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Publication Order of Inspector Iwata Books

Blue Light Yokohama

Obregon, Nicolas 2017

Newly reinstated to the Homicide Division and transferred to a precinct in Tokyo, Inspector Iwata is facing superiors who don't want him there and is assigned a recalcitrant partner, Noriko Sakai, who'd rather work with anyone else. After the previous detective working the case killed himself, Iwata and Sakai are assigned to investigate the slaughter of an entire family, a brutal murder with no clear motive or suspect.

At the crime scene, they find puzzling ritualistic details. Black smudges. A strange incense smell. And a symbol―a large black sun. Iwata doesn't know what the symbol means but he can hear it whispering to him: I am here. I am not finished. As Iwata investigates, it becomes clear that these murders by the Black Sun Killer are not the first, nor the last attached to that symbol.

As he tries to track down the history of black sun symbol, puzzle out the motive for the crime, and connect this to other murders, Iwata finds himself racing another clock―the superiors who are trying to have him removed for good. Haunted by his own past, his inability to sleep, and a song, 'Blue Light Yokohama,' Iwata is at the center of a compelling, brilliantly moody, layered novel sure to be one of the most talked about debuts in 2017.

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Sins as Scarlet

ObregOn, NicolAs 2018

A Whole Island of Friendliness

Obregón, Nicolás 2018

Formerly of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Kosuke Iwata is now working as a private investigator in California. He may have left Japan, but the crimes Iwata has to face here are just as perplexing. A threatening Serbian man claims his wife is missing.

A mysterious connection to Catalina Island. A little girl with red hair. And a woman determined to disappear … 'I really hope listeners enjoy the exclusive Inspector Iwata short; A Whole Island of Friendliness. It was so much fun recording, my thanks to Bolinda for a wonderful experience as narrator.

There's so much potential in the audiobook medium, for me as an author it's just tremendously exciting to be able to add another Inspector Iwata story to my little collection.' – Nicolás Obregón

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Unknown Male

Obregón, Nicolás 2019

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW'Masterpiece' - Jeffery Deaver Inspector Kosuke Iwata returns to Japan after ten years to confront the ghosts of his past, and catch a dangerous killerTokyo. 2020.As Japan prepares to host the Olympic Games an English exchange student is found bludgeoned to death in a love hotel.

She lies in an empty room with only a dead spider for morbid company. Could this be a calling card from her killer? The world's eyes are on Tokyo's Homicide department who are so desperate that the Commissioner picks up the phone and calls his old protégé, Kosuke Iwata.

A brilliant detective whose haunted personal life has forced him into exile thousands of miles away. Iwata wants no part in an investigation that means stepping back into a past he had no intention of revisiting. Until he is is given an offer he can't refuse.

Black Suit City is a novel of lies, power and secrets. As Iwata attempts to uncover a city's darkest secrets he encounters old ghosts and new whispering from its hidden corners.Praise for Nicolás Obregón 'I'm awestruck' - A. J. Finn'A dark, brutal ride' - Anthony Horowitz

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