They stood there together in the open dark, soft and hard, while her stomach tied in knots and her hair stirred with the breeze.She wet her lips, nervous. "Are...are you going to do it?""I am." His head tilted to hers. She felt his lips against her cheek, light, thistledown, barely there. "I just...""What?" she whispered, staring out into the shadows."I just like looking at you."So when he kissed her she was smiling a little, her lips curved under his. Kit loved that curve. -Kit & Rue
Sun's down," muttered one of the guardsmen by the windows."Then it's time." Grady made to push away from the table, and the rest began to follow."No," said Kit.Grady paused with his palm pressed flat against the tabletop; all the other men froze. "What?""No," Kit said once more, very polite. "Be seated. All of you.""Why are we wasting-""Be seated."Even his old nemesis knew to obey that tone. It sliced across the room slick as steel, resounding into silence. The guard at the window let fall the drapery, a soft stir of cloth that barely touched the air.He could almost feel his father's ghost, watching, waiting.Christoff remained silent until they were done, until the last of them had sunk into nervous attention, staring at him through the gloom."I claim her," he said. "I will hunt her alone." Grady twitched. "But-""I claim her," he repeated, silkier and more deadly than before. "She is mine. And if you have issue with that-any of you-I invite you to tell me now. We'll settle it here. I will not abide insubordination."Reckless, red-faced, Grady shot back to his feet. Kit was on his own in half a heartbeat, his arm slashing out, a streak of metal flashing across the table.The stiletto struck deep into the wall mere inches behind the other man's head, the hilt of carnelian and worked gold an ominous blur against the silk.Silently, weightlessly, the outermost curl of Parrish Grady's wig drifted down to the dining table, settling feather-light against the dark wood.No one else moved; no one spoke."I beg your pardon," said Kit cordially into the hush. "Was there something you wished to say?"Grady looked down at the severed lock, then back up at Kit. His throat worked, though no sound came out. Slowly, in awkward motion, he resumed his seat."Excellent." Christoff sent a cold smile around the room. "Anyone else?"-a guardsmen, Grady, & Kit
It is considered an honor to be…plucked from the crowd, so to speak. There are fine families in the district who have lived here for generations, none of whom have been so favored with the duke’s attention. Yet I wonder if it’s not truly His Grace himself behind this invitation, but his son.”“Perhaps there’s a piano aboard.”Her nostrils flared. “Don’t be pert. This is not a matter of jest, Eleanore. If you go on that yacht, your every move will be scrutinized. Your every word will be dissected. Your manners must be irreproachable, and they must be so at all times, even if you believe you are alone. Do you understand me?”Do not steal anything. Do not belch or scratch your arse.“Yes, ma’am.”“Should Lord Armand choose to favor you with his attention, you will react politely, graciously, but always with an aloof, dignified demeanor. It could be that he believes you to be…less than what you are. You will show him the error of that thought.”“Yes, ma’am.”He’d already seen me naked. I supposed everything from there would be a step toward dignified.“Do you still have the bangle he presented to you?”The cuff, I wanted to correct her. As if I was going to lose it.“I do.”“Wear it. Let him see that you value it, but take my strong advice on this, Eleanore. Do not accept another such gift from him. One is permissible. Two becomes a suggestion.”“Oh.”“Do we understand each other?”“Yes, ma’am. We do.”A smatter of laughter and applause reached us from beyond the open window. Some of the girls had set up a game of lawn pins, and the sudden crack! of a ball hitting its mark echoed through the room.“One last thing,” said Westcliffe.“Yes?”“Wear your uniform. It won’t hurt to remind everyone of where you belong.”I puzzled over that for the rest of the bright day.
My, my,” Chloe murmured, studying the chocolate she held. “I do believe this one’s gone off. It stinks like a cesspit.” Her eyes lifted. “Oh, wait. It’s only the guttersnipe.”“Or perhaps it’s your perfume,” I said cordially. “You always smell like a whore.”“It’s French,” retorted Runny-Nose, before Chloe could speak.“Then she smells like a French whore.”“Aren’t you the eloquent young miss.” Chloe’s gaze cut to Sophia, standing close behind me. “Slumming, little sister? I can’t confess I’m surprised.”“I’m merely here for the show,” Sophia said breezily. “Something tells me it’s going to be good.”I took the brooch from my pocket and let it slide down my index finger, giving it a playful twirl. “A fine try. But, alas, no winner’s prize for you, Chloe. I’m sure you’ve been waiting here for Westcliffe to raise the alarm about her missing ring, ready with some well-rehearsed story about how you saw me sneaking into her office and sneaking out again, and oh, look isn’t that Eleanore’s brooch there on the floor? But I’ve news for you, dearie. You’re sloppy. You’re stupid. And the next time you go into my room and steal from me, I’ll make certain you regret it for the rest of your days.”“How dare you threaten me, you little tart!”“I’m not threatening. You have no idea how easy it would be to, say, pour glue on your hair while you sleep. Cut up all your pretty dresses into ribbons.”Chloe dropped her half-eaten chocolate back into its box, turning to her toadies. “You heard her! You all head her! When Westcliffe finds out about this-““I didn’t hear a thing,” piped up Sophia. “In fact, I do believe that Eleanore and I aren’t even here right now. We’re both off in my room, diligently studying.” She sauntered to my side, smiling. “And I’ll swear to that, sister. Without hesitation. I have no misgivings about calling you all liars right to Westcliffe’s face.”“What fun,” I said softly, into the hush. “Shall we give it a go? What d’you say, girls? Up for a bit of blood sport?”Chloe pushed to her feet, kicking the chocolates out of her way. All the toadies cringed.“You,” she sneered, her gaze scouring me. “You with your ridiculous clothing and that preposterous bracelet, acting as if you actually belong here! Really, Eleanore, I wonder that you’ve learned nothing of real use yet. Allow me to explain matters to you. You may have duped Sophia into vouching for you, but your word means nothing. You’re no one. No matter what you do here or who you may somehow manage to impress, you’ll always be no one. How perfectly sad that you’re allowed to pretend otherwise.”“I’m the one he wants,” I said evenly. “No one’s pretending that.”I didn’t have to say who.She stared at me, silent, her color high. I saw with interest that real tears began to well in her eyes.“That’s right.” I gave the barest smile. “Me, not you. Think about that tomorrow, when I’m with him on the yacht. Think about how he watches me. How he listens to me. Another stunt like this”-I held up the circlet-“and you’ll be shocked at what I’m able to convince him about you.”“As if you could,” she scoffed, but there was apprehension behind those tears.“Try me.”I brought my foot down on one of the chocolates, grinding it into a deep, greasy smear along the rug.“Cheerio,” I said to them all, and turned around and left.