Lydia Adamson Books in Order

The Lydia Adamson books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Lydia Adamson books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Sally Tepper Books

Sleeping Dogs Die

King, Frank 1988
In New York's tough Hell's Kitchen, unemployed actress Sally Tepper turns private eye to unravel the brutal murder of a blind man and his seeing-eye dog Read More

Take the D Train

King, Frank 1990
Her litter of stray dogs in tow, out-of-work actress and amateur detective Sally Tepper traces the clues in the murder of her homeless friend to a bizarre cult that proselytizes to the homeless, a subterranean treasure in the Big Apple, and a romantic liasion Read More

Publication Order of Alice Nestleton Mystery Books

A Cat in the Manger

Adamson, Lydia 1990
Having agreed to catsit at the Starobin estate on Long Island, Alice Nestleton arrives there only to discover that the man of the house has been murdered Read More

A Cat of a Different Color

Adamson, Lydia 1991
When the Greenwich Village underground causes trouble in New York, actress and cat sitter Alice Nestleton is on the case, with the help of her cats, Bushy and Pancho Read More

A Cat in Wolf's Clothing

Adamson, Lydia 1991
Part-time actress, amateur sleuth, and cat expert Alice Nestleton becomes involved in the search for a serial killer who is stalking New York's cat owners, and she stumbles into a mysterious cult devoted to felines--and murder Read More

A Cat By Any Other Name

Adamson, Lydia 1992
Hopeful actress, occasional cat-sitter, and amateur detective Alice Nestleton discovers murder in a catnip garden. By the author of A Cat with a Fiddle and A Cat in the Manger. Reissue. Read More

A Cat in the Wings

Adamson, Lydia 1992
When a former ballet star is found murdered backstage at a production of The Nutcracker in Lincoln Center, Alice Nestleton takes a kean interest in the case, especially when her best friend is charged with the murder. Original. Read More

A Cat with a Fiddle

Adamson, Lydia 1993
At a remote Massachusetts artists' colony to deliver a Scottish fold kitten to its new owner, cat-sitter Alice Nestleton must soon do some sleuthing when the pianist of a visiting quartet is murdered. Original. Read More

A Cat in a Glass House

Adamson, Lydia 1993
In the latest Alice Nestleton mystery, the aspiring actress and sometimes sleuth teams up with a Mandarin-speaking city cop to find a missing tabby and solve the murder of a waitress. Original. Read More

A Cat on the Cutting Edge

Adamson, Lydia 1994
Down on her luck and coping with a temperamental cat, Alice Nestleton contacts the Village Cat People for assistance, but when their representative is murdered on Alice's doorstep, the Cat People want Alice to investigate Read More

A Cat with No Regrets

Adamson, Lydia 1994
While shooting her first film in southern France, Alice Nestleton finds her big break threatened by the deaths of the movie's producer and several others, and discovers that three Abyssinian cats hold the key to the murders. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Meets Puss in Boots

Adamson, Lydia 1994
Molson, the beloved puss in Boots, a Manhattan nightclub, lends country veterinarian Deirdre Quinn a paw to catch a killer, after the club's owner is gunned down by a bicycle messenger. Original. Read More

A Cat on a Winning Streak

Adamson, Lydia 1995
Traveling to Atlantic City for a gig, actress Alice Nestleton is surprised by the appearance of a cat at her sixteenth-floor hotel window, and her subsequent search for its owner brings her to the scene of a murder. Original. Read More

A Cat in Fine Style

Adamson, Lydia 1995
Unable to resist investigating the death of a New York fashion designer, actress, model, and amateur sleuth Alice Nestleton calls on her boyfriend, Tony, to help unravel the mystery, and tries to figure out what the victim's beloved cat may revel. Original. Read More

A Cat Under the Mistletoe

Adamson, Lydia 1996
Amateur sleuth Alice Nestleton is cat-sitting Roberta, a beautiful feline with a personality disorder, but when their visit to the animal therapist reveals the death of the good doctor, Alice must find the killer before the killer finds her. Reprint. Read More

