Poppy Z Brite Books in Order

The Poppy Z Brite books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Poppy Z Brite books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Rickey and G-Man Books

The Value of X

Brite, Poppy Z. 2003
hardcover 3rd; like new dust jacket (s2) Read More


Brite, Poppy Z. 2004

Two line cooks decide to open their own restaurant in New Orleans in the second book in the Rickey and G-Man series by novelist Poppy Z. Brite. New Orleans natives Rickey and G-man are lifetime friends and down-and-out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck.

When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcohol-loving hometown where every dish packs a spirited punch, they know they’re on their way to the bank. With some wheeling and dealing, a slew of great recipes, and a few lucky breaks, Rickey and G-man are soon on their way to opening Liquor, their very own restaurant.

But first they need to pacify a local crank who doesn’t want to see his neighborhood disturbed, sidestep Rickey’s deranged ex-boss, rein in their big-mouth silent partner before he runs amok, and stay afloat in a stew of corruption in a town well known for its bottom feeders.

A manic, spicy romp through the kitchens, back alleys, dive bars, and drug deals of the country’s most sublimely ridiculous city, author Poppy Z. Brite masterfully shakes equal parts ambition, scandal, cocaine, and murder, and serves Liquor straight up, with a twist.

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Brite, Poppy Z. 2005

Two years after the opening of Liquor, New Orleans chefs Rickey and G-man are immersed in the life of their restaurant, enjoying a loyal cast of diners, and cooking great booze-laced food. All’s well until a bad review in a local paper not-so-subtly hints that their “silent” backer, celebrity chef Lenny Duveteaux, has ulterior motives.

When Lenny is accused of serious criminal activity by eccentric D.A. Placide Treat, Rickey and G-man realize it may be time to end their dependence on him.When Rickey is offered a plum consulting job at a Dallas restaurant, it seems the perfect way to beef up their bank account.

But taking the gig will mean a reunion with Cooper Stark, the older chef with whom Rickey shared an unsettling cocaine-fueled encounter back in culinary school, as well as dealing with gung-ho Texas businessman/restaurateur Frank Firestone. At G-man’s urging, Rickey finally accepts the offer and revamps Firestone’s menu to rave reviews.

Home in New Orleans, Rickey has just settled back into his daily kitchen routine when he receives disturbing information that forces his return to Dallas. As Placide Treat’s machinations grow ever more bizarre, G-man learns that there’s more to the story—and that Rickey is in Texas-size danger.

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Soul Kitchen

Brite, Poppy Z. 2006

A sharp commentary on race relations in pre-Katrina New Orleans and a fast ride through the dark side of haute cuisine.Liquor has become one of the hottest restaurants in town, thanks in part to chefs Rickey and G-man’s wildly creative, booze-laced food.

At the tail end of a busy Mardi Gras, Milford Goodman walks into their kitchen—he’s spent the last ten years in Angola Prison for murdering his boss, a wealthy New Orleans restaurateur, but has recently been exonerated on new evidence and released.

Rickey remembers him as an ingenious chef and hires him on the spot. When a pill-pushing doctor and a Carnival scion talk Rickey into consulting at the restaurant they’re opening in one of the city’s “floating casinos,” Rickey recommends Milford for the head chef position and stays on to supervise.

But soon Rickey finds himself medicating a kitchen injury with the doctor’s wares, and G-man grows tired of holding down the fort at Liquor alone. As the new restaurant moves toward its opening, Rickey learns that Milford’s past is inextricably linked with one of the project’s backers, a man whose intentions begin to seem more and more sinister.

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Brite, Poppy Z. 2007
Book by Brite, Poppy Z. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Lost Souls

Poppy Z. Brite 1992

Vampires . . . they ache, they love, they thirst for the forbidden. They are your friends and lovers, and your worst fears.“A major new voice in horror fiction . . . an electric style and no shortage of nerve.”—BooklistAt a club in Missing Mile, N.

C., the children of the night gather, dressed in black, look for acceptance. Among them are Ghost, who sees what others do not; Ann, longing for love; and Jason, whose real name is Nothing, newly awakened to an ancient, deathless truth about his father, and himself.

Others are coming to Missing Mile tonight. Three beautiful, hip vagabonds—Molochai, Twig, and the seductive Zillah, whose eyes are as green as limes—are on their own lost journey, slaking their ancient thirst for blood, looking for supple young flesh.

