Max Brand Books in Order

The Max Brand books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Max Brand books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Dan Barry Books

The Untamed

Brand, Max 1919
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The Night Horseman

Brand, Max 1921
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The Seventh Man

Brand, Max 1921

Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944) was an American fiction author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns. Faust wrote mostly under pen names, and today he is primarily known by one, Max Brand. Others include George Owen Baxter, Martin Dexter, Evin Evans, David Manning, Peter Dawson, John Frederick, and Pete Morland.

Faust was born in Seattle. He grew up in central California and later worked as a cowhand on one of the many ranches of the San Joaquin Valley. Faust attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he began to write frequently. During the 1910s, Faust started to sell stories to the many emerging pulp magazines of the era.

In the 1920s, Faust wrote furiously in many genres, achieving success and fame, first in the pulps and later in the upscale "slick" magazines. His love for mythology was, however, a constant source of inspiration for his fiction and his classical and literary inclinations.

The classical influences are particularly noticeable in his first novel The Untamed (1919), which was also made into a motion picture starring Tom Mix in 1920.

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Publication Order of Free Range Lanning Books

Free Range Lanning / Way of the Lawless

Brand, Max 1921
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The Return of Free Range Lanning

Brand, Max 1995
In the sequel to Free Range Lanning, Andy Lanning returns to the town of Martindale to claim the woman he loves, only to discover that he must first prove himself to the townspeople who have not forgotten that he is a killer. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Ronicky Doone Books

Ronicky Doone

Brand, Max 1921
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Ronicky Doone's Treasure

Brand, Max 1922
Ronicky Doone, a horsebreaker and adventurer, stumbles upon the meeting of an outlaw band and learns of a treasure that has been buried for ten years Read More

Ronicky Doone's Reward

Max brand 1922
Book by Max brand Read More

Publication Order of Bull Hunter Books

Bull Hunter's Romance

Brand, Max 1921
Faced with the possibility of hanging for his crimes, outlaw Pete Reeve enlists comrade and retired gunman Bull Hunter for help, unaware that Hunter risks losing the woman he loves if he assists his friend. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Luck Books


Brand, Max 1926
Pierre Ryder, a young Jesuit missionary, forsakes his clerical life to find and seek revenge on the man who killed his father, embarking on a dangerous journey that tests his faith and endurance and leads him to an extraordinary woman who will forever change his life. Reprint. Read More


Brand, Max 1997

Crossroads, the fast-paced sequel to Luck, originally appeared serially in Argosy All-Story in six parts. As with all the work of Max Brand, gripping narrative carries the reader on a lightning ride from one suspenseful climax to the next. Presented here for the first time in book form, with the full text and original title restored, is the continuing saga of Brand’s finest heroine, Jack—Jacqueline Boone.

 Jack was blessed and cursed by the cross of Meilan when she met Dix Van Dyck. Dix, perhaps too fond of action and excitement, had stayed out of trouble on the strength of his boyish charm and the verdict of “suicide” passed on those who drew their guns on him.

But he eventually runs afoul of the new sheriff, whose brother Dix had justifiably strangled with his bare hands. Repairing to the distant back country hellhole of Double Bend, Dix finds out just how much trouble Jack Boone will bring him. She warned him, “There’s bad luck around me.

That ain’t all. There’s hell!”

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Publication Order of Silvertip Books

Valley Thieves

Brand 1933

Written by Max Brand. The outlaws chasing Silvertip were the deadliest in the West. They wanted the famous man - and the six-shooters they carried always got them what they wanted. But with his mighty horse Parade, and his faithful deadly wolf Frosty, Silvertip was the hardest man alive to catch.

That was until Barry Christian stole Silvertip's great animals, leaving him to fight just like every other man. Now, with guns drawn, Silvertip and Christian faced each other to settle their old feud once and for all!

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The False Rider

Brand, Max 1933

The 1940s classic from the world's most celebrated Western writer!A gun cracked!The lantern in the deserted mine was smashed to bits. Then Jim Silver's great voice boomed through the darkness, "Barry Christian, I've come for you!"Christian screamed, not like a man but like a tortured woman.

He was sick with fear. Somewhere in the blackness his worst enemy--a deadly enemy--was moving closer...closer...Christian took out his knife and held it in front of him. Then suddenly a fist boomed against his jaw!

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Brand, Max 1942
An urge for roaming and a chance meeting with the bandit Bandini put Silvertip on the trail that leads to Haverhill Valley, where he finds more action than he ever bargained for Read More

Silvertip's Roundup

Brand, Max 1943
Arizona Jim Silver meets his match in Barry Christian, a dangerous and cunning renegade who disregards all laws except the ones he himself imposes on helpless men and women Read More

Silvertip's Chase

Brand, Max 1944
Jim Silver tracks down two outlaws and a lone timber wolf, that carries the secret of the dead Bill Gary's death-day gold strike Read More

Mountain Riders

Brand, Max 1946

When Buck Rainey saved him from an angry bull, Tom knew that he owed him his life - and if there was anything he could do for Buck, he'd do it gladly. Rainey knew this too. So he asked Tom to help get his friend Barry Christian out of jail - and out of a hanging.

But in so doing, Tom had helped a killer escape.

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Valley of Vanishing Men

Brand, Max 1947
Alkali Valley was a lawless desert outpost known for its gunplay and gold. Ben Trainor rode into town searching for his vanished brother. Within 24 hours he had been slugged, shot at, and bushwacked. Ben was advised by the sheriff to go home but decided to stick it out. Read More

Publication Order of Montana Books

Publication Order of Rusty Sabin Saga Books

Brother of the Cheyennes

Brand, Max 1934

Rusty Sabin was born to white parents but brought up by the Cheyenne Indians, who named the redheaded boy Red Hawk. His ability to heal the sick and to make strange magic is widely honored throughout the tribe. But in his twenties, Red Hawk sets out to take his place among white people.

When Rusty and his stallion White Horse are nearly at the frontier post of Fort Marston, the river boat he’s riding is grounded, and a man called Bill Tenney comes to his rescue.Rusty doesn’t know much about the white man’s ways—especially a white man like Bill Tenney, a thief and a fugitive.

Tenney is only interested in one thing—Rusty’s white stallion, considered sacred among the Cheyennes. Meanwhile Major Marston is determined to come between Rusty and his sweetheart, Maisry, and the Cheyennes do all they can to compel Rusty to return to his tribe.

First serialized in 1934, Brothers of the Cheyennes—the second installment of the Rusty Sabin trilogy—cemented Max Brand’s reputation as one of the most exciting and talented writers working in the Western genre. To this day, Rusty Sabin remains an indelible American character, caught between two worlds and simply trying to do the right thing.

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Publication Order of Dr. Kildare Books

Calling Dr. Kildare

Brand, Max 1940
Book by Brand, Max Read More

The Secret of Dr. Kildare

Brand, Max 1940
As Dr. Jim Kildare watches the faith healer put Nancy under his spell, he knows he should turn the quack over to the authorities, but if he does, he would lose this girl who needs him so desperately Read More

Dr. Kildare Takes Charge

Brand, Max 1941
When Dr. Carew feels his nineteen-year-old son, William, and eighteen-year-old Marguerite Paston are too young to get married, only Dr. Kildare realizes that they are very much in love and old enough to think about dying Read More

Dr. Kildare's Trial

Brand, Max 1941
A daring operation saves the life of abeautiful girl,but puts Dr.Kildare before a relentless court of justice. Read More

Young Dr. Kildare

Brand, Max 1941
Vintage TV tie-in paperback Read More

Dr. Kildare's Search

Brand, Max 1943
In order to save the career of Dr. Gregory Lane, a brain surgeon, Dr. Kildare must investigate the case of one of Lane's patients, Henry Thornton, who now seems mentally unbalanced Read More

Publication Order of The Rancher Books

The Rancher's Revenge

Brand, Max 1959
Book by Brand, Max Read More

The Return of the Rancher

Brand, Max 1972
After serving five years in prison Jim Seton returns to his home town knowing that Walters' men want him dead Read More

Publication Order of Thunder Moon Books

Thunder Moon

max brand 1970
Publication date: April 1971 It is a First Pocket books printing Read More

Farewell, Thunder Moon

Brand, Max 1996

The Thunder Moon series represents some of Max Brand’s best work, originally published in 1927–28 as a series of interlocking stories. The University of Nebraska Press is now republishing these stories uncut and in the sequence Faust intended, with careful reference to the original typescripts.

In order, the works appear in four volumes as The Legend of Thunder Moon, Red Wind and Thunder Moon, Thunder Moon and the Sky People, and Farewell, Thunder Moon. Farewell, Thunder Moon originally appeared in 1928 in Western Story Magazine. In this work, Thunder Moon is betrayed yet again and forced to flee his newly found home among those from whom he was abducted as a child.

Returning to the plains that have been the scene of his greatest exploits, he finds the shadows of the encroaching whites lengthening on the lodges of his people.Forced, in order to preserve his people, to make choices that they cannot understand, Thunder Moon must again confront his hereditary enemy, the Pawnees, as well as the oncoming whites.

