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Okay," she murmured. "I love you.""I love you too."She looked up at Holgar and realized that he didn't understand. She could feel her heartbeat speeding up, and she shook her head. His smile began to fade. "Not as a friend, or as a partner. Holgar, I—I love you, and I want to be with you."His smile faded, and his eyes took on a strange look. She could feel herself beginning to panic. He doesn't feel the same way. That's okay. At least I told him. "Like a mate?" he asked.She almost started laughing. A mate was British slang for a best friend. But that's not what Holgar was likely referencing. He was a werewolf, and they called their spouses mates. "Like a mate," she said, managing not to giggle at the unexpected language barrier. He still looked confused and a little lost."For helvede," she said, using his favourite curse word. And then she leaned forward and kissed him.She tasted surprise on his lips for just a moment, and then he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to him. she would have to do a healing spell on her bruised ribs later, but at the moment she didn't care. All she cared about was the passion, the yearning, she felt from him.When at last they broke apart, she whispered again, "I love you.""I love you too," he said. And looking into his eyes this time, she knew that they were talking about the same thing."So, do we want to give us a shot?" she asked, breathless. He looked at her, confusion again returning to his eyes."You love me, ja?""Yes, ja," she said.He grinned at her. His eyes danced. "Then marry me.