They find it in Nothing and Ann, leading them on a mad, illicit road trip south to New Orleans. Over miles of dark highway, Ghost pursues, his powers guiding him on a journey to reach his destiny, to save Ann from her new companions, to save Nothing from himself.

. . . “An important and original work . . . a gritty, highly literate blend of brutality and sentiment, hope and despair.”—Science Fiction Chronicle

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Drawing Blood

Poppy Z. Brite 1993
Escaping from his North Carolina home after his father murders their family and commits suicide, Trevor McGee returns to confront the past, and finds himself haunted by the same demons that drove his father to insanity. Read More

Exquisite Corpse

Brite, Poppy Z. 1996

From the author of Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, and Wormwood comes a thrilling and chilling novel that bestselling author Peter Straub says serves as a “guidebook to hell.”To serial slayer Andrew Compton, murder is an art, the most intimate art. After feigning his own death to escape from prison, Compton makes his way to the United States with the sole ambition of bringing his “art” to new heights.

Tortured by his own perverse desires, and drawn to possess and destroy young boys, Compton inadvertently joins forces with Jay Byrne, a dissolute playboy who has pushed his “art” to limits even Compton hadn’t previously imagined. Together, Compton and Byrne set their sights on an exquisite young Vietnamese-American runaway, Tran, whom they deem to be the perfect victim.

Swiftly moving from the grimy streets of London’s Piccadilly Circus to the decadence of the New Orleans French Quarter, Poppy Z. Brite dissects the landscape of torture and invites us into the mind of a killer. Exquisite Corpse confirms Brite as a writer who defies categorization.

It is a novel for those who dare trespass where the sacred and profane become one.

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Plastic Jesus

Brite, Poppy Z. 2000

The 1960's brought Seth and Payton all they'd fantasized about—perfect friendships, a successful four-man band, and most importantly, each other. Together they embarked on a tour that brought them stimulating highs and shattering lows, and they prospered and suffered in one another's arms.

The two men carried each other and carried a group that created both a history and a future for rock. But at some point their music blurred with the news of their love and the world was faced with the choice to embrace its heroes or revert back to its deep-rooted prejudices.


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The Feast Of St. Rosalie

Brite, Poppy Z. 2003
Signed by Poppy Z Brite. Limited edition - this is #594 of 750. Read More


Brite, Poppy Z. 2004
Book by Brite, Poppy Z., Faust, Christa Read More

Publication Order of The Crow Books

The Crow: City of Angels

Williamson, Chet 1996
Murdered, Ashe is taken over by a dark spirit that enables him to seek revenge on his killers Read More

Clash by Night

Williamson, Chet 1997
In the third novel in the series, the immortal Crow joins a peace-loving woman on a search-and-destroy mission deep in the woods to break up a crazed militia that tries to bomb a day-care center. Original. Read More

The Lazarus Heart

Brite, Poppy Z. 1998
Sentenced to die for a crime he did not commit, S&M photographer Jared Poe must enter into the world of the dead to discover who murdered his lover, and as he ravages the dark streets of New Orleans to clear his name, he must come to terms with the person he has become. Reprint. Read More

Quoth the Crow

Bischoff, David 1998
Inspired by the works of Edgar Alan Poe, Jeremy Botham, a writer, must enter a portal of truth and clarity to exact revenge on the man who raped his wife and destroyed him with the assistance of a black feathered "Raven." Original. Read More

Temple of Night

Somtow, S P 1999

The Eternal OneAt our human limits, when we've gone as far as flesh and imagination can take us, meet the Eternal One. The Crow.His alabaster delicate features tell of his ivory goddess ancestry. Immemorially old, and inconsolable, he is there only for those who seek both revenge and love, and are willing to go all the way--and beyond.

Temple Of NightTurn-of-the-century Bangkok is a glittering modern city where high-tech industry and ancient mystery meet. It is a powerhouse of international finance by day...and a playground of depravity by night. The Klong Toey shantytowns are home to shadowy erotic emporiums, where millionaire celebrities act out their darkest sexual fantasies, protected by money, influence, and American diplomacy.

Enter a young American journalist, assigned to expose the latest cover-up. Stephen is about to break the two cardinal rules of journalism: Don't fall in love. And don't get killed....

