Rob Lloyd Jones Books in Order

The Rob Lloyd Jones books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Rob Lloyd Jones books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Wild Boy Books

Wild Boy

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2013

Murder mystery meets carnival flair in a rollicking Victorian adventure centered on a boy with a unique appearance — and unique gifts.In the seedy underworld of Victorian London, a boy is born and abandoned. Snatched up by an unscrupulous and abusive showman, Wild Boy, covered in hair from head to toe, becomes a sideshow freak.

Isolated from other children and wickedly abused by the cruel master who bought him, Wild Boy becomes an avid observer, developing Sherlock Holmes–like deductive skills. Although he is tormented and insulted, kicked and spat at, his quick mind takes in everything he sees.

When a murder occurs at the fair, Wild Boy is hastily accused. Can he use his powers of deduction to save himself? And will the talented and spunky young acrobat Clarissa be with him — or against him? Readers will be swept along by the cinematic pace, immersed in the vivid historical setting, and gripped by suspense as they wait to find out if a better fate could possibly await someone so very different.

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Wild Boy and the Black Terror

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2014

From London’s vilest slums to its grandest palaces, Wild Boy and Clarissa hunt a murderous poisoner in hope of proving themselves to a skeptical society.London, 1842. Wild Boy, master detective and former freak-show performer, and Clarissa, circus acrobat and troublemaker, are the secret last hope of a city beset by horror.

A poisoner stalks the streets, leaving victims mad with terror—and then dead. Can the Black Terror be traced to a demon called Malphas? With their partnership threatened by rules and regulations, can Wild Boy and Clarissa uncover a cure in time to save the queen and the city?

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Publication Order of Jake Atlas Books

Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake

Rob Lloyd Jones 2017
Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake Read More

Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God


Jake Atlas and his family are on the run, hunted by international police while chasing the mysterious People of the Snake to stop them from hiding the secret history of humankind. But when the family's friend, Sami, is poisoned, the People of the Snake force the Atlases to work for them in exchange for a cure.

Their mission: to locate a legendary lost city and the tomb of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl in the jungles of Honduras - home to bandits, big cats, tarantulas and crocodiles. But the family's greatest enemy is themselves, as their squabbles threaten to get them into even deeper trouble.

In order to reach the tomb, the family must survive ancient traps, jump out of a crashing plane, escape a jaguar's lair, climb a cliff of skulls, jump over a huge waterfall and escape from a trap of swinging blades!

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Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2019

TREASURE HUNTER, TOMB ROBBER, TROUBLEMAKERJake Atlas and his family are searching for the fifth emerald tablet that will reveal the secret to the history of humankind. At China's Terracotta Army Museum, Jake retrieves a clue to a safe passage into a nearby tomb, where the tablet is believed to be hidden.

But when a helicopter appears and blows up the tomb, the Atlases know they are being pursued by the People of the Snake. They must decode the rescued tablet and journey to the Crystal Mountain in Tibet to discover its store of ancient knowledge. But the mountain is guarded by a spirit, never to be entered.

Not one to be deterred, Jake Atlas must overcome high altitudes, survive in a frozen landscape and drink far more yak butter tea than he'd ever imagined to discover the mountain's secrets.Another heart-thumping Jake Atlas adventure from an award-winning author, full of laughs and high-tech gadgets.

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Publication Order of Look Inside Books

Look inside a Castle

Driscoll, Laura 1998
Looks at the structure of a medieval castle, the various types of people who lived and worked in one, knighthood, sieges, and daily life Read More

Look Inside an Airport

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2009
Look behind the scenes at a bustling airport, as planes speed along the runway and soar into the sky. This fascinating flap book is perfect for little fingers and curious minds. Read More

Look Inside Cars

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2011
Book by Jones, Rob Lloyd Read More

Look Inside Sports

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2012

This is a great, fun flap book packed with interesting information about popular sports, particularly those taking place at the 2012 Olympics. Each scene has several flaps to lift to find out even more about the sport - such as what goes on behind the scenes at a busy stadium, how athletes train, interesting bits of sports kit, or what lies underneath a football pitch or ice rink.

