Nisa Santiago Books in Order

The Nisa Santiago books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Nisa Santiago books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Apple & Kola: The Baddest Chick Books

Bad Apple

Santiago, Nisa 2011

Young and beautiful, seventeen-year-old Apple believes there's one thing she can do better than anyone -- herself. Her selfish actions turn fatal in a New York minute when she gets tangled up with a ruthless loan shark. He wants his payment in blood with interest.

Apple goes undercover to try to clean up her mess, but the lines between vengeance and reality begin to blur. Apple steps into her role as a sadistic bill collector and main chick a little too easily. Apple's twin sister Kola is leading a fast life of her own with an escort ring.

Though she's making long money, she's not satisfied with second best, and she sets out to knock Apple off. Her wicked scheming explodes into the ultimate betrayal. Nisa Santiago's tale of beautiful sisters from Harlem proves that when sibling rivalry spins out of control, loyalty is just a word on the streets of the Big Apple.

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Coca Kola

Nisa Santiago 2012

Steady Schemin' Harlem honeys Apple and Kola are back and cutthroat as ever, and serving The City That Never Sleeps with a wakeup call. Now permanently disfigured, the once beautiful Apple's future isn't looking bright as the empire she worked so hard to build begins to crumble, brick by brick.

The tables are turned, and Apple finds out that the ultimate betrayal cuts that much deeper when it's perpetrated by blood. Meanwhile, Kola is lying in wait for Queen Apple to be dethroned. She stacks her paper and assembles her plan to take her twin out once and for all.

But Apple isn't bowing out gracefully.

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Nisa Santiago 2013

The Baddest Chick Motto: Your time at the top is short-lived. Enjoy it while you can. Kola, the reigning Queen of New York, has Harlem on lock and is making paper hand over fist. If the stresses of hustling hard weren't enough, the love of her life is mixed up with a Brooklyn chick, a bounty has been put on her head for a hit she didn't sanction, and her sister's ex-man, Chico, is trying to rock her to sleep.

Kola has 99 problems, but Apple ain't one. Apple, gone but not forgotten while trapped in a Mexican hellhole, is still the most hated chick in New York. She's low on friends and can't seem to climb back up on her pedestal. With revenge in her heart and murder on her mind, Apple attempts to overcome her situation just in time to reclaim her title as The Baddest Chick the world has ever seen.

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Face Off

Santiago, Nisa 2013

The relentless rivals Apple and Kola are back in business, and it's about to get real.With her traumatic experiences in Mexico over, Apple is back to being the baddest. Now she's determined to make her tormentors pay for the torture she endured, and no one is prepared for the terrifying takedown she's planning for those she once loved.

Kola is dominating the streets of Miami, but the haters and South Beach cartels are itching to see her leave, dead or alive. When she finds betrayal in an unlikely place, she's motivated to come out on top and put Miami on notice. Apple and Kola rage fiery warfare against the enemies determined to bring them down.

But now, both contenders—stronger than ever, will have to Face Off once and for all.

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On the Run

Nisa Santiago 2015

Parallel Realities Kola and Peaches' palace lifestyle in Colombia comes crashing down when the Federales kick in Eduardo's front door. Forced to flee South America with her niece and return to New York, Kola feels lost without her twin sister. Things begin to turn around for Kola when she meets an ambitious hustler named Twin who wants her to play wifey as he plays daddy to Peaches.

Back from the dead, Apple is hiding out in Baltimore trying to make a come up. Without family or friends, she spends her days plotting on how to regain what she's lost. Not one to go without a thug in her bed for long, Apple hooks up with a young goon named Twin who reminds her of her first love, Cross.

With the sisters living in different states and seemingly in love with the same dude, Harlem won't be able to withstand the bloodshed if Apple and Kola wage another war against each other, once again in the name of love.

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Unfinished Business

Nisa Santiago 2016

Contaminated Roots As Apple and Kola try to retire from the game, lingering feuds put them back to work. Before they can experience life without tragedy, they both have unfinished business to settle. Hiding in plain sight while exterminating their enemies, they realize they will never have any peace until they eliminate the man they once called Daddy.

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Baddest Apple

Nisa Santiago 2019

Off with Her Head Even with South Beach in her rearview, Apple is still unable to settle down and focus on being a mom. Not when the streets keep talking about Queenie, an enigmatic sista who is calling herself the Queen of New York. Queenie, a hardcore former drug mule, has seen and done it all in her young life.

She doesn't scare easily, if at all. When it's time for her to step up to her newfound adversary, Apple, her heart skips no beats. Apple refuses to give up her title after just reclaiming it. She's determined to snatch the crown from Queenie and see her bow down to the real queen.