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Wicked Prayer

Partridge, Norman 2000
As Johnny Church and Kyra Damon pursue Leticia Dreams the Truth Hardin for her eyes, which they need in order to achieve immortality, Dan Cody heads for Scorpion Flats, Arizona, toward an encounter that could become the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil. Original. Read More

The Hellbound

Attanasio, A. A. 2001

Ademon named Dren is looking for salvation. Satan's fiery underworld has become a foreign place to him. He feels he is different from the other souls. He's changed over time. He's ready for redemption. But getting out of hell is no easy task. Escaping was the easy part.

But now, alone in a world unfamiliar to him, Dren must save a single soul in order to pass on to the heavens above.Billy is a young hoodlum working for a big-time mobster. Like Dren he has also changed. He wants out of the seedy underworld he calls his home.

Just, one more run, one more big payday, and he's finished with it all. He'll, get his cash, grab the woman he loves, and be gone forever. But the mob doesn't look kindly on deserters.Satan has sent two rogue demons from hell to stop Dren. The mob has hired a conjurer named Nadja to kill Billy.

In the end, the two must call on the powers of the Crow to, save them both - waging a full-scale war on the mobsters of Earth above and the lord of darkness below.

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Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Swamp Foetus/Wormwood

Brite, Poppy Z. 1993

n the brightly decadent nightscape of New Orleans, strange figures stalk the fringes of existence, demanding sacrifice and blood. In backwoods rural Georgia, flesh stirs among the overgrown graveyards. And in the human swamp of Calcutta, the souls of the undead walk among the living .

.. Poppy Z. Brite is back to haunt us with twelve new tales of bizarre and seductive terror. From America's fastest rising horror star- author of Drawing Blood and Lost Souls - Swamp Foetus is a trip to the black heart of longing ... to the darkest regions of desire .

.. `Brite's vision is disturbingly dark deliciously erotic, sweetly savage uniquely her own ... this young writer cakes us to places few will have the courage to visit and none would tour alone'---- Dan Simmons Poppy Z. Brite was born in 1967 in New Orleans.

She has since lived all over the American South, but in 1993 she returned to her hometown for good. She has worked as a gourmet candymaker, mouse caretaker, artist's model and exotic dancer. Her first two novels, Lost Souls and Drawing Blood, were both nominated for the Lambda Literary Award, while her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies.

She has been accalimed by fans of horror fiction and the mainstream alike, gaining accolades and awards for her first two novels, including the Bram Stoker Award for Best First novel in 1992. She has also compiled an anthology of erotic horror stories, Love in Vein and a collection of her own short fiction, Swamp Foetus.

Poppy Z. Brite lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans.. Among her interests are Asian culture, food and travel, the Church of the Subgenius, the music of Tom Waits and numerous subcultures including Goth and cyber. She also appears in the erotic art film John Five, directed by Jim Herbert, the video director for the band REM.

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His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood and Other Stories

Poppy Z. Brite 1995

'Penis Is as Penis Does' is a book of truth and question. True stories, vignettes, rants and poems dealing with that most vital of organs...the PENIS. A most revealing look at the impact this organ has on average men and women. A glorious personal acount of the everyday PENIS as it makes its way through this life.

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Are You Loathsome Tonight?/Self-Made Man

Poppy Z. Brite 1998
This collection by Poppy Z. Brite, author of Exquisite Corpse and Love in Vein, among others, features anew story, Monday's Special. Poppy contributed story notes as well as the Preface. Read More

The Devil You Know

Brite, Poppy Z 2003

Used Stories

Brite, Poppy Z. 2004

From the Queen of Splatterpunk, the first digital edition of a 5-story chapbook of previously uncollected reprints, originally published by Subterranean Press in 2004. This collection includes the stories: "Toxic Wastrels" (1992); "Homewrecker" (1995); "Essence of Rose" (1991); "Nailed" (2000); "The Goose Girl" (1999); and the introduction by the Authors: "Do you have the 12" on pink vinyl?" Used Stories is an exquisite journey through black magic, voodoo, horror and sex.

Cover art by Vincent Chong

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Antediluvian Tales

Brite, Poppy Z. 2007
Book by Brite, Poppy Z. Read More

Poppy Z. Brite - Selected Stories

Brite, Poppy Z. 2016

A new retrospective collection by Poppy Z. Brite, author of "Exquisite Corpse", containing some of his best known horror stories: 'Calcutta, Lord of Nerves', 'Lantern Marsh', 'Mussolini and the Axeman’s Jazz', 'Self-Made Man', 'The Heart of New Orleans', 'The Sixth Sentinel' and 'His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood'.