Scenes include an Olympic swimming pool, an athletics stadium, a ski slope, and a cycling velodrome.

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Look Inside Space

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2012
Blast off into space with this fascinating flip book. Find out how the moon was made, why stars shine and how we know so much about planets that are far, far away. 14 pages. Read More

Look Inside Trains

Frith, Alex 2015
From traditional steam trains to super-fast bullet trains, this fact-filled information book allows children to look inside locomotives and find out how they work. Young readers can lift-the-flaps to discover fun facts and find out about the history of train travel. Read More

Look Inside How Computers Work

Alex Frith 2016

Each double-page spread has a stunning color illustration and several flaps to lift to find out more about what?s going on in the scene ? such as what goes on inside a computer, how programs organize and send information around, and many other facts. Learn about the history, and gain an understanding of how computers work.

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Look Inside Construction Sites

Usborne 2017

Lift the flaps to explore all sorts of busy construction sites, from houses to bridges to soaring skyscrapers. Find out how construction machines help buildings go up - and how they knock them down too. Find out what different trucks and diggers are used for and follow the same site as construction unfolds to learn about how a building is put together.

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Look Inside How Things Work

Rob Lloyd Jones 2018

Have you ever wondered how cars roar along roads, or planes soar into the sky? Discover how all sorts of amazing things work, from fire engines and submarines to dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, in this exciting introduction to engineering for young children, with over 70 flaps to lift.

Includes links to carefully selected websites to find out more.

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Publication Order of See Inside and Look Inside... Books

See Inside the World of Dinosaurs

Frith, Alex 2006
Introduces the world of dinosaurs, allowing readers to lift the flaps to get a closer look at the behaviors and physical characteristics of the dinosaurs, the animals that lived with them, and the plants that make up their habitat. Read More

See Inside Science

Frith, Alex 2006
Answers various science questions, including "How are plants and animals related?", "What is the universe made of?", and "Why are magnets and electricity close relatives?" On board pages. Read More

See Inside Under The Ground

Frith, Alex 2007
Under the Ground (See Inside) (See Inside) [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2007] Alex Frith Read More

See Inside Pirate Ships

Daynes, Katie 2007

Venture onto the high seas in this illustrated book that explores the history of pirates from the days of the ancient Greeks through to the bloodthirsty buccaneers of the 18th century. Every spread contains bright and detailed original colour illustrations that reveal all there is to know about the world of pirates, including an exploration of an authentic pirate galleon, a visit to a notorious pirate port and a pirate ship wrecked at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to reveal its hidden treasure.

..It contains over fifty flaps, which children can lift to delve further into the world of pirates, parrots, pieces of eight and barrels of rum. In addition to being hugely entertaining, this book is also immensely informative and is packed with accurate historical information.

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See Inside London

Rob Lloyd Jones 2007

Delve deep under London's streets from the days when the Romans ruled through to the hustle and bustle of the modern-day capital in this brand new title in the "See Inside" series. This title includes double page spreads on medieval times, the Tudor period, the Plague, the Great Fire of London, the restoration, Victorian London and the Blitz, each containing absorbing and fascinating historical detail.

It contains over fifty sturdy flaps.

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See Inside Ancient Egypt

Rob Lloyd Jones 2007
See Inside Ancient Egypt Read More

See Inside Your Head

Frith, Alex 2007
Introduces the human brain, inviting readers to lift the flaps and explore the brain and nervous system, how the brain controls different parts of the body, and what can happen when the brain doesn't function properly. Read More

See Inside Math

Alex Frith 2008
Introduces the basic principles and uses of mathematics, inviting readers to lift the flaps and explore numbers and their relationships, shapes, measurement, and probability. Read More

See Inside Maths

Alex Frith 2008
See Inside Maths Read More

See Inside Famous Buildings

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2009
Looks at such famous buildings as the Colosseum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, and Tower of London. On board pages. Read More

See Inside The Middle Ages

Rob Lloyd Jones 2009

This is a fabulous flap book for older children showing what life was like in the 14th century. Stunning illustrations and over 80 flaps reveal fascinating historical facts of life in the Middle Ages. Scenes include a town market day, a lord's castle, a country village and a castle under siege.

