Perry Mason Books in Order

The Perry Mason books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Perry Mason books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Perry Mason Books

The Case of the Velvet Claws

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1933

Criminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. His most popular books starred the incomparable attorney-sleuth Perry Mason. And the first time the world heard the name Perry Mason was in 1933 with the publication of the novel that has become an enduring classic.

..The Case of the Velvet ClawsThanks to a bungled robbery at a fancy hotel, the already-married Eva Griffin has been caught in the company of a prominent congressman. To protect the politico, Eva's ready to pay the editor of a sleazy tabloid his hush money.

But Perry Mason has other plans. He tracks down the phantom fat cat who secretly runs the blackmailing tabloid -- only to discover a shocking scoop.By the time Mason's comely client finally comes clean, her husband has taken a bullet in the heart. Now Perry Mason has two choices: represent the cunning widow in her wrangle for the dead man's money -- or take the rap for murder.

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The Case of the Sulky Girl

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1933
Unable to marry due to a stipulation in her late father's will--which states that she will lose his millions if she does wed--headstrong Frances hires Perry Mason to get around the clause, and soon he ends up solving a family murder. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Lucky Legs

Erle Stanley Gardner 1934
Book by Gardner, Erle Stanley Read More

The Case of the Howling Dog

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1934
Arthur Cartright's official complaint about a neighbor's noisy dog leads Perry Mason and his associate into a case involving a poisoned police dog, a missing wife, and murder Read More

The Case of the Curious Bride

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1934
When her "deceased" con man husband turns up after being declared dead in a plane crash, he's threatening to blackmail Rhoda Lorton, who has since married a millionaire. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Counterfeit Eye

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1935
A reissue of an original Perry Mason novel finds the legal eagle in the hire of a man whose missing glass eye is found in the hands of a slain millionaire businessman surrounded by suspects. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Caretaker's Cat

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1935
A caretaker's missing cat becomes the clue to double dealings over the million-dollar estate of a deceased tycoon, bringing expert lawyer Perry Mason to the scene. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1936

Who killed Philip Rease? Peter Kent was known to be a sleepwalker and a bloodstained knife was found under his pillow. There were people who would like to see Peter Kent out of the way, but would they frame him for murder? And would that explain the reason for Rease's death? It was another case full of traps for Perry Mason.

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The Case of the Stuttering Bishop

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1936
Julia Branner claims her millionaire father-in-law forced her to give up her baby girl for adoption years before. When a woman appears claiming to be her long-lost daughter, Julia insists she is a fake after the family fortune. As events take a sinister turn Julia calls in Perry Mason. Read More

The Case of the Dangerous Dowager

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1937
Mason, tasked by a dowager with buying back the IOU's signed by her niece on a gambling ship, climbs aboard only to discover the ship's owner dead of a bullet wound and the dowager close by. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Lame Canary

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1937
When a murdered man is found in the home of shady insurance adjustor Walter Prescott, a simple divorce case turns into a courtroom puzzler, as Perry Mason follows the clues to catch a killer. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Substitute Face

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1938
Worried that her husband has embezzled their fortune, a fretful member of the nouveau riche appeals to Perry Mason for legal advice, while Mason worries that she may be a murderer, in a novel from the original series. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1938
When her Aunt Sarah's kleptomania turns deadly and she is caught running from the scene of the murder of a gem dealer, Virginia Trent turns to Perry Mason, in one of the original novels in the mystery series. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Perjured Parrot

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1939
The only witness to a millionaire’s murder is a parrot that keeps repeating phrases that may identify the killer. Read More

The Case of the Rolling Bones

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1939

The Case of the Silent Partner

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1940
Helping a high-spirited florist save her shop from her brother-in-law, an incorrigible gambler, Perry Mason uncovers rather convincing evidence that his client may have committed murder to keep her business blooming. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Haunted Husband

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1941

Aspiring actress Stephanie Claire just wants to be in pictures. But she may end up in mug shots when she gets herself caught up in a crime. It's up to Perry Mason to find the truth behind a suspicious scenario starring a menacing movie mogul, a hoodwinked housewife, and a man no one ever seen--alive! Reissue.

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The Case of the Empty Tin

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1941

A spanking-new tin can, secretly placed among the rows of Mrs. Florence Gentrie's preserves, contains not a speck of food -- but it does carry one very damning clue to a murder that took place right next door. Such an unsavory discovery in such an unlikely place can't help but pique the curiosity of a dedicated mystery hunter like Perry Mason.

