Rockstar Books in Order

The Rockstar books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Rockstar books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Rockstar Books

Falling Down

Mercier, Anne 2014

***DISCLAIMER*** If you're unable to suspend disbelief and escape to the Rockstar Land of Fiction, then this book probably isn't for you. As with all the Rockstar books, this book contains mature content and is inappropriate for persons under 18 years of age.

I was twelve when I started crushing on him. I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made. Now here I am, twenty-three, and I'm one of the two actresses in the video for his band's latest single. Jesse Kingston is a tall, dark, and gorgeous temptation I'm finding hard to resist.

It ends up not being as simple as doing a job and going home. It can't be when he continually makes his presence known with his not-so-innocent touches and sexy words. There is no avoiding him and after spending so much time with him, I'm not sure I want to.

So, when he proposes a weekend together, knowing I should say no, I throw caution to the wind and instead I say yes. I'm going to ignore the warning signs and do what I normally wouldn't--I'm going to give in to my desire I'm going to indulge my fantasies and give this sexy rocker what he wants and something he won't soon forget--me.

The only question is: Is one weekend going to be enough? Will our time end up changing this bad boy? Or will it end up changing me?

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Mercier, Anne 2014

*DISCLAIMER* This is not a dark romance. There will be minimal angst or drama. There will be lots of laughs, frequent dropping of the F-bomb, and crazy monkey sex. You know how people say they woke up in Vegas married and you're like, how the hell could that possibly happen? Who does that? Well, us apparently… and the press is having a field day.

Let's not even get started on the topic of my mother. Then there's my grandpa wanting to meet my new husband--that's not scary at all. On top of that, we're heading out on tour and I'm a nervous wreck--factor in the fact that Jesse's newly changed marital status doesn't seem to be an issue for the groupies.

Nothing deters them. Not even the fact that I'm standing right there when they proposition him. I can handle the press, my mom, and even my grandpa. But the women who are ruining my current mood of "happy", well, they've got another thing coming. It's time to put these women in their place because nobody messes with my happily ever after.

Lucy and Jesse continue in Blush, Rockstar #2.

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A Very Xander Christmas

Mercier, Anne 2014
The first Rockstar Christmas -- Told Xander style. Read More


Mercier, Anne 2015

If you're unable to suspend disbelief and escape to the Rockstar Land of Fiction, then this book probably isn't for you. As with all the Rockstar books, this book contains mature content and is inappropriate for persons under 18 years of age. This story contains grief, loss, sadness, darkness, light, happiness, angst, swearing, explicit sex, graphic violence, new beginnings, and soulmates.

I recommend listening to the playlist whenever possible to get the full effect of the story. You may need tissues. SERA He’s my protector, my confidante. Then one night he became more. I want him, I need him, and, if I’m honest with myself, I love him.

I just don’t know if he’ll ever see me as more than what we’ve always been: friends. I don’t want to lose him but it’s getting harder and harder to keep my feelings to myself. Should I risk it all or play it safe? CAGE She’s my light, my saving grace.

The night we came together I knew I could never live without her. I want her to be mine: my lover, my friend. Maybe, if I can get her to see past all the reasons why we shouldn’t be together, she’ll be my forever. It just might be time to turn it up and go for broke.

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Mercier, Anne 2015

Past to present... PAST: It all starts with a glimpse into the past of Falling Down, when Jesse meets Lucy, and everything you've wondered about Cage. Let's see how they got to where they are right now. PRESENT: It's time to prepare to go back out on tour.

Let's meet the Blush Baby and get everyone settled in for what looks to be like a kick ass finish to the BFD tour.

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Mercier, Anne 2015

Ben She walked on the bus and my heart stopped beating. When she looked my way with that sassy smile, it came back to life. Looking at her, getting to know her, I know she's the one for me—but she's so young. Her life is just starting and I've already done my fair share of living.

I want her to be mine but is it right for me to ask her to settle down before she's really had a chance to live? Nicole He keeps watching me. I can't help but look back. He's gorgeous: tall, messy dark hair, and those intensely blue eyes captivating me.

My life hasn't been easy by any means. Because of that I've had to grow up much faster than normal women do. I think that's why our age difference doesn't bother me at all. I wish it didn't bother him because this attraction isn't going away anytime soon and, in truth, I don't want it to.

He could very possibly be my happily-ever-after and no matter how much he tries, I'm not going to let him talk me out of it until we give this a fighting chance.

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Mercier, Anne 2015

It's time for the Kingston triplets to be born. I've heard stories of how women have their water break or go into labor in their home. That's not how it happened with Lucy and our babies. As long as Lucy and the babies are okay, I'll be okay--even if we are surrounded by the Russo Famiglia.

But nothing has been normal for us from the day we met. So why would it start now? With BONUS A Very Xander Christmas 2.