It includes an illustrated who's who in medieval society, a delightful small booklet on living in a castle and internet links to fun websites to find out more.

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See Inside Houses Long Ago

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2010
Looks at homes thoughout history and the lifestyles of the people who lived in them, from an ancient Egyptian estate and a Viking longhouse to a nineteenth-century Indian merchant's home and a 1900s-era American mansion. On board pages. Read More

See Inside Recycling And Rubbish

Frith, Alex 2010
Offering information on rubbish and recycling, this flap book includes double page spreads on where rubbish comes from, how glass, metal, plastics and paper can be remade into new things and what happens to everything that isn't recycled. Read More

See Inside the Second World War

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2011
Looks at the main events of the Second World War, from the invasion of Poland through the Blitz, D-Day, and the end of the war, and offers inside views of a U-boat, an American bomber, a German King Tiger tank, and other equipment. Read More

See Inside Inventions

Frith, Alex 2011
Introduces the stories behind major inventions, inviting readers to lift the flaps and explore the origins of motors, aircraft, electricity, medical discoveries, explosives, and other developments. On board pages. Read More


Frith, Alex 2011

This title tells the wonderful, mysterious and often funny stories behind famous inventions. Flaps reveal lovingly detailed artwork to show the hidden workings inside inventions. Carefully researched text explains the differences between discovery, invention and innovation, and how these three aspects unite.

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See Inside the First World War

Collectif 2012
See Inside the First World War Read More

See Inside the Ancient World

Rob Lloyd Jones,Rob Lloyd Jones 2012
See Inside the Ancient World Read More

See Inside Great Cities

Rob Lloyd Jones 2014
A fabulous flap book for older children showing the varied and vibrant lives of the world's greatest cities, including London, Paris and New York. Stunning illustrations and over 80 flaps reveal the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Part of the bestselling See Inside series Read More

See Inside the History of Britain

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2015
See Inside History of Britain Read More


Alex Frith 2017

An insightful look at the beliefs, history and customs of the major world religions. With over 70 flaps to lift, readers can discover key facts about each religion, differing ideas about God, worship and prayer and colourful festivals and celebrations.

Includes internet links to websites with video clips that bring each religion to life.

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Publication Order of Picture Books

The Story of London

Rob Lloyd Jones 2016
Story of London Read More

Little Red Riding Hood

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2016

Little Red Riding Hood is off to visit her Grandma. But waiting in the woods is a very hungry wolf with a very cunning plan... This delightfully illustrated version of the classic fairy tale is specially written for children who are just beginning to read, with simple text and colourful illustrations by Lorena Alvarez on every page.

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Big Picture Book of London

Strang, Mrs Herbert, [Editor] 2016
Big Picture Book of London Read More

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Jones, R. 2016
Elves and the Shoemaker Read More

Ancient Egypt Picture Book

Jones, R. L. 2016
Ancient Egypt Picture Book Read More

The Gunpowder Plot

Rob Lloyd Jones 2017

On November 4th 1606, a traitor was caught beneath the Houses of Parliament with a plot to kill the king. This is the extraordinary story of the Gunpowder Plot from its daring beginning to its grisly end, specially written for young readers who are growing in confidence.

With colourful illustrations on every page, a timeline and list of key people.

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Why the Kangaroo Jumps

Jones, Rob Lloyd 2017

Once, Kangaroo couldn't jump. Find out how that changed in this charmingly illustrated adaptation of one of Rudyard Kipling's much-loved Just So Stories. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme, this book is specially written for children who are learning to read and includes entertaining puzzles to solve at the end.

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