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Poppy Z. Brite:The Horror Show

Z. Brite, Poppy 2016
All the uncollected stories published in The Horror Show Magazine: A Georgia Story (1987); Angels (1987); Missing (1985); Optional Music for Voice and Piano (1985); The Elder (1986); Xenophobia (1989).Cover Art by Alan M. Clark Read More

Doctor Brite

Brite, Poppy Z. 2016

All stories starring the character Doctor. Brite, coroner in New Orleans, collected together for the first time: CROWN OF THORNS (2005); MONDAY’S SPECIAL (1998); WOUND MAN AND HORNED MELON GO TO HELL (2006); MARISOL (2002); O DEATH, WHERE IS THY SPATULA? (2001); THE HEART OF NEW ORLEANS (2002).

Cover Art by Daniele Serra.

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Crystal Empire

Brite, Poppy Z. 2016

The first digital edition of the novella ‘The Crystal Empire’, originally published in ‘Wrong Things’ by Poppy Z. Brite and Caitlin R. Kiernan (Subterranean Press, 2001). A story of a senseless and brutal murder and a manipulative relationship, in which are involved Matthew, a charismatic, sexually magnetic dominant male (reference Charlie Manson) and his love slave named Zee.

What does a psycothic killer really feel? Death is sometimes preferable to life? Love can kill? Poppy Z. Brite answers to all these questions with the magic of her writing.Cover Art (oil on canvas) by Giampaolo Frizzi

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Last Wish & The Gulf

Brite, Poppy Z 2016
A chilling short-short tale, "Last Wish" is Poppy Z. Brite's first piece of fiction in a decade. Also includes rare 2008 story "The Gulf." Read More

Cemetery Dance Select

Brite, Poppy Z. 2017

The Cemetery Dance Select series invites some of our favorite authors to spotlight a sampling of their own short fiction: award-winners, stories they consider their best or that had the most impact on their career—or neglected favorites they feel deserve a second look.

Long-time fans will enjoy revisiting some classic tales. New readers will find this series a handy introduction to each author’s best work. Each Cemetery Dance Select mini-collection includes an exclusive Afterword where the author explains the reasoning behind each selection, and provides insights into the writing of each story.

The stories Poppy Z. Brite has chosen for this collection are: Optional Music for Voice and PianoAre You Loathsome Tonight?Bayou de la MèreThe Devil of Delery Street

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Courtney Love

Brite, Poppy Z. 1997

Courtney Love. The girl with the most cake. The girl with the loudest mouth and the fiercest guitar. The girl of many talents -- not least among them the power to shock. Not since Madonna declared that she was like a virgin has someone in the public spotlight so consistently challenged the notion of what it means to be female -- and what it means to be well behaved.

In Courtney Love: The Real Story, Poppy Z. Brite tells the whole truth about the lead singer of the band Hole and uncovers more about this pop culture heroine than any music magazine could ever hope to. Replete with revealing details and photographs, information from Love's inner circle, and excerpts from Love's diaries and letters, this book has the intimacy of secrets told to a friend and delivers revelation after revelation.

With equal parts compassion and black humor, Brite chronicles the turbulent lives of Love and introduces us to Love Michelle Harrison, the troubled girl who would be queen of postpunk rock, and her childhood spent shuttled from reform school to former stepfathers to family friends.

As a precocious, flamboyant teenager, she hung around backstage after concerts, soaking up the star power she knew she had to possess one day, and then traveled to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to work as a stripper. Brite also takes us to new-wave Liverpool and to that citadel of grunge, Seattle, to see Courtney come of age in the circus that became alternative music, dishing much along the way about some of the biggest stars of that show from past and present.

Brite also sets the story straight about Love's life with Kurt Cobain; the allegations of her drug use that surrounded the birth of their daughter, Frances Bean; and the wreckage of Cobain's suicide. But what emerges out of all the drama is a woman determined not only to survive, but to succeed more than anyone ever expected.

As seen from her stunning performance as the wife of the publisher of Hustler magazine in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and her transformation into a runway acolyte, she just may catapult herself out of the mosh pit and into the mainstream. Only Poppy Z.