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Publication Order of Cartier Cartel Books

Cartier Cartel

Santiago, Nisa 2008

Cartier Timmons and Monya White were born to teenage mothers who were also best friends. At 15, Cartier formed her own crew aptly named the Cartier Cartel. The main and only vision of the crew; Cartier, Monya, Bam, Lil Momma, and Shanine was to do petty crimes in order to wear the flyest gear.

While Monya loves boys, clothes, and money (in that order), Cartier is tired of the petty boosting to keep a few dollars in her pockets. Always wise beyond her years, Cartier observes how the corner boys hustle drugs and figures her crew could do the same.

Cartier realizes too late that her and her crew are in more trouble than they can handle. Once a rival drug-hustler gets murdered, Cartier's Cartel will need to make a life-altering decision.

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Return of the Cartier Cartel

Nisa Santiago 2010

Brooklyn empress Cartier knows the streets of Brooklyn like nobody's business. In fact, she successfully built her Cartier Cartel drug ring on the code of the streets, hustling and stacking paper. However, the life of crime is wearing her down, and she's ready to quit the game when two of her Cartel soldiers are gunned down in the same streets that fattened her bankroll.

Now she's hell bent on seeking revenge for her friends, and she and her most loyal set out to solve the hood's whodunit. Along the way, tempers flare and love is tested as her prince steps out of line and sleeps with the enemy. Devastation reigns supreme in the streets of Brooklyn, while Cartier is constantly looking over her shoulder, wondering who will be the next to stab her in the back.

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South Beach Slaughter

Santiago, Nisa 2013

TROUBLE IN PARADISE When the smoke clears after the devastation Cartier Timmons and her Cartier Cartel experienced in New York, she's determined to leave the fast life behind once and for all. Now in South Beach, Miami, Cartier is living the peaceful, yet lavish life in paradise when her daughter is snatched away by the hands of ruthless criminals looking for an epic payday.

Cartier jumps back into the game with Lil Mama and Quinn, a new member of the Cartel, at her side. They declare to tear Miami apart block by block and hold court in the streets in their quest for justice.

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Head Games

Santiago, Nisa 2019

Shattered Illusions Cartier is back from South Beach and anxious to begin the next chapter of her life with Head. She soon awakens from her love fantasy, however, and realizes that her dark knight isn't all he seems. With her love life on the rocks yet again, Cartier has a nightmare case of déjà vu that she must snap out of.

Vowing to harden her heart for good this time, she redirects her energy to forming a new Cartier Cartel.

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Publication Order of The House That Hustle Built Books

The House That Hustle Built

Santiago, Nisa 2015

Beg, Borrow, or Steal.Worlds collide when a car thief and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur meet. Pearla is a born hustler, and Cash was born to steal. Pearla sets her sights on Cash and motivates him to take his petty crimes to the next level.Together, the two get money throughout the tri-state, while friends and family want to be upgraded without putting in work.

At first, the couple makes it rain in the hood, taking care of those they love, but a hustler always knows when to draw the line.Suddenly, Pearla proclaims the ATM closed, and a quiet storm begins to brew. When the beggars can't beg anymore and the borrowers can't borrow anymore, friends become enemies.

Words and bullets are exchanged, leaving The House that Hustle Built under attack and at risk of collapse.

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The House that Hustle Built 2

Nisa Santiago 2015

A Challenging Renovation After losing everything they both worked so hard to build, Pearla and Cash have a subscription of issues they can't afford. Pearla and Cash realize they have to hustle smarter and harder to get back on top, but someone on their long list of frenemies wants them dead.

With no one to trust, not even each other, restoring The House that Hustle Built proves to be a formidable challenge.

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The House That Hustle Built 3

Nisa Santiago 2016

MAKE A HOUSE A HOME Pearla prances around the house Hassan's hustle built, carelessly sneaking around with her past while being financed by her present. She's playing a dangerous love game. And someone is watching. Meanwhile, Hassan sits behind the iron bars of Rikers Island contemplating how to deal with all that he has on his plate.

Bimmy, his right-hand man and trusted advisor, wants him to take action. After yet another attempt on her life, Pearla realizes it's time to grow up and choose the right man if she hopes to live happily ever after in The House That Hustle Built.

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Publication Order of Killer Dolls Books

Killer Dolls

Nisa Santiago 2015

Beautiful Menace (or Viral Violence) Half Japanese and half Jamaican, Aoki is young, beautiful, and known throughout her Brooklyn neighborhood as a menace to local authorities. On the eve of a brutal murder that hits close to home, Aoki needs her friends more than ever.

Her ride-or-die besties, Tisa and Ri-Ri, are down to help by any means necessary, even if it puts their own freedom at risk. While coming up in the drug game, AZ gets into a situation he can't handle on his own. When he reaches out to Aoki - an unlikely ally - the girls agree to handle his problem for a small fee.