But soon Thunder Moon’s greatest test draws nigh, and he must find where his heart truly lies.

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The Legend of Thunder Moon

Brand, Max 1996
Brand, Max, Legend Of Thunder Moon, The Read More

The Stone That Shines

Brand, Max 1997
When Dick Rutherford looses everything in a horse race, he and Christy Deever, his young companion, head west looking for wealth and become adopted members of the Mandan Indian tribe. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels


Brand, Max 1918
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Riders of the Silences

Brand, Max 1919
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Brand, Max 1920
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The Ten-Foot Chain

Abdullah, Achmed 1920

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

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Gunman's Reckoning

Brand, Max 1921
Gunman's Reckoning By Max Brand Read More

Gunman's Feud

Brand, Max 1921

The Garden of Eden

Brand, Max 1922
Book by Brand, Max Read More

Devil Horse

Brand, Max 1922
Book by Brand, Max Read More

The Gauntlet

Brand, Max 1922

The friendship of Red Harrigan and Black MacTee is legendary in the Old West -- until they both fall in love with Kate Malone in "The Blackness of MacTee." In "The Gauntlet, " wastrel Joseph Stillwater Larrimee has struck it rich and is on his way to exchange his gold for currency when he comes upon a small woman's gauntlet.

Arriving in town, he learns that a woman who could only be his lady of the gauntlet has passed through town surrounded by a gang of tough-looking men.

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Hired Guns

Max brand 1923
Book by Max brand Read More


Brand, Max 1923
Enforcing his own brand of justice with his ever-ready six-gun, Donnegan shoots down everyone who stands in his way and sets his sights on a sidewinder with whom he has a personal score to settle. Reprint. Read More

The Long, Long Trail

Baxter, George Owen 1923
A Western Story. George Owen Baxter, author of "Free Range Lanning", an "Donnegan" Read More

Train's Trust

Brand, Max 1923

Steven Train is and has long been a thief and card sharp. He has gone by other names. He issought out by another crook, John Ranier, with a proposal. Rainer saved a rich rancher, PatrickComstock, from serious injury and was rewarded with an easy job, working for Comstock.

Rainertells Steve Train that Comstock is looking for an honest man who is also adept with firearms toundertake a very dangerous and responsible mission. Comstock has asked Ranier to help findsuch a man. Rainier wants Train to apply for the job with the understanding that they will splitevenly the money Ranier is certain will be entrusted to Train.

Train agrees to make the attemptand his interview with Comstock is successful. Many years ago Comstock convinced a friendnamed James Nair Cartwright to invest all of his money in oil stocks, only for the stocks to fail.Cartwright lost his investment and disappeared.

Subsequently one of the oil stocks prosperedand earned Cartwright $50,000. Comstock believes that Cartwright became the notorious outlawnow known as James Nair, who is a killer and almost impossible to reach. Train s job will be tofind Nair and pay him the $50,000.

Train is pleased to accept the assignment, but a detectiveshows up who has been long trying to capture Train for crimes committed by him under variousaliases. Train now must persuade Comstock that he is not the man the detective is pursuing andthat he should be trusted with the mission to find James Nair.

Oddly, there is the impulse in SteveTrain, that should Comstock trust him, despite the detective s accusations, he will double-crossRainier and actually try to execute faithfully what Comstock wants of him.

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The Gentle Gunman

Brand, Max 1924
Charles Dupont agrees to help Senor Valdivia capture El Tigre, the Argentine outlaw who stole the land baron's fiancee twenty years earlier Read More

The Rangeland Avenger

Brand, Max 1924
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Fire Brain

Brand, Max 1925
When Peter Gresham must leave Amity to pursue his brother's killer, he appoints Sherburn, a drifter, to keep the peace until he returns Read More

Beyond the Outposts

Brand, Max 1925
From pre-Civil War Virginia to the distant prairies of the far West, the epic journey of young Lew Dorsey begins as he searches the frontier for his father--an escaped convict on the run-- but finds much more than he was looking for. Reprint. Read More

The Whispering Outlaw

Brand, Max 1925
The Whisperer, a mysterious frontier bandit who never shows his face or speaks in his own voice, recruits a ragtag band of outlaws to assist him in a series of daring robberies designed to make them all rich. Reprint. Read More

King Charlie

Brand, Max 1925
Striking fear in the hearts of anyone who hears his name and thus staying in control of his area of the Old West, outlaw and renegade leader Charlie sees his reign drawing to a close and decides to find a successor. Reprint. Read More

Jim Curry's Test

Brand, Max 1925

Young Jimmie Curry's father is killed unjustly by an enraged mob, and the boy barely escapes the same fate. He shoots two pursuers and assumes they are dead, and in desperation becomes a most unusual outlaw, the Red Devil. He never kills, takes only ill-gained money and secretly returns it to the rightful owners.

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Wooden Guns

Brand, Max 1925
Working hard to establish himself as the fastest gun the Western mountains, Big Jim Conover is driven from his home only to return years later, a broken man facing a score of vengeful enemies. Reprint. Read More

The Shadow of Silver Tip

Brand, Max 1925
Facing an enemy's return two years after leaving behind a wide trail of crime and murder, Sheriff Algernon Thomas struggles against an outlaw as untouchable as a ghost who threatens revenge against the cowboys of Silver Tip, and Thomas himself. Reprint. Read More

The Bronze Collar

(Brand, Max) as John Frederick. 1925

Black Jack

Brand, Max 1926
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The Tyrant

Brand, Max 1926
While trying to escape the wrath of his controlling and cruel father, Jean Limousin, a master survivalist and gunslinger, heads West to start a new life after losing his fortune in a high-stakes card game. Reprint. Read More

The Brute

Manning, David 1926


CHALLIS, George [Max BRAND] 1926

Blackie and Red

Brand, Max 1926
Blackie Jason and Red Hardwick are constant rivals and true friends, but a heap of money and a life of ease threatens to send bullets flying and friendship asunder. Reprint. Read More

Fastest Draw

Brand, Max 1927
Drawing on his skill with guns, his coolness under fire, and his swift horse, Senor Jingles, a stranger to Gloryville, undertakes a dangerous challenge in reclaiming the ranch of Henry Swan, the father of the girl he wants to marry Read More

Pride of Tyson

Brand, Max 1927
Fleeing the life of a New York aristocrat, Henry Tyson blazes a trail to the land of lawless renegades and rustlers, double-dealing gamblers and backshooting gringos to live the untamed life of a frontiersman. Reprint. Read More

Flaming Irons

Brand, Max 1927
Young Les Tarron leaves the security of his father's ranch along with five strangers and rides a rough trail to manhood and wealth Read More

The Mountain Fugitive

Brand, Max 1927
A penniless fighter constantly in trouble, Lee Porfilo finds himself framed for murder by wealthy and powerful ranchers and, in a desperate bid to prove his innocence, flees into the wilderness, with the law and bounty hunters in hot pursuit. Reissue. Read More

The Trap at Comanche Bend

Brand, Max 1927
Willing to do anything to keep his pockets full, Jerry Aiken strays outside the law when a wealthy easterner hires him to kidnap his daughter and scare some sense into her, a plan that goes smoothly until the hellion heiress escapes. Reprint. Read More

The Trail to San Triste

Brand, Max 1927
A hot-tempered young drifter is set up in the Mexican town of San Triste to impersonate the missing heir to the Vereal estate and to clear the way for the theft of the magnificent treasure hidden on the estate Read More

Western Tommy

Brand, Max 1927
Surrounded by the trigger-happy members of his former gang and the law, lone gunslinger Harry Grant enlists sidekick Tommy Mayo to offer him protection, but the untamed youth's wild spirit proves troublesome. Reprint. Read More

The Outlaw Tamer

Brand, Max 1927
Sandy is a gentle giant who would never hurt anyone or anything, but if he is crossed, he can tame any outlaw and outshoot the quickest gunman, and even the lowest outlaws in the country hired to kill Sandy do not stand a chance. Reprint. Read More

Sawdust and Sixguns / The Tenderfoot / Outlaw's Gold

Brand, Max 1928
Anthony Castracane was satisfied with life u ntil he met Muriel Lester on her way West to be married. Det ermined to claim her as his own, Anthony ventured to the hel l on earth that was Dodge City, where he would need all his circus skills to survive. ' Read More

Lost Wolf

Brand, Max 1928
Glanvill Tucker, raised as a Cheyenne after his parents are killed, and known as Lost Wolf, returns to his own people and finds that the skills of an Indian warrior put his life in danger Read More

Border Guns

Brand, Max 1928
Book by Max Brand Read More

The Mustang Herder

Brand, Max 1928
Perfecting his skills in street fighting and gunslinging, New York-born Gregg heads west in the hopes of making his fortune and is disgusted by his subsequent job as a mustang herder, until a band of thugs offers him the adventure he craves. Original. Read More

Pleasant Jim / Six-Gun Ambush

Max brand 1928

The bounty on gunslinger Charlie Rizdal was high--eight thousand for bringing him in alive and five thousand for his corpse. Jim Pleasant remembered the difference just in time and stopped himself from putting a bullet through Charlie's heart. He'd take him in alive and collect the eight thousand dollar bounty.