But the real mystery about this murder is who -- and where -- is the victim? Upstairs neighbor Elston A. Karr heard the telltale sounds of foul play, but his foul temperament (and his own dark secrets) make him most uncooperative. It takes a second murder to clear up the mystery of the missing body -- and to make Perry Mason the next prime candidate to disappear.

...The Original Courtroom NovelsCriminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Today, the great Gardner tradition continues with many of his classics back in print, as well as brand-new additions to the ever-popular series starring the incomparable Perry Mason.

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The Case of the Drowning Duck

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1942
Wealthy John L. Witherspoon hires Perry Mason to delve into a twenty-year-old murder case in order to prove that the young man Witherspoon's daughter intends to marry has homicidal impulses in his genes. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Careless Kitten

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1942

Ten years ago, town banker Franklin Shore left all his money behind, disappeared, and was presumed to be dead. Now the word is that Franklin has returned, very much alive. The shock waves lead to the discovery of a carefully buried check-forging scheme -- and to murder.

The logical suspect is Gerald Shore, Franklin's brother, who's long been shut out of what he'd considered his rightful share of Franklin's estate.When a key witness is pronounced missing, the police say it's Franklin Shore, vanished for the second time.

Perry Mason has two clients to defend against serious criminal charges -- Gerald Shore, and his own secretary, Della Street....

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The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1944
A Perry Mason mystery. Read More

The Case of the Golddigger's Purse

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1945
In order to help her seriously ill boyfriend, gorgeous Sally Madison sets out to separate wealthy Harrington Faulkner from some of his money by offering him a cure for his ailing exotic fish, but her plan goes awry when the fish mysteriously vanish and Faulkner turns up dead. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1945
Mass Market Paperback: 45 pages Publisher: Fawcett (March 13, 1991) Language: English Read More

The Case of the Borrowed Brunette

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1946
A strange newspaper ad for a brunette with specific measurements gets Eve Martell in trouble and provides Perry Mason with a baffling murder to solve Read More

The Case of the Fan-Dancer's Horse

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1946
Perry Mason has his hands full when, two women turn up in his office, each claiming to be the same famous dancer, and a man connected to both women is soon brutally murdered. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Lazy Lover

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1947
Another in the original courtroom novels that inaugurated the legal thriller genre finds Mason tracing the origins of two mysterious checks sent to him by a woman he has never heard of, who has run away with her daughter's boyfriend. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Lonely Heiress

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1948
A suspicious Miss Lonelyhearts advertisement leads the famous defense attorney into an imbroglio involving a disputed will, a key witness, and a greedy relative in a reissue of one of the original Perry Mason books. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1949
Worrying that his fortune-hunting ex-wife may attempt to invalidate their Mexican divorce, wealthy businessman Edward Garvin seeks Perry Mason's help in outwitting her plot to scam him out of his company. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Negligent Nymph

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1950

While Perry Mason is enjoying a moonlit canoe ride, he admires a naked bathing beauty. Little does he know he'll soon be rescuing her- and that next day he'll have to clear her of a jewlery-theft charge. But then she's suddenly charged again- this time with murder.

It takes all of Perry's wiles, Della's insights, and Paul Drake's deft detecting to solve The Case of the Negligent Nymph. Erle Stanley Gardnew is the king of American mystery fiction. A criminal lawyer, he filled his mystery masterpieces with intricate, fascinating, ever-twisting plots.

Challenging, clever, and full of surprises, these are whodunits in the best tradition.

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The Case of the One-Eyed Witness

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1950

Perry Mason is dining peacefully at the Golden Goose cafe when he receives a mysterious phone call. The frantic woman on the other end of the line is desperate to retain Mason’s services, but suddenly vanishes during their cryptic phone conversation.

The only clues: a newspaper clipping about a blackmail case, and the combination to a safe scrawled on a paper. The case: a tangled web indeed, strung between an eccentric widower with something to hide, a sexy cigarette girl with plenty to cry about, a real estate broker with his own home on the selling block, a wife, a lover, and too many loose ends.

The common denominator: murder, of course.