When surveillance video of the conquest goes viral, the Brooklyn hood chicks are transformed into Killer Dolls. This overnight fame brings heat to the Killer Dolls, with jealousy, envy, and a dark secret threatening to destroy everything.

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Killer Dolls, Part 2

Santiago, Nisa 2016

UNLIKELY NEMESIS After the gun smoke clears, one female is left standing. Although Aoki isn't out of danger, she can breathe a sigh of relief that the immediate threat has been handled. Now, in a race to mend broken relationships with AZ, B-Scientific, and Emilio all whom seemingly want to be number one in her life, she's asked to make a hard choice.

With all decisions come consequences. And while one of these men vow to love her forever, their goal is to make her forever as short as possible. Aoki will be shocked to find out who wants this Killer Doll, dead. Her archenemy will be shocked to find that this killer is hard to kill.

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Killer Dolls - Part 3

Nisa Santiago 2017

THE ASSIGNMENT Years have passed since Aoki was ambushed by the Cartel and left for dead. Now, she's older, wiser, and even more sinister. When the Commission gives her an assignment to kill one of their most wanted and most elusive, Aoki is forced to go up against an opponent just as skilled as she is.

The Cristál Clique has dismantled years ago, and now all Cristal has to show for her life choices is a heart filled with regrets and loss. Keeping her head low and staying off the grid, she soon finds out that she's being hunted by someone she once aspired to be: the Killer Doll.

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Publication Order of Mafioso Books

Mafioso - Part 1

Nisa Santiago 2017

Ambitions as a Mobster Scott West and his wife Layla have an infatuation with the Mafioso way of life. Armed with what they've learned, they assemble their own family based on the careers of the most successful mobsters and are now in charge of a powerful crime family.

Their six children--Meyer, Bugsy, Lucky, Bonnie, Clyde, and Gotti--are all being groomed to manage the family business. Al Capone's legacy taught Scott to run his drug empire upon fear, helping him prosper as a daunting opponent. When challenged by Deuce, the daring Baltimore crime boss, Scott has to play the game for real as they clash in a mob-style power struggle.

When the smoke clears, only one will have a seat at the head of the table.

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Mafioso - Part 2

Nisa Santiago 2018

Blast from the Past Payback is a bitch named Maxine. She's a once-demure law student who's finally free after serving time for a murder she didn't commit. Maxine has a score to settle, and she's now driven to return the favor of destruction. Her kill list, unknowingly financed by her frenemy, Layla, is steadily shrinking with bodies dropping all over NYC.

Scott and Layla West have buried their children one-by-one from what appears to be random accidents. With the top Mafioso distracted by grief and territory battles, a traitor has infiltrated the tight-knit organization. Scott and Layla's misfortunes only multiply when they realize they've been targeted all along.

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Mafioso - Part 3

Nisa Santiago 2018

Divided They Stand Chaos, betrayal, and turmoil have divided the West family into two factions. When the Mafioso squares off against a Boss Bitch, things are bound to get explosive.Layla begins her solo reign of terror with seed money stolen from her estranged husband, Scott.

Boss Bitch Incorporated's only purpose is to weaken and defeat the empire she helped to build. With Lucky and Meyer holding Layla down, the Boss Bitch's force in New York is undeniable. Scott, Maxine, and Bugsy have their hands' full playing offense and defense.

Their list of enemies is growing exponentially, and when their family gets added to the mix, it's time to bring in special teams.

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Mafioso - Part 4

Nisa Santiago 2018

Together They Fall With both Scott and Layla West behind bars, it's now up to Bugsy and Lucky to run the family businesses. Lucky quickly steps into Layla's shoes, but being second-in-command to an absentee boss has her feeling unsatisfied. She wants to sit at the helm of the organization with or without her mother's blessing.

Bugsy, who has always emulated Scott, takes his Mafioso impression too far and does the unthinkable. This one infraction may cost him his life.Scott and Layla, betrayed by their children, are not the forgiving type. With mother pitted against daughter and father against son, there may be more West funerals to attend.

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Mafioso - Part 5

Santiago, Nisa 2020

Family Feuds The stunning acquittals of Scott and Layla West reverberate throughout the justice system, and the powerful cartels take notice. The Wests were untouchable, and their drug empire is still intact, but family ties begin to unravel.New mom Lucky has a lot on her shoulders as she continues to deceive the head of the Juarez cartel.

Partnering with her twin brothers, Lucky lines up the pieces on the chessboard, but she underestimates the king and queen.

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Mafioso - Part 6

Nisa Santiago 2020

NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED Snitching is the new side hustle. Unfortunately for the Wests, the alphabet boys are always hiring: no experience is needed.After the melee on the Westside of Manhattan, the government is no longer playing fair. The FBI and DEA compete to ensnare the West organization into a trap blurring the boundaries of what's legal, moral, and ethical.