Brite, the acclaimed author of literary horror fiction, whom Publishers Weekly called "a singularly talented chronicler of her generation," could have written this outrageous, comic, and ultimately moving tale of ferocious femininity and fishnet stockings.

Courtney Love: The Real Story is a no-holds-barred biography that is as raw as a three-chord punk song -- a work that is as uncompromising and as unforgettable as its subject.

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Portrait of a Phantom

Schein, Zeke 2017

After Zeke Schein purchased the lost photograph of Robert Johnson online, he knew he held something important in his hands. But would anyone else see what he saw? One of only three or four known photos of the legendary blues guitarist, the photograph was certainly an exceptional artifact of music history.

Despite official recognition of its authenticity by the estate of Robert Johnson, music historians have continued to dispute the photograph’s legitimacy. >The story of Johnson’s lost photograph is also the story of Schein’s crusade to prove he’s holding a bona fide piece of music history.

Much like a modern-day Don Quixote in a felt fedora, Schein is on a mission to convince others to see the truth as only he can.

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Publication Order of Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Books

Best New Horror 3

Jones, Stephen 1980
An anthology of horror and fantasy stories features the work of Peter Straub, Jonathan Carrol, Brian Lumley, Garry Kilworth, Thomas Ligoti, Karl Edward Wagner, Robert McCammon, and others. Read More

Best New Horror 6

Jones, Stephen 1990
A collection of the best horror stories of 1994 includes contributions by Terry Lamsley, Norman Partridge, Richard Christian Matheson, Garry Kilworth, and Kim Newman Read More

Best New Horror 2

Stephen Jones 1991
A showcase of outstanding samples of the horror genre includes works by Peter Straub, Harlan Ellison, F. Paul Wilson, Gene Wolfe, Thomas Ligotti, Elizabeth Massie, and others Read More

Best New Horror 4

Stephen Jones; Kim Newman 1993
A collection of short horror stories features the work of Peter Atkins, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Peter Straub, Karl Edward Wagner, and others. Read More

Best New Horror 5

Jones, Stephen 1994
Continuing the tradition of tales of terror from well-known contemporary writers, a premier collection of the year's finest horror stories includes contributions by Peter Straub, Clive Barker, Lisa Tuttle, Thomas Ligotti, Karl Edward Wagner, and Kim Newman. Original. Read More

Best New Horror #26

Ramsey Campbell 2015
Annual short story anthology of the world's best horror stories of 2014 from 19 of the leading exponents in the field, and with an overview of the year from Stephen Jones and a Necrology from Stephen Jones and Kim Newman Read More

Publication Order of Darkside Books

Darkside: Horror for the Next Millenium

Pelan, John 1998
A collection of thirty horror stories features tales by Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, Elizabeth Massey, Lucy Taylor, and others Read More

The Darker Side: Generations of Horror

Pelan, John 2002
An all-new collection of twenty-seven original tales by some of the finest authors of contemporary horror includes chilling works by Poppy Z. Brite, Peter Crowther, Edo van Belkom, Richard Laymon, Lucy Taylor, David Niall Wilson, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and other notables. Original. Read More

A Walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror

John Pelan 2004
A gruesome collection of stories delves into the mysterious creatures and dark forces that lurk in the shadows, featuring contributions from such noted horror authors as Don Tumasonis, Lee Thomas, Mark Samuels, and Joseph A. Ezzo. Original. Read More

Lost on the Darkside: Voices From The Edge of Horror

Pelan, John 2005
Preying on the darkest fears of its readers, this fourth installment in the acclaimed horror series features contributions from David B. Silva, Michael Reaves, Ramsey Campbell, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Mark Samuels. Original. Read More

Alone on the Darkside: Echoes From Shadows of Horror

Pelan, John 2006
Preying on the darkest fears of its readers, this fifth installment in the acclaimed horror series features contributions from such modern horror masters as Brian Hodge, David Riley, Robert N. Lee, Mark Samuels, and Eddy C. Bertin. Original. Read More

Publication Order of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Books

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifth Annual Collection

Datlow, Ellen 1992
A anthology of the fantasy and horror stories recognized by the World Fantasy Awards features the work of Ellen Kushner, S. P. Somtow, Charles de Lint, Karl Edward Wagner, Kara Dalkey, Pat Cadigan, K. W. Jeter, Midori Snyder, Jane Yolen, and others. Read More