A Cat in a Chorus Line

Adamson, Lydia 1996
Two gorgeous Maine coon cats hold the clues to a killing as actress-turned-sleuth Alice Nestleton and her significant other, Tony Basillio, become eyewitnesses to the murder of the hateful wife of Broadway mogul Peter Nelson Krispus. Original. Read More

A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock

Adamson, Lydia 1997
Amateur sleuth Alice Nestleton, with her cats Tiny and Tim, helps an old friend track down an anonymous benefactor, a project that makes her the target of a murderous scrooge Read More

A Cat on a Beach Blanket

Adamson, Lydia 1997
While housesitting in the Hamptons, Alice Nestleton finds herself the primary suspect in the murder of Bea Verdi, a sensitive young poet, and she sets out to clear her name, with the help of some feline friends Read More

A Cat on Stage Left

Adamson, Lydia 1998
The series featuring sometime Broadway actress, cat lover, and amateur sleuth Alice Nestleton reaches its sixteenth installment, as Alice is hired to mind what turns out to be a stuffed cat by a woman who is slain before her very eyes. Original. Read More

A Cat of One's Own

Adamson, Lydia 1999
After acquiring Jake from the pound as a feline companion for her friend's Gordon setter, Alice Nestleton is forced to turn sleuth once again after Jake is catnapped, a crime that leads her into a perilous confrontation with cunning killers. Reprint. Read More

A Cat with the Blues

Adamson, Lydia 2000

A routine job cat-sitting for a beautiful Russian Blue feline at the center of a custody battle between Sidney and Beatrice Woburn turns deadly for Alice Nestleton when she narrowly escapes death at the local supermarket, the building's doorman turns up dead, and her feline charge mysteriously vanishes.


Read More

A Cat with No Clue

Adamson, Lydia 2001
Actress and amateur sleuth Alice Nestleton finds herself the prime suspect in the killings of two of her actor friends after she presents a fancy annniversary meal for the happy couple only to have them die of food poisoning, and the only witnesses are the victims' two young kittens. Read More

A Cat Named Brat

Adamson, Lydia 2002
Hired to house-sit for Brat, the hyperactive cat belonging to New York guidebook author Louis Montag, while his owner tries to work, actress and sleuth Alice Nestleton is stunned when, on her first day, she is attacked, her employer is murdered, and Bart vanishes. Read More

A Cat on the Bus

Adamson, Lydia 2002
When an ordinary ride aboard a crosstown bus leaves Alice Nestleton an eyewitness to a bizarre and senseless multiple homicide, by a killer who leaves her cat behind, the actress, cat sitter, and amateur sleuth is asked to assist the NYPD as a consultant on the case. Original. Read More

A Cat Tells Two Tales

Adamson, Lydia 2012

For the first time in one volume, two twisting tales featuring off-off Broadway actress turned sleuth Alice Nestleton and her crime-solving cats Bushy and Pancho… A Cat in a MangerIt’s the holiday season and Alice is hoping for a merry little Christmas peacefully cat-sitting at a sprawling Long Island estate.

Instead, she finds herself embroiled in a deadly conspiracy of high-stakes horse racing, sinister seduction, and missing cash. She knows she’d better count on her cat’s clever instincts and nine lives, since her own curiosity has landed her just a whisker away from death.

A Cat of a Different Color When a moonstruck student from Alice’s acting class is killed in a Manhattan bar, Alice is determined to solve the crime, especially since the gorgeous Abyssinian-like cat he brought her is stolen on the same night. But the trap she devises to corner the cat-napper entangles her in an even bigger mystery— a dead actor’s secrets of love, revenge, and murder.