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The Case of the Angry Mourner

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1951
When notorious playboy Arthur Cushing is murdered, Belle Adrian suspects that her daughter, Carlotta, is the killer, and Carlotta suspects her mother of the crime. Original. Read More

The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1952
An old, moth-eaten mink coat leads indomitable sleuth Perry Mason on his fifty-seventh mystery Read More

The Case of the Grinning Gorilla

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1952
Can gorillas be hypnotized and trained to murder - then turn on their master? Read More

The Case of the Hesitant Hostess

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1953

Perry Mason has no hesitation about defending penniless ex-salesman Albert Brogan against a charge of armed robbery. That's because nightclub hostess Inez Kaylor's testimony will guarantee that the accusations against the alleged hold-up mon won't hold up in court.

But when the hostess has the bad manners to stand Mason up instead of taking the stand, Perry's defense may not have a leg to stand on.Failure to find the AWOL witness in forty-eight hours could cost an innocent mon his liberty and his life, when the prosecution serves up a shocking new charge of murder! But the high-tailing hostess has a host of her own secrets, and a cast of shady characters -- from Los Angeles to Las Vegas -- is determined to keep them (and her) hidden.

It all adds up to a whirlwind working weekend for Mason: if he cant get the goods -- and the girl -- by Monday morning when the gavel falls, so will the ax...

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The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1953
Sylvia Bain Atwood, a green-eyed beauty in charge of her ailing father's estate, calls on Perry Mason when one of her father's creditors tries to blackmail the family. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Fugitive Nurse

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1954

Death And Taxes... And Murder?The affairs of her husband -- financial and otherwise -- are what concern Steffanie Malden. The young and stunning bride of a prominent physician killed in a private plane crash, the widow Malden stands to inherit more than just a sizable estate.

Unfortunately, she's also the unwilling heir to an IRS investigation. It appears that the deceased was squirreling away a king's ransom in undeclared cash -- with the able assistance of his head nurse and secret paramour, Gladys Foss.Mrs. Malden wants Mason to flush out Miss Foss and recover the AWOL income -- without trouble from the taxman.

But when she's suddenly charged with engineering her husband's death, the matter turns from the monetary to the murderous. Stuck in the middle, Mason must match wits with both sides of the law, to find out just who got the doctor slaughtered....The Perry Mason NovelsCriminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide.

Today, the great Gardner tradition continues with many of his classics back in print, as well as brand-new additions to the ever-popular series starring the incomparable Perry Mason.

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The Case of the Runaway Corpse

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1954

Her husband was stealing her money, while accusing her of a plot to poison him -- or so claims the frightened young Mrs. Myrna Davenport. She wants Perry Mason to find the incriminating note her husband left for the authorities accusing her of murder -- especially now that Davenport is dying.

Perry finds the envelope, but it's filled with blank paper. Then Davenport does die, or so everyone thinks until his alleged corpse climbs out a window and drives away -- straight into a prepared open grave in another county.With Davenport finally dead, Perry could become a possible accessory to murder.

And though the victim died twice, Perry gets only one clear shot at saving his client -- and himself.

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The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1955

THE NAKED AND THE VERY DEADThe blonde wandering nude at the Remuda Golf Club tells Perry Mason a strange story: While she peacefully sun-bathed near the course, someone made off with her Cadillac, her trailer, and all her belongings--including her precious diary.

The woman blames the police, who suspect her of having stashed away nearly half a million dollars allegedly stolen by her father, who is now in prison. She swears that both she and her father are innocent. So who is bankrolling her leisurely lifestyle? Why is she so desperate to find her diary? And who, if not Mason's beautiful client, would murder a key witness? In a virtuoso courtroom performance, Mason exposes the staggering truth.

THE ORIGINAL COURTROOM NOVELSFrom the Paperback edition.

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The Case of the Glamorous Ghost

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1955
Master defense attorney Perry Mason is hired by a young woman to protect her scandalous and headstrong halfsister, Eleanor Corbin, from the consequences of her last escapade. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Nervous Accomplice

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1955
Sybil Harlan is aware of her husband’s dalliance with an alluring business associate. Sybil asks Perry Mason to help her sour the real estate deal and win back her errant spouse. Unfortunately a blackmailer gets wind of the scheme and murder takes place. Read More

The Case of the Demure Defendant

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1956
Unconvinced of his client's confessed guilt, Perry Mason searches a lake for the bottle of poison with which Nadine Farr claims she killed her elderly benefactor, Mosher Higley Read More

The Case of the Lucky Loser

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1957

The voice on the phone was young and silky. The woman it belonged to touched something soft in Perry Mason's cool, legalistic mind. The offer she made was too intriguing to pass up. But what began as a request for a simple courtroom visit turned into an intrigue of baffling complexity -- as well as one of the most cleverly rigged frame-ups of Perry's career.