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: 6th annual collection

Datlow, Ellen 1993
Collects fantasy, horror, fairy tales, and gothic stories chosen from the past year, including works by Ursula K. LeGuin, Neil Gaiman, and Bill Lewis. Read More

Publication Order of Anthologies


Haigh, Andrew 1981
Book by Read More

Best of the Horror Show

David B. Silva 1987
Trade paperback. Anthology. Read More

Borderlands 1

Thomas F. Monteleone 1990
Book by Harlan Ellison, Poppy Z. Brite, Charles L. Grant Read More

Best New Horror 2

Stephen Jones 1991
A showcase of outstanding samples of the horror genre includes works by Peter Straub, Harlan Ellison, F. Paul Wilson, Gene Wolfe, Thomas Ligotti, Elizabeth Massie, and others Read More

Dead End: City Limits: An Anthology of Urban Fear

Paul F. Olson 1991
A collection ot twenty tales of horror features original work by such noted writers as John Shirley, Melissa Mia Hall, Charles de Lint, Charles L. Grant, and others others Read More

Borderlands 3

Monteleone, Elizabeth 1991

Borderlands 3 is the third volume of the most exciting anthology series of the Nineties.Contents of this digital edition include:Brazo de Dios — Elizabeth Massie The Owen Street Monster — J. L. ComeauThe Man Who Was Made of Money — Avram DavidsonThe Brotherhood — John Alfred TaylorThe Sixth Sentinel — Poppy Z.

BriteThe Man in the Passenger Seat — Bentley LittleGhosts of Christmas Present — Kristine Kathryn RuschThe Ugly File — Ed GormanMidnight Grinding — Ronald KellyMultiple Dwelling — Kathleen JurgensNight Life — Michael CassuttA Stain Upon Her Honor — John AmesTraumatic Descent — Lawrence C ConnollyBaby Sue, We Love You! — Marthayn PelegrimasHigh Concept — David F.

BischoffJust a Closer Walk With Thee — John MaclayThe Banshee — Thomas TessierHungry — Steve Rasnic TemHorror Story — Whitley Strieber

Read More

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifth Annual Collection

Datlow, Ellen 1992
A anthology of the fantasy and horror stories recognized by the World Fantasy Awards features the work of Ellen Kushner, S. P. Somtow, Charles de Lint, Karl Edward Wagner, Kara Dalkey, Pat Cadigan, K. W. Jeter, Midori Snyder, Jane Yolen, and others. Read More

Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge

Martin Amis 1993
Gathers horror stories by Karl Edward Wagner, Clive Barker, Brian Hodge, Kathe Koje, Poppy Z. Brite, Melanie Tem, Elizabeth Massie, Nancy Holder, and John Piwarski Read More

Best New Horror 4

Stephen Jones; Kim Newman 1993
A collection of short horror stories features the work of Peter Atkins, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Peter Straub, Karl Edward Wagner, and others. Read More

The Giant book of Terror

Jones. Stephen and Campbell. Ramsey. 1994

Young Blood

Stephen King 1994
A collection of terrifying tales features early works from Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Bloch, and other writers. Original. Read More

Love in Vein

Brite, Poppy Z. 1994

A sexy new repackaging of the extremely popular anthology of vampire erotica, edited by acclaimed author Poppy Z. Brite. The classic horror tale is about fear. But in the last few years a new literature of the macabre has arisen, one that goes deeper than horror, beyond fear, to explore our darkest, most intimate hungers.

The ones even lovers are forbidden to share. Acclaimed dark fantasy author Poppy Z. Brite has brought together this genre's most powerful and seductive authors in an original collection of vampiric erotica, a shameless celebration of unspeakable intimacies.

It is not for everyone. But neither is the night.

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Love In Vein

Brite, Poppy Z. 1994
A collection of nineteen fantasy tales combines vampire lore with erotic seduction, in a dark celebration in which the main characters are overcome by their needs for fulfillment. By the author of Lost Souls. Original. Read More

Best New Horror 5

Jones, Stephen 1994
Continuing the tradition of tales of terror from well-known contemporary writers, a premier collection of the year's finest horror stories includes contributions by Peter Straub, Clive Barker, Lisa Tuttle, Thomas Ligotti, Karl Edward Wagner, and Kim Newman. Original. Read More

Cthulhu 2000

Turner, editor Jim 1995

A host of horror and fantasy’s top authors captures the spirit of supreme supernatural storyteller H. P. Lovecraft with eighteen chilling contemporary tales that would have made the master proud.   “The Barrens” by F. Paul Wilson: In a tangled wilderness, unearthly lights lead the way to a world no human was meant to see.