But soon after collecting the reward, Jim discovers that Rizdal's brother, Long Tom, has put a price on his head! Now, Jim is fair game to every outlaw in the territory.

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The Killers / Three on the Trail / Gunman's Goal

George Owen Baxter (aka Max Brand) 1928

First edition bound in brick cloth with black lettering.. GD+ copy. Has "withdrawn" stamped on front & rear flys, but no other evidence of being a library copy. Owners name stamped on the front fly & endpaper along with a Newstand stamp. Bind slightly faded, a few dust spots, tiny frays to the spine tips.

Text Is slightly tanned but otherwise clean & unmarked. Far from perfect, but a fairly solid copy of a scarce book.

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Senor Jingle Bells

David Manning 1928
David Manning is a Pseudonym of Frederick Faust. This is the First Edition of this released. Later was released as "The Fastest Draw" by Max Brand, another of Faust's pseudonyms. Read More


Brand, Max 1929

Mistral, like a huge, gray devil, charged Bister standing in the center of the corral. Flight could not save Bister; he folded his arms across his chest and waited. The stallion leaped at him as if to tear Bister apart with his teeth. Then, suddenly, he reared, in an angry attempt to batter his master to death with his mighty, iron- shod hoofs.

But suddenly the shadow that had fallen on Bister's soul dropped away and the sun blinded his eyes. Mistral had swerved to the side at the last moment and, in one bound, reached the farther side of the corral. He stared at the man, his great head raised high.

Bister stood still, and as he spoke his voice trembled with emotion and excitement. "you can dodge me and kick at my shadow or lay back your ears, but I've got you, Mistral. And I'm going to ride you before the week's out. So help me!"

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The Gun Tamer

Brand, Max 1929
Book by Brand, Max, Faust, Frederick Read More

Galloping Broncos

Brand, Max 1929
Silencing all his critics and detractors, the supposedly "slow" cowboy, Tim Gloster, tames a wild mare and heads for Argentina to track down a dangerous outlaw Read More

Destry Rides Again

Brand 1930

Destry, young and reckless but no criminal, sat stunned as the judge pronounced him guilty. But he was innocent! He eyed the 12-man jury, then responded with words that would become legend in the little frontier town of Wham. "Twelve peers? Twelve half-bred pups! Well, let `em think this over.

When my ten years is up, I'm gonna call on `em. If they ain't in, I'm gonna leave my card anyway. I've been a waster, a fighter, a no-good citizen, but this here charge is a lie -- I never robbed the Express!" "A classic example of the myth of the Old West.

A must for any western-fiction lover!" (ALA Booklist)

Read More

Smiling Charlie

Brand, Max 1930
very good western Read More

Twenty Notches

Brand, Max 1932
The Sleeper, a skilled gunman, pursues the murderous Parmenter and his cutthroat outfit, prepared to let his lucky Colt .45 do his dirty work Read More

Drifter's Vengeance

Brand, Max 1932
Book by Brand, Max Read More

Gunman's Legacy

Brand, Max 1932
When Flash Baldwin inherits a six-gun after the murder of his father, he accepts the unspoken legacy and begins a quest for his father's killer that leads him through the bullet-ridden Wild West Read More


Max Brand 1932

The mining certificates granting ownership of the Christabel mine that Edward Dugan inherited from his father had a face value of $250,000, but the mine itself had been declared worthless. Still, Henry Christian, the man that had sold them to Dugan's father, said he'd buy them back for $1,500.

Penniless, Dugan decided to walk the 3,000 miles from his home in Boston to the mine in the Southwest to check out the offer. But along the way he is meets a travel companion named Red. Red knows Christian by reputation, and by another name: Bonanza Chris, and he knows the only reason Bonanza Chris would buy the mine back is if he had discovered it was far from worthless.

He decides not to abandon Dugan to negotiate with Bonanza Chris on his own, but not even Red can imagine how far Bonanza Chris will go to restake his claim on the mine.

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Max Brand 1933

A poker game gone wrong in a frontier town on the brink. The day Jingo rode into Tower Creek, the town was busy celebrating its twentieth anniversary. The big event of the festival was a high-stakes poker game in Joe Slade's saloon with Wally Rankin holding most of the chips.

But it didn't take long for Jingo to figure out why: Rankin was cheating. And it would only take a couple of well-placed bullets to reveal it to the others in the room.

Read More

Slow Joe

Brand, Max 1933
Book by Brand, Max, (A.K.A.) Faust, Frederick Read More

Fightin' Fool / A Fairly Slick Guy

Brand, Max 1933
Two gunslingers known as Jingo and the Parson form a two-man army in Tower Creek to deal with the dangerous Rankin brothers in a conflict over a dishonest poker game Read More

The Outlaw

Max brand 1933
June 1951 mass market paperback,7th impression. Max brand (Gunman's Reckoning). A classic western following an outlaw and the ones who follow him Read More

Red Devil of the Range

Brand, Max 1934
When young Ever Winton loses the two most important things in his life, his Uncle Clay and Red Pacer--the wildest, most untamable horse in the West--he must ride with the notorious Timberline outside the law, doing whatever it takes to get his horse and his uncle back. Reprint. Read More

Timbal Gulch Trail

Brand, Max 1934
Ranch owner Walt Devon faces down a ruthless landlord and gambling man named Les Burchard, who tries everything from poker to murder to push him off his land. Reprint. Read More

Dead Man's Treasure

Brand, Max 1935

Hardcover in dust jacket, by Max Brand, FIRST Dodd-Mead EDITION. From the dj flap: "Here, set in the Lanua Islands, is the story of an adventurer whose exploits have made him a legend throughout the South Seas, and the fabulous treasure of pearls that almost cost him his life.

" A novel of adventure by Faust whose best-known pen name was Max Brand, is best known for his westerns, and as the creator of Dr. Kildare. Originally published in 1935. Jacket design by Mort Kunstler

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King of the Range

Max Brand 1935
Book by Max Brand Read More

Hunted Riders

Brand 1935

The Bait and the Trap

Challis, George (Frederick Faust aka Max Brand) 1935

The Firebrand

Challis, George ( Frederick Faust, Also Wrote as Max Brand ) 1935

The Night Flower

Brand, Max 1936
In a large city on the Atlantic seaboard in the 1930's, Charles Pursivant attempts to track down two criminals suspected of plotting the holdup of an armored truck and the theft of more than two million dollars Read More

The Song of the Whip

Brand, Max 1936
Brand, Max, Faust, Frederick Schiller, Evans, Evan Read More

Secret Agent Number One

Frost, Frederick 1936

Anthony Hamilton of the American Secret Service makes a dramatic arrival in Monte Carlo to discover the nationality and name of the Number One Secret Service man of Japan, together with his present purpose in Europe. When Hamilton visits the Casino, he finds he is being observed by several people.

Could one of these individuals be the Japanese agent? By the end of the evening, one of them is killed. What is the significance of the book discovered on the body, but mysteriously removed shortly afterwards?

Read More

Six Golden Angels

Max Brand 1937
Vintage paperback reprint. Classic murder mystery. Read More

The Bamboo Whistle

Max Brand writing as Frederick Frost 1937

The Golden Knight

Challis, George [Faust, Frederick; Brand, Max] 1937

Spy Meets Spy

Frost, Frederick 1937

The Dude

Book by MAX BRAND Read More

Riders of the Plains

Max brand 1940
Book by Max brand Read More

The Border Kid

Brand, Max 1941
1st Pocket 491 1948 paperback vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse Read More

The Rescue of Broken Arrow

Brand, Max 1947
Brand, Max, Evans, Evan Read More

Single Jack

Max brand 1950
Single spine crease and light edge wear. Inside front page has an initial and top has a small black mark. Some age browning. No other marks than stated, and tight. Ships very quickly and packaged carefully! Read More

Smiling Desperado

Brand, Max 1953
An exciting saga of danger, adventure, and romance on the Western frontier Read More

Outlaw's Code

Brand, Max 1953

Lawrence Grey is called El Diablo -- the devil -- though he's fair-haired and has a boyish grin. But no jail can hold him, and some swear that he is the fastest gun alive. Both sheriffs and outlaws get out of his way when he comes to town.Yet everyone has Grey pegged as a goner when he agrees to ride to Mexico to track down Johnny Ray, a man who has been missing for fifteen years.

Ray is now the heir to a large fortune -- but there's a reward of $50,000 for Grey, dead or alive, offered by those who want to keep Ray from surfacing. Three men have already disappeared while looking for Johnny Ray. But the grinning blond El Diablo knows no fear and fears no enemy.

He rides on . . .