Its a case of a family blessed with millions and, riddled with scandal, a case of accidental manslaughter that explodes into a charge of airtight murder, a case of a corpse dying not once, but twice. To save his client, Perry will have to break all the rules-and more than one law.

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The Case of the Daring Decoy

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1957

Take a no-holds-barred proxy war for a rich Texas oil company, with Jerry Conway, its young president, fighting for survival. Add a beautiful woman in a mudpack and not much else who gives up a freshly fired .38 to Conway before she shows him the door.

Top it off with the body of another young woman with a bullet in her chest fired by the same gun, and you have the recipe for the perfect murder -- and the perfect frame-up.Perry Mason has two problems. His client, Jerry Conway, is the prime suspect.

And Perry himself is the accused accessory....

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The Case of the Long-Legged Models

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1958
Stephanie Falkner is forced to deal with the mobsters who almost certainly killed her father, including smooth, sinister George Casselman, but she needs Perry Mason's help when Casselman is murdered--and the gun turns up under her pillow. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Calendar Girl

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1958
When the young woman George Ansley drives home turns out to be the last person to have seen Meredith Borden alive, Ansley becomes a murder suspect and must rely on Perry Mason to prove his innocence Read More

The Case of the Singing Skirt

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1959

Ellen Robb does more than just sing for her supper -- she also dances and sells cigarettes in a two-bit gambling parlor in a one-horse town. But when she hits a sour note with her scheming employer by refusing to help fleece a fat-cat customer in a crooked card game, she finds herself out of all three jobs.

That's when she sings her song of woe to Perry Mason, who promises to turn her blues into greenbacks with the help of his crack team, Della Street and Paul Drake, and a hefty lawsuit.Things are humming along just fine -- until murder interrupts the merry melody of Mason's crafty legal maneuvers.

When the vindictive wife of Ellen Robb's not-so-secret lover turns up shot to death, Mason is certain it's a frame-up -- and that his songbird client's belligerent boss is to blame. Until his own gun is found at the scene. The cocksure Mason will have to change his tune -- and do some quick thinking -- or else this case could be his swan song.

The Perry Mason NovelsCriminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Today, the great Gardner tradition continues with many of his classics back in print, as well as brand-new additions to the ever-popular series starring the incomparable Perry Mason.

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The Case of the Mythical Monkeys

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1959

LETHAL CABIN FEVERGladys Doyle's luxurious ski weekend, courtesy of her employer, takes a sharp turn for the worse when she heads home on Sunday. Heavy storms force her to seek shelter with a surly stranger in a lonely mountain cabin. Next morning there's a dead man in the bedroom, the mysterious host has disappeared, and poor Gladys's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon.

Her desperate plight sends Perry Mason ice-fishing in dangerous waters--for a catch that includes a silk scarf curiously decorated with monkeys, a pristine tea kettle, a bodyguard who takes care of his clients permanently, and a viscious bottom feeder hungry for prey .


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The Case of the Deadly Toy

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1959

ENGAGED TO A NIGHTMAREWhen Norda Allison sees her husband-to-be slap his young son, she immediately calls off the wedding. Now she is terrified. Her ex-fiancé has beat up her new boyfriend. Anonymous newspaper clippings are flooding her mailbox--articles graphically depicting what jilted men do to the women who leave them.

Then Norda's life takes an even darker turn. It begins with a barking dog, a child's scream, a gunshot, and the discovery of a very dead body--and ends when Norda is arrested, charged with a brutal murder.Now only brilliant courtroom strategist Perry Mason stands between Norda and a sentence of certain death .