  “His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood” by Poppy Z. Brite: Two dabblers in black magic encounter a maestro of evil enchantment.   “On the Slab” by Harlan Ellison: The corpse of a one-eyed giant brings untold fortune—and unspeakable fear—to whoever possesses it.

  “Pickman’s Modem” by Lawrence Watt-Evans: Horror is a keystroke away when an ancient evil lurks in modern technology.   PLUS FOURTEEN MORE BLOOD-CURDLING STORIES   “Shaft Number 247” by Basil Copper “The Adder” by Fred Chappell “Fat Face” by Michael Shea “The Big Fish” by Kim Newman “I Had Vacantly Crumpled It into My Pocket .

. . But by God, Eliot, It Was a Photograph from Life!” by Joanna Russ “H.P.L.” by Gahan Wilson “The Unthinkable” by Bruce Sterling “Black Man with a Horn” by T. E. D. Klein “Love’s Eldritch Ichor” by Esther M. Friesner “The Last Feast of Harlequin” by Thomas Ligotti “The Shadow on the Doorstep” by James P.

Blaylock “Lord of the Land” by Gene Wolfe “The Faces at Pine Dunes” by Ramsey Campbell “24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai” by Roger Zelazny

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Desire Burn

Berliner, Janet 1995
hot Read More

100 Tiny Tales of Terror

Stefan Dziemianowicz 1996
hardcover Read More

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, #8

Jones, Stephen 1997
A collection of the best horror stories of 1996 includes contributions by Poppy Z. Brite, Storm Constantine, Iain Sinclair, and Karl Edward Wagner Read More


Douglas E. Winter (Editor) 1997

A uniquely structured dark fantasy anthology/novel featuring inter-related stories from: Clive Barker, Poppy Z Brite, Ramsey Campbell, Charles Grant, Richard Christian Matheson, Whitley Streiber and Schow & Spector. Millennium. The end of an epoch.

A unique book for a unique time: the end of the twentieth century, a century which has seen warfare escalate to the killing of millions by the dropping of a single device; organised genocide; the rise of the drug culture; organised crime; mass entertainment; and global culture.

It has been an extraordinary century, a remarkable escalation of skills and knowledge to round off the second millennium. But has the human soul evolved? Surrounded by an encasing novella by the master metaphysician Clive Barker, Millennium explores the workings of the human heart in the ten decades that comprise the twentieth century: from the death of the American West, through the rise of the Third Reich, to the rock-and-roll years of the seventies and the mass culture of the nineties.

Millennium is truly a work like no other book, a convergance of concept and talent and timeliness that is certain to achieve success.

Read More

Love In Vein II

Brite, Poppy Z. 1997

Be warned. If you found Love in Vein too disturbingly dark, too exquisitely explicit, too deliciously erotic in the secrets it revealed -- you're going to adore Love in Vein II. Poppy Z. Brite has done it again with a provocative new collection even more dangerously seductive, more boldly erotic than her first.

It is not for everyone. But it may be what you need.

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Dark Terrors 3: The Gollancz Book of Horror

Jones, Stephen (& David Sutton - Editors). 1999

Disco 2000

Champion, Sarah 1999

Wrong Things

Poppy Z. Brite 2001

This short collaborative collection contains an original novella by Caitlin R. Kiernan, an original novella by Poppy Z. Brite, and a brand-new collaborative story by Caitlin and Poppy set in Poppy's fictional stomping grounds of Missing Mile, North Carolina.

Wrong Things also features an exclusive afterword by Caitlin, 10 full-page interior illustrations by Richard Kirk.

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Fear Of The Unknown

Poppy Z. Brite 2005

A chill wind blows through the thirteen stories in this new collection. It rustles dead cornfields and diseased grapevines, travels through dark train tunnels and small railside towns, brushes across the killing floor of an abandoned LA shop and tugs at the garments of the bouncer at Death's own nightclub.

.. It whispers around a red box in a stranger's lap and rattles the door of an isolated compound in a death-filled land... It carries the plaintive notes of a piano and the screaming wail of an electric guitar, the sobbing of babies, the murmur of psychiatrists, and the laughter of Satan .