Read More

The Gambler

Brand, Max 1954
Tom Corcoran, a professional gambler, finds himself charged with the attempted murder of the man hired to kill him Read More

The Invisible Outlaw

Brand, Max 1954
In a bloody quest for vengeance, Bob Pensteven tracks down the ruthless killer John Christmas, a man who had shot down Pensteven's father in cold blood Read More

Outlaw Breed

Brand, Max 1954
Outlaw Breed Read More


Brand, Max 1955
When a ruthless con man takes the train into Durfee, he prepares to use his skills to victimize the townspeople and ride away with a fortune, but he is unprepared to match wits with a man of his own caliber. Reprint. Read More

The Hair-Trigger Kid

Brand, Max 1956

When John Milman and his daughter, Georgia, saw Shay's hombres squatting on their land, they knew they were licked. They had no guns. Their cattle had no water. Suddenly, the Milmans couldn't believe their ears. A handsome youngster named the Kid was offering help.

..was promising to tangle with Shay's cutthroats single-handed. John Milman couldn't understand why this gunman wanted to help. When Georgia looked deep into the Kid's eyes her heart leapt and she thought she knew why. But both of them saw that the Kid's guns spelled trouble for Shay, and the captured waters of Dry Creek would run red when this duel of kid against killer exploded!

Read More

Lucky Larribee

Brand, Max 1957
When Sky Blue, a magnificent and valuable but untamed horse, escapes captivity, Larribee, the only man ever to ride Sky Blue, must track her down before other fortune hunters find her Read More

Blood on the Trail

Max Brand 1957
Book by Brand, Max Read More

The Long Chase

Brand, Max 1960
"Behind the hard stone and solid bars of prison, a man needs something to hold on to." Read More

Tamer of the Wild

Brand, May 1962

The Stranger

Brand, Max 1963
When Oliver Wilton is murdered soon after he hired Lew Sherry and Pete Lang to protect him, they decide to track down his killer Read More

Torture Trail

Brand, Max 1965
Sammy vows to kill Dogman, a crazed and sadistic dog breeder bent on creating and training a breed of dog that can survive and thrive in the arctic weather Read More

The Guns of Dorking Hollow

Brand, Max 1965
The Guns of Dorking Hollow Hardcover – Large Print, August 15, 2004 Read More

The Stingaree

Max Brand 1969
Book by Max Brand Read More

Rippon Rides Double

Brand, Max 1969
Book by Brand, Max, Faust, Frederick Read More

Trouble Kid

Brand, Max 1971
hardcover Read More

The White Wolf

Brand, Max 1975
Raising champion dogs on the untamed frontier, Tucker Crosden makes special plans for his bull terrier White Wolf before the canine runs away, and years later he reencounters White Wolf, who leads a wolf pack. Original. Read More

Shotgun Law

Max Brand 1977
A saga of justice, danger, adventure, revenge, and romance set on America's western frontier Read More


Brand, Max 1979

Six-Gun Country

Max brand 1980
Book by Max brand Read More

Wild Freedom

Brand, Max 1981

Twelve-year-old Tom Parks and his father John are crossing some nameless but frigid mountains when John is killed by a fall into a stream. So heartbroken Tom holes up in a cave, trying to attract passersby with fires (his burro has been killed by a mountain lion and his gear is too heavy to tote).

He spends two weeks helping a trapped mother-grizzly and her two cubs; he catches and feeds them fish while chipping away at a big boulder. When finally released, they accept him and are his only friends for the next four years: when they hibernate, he has lonely winters.

But this Crusoe idyll ends when a badman shows up, kills the mother and one cub, and is himself killed by Tom--who, while scouting nearly 100 miles from his cave, comes upon the first settlement he has seen in all this time (for human talk he reads his two books, the Bible and Morte d'Arthur).

Thus begins Tom's career as a thief: he steals an untamable mustang which is about to be shot, names it Peter, and now has two friends; he steals supplies and leaves pelts behind as payment. And soon a posse is out looking for this strange Indian outlaw--which leads to a romance between Tom and the posse leader's daughter, Gloria.

Eventually, then, Tom will clear himself of a murder charge, win over Gloria's father, and be sent East to earn enough money to become worthy of his bride-to-be. Brand's smooth, hard style makes this 1930's pulp-original a fairly engaging hardcover curiosity for wilderness/survival devotees.

Read More

The Lawless Land

Brand, Max 1983
Young outlaw-drifter Speedy tangles with evil outlaw Dupray and his brutal gang in a violent kill-or-be-killed battle Read More

Trouble in Timberline

Brand, Max 1984
Book by Brand, Max Read More

Mountain Guns

Brand, Max 1985
Skilled with both his guns and his fists, Peter Messenger feels out of his league when he is sent to the Old West to track down another man's enemy, a crafty Blackfoot medicine man Read More

The Gentle Desparado

Brand, Max 1985
Tom Gill and his men are preying on the Larkin ranch, forcing young Beatrice Larkin into bankruptcy, until mild-mannered but deadly Robert Fernald comes to the rescue Read More

Rogue Mustang

Max Brand 1985
Paradise Al, a gambler on the run from the law, vows to end a deadly feud between the Pendletons and the Draytons by riding a stallion which has thrown or killed every previous rider Read More

Coward of the Clan

Brand, Max 1991
Raised by the clan that murdered his family, master gunman Paul Torridan eventually escapes, fleeing into the equally treacherous clutches of the Cheyenne Read More

Carcajou's Trail

Brand, Max 1991
Clancy Morgan must learn how to shoot a gun when his best friend is unjustly accused of murder; John Manner, on the lam from the law, finds a new identity in the frozen Arctic Read More

Fugitive's Fire

Brand, Max 1991
Imprisoned by the Cheyenne, Paul Torridon is nevertheless revered by his captors for his supposed spiritual powers, but suspicious members of the tribe are trying to prove him an imposter, and Torridon must fight to stay alive Read More

The Three Crosses

Brand, Max 1993
A pair of westerns chronicle the adventures of Hugh Massey, who must cope with the harsh wilderness of the Yukon, and of Barry Holmes, a cowboy who embarks on a perilous quest for justice Read More

Black Thunder

Brand, Max 1993
Brand, Max Read More

Battle's End

Brand, Max 1993
A pair of westerns chronicle the adventures of Hugh Massey, who must cope with the harsh wilderness of the Yukon, and of Barry Holmes, a cowboy who embarks on a perilous quest for justice Read More

The Best Bandit

Brand, Max 1993
In "Outlaw crew," Little Minny Trent finds his true calling on a trip to a gold-mining camp, and in "The Best Bandit," tenderfoot Randall Dale gets more than he bargained for when his new right-hand man turns out to be a bandit Read More

Gun Gentlemen

Brand, Max 1993
Finding himself on the wrong side of the law when he is accused of a crime he did not commit, renowned Old West gunslinger Lucky Bill swears that he will clear his name before he can be caught. Reprint. Read More

The Cross Brand

Brand, Max 1993

TWO BRAND CLASSICS! Here, together in one volume, are two thrilling novels by Max Brand, the master of Western fiction. Dust Across the Range presents the story of Harry Mortimer, a free-thinking, college educated man who knows the brutal devastation that a dust storm can bring.

As part owner of a ranch, he has been trying desperately to put his new ideas of soil conservation into practice. But it's only the elemental forces of nature that can show the reluctant ranchers and townsfolk the error of their ways. Will they see it in time? In The Cross Brand, Sheriff Harry Ganton and Jack Bristol have been friends since they were young.

But when Harry accuses Jack of trying to steal his girl, guns blaze and the sheriff is shot. Jack, believing he has killed his friend, flees town, only to run into two mysterious hardcases, one of whom has a cross brand on his forehead...and a date with the hangman's noose in his future.

Read More

Tiger Man

Brand, Max 1994
The residents of the San Pablo valley fearfully anticipate a deadly showdown between a lone gunman who pursues his own brand of vigilante justice and a band of trigger-happy outlaws who seek to rule the territory. Reprint. Read More

The Sacking of El Dorado

Brand, Max 1994
An exciting collection of stories includes restored and uncut typescripts and magazine appearances filled with adventures, hardships, and the glory of the Old West, from one of the most renowned Western writers. Original. Read More

Dust Across the Range

Brand, Max 1994

TWO BRAND CLASSICS! Here, together in one volume, are two thrilling novels by Max Brand, the master of Western fiction. Dust Across the Range presents the story of Harry Mortimer, a free-thinking, college educated man who knows the brutal devastation that a dust storm can bring.

As part owner of a ranch, he has been trying desperately to put his new ideas of soil conservation into practice. But it's only the elemental forces of nature that can show the reluctant ranchers and townsfolk the error of their ways. Will they see it in time? In The Cross Brand, Sheriff Harry Ganton and Jack Bristol have been friends since they were young.

But when Harry accuses Jack of trying to steal his girl, guns blaze and the sheriff is shot. Jack, believing he has killed his friend, flees town, only to run into two mysterious hardcases, one of whom has a cross brand on his forehead...and a date with the hangman's noose in his future.

