Michael Frayn Quotes

I can't help feeling," says Howard, sticking his head forward ruefully, "now I know who you are, that I've been a bit outspoken in some of my remarks about the system.""Not at all!" says Freddie."Not a bit!" says Caroline."But I must in all honesty say," says Howard very quickly, jutting his chin out and smilingly blinking his eyes, "that I still think there are a number of things in the universe which really need seriously looking into.""Oh, the whole thing!" says Freddie with feeling."Ghastly mess," says Caroline."Absolute disaster area," says Freddie."Frightful," says Caroline."So far as one can understand it," says Freddie."Freddie feels frightfully strongly about it, you see," says Caroline.Howard looks from one to the other in astonishment."Good heavens!" he says. "I should never have guessed....""Oh, Freddie's a terrific radical," says Caroline."Really?" says Howard."A terrible firebrand, really," says Caroline.Freddie knots himself up."A bit firebrandish," he admits."A bit of a Maoist, to tell you the truth," says Caroline.She looks sideways at Howard to see how he is taking this. So does Freddie."A Maoist?" says Howard, astonished."Permanent revolution," says Caroline."That style of thing," agrees Freddie."What he feels, you see," says Caroline, "is that people ought to struggle pretty well all the time against the limitations of the world and their own nature. Not stop."Howard gazes at Freddie, deeply impressed."Don't worry," says Freddie. "I don't think my views have much effect.