.. and everywhere the wind blows, it brings madness, murder, and contagion. Put the wind at your back and let it propel you into the unknown with such well-known guides as Jack Ketchum, Poppy Z. Brite, and Owl Goingback. Including chilling stories by David Niall Wilson and Patricia Lee Macomber, Paul Finch, Teri A.

Jacobs, Mark Dunn, J. M. Heluk, Matthew Brolly, Teri Lucia, Michael R. Colangelo, Christine Morgan and Dru Pagliassotti, this collection is handsomely illustrated by cult favorite GAK, artists Arthur Davis Broughton and Kenneth Emig, and many others.

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Masques V

Williamson, J N 2006


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New Orleans Noir: The Classics

Smith, Julie 2016

"One installment of noir stories from New Orleans wasn't enough, so Akashic and editor Julie Smith came back with a follow-up focusing on the 'classics.' That means you'll get a healthy portion of noir stories from across New Orleans written by the likes of Tennessee Williams and Eudora Welty, along with more modern offerings from Poppy Z.

Brite, Ace Atkins, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin."--CrimeReads, included in "New Orleans: The Crime Fiction of Carnival""[An] irresistible sequel to Smith's New Orleans Noir....Anyone who knows New Orleans even slightly will relish revisiting the city in story after story.

For anyone who has never been to New Orleans, this is a great introduction to its neighborhoods and history."--Publishers Weekly, Starred review"Ten years after the publication of the original New Orleans Noir, Akashic's 'Noir' series returns with a follow-up.

...Each entry is strong, but the collection is worth reading alone for Poppy Z. Brite's 'Mussolini and the Axeman's Jazz,' a delirious and brutal ghost story....Strongly recommended for fans of the Akashic anthologies and Hard Case Crime mysteries and lovers of New Orleans fiction.

Devotees of Southern gothic fiction (e.g., the works of Flannery O'Connor and Tom Franklin.) will also find much to enjoy."--Library Journal, Starred review"Smith, who edited Akashic's original New Orleans Noir (2007), goes back for a second trip to the Big Easy.

"--Kirkus Reviews"A riveting read."--Back to Books"Eighteen diverse stories...capture the feeling of this fascinating city. New Orleans Noir: The Classics embraces the city's rich literature and spans two centuries, from the pre-Civil War era to post-Katrina.

"--Underrated Reads"This anthology really has the feel of New Orleans....I enjoyed this batch of stories. Good ones all the way through. Give it a try."--Journey of a BooksellerAkashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir.

Each volume comprises stories set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the respective city.Classic reprints from: James Lee Burke, Armand Lanusse, Grace King, Kate Chopin, O. Henry, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, Shirley Ann Grau, John William Corrington, Tom Dent, Ellen Gilchrist, Valerie Martin, O'Neil De Noux, John Biguenet, Poppy Z.

Brite, Nevada Barr, Ace Atkins, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin.From the introduction by Julie Smith:"A glittering constellation of writers has passed through New Orleans--including Mark Twain, Sherwood Anderson, O. Henry, and even Walt Whitman, to name some of the not-so-usual suspects.

Then there are the ones whose sojourns here are better known, the ones on whom we pride ourselves, such as Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Ellen Gilchrist, and James Lee Burke.It was an anthologist's feast--just about everybody who came to New Orleans wrote about it.

But there were surprises as well...If you're from New Orleans, the neighborhood theme will resonate like Tibetan temple bells. And yet, surely every city has similar hoods, similar behavior patterns, similar travails--and has had them forever. 'Indeed,' wrote Voltaire, 'history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes.


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Brian James Freeman;Stephen King;Dean Koontz;Clive Barker;Kelley Armstrong;William Peter Blatty;Peter Straub;Michael Koryta;David Morrell;Michael Marshall;Michael Marshall Smith;Chet Williamson;Poppy Z. Brite;Stewart O'Nan;Owen King 2016

Every now and then your favorite author takes a detour while writing a new novel: a chapter gets chopped, a connected short story is dreamed up, an essay about the book's origins is composed, or an oddity is created on a day off.Collected here together for the first time are detours by Stephen King, William Peter Blatty, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Koryta, David Morrell, Michael Marshall and Michael Marshall Smith, Chet Williamson, Poppy Z.

Brite, Stewart O'Nan, and Owen King.Join these bestselling authors as they share the other works they wrote while they were writing the books you already know and love.

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