Read More

Chip Champions a Lady

Brand, Max 1994
In two western stories, Joe accompanies his pal Chip on a mission to rescue a Mexican girl from a deadly outlaw, and the sole Quince descendant battles his family's mortal enemies, the Dikkons Read More

The Desert Pilot

Brand, Max 1994
Appearing in paperback for the first time, two westerns by a celebrated writer of the genre feature a young minster taking on the band of outlaws terrorizing his town and a conman who tries to plumb a cache of diamonds. Reprint. Read More

Valley of Jewels

Brand, Max 1994
Appearing in paperback for the first time, two westerns by a celebrated writer of the genre feature a young minster taking on the band of outlaws terrorizing his town and a conman who tries to plumb a cache of diamonds. Reprint. Read More

Outcast Breed

Brand, Max 1994

"Johnny's One Man Invasion" opens this new trio of stories. It was typical of Big Tim Mara, boss of a gang of border raiders, to invite Johnny Stevens to his wedding. Big Tim was marrying the girl Johnny loved -- and Johnny would be there, with his hands bound behind him.

"There's free range at Bone Lake...for dead men" is what Tom Gannett is told by men who have been driven into hiding in the nearby volcanic badlands in "Renegades of the Rimrock." This is not especially good news for Gannett whose 4BRS trail herd has been whittled down to 400 head by marauders, his brothers killed in fighting them off, and his crew reduced to three men besides himself.

Young John Rance in "A Bullet for the Utah Kid" is no outlaw, just a prospector who with his partner has discovered a rich pocket of placer gold and has shown up in Tule City to buy supplies. To do that he must somehow exchange the sacks of gold he has without anybody knowing of the strike.

Read More

Sixteen in Nome

Brand, Max 1995
Nearing starvation, Joe May, a desperate, overgrown youth, accepts a job helping Hugh Massey, the owner of the most famous husky in Alaska, unaware that he has been made the bait his employer needs to lure a hated enemy into a deadly trap. Reprint. Read More

Murder Me!

Brand, Max 1995
The NYPD team of Campbell and O'Rourke, opposites in every way, are called in to investigate the murder of an elderly philanthropist, and multi-millionaire, who just happened to be planning his own murder Read More

The Wolf Strain

Brand, Max 1996
Book by Brand, Max Read More

The One-Way Trail

Brand, Max 1996
Returning home after four years away, Harry French must find a way to live down the bad reputation he has created as the Shifter, a gunfighter who brings trouble with him wherever he goes. Reprint. Read More

The Black Rider

Brand, Max 1996
A collection of short novels, capturing the danger and excitement of the Old West, includes The Black Rider, in which a Navajo named Taki, who can outwit anyone with his many skills, meets his match in a feisty woman. Reprint. Read More

The Ghost Wagon

Brand, Max 1996

The Ghost Wagon and Other Great Western Adventures collects four additional short novels by Max Brand not previously published in book form. These novels represent some of the best of Brand’s western writing. They illustrate the expansiveness of Brand’s imagination and the fecundity with which he would vary his themes, examining the human condition from numerous disparate viewpoints.

In Max Brand’s stories no character is either a hero or a villain, and most are mixtures of both. That is certainly the case in “The Ghost Wagon,” first published in 1921. Both Lew Carney and Jack Doyle love Mary Hamilton—and she has plans of her own.

“Rodeo Ranch” proved one of Brand’s most popular short novels the year it first appeared in Western Story Magazine (1923). “Slip Liddel” (1938) is set during the Depression and centers on a poor man’s revenge. It is reminiscent of Brand’s own unhappy early years as a farm and ranch laborer.

“A Matter of Honor” was published under the title “Jerico’s Garrison Finish” in 1921. The story has much more to do with Jim Orchard’s struggles to distinguish between honor and pride than with mere horse racing.Brand’s fiction was frequently amputated by magazine editors seeking to fit it to the page, and his titles were often changed to appear more exciting or appealing.

Jon Tuska has returned to the original manuscripts, restoring the full texts and original titles.

Read More

The City in the Sky

Brand, Max 1998
When Les Tarron, a young man looking for adventure, meets Doran, a loner on a mysterious errand, Les takes on Doran's job when Doran is shot and puts himself in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded killer. Reprint. Read More

In the Hills of Monterey

Brand, Max 1998
When Francisco Valdez, a wealthy Spanish bridegroom who is on his way to meet his bethrothed, and fellow passenger Louis Mortier arrive in California, the unlikely pair joins forces and embarks on a grand adventure, filled with danger and romance, across the untamed frontier. Reprint. Read More


Brand, Max 1998

Arriving in Alaska to dig for gold, young Joe Harney's life takes an unexpected turn when he saves the life of Andrew Steen, the owner of a wolf dog named Chinook, who takes Joe overland to the gold fields where they meet Kate Winslow, an enigmatic woman who brings danger and intrigue into their lives.


Read More

The Rock of Kiever

Brand, Max 1998
Three of Max Brand's classic short novels, all carefully restored from his own manuscripts, are presented together for the first time in a paperback edition featuring "Range Jester," "Slow Bill," and "The Rock of Kiever." Reprint. Read More

Seven Faces

Brand, Max 1998

Police detective Angus Campbell, a dour and methodical Scottish American policeman, cordially disliked his partner, the ebullient and overweight Irish cop Patrick O’Rourke. And the feeling was cordially reciprocated by O’Rourke. Both were annoyed—but not really concerned—about orders to guard the frantic millionaire John Cobb on a late-night journey on the New York–Chicago train.

After locking Cobb in his compartment, they would look forward to the pleasure of antagonizing each other in the club car. That is, until Cobb turned up missing. Whoever was responsible—and there were several possibilities among the passengers, including an incomparably strong and handsome man, a breathtakingly beautiful woman, and an improbably villainous stranger—had perhaps discounted each detective individually, and perhaps justly so.

But what the malefactor could not know was the insight of their superior, Inspector Corrigan: “Separate they’re not much, but, when they’re together, they hate each other so much that they grind one another sharp as razors.” Seven Faces originally appeared as six installments in Detective Fiction Weekly during October and November 1936.

This edition—the first to collect the installments in book form, uncut and as the author intended—introduces today’s readers to a most memorable detective duo.

Read More

The Lost Valley

Brand, Max 1998
A trio of western tales from the master of frontier fiction includes "The Whisperer," in which Reata soon discovers the deadly price one must pay when putting trust in the wrong person, as well as "The Stage to Yellow Creek" and "The Lost Valley." Reprint. Read More

The Geraldi Trail

Brand, Max 1999
James Geraldi, a thief who steals only from other thieves, is just about to settle down and marry when he rescues a friend in need, making him an outlaw and sending his future bride into hiding. Reprint. Read More

The Survival of Juan Oro

Brand, Max 1999

After being captured by the men of Don JosT Fontana, a rich Spanish grandee in northern Mexico, Juan Oro, raised by Yaqui Indians, learns that he is to be apprenticed to Matias Bordi, a notorious outlaw who is going to turn Juan into the surest shot and the deadliest hand with a knife,as long as Juan promises Don Jose that he will destroy Matias once he has become a master of weapons.


Read More

The Gold Trail

Brand, Max 1999
Presents three tales of the frontier by the popular Western author, including the title story, which follows the unforgettable Reata, as he, on the run from the law after a robbery gone wrong, tries to find the real criminals and reclaim his loot. Reprint. Read More

The Overland Kid

Brand, Max 2000
Presents a collection of three western novels, including "The Cabin in the Pines" in which rivals Babe Rourke and Angus Cairn put aside their differences to help a woman in distress. Read More

The Outlaw Redeemer

Brand, Max 2000
Two short novels from the master of frontier fiction features "The Last Irving," in which a young man vows to reclaim his family's land, and "The Outlaw Redeemer," in which Texas Ranger John Tipton gives chase to an elusive outlaw who leaves a trail of death and destruction in his wake. Reprint. Read More

The Peril Trek

Brand, Max 2000
A thrilling trio of novellas celebrates the danger, adventure, and excitement of the Old West and includes The Peril Trek, in which Reata finally escapes from the clutches of criminal mastermind Pop Dickerman and is hired by Bob Clare, a desperate man in need of protection. Reprint. Read More

The Bright Face of Danger

Brand, Max 2000
Three stories, filled with adventure and danger, center around James Geraldi, also known as the "Frigate Bird," as he stops a con-artist from swindling his family out of a fortune and then teams up with an old enemy to steal a priceless ancient Egyptian treasure. Reprint. Read More

The House of Gold

Brand, Max 2001

Don Diablo

Brand, Max 2001
Collects three novellas first published as by Peter Henry Morland in Western Story Magazine. Read More

The Welding Quirt

Brand, Max 2001
An exciting collection of stories, centering around the Old West, features such unforgettable characters as Skinny, a young teen who can outsmart any man in the West; Sleeper, who is searching for the man who saved his life; and Snoozer Mell who desperately wants to reconciled with his son. Reprint. Read More


Brand, Max 2002
Immersed in a life of crime and drunkeness, boxer Harry Camden finds his life forever changed when he meets Crusader, a stallion and fellow broken spirit that helps him find salvation in the American West. Reprint. Read More

The Lone Rider

Brand, Max 2002
When Billy Newlands abandons his young bride following a train wreck, he vows to go straight and takes work in a mining camp, but when a woman arrives seeking revenge, Billy will have to own up to his past. Reprint. Read More

Smoking Guns

Max Brand 2002

James Geraldi, one of Max Brand's most intriguing and enduring characters, has been dubbed the "Frigate Bird" because of his penchant for stealing from thieves. This duo both continues and concludes the saga of his adventures. Believing that his long-standing game against the Naylor clan is ended, Geraldi thinks he can cash in his wealth and jewels and enjoy himself with only a weather eye out for trouble.

