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Here you will find all the famous Normal quotes. There are more than 44 quotes in our Normal quotes collection. We have collected all of them and made stunning Normal wallpapers & posters out of those quotes. You can use this wallpapers & posters on mobile, desktop, print and frame them or share them on the various social media platforms. You can download the quotes images in various different sizes for free. In the below list you can find quotes by some of the famous authors like Maya Angelou, Peggy O'Mara and Johnny Depp

She wore the little secret smile again, the one that always drove Gregori crazy, turned him inside out, and melted his heart. She was up to no good. He had no doubt of it. It has occurred to me that you need a good spanking. Her smile grew smug. I said I was willing to try anything once, lifemate, but I think it best if we wait until we are alone, don’t you? “Is she putting me on?” Gary demanded of Gregori. “Is there really a vampire hunt for tourists?” “Believe me, mortal, if there is such a thing, she would know about it,” Gregori admitted. “I fear we are going to be talked into something we will regret.” “You won’t regret it,” Savannah said quickly, sitting up. Her blue eyes had gone vivid violet, those mysterious silver stars shining in their centers. “We could go tomorrow night. I’ll bet it would be fun. It starts out at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop at eight. They even provide the stakes and garlic. Let’s do it, Gregori.” Her long eyelashes swept down to cover her expression, and that little infuriating smile brought his attention to her soft mouth. “You might pick up some pointers. After all, these guys are probably professionals.” Gregori felt the laughter welling up from somewhere in his soul. The silver eyes warmed to molten mercury, quicksilver. “You think they might be able help me out?” Savannah nodded solemnly. “It says right on the brochure, no drunks. That has to mean they know what they’re doing, don’t you think?” “What else does it say?” Gary asked, curious. Savannah grinned at him mischievously. “Actually, it says it’s pure fun. You walk around, and they tell you stories. History mixed with myths and legends.” We might actually learn something, Gregori. You never know. There was a faintly hopeful note in her voice she tried desperately to keep from him. Gregori instantly crossed the distance between them and cupped the side of her face with his palm, his thumb sliding in a little caress along her jaw. Why would you ever be insecure, Savannah? I can feel it in you, that you imagine I will consider you silly for wanting to do these tourist things.Savannah’s laughter was soft and somehow sexy. She put her hand over Gregori’s. “I am in you, lifemate,” she said gently. “I read you as easily as you read me. You think ninety percent of the things I want to do are silly.” “I think my allowing you to do all these things is silly.” She winced visibly. “We need less of this allow stuff. Besides, you owe me a night out without any trouble.” “You had trouble tonight?” Gary asked. “There was no trouble.” Gregori was clearly puzzled. “You’re always getting in fights. Everywhere we go, you just can’t help yourself,” Savannah accused indignantly. “You picked the one tonight.” “You picked a fight?” Gary was astounded. “I did not pick a fight,” Gregori denied. “A few men were determined to mug us, so I provided them with an interesting experience. There was no fight. Had I actually struck them physical blows, they would be in the hospital.” His white teeth gleamed, the silver eyes glittering with more than danger, with a hint of amusement. “As it is, they just think they should be hospitalized. There is nothing wrong with any of them. I was quite gentle for Savannah’s sake. Which, I see, she does not appreciate.” “I would appreciate going out and behaving normally.” “I was behaving in my normal fashion, chérie,” he reminded her gently. “I take it we’re going on a vampire hunt tomorrow night,” Gary said, laughter in his voice.