And with the once tight-knit family bifurcated, their power weakened by dissension; the cartel mobilizes to finally end the Wests reign at the top. Meyer, not ready to put his temper on pause, has a lot of scores to settle. However, a significant blow to their empire has him handcuffed and wondering how to process his new normal.

With the losses adding up and bodies piling up, will the West family realize that all they have is each other?

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Publication Order of Murdergram Books


Santiago, Nisa 2014

Knock, Knock. Four broke girlfriends go into a Long Island church looking for a job. Four trained assassins come out. The Cristál Clique is born when these young killers are immersed in the intense underworld of murder-for-hire.But with youth comes naiveté.

When heartache, betrayal, and revenge lurk behind every door, these Brooklyn girls must remain on point if they want to stay alive.

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Murdergram - Part 2

Nisa Santiago 2016

When the Predator Becomes the Prey They were best friends until the murders. Now with Cristal presumed dead, Tamar has plans to rise in the underworld as a hired gun. State to state, Tamar is fearlessly dishing out Murdergrams for a huge profit without remorse.

High on power and notoriety, Tamar sets out to settle an old beef, but the person she's hunting is actually hunting her. This time she could be the one on the receiving end of a Murdergram.

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Publication Order of South Beach Cartel Books

South Beach Cartel - Part 1

Santiago, Nisa 2014

TRIO OF TERROR Cartier Timmons is infuriated by the tragedy and vengeance inflicted upon her family. She's making savage rounds through Miami until she can bring her own brand of hood justice to the cartel who messed with hers. After a reunion that seemed like a dream come true, Citi and her mother Ashanti clash heads in a power struggle.

Ashanti plays her position as the head chick in charge, and Citi is ostracized from the family. With no money, she's once again forced to make her way back to the throne. Apple is growing restless in Colombia with Kola and Eduardo. She's tired of the controlling situation and wants to resume making money.

Plus, she can't let go of the idea of finding her daughter Peaches. The search takes her to Miami, where she runs into her old friend from New York, Cartier. When Apple, Cartier, and Citi meet up, there's an instant realization that the three can take down their opponents and rule the MIA, inflict pain and taking their spots as the Queen B's of Miami.

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South Beach Cartel - Part 2

Santiago, Nisa 2018

The Art of War Apple has never gotten over Citi stealing her money. Still salty from what she considers the betrayal of the century, she places Peaches in Kola's care and embarks on a mission to resolve some more unfinished business. Cartier has made a life for herself on the west coast while waiting for the love of her life, Head, to get a release date.

She's out of the game, but now Apple wants to pull her back in. Citi resurfaces in New York with a strong team, including her brother, Cane. The stolen money has been flipped several times over, and now she's sitting pretty on a budding empire. After the foolish queen fails to guard her throne, her position is compromised, and back to Miami she runs.

Cartier and Apple head to South Beach to resurrect the South Beach Cartel and are soon joined by an unlikely ally. All three vow to remain in Miami until the score is settled, once and for all.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Dirty Money Honey

Nisa Santiago 2011

The Mastermind. The Patsy. The Heist Vegas never saw coming.... At only twenty-five, Honey has a long list of exes in her life; an ex-con father, an ex-husband, and an ex-career as an ATF agent. Playing the cards life has dealt her, she's now working as a blackjack dealer in one of the most profitable casinos in alluring Las Vegas.

Soon, her life's training is put to good use as Honey develops a master plan to get that dirty money! The city is taken by surprise when an armored truck is high-jacked in broad daylight on a sweltering hot Wednesday. Normally prepared for anything and everything, the Las Vegas police are baffled by this blatant crime, and pressure from the public and casino owners drive them to desperation.

Honey and her crew of loyal followers pull off one of the most rewarding and masterful heists in Las Vegas history, but not everyone will get to enjoy the loot. Someone has to take the fall.

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Guard the Throne

Nisa Santiago 2012

Control is the game. Money is the prize. Curtis Byrne spent over two decades building a feared and respected monarchy in the drug game. When he's dethroned, he unknowingly passes down the family business to his three kids, Chris, Cane and Citi. The street soldiers aren't ready to take orders from underlings once the king is murdered, however, the Byrne siblings are met with vicious opposition.

In a do-or-die mission to prove themselves, Chris takes over as the brains and Cane as the triggerman. As both boys try to man up and adjust to leading the kingdom, their sister, Citi, is out of control and sleeping with the enemy. As the shady facts surrounding their father's murder begin to come out, the brothers are put out of commission, forcing Citi to run the empire her father built.

With a new man in her life, a Harlem prince by her side, Citi vows to Guard The Throne by any means necessary. But being queen can be deadly.

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