Myth Adventures Books in Order

The Myth Adventures books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Myth Adventures books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Myth Adventures Books

Another Fine Myth

Asprin, Robert 1978
After the murder of his master Garkin, a thief and apprentice magician joins forces with a demon dimension traveler named Aahz, who has lost his power and is also looking for a way to get even. Reprint. Read More

Myth Conceptions

Asprin, Robert 1980
As Court Magician to Rodrick the Fifth of Possiltum, Skeeve must oppose the universe's mightiest invading army, but he is not sure how, and his mentor, Aahz, who lost his sorcerer's power, cannot help. Read More

Myth Directions

Asprin, Robert 1982
Skeeve, the gifted young court magician, joins forces with a scaley but clever Pervect and a charming demon thief to obtain the Trophy, in an interdimensional fantasy. Reissue. Read More

Hit or Myth

Asprin, Robert 1983
When the king decides to go on vacation, he orders Skeeve, a bumbling apprentice sorcerer, to take his place, marry his homicidal fiancée, and deal with the Mob's fairy godfather. Reprint. Read More

Myth-ing Persons

Robert Asprin 1984
Shares the humorous adventures of the Great Skeeve, a powerful magician, Aahz, his demon partner, and Gleep the dragon in Deva Read More

Little Myth Marker

Asprin, Robert 1985
Skeeve, a young magician, and Aahz, his demon teacher, face the prospect of going out of business when their enemies hire the Axe, a top character assassin Read More

M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

Asprin, Robert 1986
As the "Myth Adventures" continue, Skeeve is now reluctant president of the corporation of work-for-hire magicians, that includes a pet dragon and an artistic vampire. Reissue. Read More

Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections

Robert Asprin 1987

How could a thick-headed demon be so thin-skinned? But Ahaz, Skeeve's friend and mentor, has taken exception to something his partner has said and walked out. Now Skeeve must apologize for this thoughtless behavior and convince his scaly cohort to rejoin the firm--and finds himself trapped in the most demonic dimension of them all!.

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M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action

Asprin, Robert 1990
The young magician, Skeeve, searches for his demon teacher, Aahz, in the intolerable dimensions of Perv, while Guido and Nunzio join the army in an effort to conquer Queen Hemlock Read More

Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Asprin, Robert 1994
When the queen makes him an offer he cannot refuse, master-magician Skeeve must use his powers to devise an escape before wedding bells start to chime, in the latest volume in the popular Myth series. Reprint. Read More

Myth-ion Improbable

Asprin, Robert 2001
Apprentice magician Skeeve, his scaly mentor Aahz and beautiful ex-assassin Tanda are back—and this time they're treasure hunting in a dimension that combines the Wild West with the vampire-cursed hills of Transylvania—where gold is common as dirt, and danger lurks behind every sagebrush. Read More

Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.

Asprin, Robert 2002

Revolution is in the air. The king's court sorcerer is being eyed with suspicion. Not for dabbling in the black arts...not for consorting with a demon...not for having a dragon as a pet...not even for being mobbed up. But for the greatest crime of all: raising taxes.

Who is this terrible tyrant? None other than Skeeve the Great.Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

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Myth Alliances

Asprin, Robert 2003
When the sheepish Wuhses are taken advantage of by the overbearing Pervects, Skeeve teams up with Zol Icty--self-help expert and bestselling author of Imps Are from Imper, Deveels Are from Deva--on a mythion in personal empowerment.  Read More

Myth-Taken Identity

Asprin, Robert 2005
Someone—or something—masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is racking up hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of debt. It's up to Aahz the Pervect (not pervert!) to find the myth-creant and put an end to the shopping spree. Read More

Class Dis-Mythed

Asprin, Robert 2005
A brand new MYTH-filled with reading, writing, and arithMYTHtic. The "legendary" magician Skeeve tries to live up to his reputation by training young spellcasters in the tricks of the trade-with less than magical results. Read More

Myth-Gotten Gains

Asprin, Robert 2006
Someone is collecting animated treasures and keeping them from their heroic destinies. Reunited with the lovely Trollop Tananda, Aahz the Pervect must help out a sword called Ersatz, and embark on a quest that just may restore his lost magical powers. Read More


Asprin, Robert 2008

GET SKEEVED!Skeeve the Magnificent, magician to kings and King of Magicians, Businessman and Problem-Solver Extraordinaire, has come out of retirement. And he?s set up shop in the Bazaar, right on the home turf of his old company, M.Y.T.H. Inc. Too bad his former co-worker, Aahz the Pervect, is not exactly thrilled with the competition.

Looks like a little wager is in order.

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Asprin, Robert 2008
Aahz falls for a literal pyramid scheme, selling it stone by stone as a burial site, while claiming the coveted pointed stone top for himself. But Skeeve wants to be know why the construction site is having so many accidents-before both he and Aahz end up in the afterlife before their time... Read More


Nye, Jody Lynn 2012

A CAMPAIGN OF MYTH-INFORMATIONSince it was founded, M.Y.T.H. Inc. has dealt with all manner of vile and evil creatures. But not even a magician of Skeeve’s caliber is prepared to face the most duplicitous monsters of all: politicians. Emo Weavil and his cousin Wilmer Weavil-Scuttil have been running for governor of the island of Bokromi—for five years.

Their magickal mudslinging (literal and otherwise) strategies continue to postpone the election leaving the realm in a state of leaderless chaos.Hired to moderate a fair and balanced race between the candidates, Skeeve and Bunny attempt to clean up the dirty politics, only to become targets of the tabloids and paparazzi, who are more interested in innuendo than the facts…

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Nye, Jody Lynn 2016

Robert Asprin’s “excellent, lighthearted fantasy series” (Epic Illustrated) continues with more antics from magician Skeeve and his eclectic team at M.Y.T.H., Inc.   Business is slow for M.Y.T.H., Inc., and its president, Bunny, is getting nervous that the company might not meet its quarterly goal.

So when a job comes in that’s worth an absurd amount of gold—and also happens to take them to Winslow, the most luxurious vacation resort in any dimension—the team jumps at the opportunity to recoup some cash and maybe catch some R&R.   Only, magician Skeeve has an unsettling feeling that this mission might be trickier than it seems.

Someone in Winslow is messing with the magic lines and working hard to ensure that the M.Y.T.H. crew gets nowhere near the powerful relic that they’ve been hired to find. And as the mysterious manipulation turns deadly, Skeeve, Bunny, Aahz, and the rest of their partners find themselves in a race not only to finish the job but also to escape paradise alive…

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Publication Order of Myth Adventures Collections

Myth-Told Tales

Asprin, Robert 2003
Readers can take a rollicking ride through the crazy MYTH universe along with Skeeve, Aahz, Massha, Tananda, Bunny, Gleep, and the Fairy Godmother, in this collection that features the authors' favorite stories, as well as some never-before-published myth-adventures. Reprint. Read More

And that's the end of the complete list! Now that you have it - the next step for you is to of course purchase them and dive into reading Myth Adventures books. Worry not, we've done the tedious job for you and added amazon direct book links including AudioBook, Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover versions as applicable.

Happy reading!

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