But he is woefully wrong. Available only in Western 14.

Read More

Blue Kingdom

Brand, Max 2003
Preferring napping to working, horseman, gunman, and knife-thrower Carrick Dunmore finds his lazy days behind him when his friends kidnap him and deliver him to the local rodeo where he can put his talents to good use. Reprint. Read More

The Runaways

Brand, Max 2003
Young Sammy has left the supervision of his overbearing spinster Aunt Claudia to tramp around the West with Lefty, but their footloose and fancy-free lifestyle is threatened by Jake, an incredibly dangerous hunchback. Reprint. Read More

Mountain Storms

Brand, Max 2004
Legendary mountain man Tommy Parks, who grew up alone in the harsh wilderness, must use his extraordinary survival skills to elude a group of settlers who want him captured and killed. Reprint. Read More

Trouble's Messenger

Brand, Max 2005
Peter Messenger looks like a tenderfoot, but he is more than a match for the first Blackfoot warrior to offer a challenge. Trained in martial arts, Messenger has a mission: to hunt down the treacherous Blackfoot who years before murdered a white man called Adams. Read More

Dogs of the Captain

Brand, Max 2006
When he earns Captain Slocum's respect, Don Grier gets a financial backer for his mission to find the truth surrounding the murder for which his father had been hanged, which leads him to a rough-and-tumble mining town where he must prove himself in order to get answers. Reprint. Read More

Outlaws from Afar

Brand, Max 2007
A collection of three western stories includes "The Law Dodger of Windy Creek," in which Sam Leader escapes from prison and sets off to get revenge on Bill Orping, who allowed him to arrested on a false charge of murder. Read More

Lightning of Gold

Brand, Max 2012

Lefty Bill Ranger, an Alaskan mail carrier, travels to Circle City through a terrific snowstorm. There he meets Menneval — a man who is widely feared throughout the territory — and is offered a job. He is to go to Tuckerville, California, and from there to the mountain fastness where Peter Crosson and his son, Oliver, live in total isolation.

Menneval wants Ranger to watch and report what he sees for a period of six months. The pay for this espionage will be $6,000 in gold. Ranger, attracted by the money, accepts the assignment.

Read More

Bandit's Trail

Max Brand 2013

Don Sebastian Valdivia and his secretary, Juan Carreno, attend a horse auction at the Garrison Ranch, where an outlaw stallion, Twilight, is held back until last. The only man who can ride this magnificent beast is Charles Dupont, known as the Crisco Kid, who has bonded with the horse since he was a colt.

Because gunman Bud Carew despises the Kid, he desperately wants to possess Twilight. Those attending the auction know that no matter who wins, a gunfight is sure to follow. Just as it appears that Carew has won, Valdivia places his bid for $800. He is not bidding for a horse, but for a man.

In a calculated move, Valdivia plays the Kid against Carew, and the Kid proves to be the better man. Valdivia offers Twilight to the Kid with two options -- keep Twilight and remain in the Southwest, or accept employment with the don and accompany him back to his grand rancho in the Argentine, where Valdivia has a score to settle with the outlaw El Tigre.

Even without the gift of Twilight, the Kid would be willing to make the effort. With Twilight, he does not imagine there is any way he could possibly fail.

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Old Carver Ranch

Max Brand 2013

After ten years of wandering, during which he has lived the life of a gambler and learned the ways of devious men, Tom Keene returns home, only to find his father alone and dying. Old John Keene's sole legacy to his son is a Bible, so with his father's passing, Tom Keene renounces his selfish, worthless past and sets out to try to each others that the greatest happiness is born of trust in one another.

Tom gets a chance to demonstrate his new way of life when he rescues a little girl who has fallen into a well. He learns that the little girl comes from the country's wealthiest family, now in financial straits. The family's head, John Carver, is an improvident man who is at times cruel to his dependents, and Tom Keene's good intentions are about to cost him more than he knows.

Tom is jailed for a crime he did not commit, beaten and bullied until he changes again, this time into a cunning, calculating man whose sole purpose now is to be avenged for the wrongs done to him. Once released, he chases the trail of the desperado that double-crossed him and nearly ruined his life knowing it will be a long and tense chase, and that the odds are not in his favor.

Read More

The Brass Man

Max Brand 2014

Lorrimer Weldon has spent his life being a tumbleweed and rolling where the wind blows him. Up to Canada, down to Mexico, through deserts, forests, and mountains; anywhere fortune could be found. Those travels helped earn him a reputation as a gambler and a gunfighter -- a reputation that frequently preceded him.

When Weldon rode into San Trinidad, he found he immediately had two job offers: the outlaw Roger Cunningham wants Weldon to join his smuggling operation as a hired gun, and Dr. Henry Watts wants to hire Weldon's gun as well, but as muscle to protect a patient dying of consumption, the beautiful Helen O'Mallock.

Weldon finds Watts' proposition far more attractive, so he accepts the offer, knowing that Cunningham will resent the decision.

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The Trail Beyond

Max Brand 2014

Peter Quince was a fighter born and bred. Orphaned at a young age, he remembered an old woman saying that he was a bad one and would cause a lot of trouble in the world. Others claimed he had bad blood and it would show up sooner or later. But Bill Andrews felt a connection with the boy, took him home and raised him as one of his own despite his wife's misgivings.

Peter soon learned he could manipulate people by withholding his true feelings -- showing and telling them what they wanted to see and hear. Peter had learned that battles should be won by cunning and strength, with cunning being far more important. But when he beat his foster brother in a fight over a girl name Mary, Peter knew it was time to strike out on his own.

In his travels he would seek out those with skills he needed and learn from them until he was able to master his teacher. At barely twenty, he had a price on his head for shooting a man in self-defense. As he outsmarted lawmen in five states and territories, the bounty rose to over $100,000.

He finally fled to Mexico, but there he would fall into trouble again with a wealthy land baron, a beautiful woman, and a notorious bandit.

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The Golden Cat

Brand, Max 2015

John Jones claims that it is his "stupid smile" that keeps him out of trouble. Just the opposite is true for his partner, Dennis Rourke, who attracts trouble the way a magnet attracts iron filings. The two are hired to escort an assorted group of people to a sequestered hacienda hidden away in the Sierra Negra, an area that is infested with bandits.

The hacienda was the scene of an old murder and has supposedly existed under a curse ever since. Ned Palliser, a rich former sea captain, his heir, Frances Mornay, her fiancé and her female companion make up the party. Matters become very complicated when it becomes evident that everyone in the Palliser party, including his heir apparent, is openly hostile to the old sea captain and, for a variety of reasons, want to see him dead.

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The Winged Horse

Max Brand 2015

When a young man helps a rancher battle cattle rustlers, what will win out: his bad reputation, or the new name he gave himself to get away from it? He was still a young man, but he'd used that handful of years effectively, building a bad reputation that spanned the West, his villainy taking different forms everywhere it took roost.

Denver knew him as the Doctor; Texans called him Montana; and folks in Idaho called him Texas. On account of his youth, most everywhere else called him the Lonesome Kid. But when he finally gets arrested for vagrancy, he tells the sheriff his name is Alfred Lamb.

Will that identity stick when he tries to help a rancher battle off a pack of cattle rustlers? With a lengthy career in pulps, comics, early cinema, and with over two hundred full-length Western novels, to his credit, including Destry Rides Again and Montana Rides, and the iconic Dr.

Kildare series, Max Brand's action-filled stories of adventure and heroism in the American West continue to entertain readers throughout the world.

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Daring Duval

Brand, Max 2017

Within ten days of stepping out of the woods afoot near the town of Moose Creek, Duval was the most popular man in the district. After all, what wasn't there to like? He was a good listener, generous with his money, a great cook and host, and a hard worker on old Dad Wilbur's place, which he bought for $1,500.

He wins the admiration of Sheriff Nat Adare when he quells and befriends the often-wild Charlie Nash and pays for the damages Nash has caused in the town saloon.