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A Very Xander Christmas 2

Mercier, Anne 2015
The second Rockstar Christmas -- Told Xander style. Read More


Mercier, Anne 2016

Sometimes you find family where you least expect it... When bass guitarist Jace Warner receives an urgent message from his high school sweetheart to come home, the rocker drops what he's doing to get there. Finding out that his first love, the girl that stole his heart, is dying isn't the biggest shock he receives.

The bad boy rocker has a child, and now, he's about to be her only living parent. After bonding with Kadence, his 6-year-old daughter, Jace knows there's only one thing he wants to be--a father. But that's not going to be as easy as it seems. Social worker, Summer Stephens doesn't deem Jace's lifestyle fit for parenting.

She believes the stereotypes about rockers--that their lives are all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Now it's up to Jace to convince Summer that Kadence is right where she belongs--at home with him at CFD. He's facing a fierce battle trying to prove there's room in his life for music and the daughter he wants to share it all with.

Will Summer realize that home is where you make it, and if she looks close enough, she just might see a family for herself?

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A Very Xander Christmas 3

Mercier, Anne 2016
The third Rockstar Christmas -- Told Xander style. Read More


Mercier, Anne 2016
A Sera and Cage short story. This edition is revised and expanded. Sera and Cage in Vegas: MMA, a formal gala, and a hot steamy night of sexin'. *Previously published in the Alphas & Fairytales: A New Year's Eve anthology. All proceeds will be going to St. Jude's Children's Network. Read More

Xander Part 1

Mercier, Anne 2017

We met at the age of eight. That day on the playground was a turning point in my life. She stole my heart with just a glance as she sang off key. But nothing’s perfect. I figured out pretty quickly she was too good for me, so I let her go.
I thought I was doing the right thing--until I realized I wasn’t.

She was my everything and without her I was nothing. When we reunited, my heart became whole. My life had meaning. We loved fiercely and completely. Life was perfect. The more success I gain with Falling Down, the further away I’m pulled from Tera.

But she gains success of her own, and the distance grows immeasurably. She wants me to live my dreams and I want the same for her. We both know our love is strong enough to survive time and distance. Then the unthinkable happens and nothing will ever be the same again.

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A Very Rockstar Holiday Season

Mercier, Anne 2018
Have you been wondering about Ben and Nicole? Well, let's take a little look into their lives now and see what's going on. Rockstar Series Book #7.5 Read More

Xander Part 2

Mercier, Anne 2018

It's eleven years later, and we're still living separate lives. While I know she isn't comfortable with my lifestyle after everything she’s been through, I can't be without her anymore.I need her.She's my wife.She's my heartbeat.She's my next breath.

She's my everything.I want to know every detail of her life. I want to be part of it all. I want to work as hard to get there as she did to get here. She's always been my girl—even at the age of eight. As I face her now, there's no doubt she'll be mine until I draw my last breath.

It's time for our forever to begin.** Bonus Content: Pulse (Rockstar Book 15) **

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Mercier, Anne 2018

A #JUCY and #SAGE short storyJesse and Lucy need a break. They look and feel like cast members from The Walking Dead, and I'm not talking about the humans. It's only an overnight break, but it's exactly what they need.Cage and Sera attend a charity function and run into an unwelcome enemy.

They spend a special night together before they get to work on a plan of how to keep one of their own safe.

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Mercier, Anne 2019

As a child, I trusted no one.Then I found my best friends.They gave me a family and saved me from a life of abuse that still has me messed up.Then one of those best friends captured my heart.Lincoln, tough yet tender, a walking contradiction.He loves me too—flaws and all.

He’s the most patient man on the earth and understands my PTSD. What he doesn’t understand is why our being intimate makes me feel “dirty”. He’s not one of the men who abused me, and he’d never hurt me. I know this. I believe it. Still, the “dirty” creeps in even though I know what we do together is anything but.

He’s here now and he’s going to stay. It’s time for me to talk to someone professionally.I need to shed my unhealthy past in order to have a healthy future with the man I love. If I don’t, I just might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me—and there’s not enough therapy in the world to get me through that.

BONUS: Melody & Styx (Rockstar Book #9.5)

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Melody & Styx

Mercier, Anne 2020

The Rockstar life isn’t always rainbows and roses. Throw in the Russo Famiglia and you get darkness where light should be.Sometimes the darkness turns to betrayal.Sometimes people aren’t who you thought they were.Sometimes people do things you never thought them capable of.

Sometimes it’s better to walk away.But sometimes it’s not that easy.Sometimes people don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.Sometimes it’s make or break.For Meggie and Trace, it’s time to decide: is it all... or nothing?

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A Very Xander Christmas 4

Mercier, Anne 2020
The fourth and final Rockstar Christmas -- Told Xander style. Read More

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