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The Case of the Waylaid Wolf

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1960
Yet another mystery involving the inimitable Perry Mason, as he defends a secretary accused of murdering the owner's son, a man with a habit of making advances to the women employees Read More

The Case of the Duplicate Daughter

Erle stanley gardner 1960
Book by Erle stanley gardner Read More

The Case of the Spurious Spinster

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1961
Finding large discrepancies in her company's accounts, Susan Fisher comes to Perry Mason with her suspicions Read More

The Case of the Bigamous Spouse

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1961
Gwynn Elston learns that her best friend's husband already has a wife and family, but when he is found murdered Gwynn must ask Perry Mason to defend her against a murder charge Read More

The Case of the Reluctant Model

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1962
When one of the two prominent men competing for the affections of Maxine, a blonde model, turns up dead, and Maxine disappears, Perry Mason investigates Read More

The Case of the Blonde Bonanza

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1962
Mason suspects that a ravishing blonde with a millionaire father is being duped by an agent who promises to turn her into a high-fashion model, and who soon turns up dead. Reissue. Read More

The Case of the Amorous Aunt

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1963
The incomparable Perry Mason must prove that a well-to-do widow who recently remarried a man whom her relatives branded a fortune hunter did not kill her supposedly sinister new husband. Reprint. Read More

The Case Of The Phantom Fortune

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1964
Horace Warren pays five hundred dollars to have Perry mason attend a buffet dinner to observe his guests. He also wants Mason to investigate a fingerprint and suspects his wife is being blackmailed. Mrs Warren's mystery past may hold the clues Read More

The Case of the Horrified Heirs

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1964
When Lauretta Trent, a wealthy widow, is successfully murdered after a series of near-misses, all the suspicion falls on Virginia Baxter, the only surviving witness who can vouch for the authenticity of Lauretta's will. Reprint. Read More

The Case of the Troubled Trustee

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1965
An erstwhile young man has his hands full as trustee of a wild young woman's inheritance. But his love and her money don't mix. Perry Mason may be able to prove his client is no embezzler--but what happens when murder rears its head? HC: William Morrow and Co. Read More

The Case of the Beautiful Beggar

Erle Stanley Gardner 1965
A beautiful debutante''s wealthy uncle is mis sing, and strange relatives are counting her out of his fort une. Then a dead man surfaces, pointing his finger straight at her. Now she''s desperate. Perry Mason takes on the case. ' Read More

The Case of the Worried Waitress

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1966
Katherine Ellis, concerned about an aunt's mysterious behavior and other bizarre happenings, consults Perry Mason Read More

The Case of the Queenly Contestant

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1967
Twenty years after Ellen Adair had given birth to an illegitimate child, the result of her affair with the son of a rich tycoon, she finds herself fighting for her son's inheritance and up against those who would deny his parentage. Reprint. Read More

The Case Of The Careless Cupid

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1968
Selma Arlington is engaged to a wealthy widower. His heirs don’t want him to tie the knot. Perry Mason is asked by Selma to prove she is neither a gold digger nor a murderer of her first husband, but incriminating evidence comes to light. Read More

The Case Of The Fabulous Fake

Erle Stanley Gardner 1969
First paperback edition. Pocket Books#75581. states 'FIRST PRINTING: January 1971". Read More

The Case of the Fenced-in Woman

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1972
Finding an unwelcome guest in the person of the ex-wife of his dream house's contractor, who claims that the property is half hers, Morley Eden calls upon Perry Mason to resolve a turbulent dispute that is linked to murder. Reprint. Read More

The Case Of The Postponed Murder

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1973
Perry Mason is hired to protect Mae Farr from a presumed stalker, wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth. When Mason learns that Wentworth wants Mae for forging his name on a cheque, things get complicated. But fatal gunplay leaves Wentworth dead, Mae a wanted woman and Perry Mason in trouble. Read More

The Case of Too Many Murders

Chastain, Thomas; based on characters created by Gardner, Erle Stanley 1989
Stated First Edition. A near fine copy in a near fine dust jacket. Former owner's bookplate is affixed to the front endpaper. Very slight spine lean. The dust jacket's spine and spine seams are mildly faded. Read More

The Case of the Burning Bequest

Chastain, Thomas 1990
The body of Anne's stepmother is found by John Leland, whose marriage to Anne she had opposed, in the same room where Anne's mother was murdered twenty years earlier Read More

Publication Order of Perry Mason Collections

The Case of the Crimson Kiss

Gardner, Erle S 1970
Book by Gardner, Erle Stanley; Eberhart, Mignon G. Read More

The Case Of The Crying Swallow

Gardner, Erle Stanley 1971
Gardner, Erle Stanley, Case Of The Crying Swallow, The: A Perry Mason Novelette And Other Stories Read More

Four Cases of Murder

Gardner, Erle Stanley, Illustrated by Mel Keefer and Charles Lofgren 1989

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