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Sour Creek Valley

Brand, Max 2017

After hitting a rich vein of gold on the back of Champion Mountain, Blondy Kitchin heads to the big city to have a good time, but there his luck runs out and he ends up spending two years in Folsom Prison. The prison’s chaplain helps educate him, smooth out his rough edges, and convince him that the range is the place for Kitchin to make use of his brute strength and free spirit.

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Red Hawk's Trail

Brand, Max 2018

John Sherburn, a troublemaking gunfighter, rides into the small Texas town of Amityville, where he falls in with Peter Gresham, the most successful businessman in Amityville and the first real friend he has ever had. Gresham has only one purpose in life: to find and kill Red Hawk, a renegade Indian chief who tortured and killed Gresham's brother.

Gresham wants Sherburn to help him in this quest. There is one prohibition on which Gresham insists -- Sherburn is to avoid any social contact whatsoever with Jenny Langhorne, the woman Gresham intends to marry.

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The Double Rider

Brand, Max 2018

Ned Rippon's horse, Baldy, is stolen in the desert, leaving Rippon afoot and in dire straits. He tracks the thief and finds he is Tom Palding, a man whom he vaguely resembles. Palding offers Rippon $500 to impersonate him for five days and find out why a man named Charles Barrett has summoned him.

Twenty years before Palding had killed Sam Barrett. Is Barrett willing to call off his family's enmity to Tom Palding?

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Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Village Street and Other Poems

Faust, Frederick Schiller 1922

When up and down the street The pavements have grown soft with yellow light, And garden airs are sweet. Wait for a wind that moves so lazily It hardly lifts the scent Of honeysuckle or acacia tree With golden blossoms bent. Wait till the red geraniums on the wall A re dim beneath the blue Of the steep shadow, and the elm trees tall Take on a dusky hue.

Then out of sacred silence, early or late, Be sure a song will flower, For there is music somewhere, if we wait. Yes, in the quiet hour.(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.

Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text.

Read books online for free at

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Tales of the Wild West

Brand, Max 1962
A collection of stories and novellas by the master of Western fiction showcases the considerable storytelling talents of this legendary writer. Original. Read More

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Vol. 1

Max Brand 1981
The seven newly collected tales in this volume include "Reata's Peril Trek" and "Dust Storm" Read More

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Vol. 2

Brand, Max 1985
These five stories, published in a variety of magazines throughout the writer's career, are marked by diversity of theme and plot Read More

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Vol. 3

Brand, Max 1987
The seven newly collected tales in this volume include "Reata's Peril Trek" and "Dust Storm" Read More

The Collected Stories of Max Brand

Brand, Max 1994

Max Brand's novels and stories have defined the West for thousands of readers attracted to his bright, vigorous prose. John Cawelti, Russel G. Nye, and other scholars of the Western view his work as key in the development of the genre. Between 1917 and 1944 he wrote prolifically, making Max Brand one of America's most popular writers.

But Max Brand wasn't his real name, and his work extended well beyond boots and saddles. Born Frederick Schiller Faust, he realized his name would be a hindrance when World War I was raging. He took the name Max Brand and made it famous. Along the way he invented characters who became famous, too: Dr.

Kildare, for instance, and secret agent Anthony Hamilton.This volume collects eighteen of the very best of Brand's short fiction, taken from different genres and different times of his life. Included are "Above the Law," "Outcast Breed," "The Sun Stood Still," and others of his greatest Western stories.

Brand's versatility is shown with "Internes Can't Take Money" (the debut of Dr. Kildare), "John Ovington Returns," an early story with elements of fantasy and autobiography, and "The Strange Villa," an action-packed spy story.

Read More

The Ghost Wagon and Other Great Western Adventures

Brand, Max 1996

The Ghost Wagon and Other Great Western Adventures collects four additional short novels by Max Brand not previously published in book form. These novels represent some of the best of Brand’s western writing. They illustrate the expansiveness of Brand’s imagination and the fecundity with which he would vary his themes, examining the human condition from numerous disparate viewpoints.

In Max Brand’s stories no character is either a hero or a villain, and most are mixtures of both. That is certainly the case in “The Ghost Wagon,” first published in 1921. Both Lew Carney and Jack Doyle love Mary Hamilton—and she has plans of her own.

“Rodeo Ranch” proved one of Brand’s most popular short novels the year it first appeared in Western Story Magazine (1923). “Slip Liddel” (1938) is set during the Depression and centers on a poor man’s revenge. It is reminiscent of Brand’s own unhappy early years as a farm and ranch laborer.

“A Matter of Honor” was published under the title “Jerico’s Garrison Finish” in 1921. The story has much more to do with Jim Orchard’s struggles to distinguish between honor and pride than with mere horse racing.Brand’s fiction was frequently amputated by magazine editors seeking to fit it to the page, and his titles were often changed to appear more exciting or appealing.

Jon Tuska has returned to the original manuscripts, restoring the full texts and original titles.

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The Black Rider and Other Stories

Brand, Max 1996

The Black Rider and Other Stories collects three short novels and one short story by Max Brand originally published in magazines and never reprinted before; they appear here for the first time in book form. At first publication the stories often suffered from editors’ cuts to make them fit available page space.

Editor Jon Tuska has returned to the original manuscripts to restore Brand’s full texts. The stories are set in that land Brand called the “mountain desert,” a timeless and magical place for him. In addition to mapping a geographic region, these stories show the extent to which Brand was exploring the corridors of the human spirit.

The story of Lucia d’Arquista’s confrontation with her own soul, “The Black Rider,” originally published in 1925, is set in Spanish California at the time when the eastern colonies of this country were still ruled by Great Britain. The feud between Red Macdonald and the Gregory clan disrupts the quiet town of Sudeth in “The Dream of Macdonald” (1923).

As this short novel progresses, Macdonald’s dream increasingly takes possession of his very being. In a few deft pages, Brand takes up the challenge of the most demanding form of fiction in “Partners,” a 1938 short short story that sketches a murderous relationship between two men.

“The Power of Prayer,” which first appeared in the 1922 Christmas issue of Western Story Magazine, concerns Gerald Kern, a real gentleman who is also a gunman. His tale is not unlike that of the true and imperishable gentleman of darkness from the Book of Job.

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Outlaws All

Brand, Max 1996
Three classic short novels by a master of Western fiction bring to life the adventure, heroism, danger, and hardships of the Old West. Reprint. Read More

Slumber Mountain

Brand, Max 1997
A collection of three of the author's best novellas, restored to their original versions from his own typescripts, includes "The Outlaw Crew," "The Coward," and "Slumber Mountain," in which a trapper fights for his life against a wolf pack. Original. Read More

Men Beyond the Law

Brand, Max 1997
A man who fled a gunfight must come to grips with himself, a young Easterner witnesses the falling out of two bank robbers, and Bull Hunter, a gentle giant, faces opposition to his marriage to a rancher's daughter. Read More

Two Sixes

Brand, Max 1997
A collection of three short novels by one of the greatest western writers contains "The Best Bandit," in which a naive young tenderfoot in a Mexican border town learns some valuable lessons about trusting gunfighters. Original. Read More

The Abandoned Outlaw

Brand, Max 1997
A collection of three classic short novels from the master of western fiction includes The Gold King Turns His Back, in which a young woman learns the true meaning of honor; The Three Crosses, in which a showdown occurs, and The Abandoned Outlaw, in which two men fight over one woman. Original. Read More

The Oath of Office

Brand, Max 1998
A trio of short novels chronicle the western adventures of a young wanderer called Chip as he endures a confrontation with a lynch mob, journeys south of the border to rescue a lovely woman, and makes a dangerous trek across the Nevada desert, with the law in hot pursuit. Reprint. Read More

Stolen Gold

Brand, Max 1999
An exciting collection of three short novels from the master of Western fiction includes "Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner," in which a rugged lawman must track a murder suspect even though his daughter believes that the suspect is innocent. Original. Read More

More Tales of the Wild West

Brand, Max 1999
Presents six Western stories that have never before appeared in book form, including "A Lucky Dog," "Inverness," "Crazy Rhythm," "Death in Alkali Flat," "Blondy," and "A First Blooding." Read More

Timber Line

Brand, Max 1999
Includes three of the author's best stories--Above the Law, the first Western story the author wrote; One Man Posse, in which a man named Sleeper survives the untamed frontier with his resourcefulness; and Timber Line, in which an innocent man is mistaken for a deadly killer. Reprint. Read More

Jokers Extra Wild

Brand, Max 2002

A trio of action-packed tales of the Old West brings to life the colorful world of the wild frontier in a collection that includes the title story about a professional gambler who inherits a ring that brings him nothing but trouble, as well as "Satan's Gun Rider," which continues the adventures of the infamous Sleeper, and "Speedy--Deputy," about a gambler who gets more than he had bargained for when he is named deputy sheriff.