Read More

Publication Order of Deirdre Quinn Nightingale Books

Dr. Nightingale Comes Home

Adamson, Lydia 1994
While investigating the strange malady afflicting French Alpine goats, New York state veterinarian Dr. Deirdre Quinn Nightingale encounters a mystery of the two-legged variety--the murder of old friend Dick Obey. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Rides the Elephant

Adamson, Lydia 1994
When an elephant goes berserk and kills a beautiful dancer in a small circus, veterinarian Deirdre Nightingale is convinced that someone tampered with the animal and sets out to find the culprit before the "rogue" elephant can be destroyed. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Goes to the Dogs

Adamson, Lydia 1995
Dr. Didi Nightingale searches for her neighbor's killer along a trail that leads to a peaceful monastery where monks raise German Shepherds, but after a Brother is killed, Didi is drawn further into the intrigue. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Goes the Distance

Adamson, Lydia 1995
Leaving her work behind for a single evening of champagne and thoroughbred racing, veterinarian-turned-sleuth Didi Nightingale is alarmed when two people are shot in the stall of a promising filly, and Didi is hired to find the killer. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Enters the Bear Cave

Adamson, Lydia 1996
Helping a research team tag pregnant black bears in the northern Catskills, veterinarian Didi Nightingale and her friend, Rose, are horrified when the base camp's caretaker is murdered and they realize that someone in the group is a killer Read More

Dr. Nightingale Chases Three Little Pigs

Adamson, Lydia 1996
Farm vet Didi Nightingale is forced to prove her innocence when she is framed for the murder of a pig farm's rich owner who claimed in an incriminating letter that Didi, whom he hardly knew, had been his lover. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Rides to the Hounds

Adamson, Lydia 1997
When the organizer of the county's biggest fox hunt is shot dead, Dr. Nightingale unearths bizarre allegations of witchcraft and a possible link to a past murder. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Races the Outlaw Colt

Adamson, Lydia 1998
When a young police officer is gunned down outside a local restaurant, it is up to Dr. Deirdre Quinn to do some moonlighting to solve the mystery, but after uncovering strange evidence, Didi confronts a cold-hearted killer burning with revenge. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Traps the Missing Lynx

Adamson, Lydia 1999
Appearing at a posh winter fundraiser during which six mixed-breed bobcat kittens are to be auctioned off, rural vet Deirdre "Didi" Nightingale comes face to face with murder when the party's host drops dead, apparently from an exposure to rattlesnake venom. Original. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Seeks Greener Pastures

Adamson, Lydia 2000
When country veterinarian Dr. Nightingale heads to Atlantic City to attend a conference and perhaps pick up some new business among the horse-racing elite, she stumbles across the corpse of a murdered horse doctor. Read More

Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue

Adamson, Lydia 2001
When the body of her free-spirited friend Rose turns up in a shallow grave alongside her two dogs, veterinarian-turned-sleuth Deirdre Nightingale sets out to find the killer, but she soon discovers that Rose may have been leading a double life as a wanted arsonist. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Lucy Wayles Mystery Books

Beware the Tufted Duck

Adamson, Lydia 1996
The first in a new series of mysteries by the author of the Alice Nestleton series introduces ex-librarian Lucy Wayles, an eccentric birdwatcher with a penchant for solving crimes, beginning with the strange death of a fellow birder. Original. Read More

Beware the Butcher Bird

Adamson, Lydia 1997
In the second novel in the Lucy Wayles series, the ornithusiast and her quirky cohort of bird-watchers witness the death of a famous field guide illustrator over a dinner in his honor and must nab a cagey criminal. Original. Read More

Beware the Laughing Gull

Adamson, Lydia 1998
Amateur sleuth Lucy Wayles and her bird-watching group are surprised by the sudden announcement that one of their members is getting married, but when the bride is shot down before the ceremony, Lucy hatches a plan to catch the killer herself. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Down and Dirty

King, Frank 1978
Book by King, Frank Read More


King, Frank 1980

Cairo. A city perpetually "in the shadow of the noose," where the one unforgivable sin is love, and the way of life is betrayal. It is here that Intelligence officer David Chalfin is looking for a woman: Raya. She is the one Woman who can get close enough to Nazi sympathizer Quinton to steal the codebook.

She can do it because Raya Fahmi is a whore. She will do it because she is a Jew. But somehow everyone is neglecting the only crucial piece of intelligence. Raya Fahmi is, before all, a woman. And David Chalfin is, Before all, a man.

Read More

Night Vision

King, Frank 1982
Avenging herself on her former lover and protege, Dr. Helen Roth unleashes the energy behind the dream process to psychologically manipulate Paul Stanislaus into committing increasingly violent crimes Read More

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