Stephen Schwartz Quotes

ELPHABAI'm limited:Just look at me - I'm limitedAnd just look at you -You can do all I couldn't do, GlindaSo now it's up to you(spoken) For both of us(sung) Now it's up to you:GLINDAI've heard it said That people come into our lives for a reasonBringing something we must learnAnd we are ledTo those who help us most to grow If we let themAnd we help them in returnWell, I don't know if I believe that's trueBut I know I'm who I am todayBecause I knew you:Like a comet pulled from orbitAs it passes a sunLike a stream that meets a boulderHalfway through the woodWho can say if I've been changed for the better?But because I knew youI have been changed for goodELPHABAIt well may beThat we will never meet againIn this lifetimeSo let me say before we partSo much of meIs made of what I learned from youYou'll be with meLike a handprint on my heartAnd now whatever way our stories endI know you have re-written mineBy being my friend:Like a ship blown from its mooringBy a wind off the seaLike a seed dropped by a skybirdIn a distant woodWho can say if I've been changed for the better?But because I knew you:GLINDABecause I knew you:BOTHI have been changed for goodELPHABAAnd just to clear the airI ask forgivenessFor the things I've done you blame me forGLINDABut then, I guess we knowThere's blame to shareBOTHAnd none of it seems to matter anymoreGLINDA ELPHABALike a comet pulled Like a ship blownFrom orbit as it Off it's mooringPasses a sun, like By a wind off theA stream that meets Sea, like a seedA boulder, half-way Dropped by a Through the wood Bird in the woodBOTHWho can say if I've been changed for the better?I do believe I have been changed for the better?GLINDAAnd because I knew you:ELPHABABecause I knew you:BOTHBecause I knew you:I have been changed for good.