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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal

Brand, Max 1996
Presents the dramatic story of a pivotal World War II campaign, based on hundreds of hours of interviews with pilots and ground crew of the legendary 212th Marine Fighter Squadron. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of William F. Nolan Collections

Alien Horizons

William F. Nolan 1974

Story collection. Contents: Introduction: From the Other Side of the Mask, essay by William F. Nolan; Starblood; Jenny Among the Zeebs; The Joy of Living; The Last Three Months; The Underdweller; Full of, Mostly, Bagels and Cream Cheese; Kelly, Fredric Michael: 1928-1987; The Day the Gorf Took Over; Happily Ever After; Fasterfaster!; He Kilt It with a Stick; Toe to Tip, Tip to Toe, Pip-Pop as You Go; The Party; Papa's Planet; Solution; Lawbreaker; The Mating of Thirdburt; The Worlds of Monty Willson; Promises to Keep: A Science Fiction Drama

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Nolan, William F 1979
1st edition Corgi 1979 paperback, fine In stock shipped from our UK warehouse Read More

Things Beyond Midnight

William F. Nolan 1984
J. K. Potter. This book is as good as new. Special Presentation copy among 250 slip cased limited editions signed by William F. Nolan and Illustrator J. K. Potter. Read More

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Vol. 3

Brand, Max 1987
The seven newly collected tales in this volume include "Reata's Peril Trek" and "Dust Storm" Read More

Dark Universe

Nolan, William F. 2001
A spinetingling compilation of the author's best stories, culled from fifty years of writing, will disturb, terrify, and shock readers as they enter this nightmarish realm of darkness and evil. Original. Read More

William F. Nolan's Dark Universe

Nolan, William F. 2001

Fifty years of top-notch writing -- mystery, science fiction, horror, suspense --admired by the likes of Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Ray Bradbury. Now, for the first time, Stealth Press is proud to present DARK UNIVERSE, a breathtaking collection spanning five decades of stunning achievement -- the very best from a Master of Suspense.

A distillation of 50 years of short fiction; more than 40 stories each with a newly written introductory note by the author as well as an introduction by Christopher Conlon. For anyone with an appreciation of modern fantastic fiction, a perspective on the evolution of science fiction, suspense, and horror, or an interest in the craft of the short story itself -- DARK UNIVERSE ranks with "must have" books like group tribute CALIFORNIA SORCERY (edited by Nolan and William Schafer), THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON, THE STORIES OF RAY BRADBURY, THE COLLECTED STORIES OF RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES, George Clayton Johnson's ALL OF US ARE DYING AND OTHER STORIES, and THE HOWLING MAN by Charles Beaumont.

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Have You Seen the Wind?

Nolan, William F. 2003

With 75 books and over 300 anthology appearances to his credit, William F. Nolan (author of Logan's Run) is twice winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Special Award. Most recently, he accepted the International Guilds Living Legend Award for 2002. This is the first collection of Nolan's horror fiction and verse to share a single volume.

Four chilling tales of murder and madness, guns and obsession steam the pages of this haunting book, including "In Real Life," chosen for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Delve into Nolan's darkest worlds as he assembles tales of an ex-wife claiming revenge from beyond the grave.

.. of an insane mind justifying the murder of his mate through the tall glass of a cold one... of a husband who refuses and refuses and refuses to stay dead. And top it all off with a celebration of this master's widely-praised poems, on topics ranging from Bradbury to Vienna, from Hammett to Hemingway.

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Ships in the Night and Other Stories

Paul McComas 2004
This short-story collection gathers many genres under one pen -- western, detective, sports, sci-fi, the human condition. And all the treasured Nolan trademarks are here: characters defined through their actions; storylines unfurling with alacrity and grace; descriptions concise and complete. Read More

Wild Galaxy

Nolan, William F. 2005

Representing the best of a 50-year writing career, these 19 short stories have been collected from the wide-ranging oeuvre of William F. Nolan. Zany tales are included, such as "Toe to Tip, Tip to Toe, Pip-Pop as You Go," in which everyone is kept in perpetual drugged states and the social deviates are those who are straight.

More serious stories are also told such as "The Small World of Lewis Stillman," in which the last surviving resident of Los Angeles must conceal himself in storm sewers in order to avoid a new wave of smaller city dwellers who, although primitive, are dangerous in their numbers.

Interspersed are narratives that address the emotional attachments of robots to humans, mix science fiction with the classic Wild West, and allow alien rock stars and human groupies to intermingle.

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Nolan, William F. 2007

Nineteen of the twenty-three stories in this present volume were written in our new century following the release of Nolan's retrospective collection Dark Universe, which covers almost all of his work into the year 2000. This is a new collection representing his best work in the genre of shock fiction over recent years right through 2007.

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Dark Dimensions

Nolan, William F. 2010

He's "William F. Nolan, Living Legend," but, more importantly, he's Bill Nolan-the super talented, outstanding author of classic works (Logan's Run; Burnt Offerings [screenplay]; "The Pool," "The Party," and hundreds more), and a sensitive poet. Maybe some thought that the Nolan of yore-the edgy, spare writer of those acknowledged classics-was gone: that he had lost that ability, as others have, to move, terrify, engage.

Not so. This collection is proof. Within these covers are some of the best tales of Nolan's long and storied career: "Zachry Revisited," from the Matheson tribute anthology He is Legend, about the strange population of a fictional Maine town; "Descent," about the personal aftermath of an evil act; "Child's Care," about the ulterior motivations of the people we trust the most; the clever "The Man Who Stalked Hyde;" the powerful "The Death of Sherlock Holmes;" the list goes on.

Whether science fiction ("To Be With Amy") horror ("Stabbed By Rob") or straight literary ("Getting Along Just Fine), Nolan shines. --Jason V. Brock

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Nolan, William F. 2011

In the tradition of The X-Files and Kolchak: The Night Stalker comes a bold new book from master storyteller, William F. Nolan, creator of the global bestseller, Logan’s Run. A headless corpse... A shape-shifting demon... A house of unspeakable horror.

.. When the case goes cold, baffling L.A. police, David Kincaid is the man - a different kind of investigator with talents both worldly...and otherworldly. Follow Kincaid into the realms of the paranormal and bizarre as he helps cop-friend, Mike Lucero, pick up the trail and solve cases that defy rational explanation, that indeed confront the darkest of forces.

Multiple award winner William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run) takes us to the intersection of terror and mystery in a trilogy of tales that will delight crime and horror fans, alike. An expert in the art and science of scaring the hell out of people. -Stephen King One of horror’s best storytellers.

-Peter Straub I am terrified, delighted, and truly moved by William F. Nolan’s work...He is able to create an atmosphere of ultimate terror. -Ray Bradbury

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Like a Dead Man Walking

Nolan, William F. 2013

Sherlock Holmes…Interdimensional demons…Aliens…Killers and child predators…Time travelers…Vampires…Even the end of the world, in more ways than one, all are contained within these pages. From the darkest corners of imagination to the precipice of human achievement, William F.

Nolan delivers the goods in this assortment of recent works: his first all-new collection in his long and storied career. Working with editor Jason V Brock (Milton’s Children), Nolan brings to shocking life not only debauched murderers and depraved loners, but also fascinating portraits of personal reflection; the heroes of yore in poetry; pages from Nolan’s notebook; and an exclusive, intimate interview with his beloved friend, the late Richard Matheson (I Am Legend).

"For ardent readers of Nolan’s work, this collection is a must-have." - Hellnotes

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Soul Trips

Nolan, William F. 2015

A career restrospective of the best poetry of William F. Nolan, Soul Trips is a wonderful collection of poems from 1940 to the present hand-picked by the author. From the Introduction: "It is rare that a writer excels both in prose and poetry, and it is rarer still when that prose and poetry ranges over many genres and tones.

But this is what William F. Nolan has done. His mastery over words, rhythms, and metaphors has served him well." – Leo A. Hetzler "William F. Nolan is a prime communicator... and although he writes only two or three poems a year, he manages to communicate emotion better than most full-time poets.

" - Small Press Review

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Publication Order of Anthologies

The Golden West

Tuska, Jon 2003
2002 Copyright: Edited by Jon Tuska- Tappan's Burro by Zane Grey- Jargan by Max Brand- and The Trail to Crazy Man by Louis L. 'Amour. Read More

The Devil's Coattails

Brock, Jason; Nolan, William F., Editors 2012

Edited by Jason V Brock and William F. Nolan. Only 500 Trade edition copies printed. Illustrated Hardcover with dust jacket; cover art by Vincent Chong. Foreword by S. T. Joshi. A unique anthology: contains original, never before published works by Ramsey Campbell, John Shirley, Jason V Brock, Marc Scott Zicree, Norman Corwin, Gary Braunbeck, Steve Rasnic Tem, Melanie Tem, Earl Hamner, Jenny Brundage, Nancy Kilpatrick, Jerry E.

Airth, Sunni K Brock, Richard Christian Matheson, Paul J. Salamoff, Paul G. Bens, Jr., William F. Nolan, Dan O'Bannon, Max Brand, Richard Selzer, James Robert Smith, and Wilum Pugmire/Maryanne K. Snyder. Opaque pages, printed with 100% vegetable inks using windpower; printed and bound in the USA.

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