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PROCRASTINATIONThe day after tomorrow, yes, only the day after tomorrow ...Tomorrow I’ll start thinking about the day after tomorrow,Maybe I could do it then; but not today ...No, nothing today; today I can’t.The confused persistence of my objective subjectivity,The sleep of my real life, intercalated,Anticipated, infinite weariness—I’m worlds too weary to catch a trolley—That kind of soul ...Only the day after tomorrow ...Today I want to prepare,I want to prepare myself for tomorrow, when I’ll think about the next day ...That’d be decisive.I’ve already got the plans sketched out, but no, today I’m not making anyplans ...Tomorrow’s the day for plans.Tomorrow I’ll sit down at my desk to conquer the world;But I’ll only conquer the world the day after tomorrow ...I feel like crying,I suddenly feel like crying a lot, inside ...That’s all you’re getting today, it’s a secret, I’m not talking.Only the day after tomorrow ...When I was a kid the Sunday circus diverted me every week.Today all that diverts me is the Sunday circus from all the weeks of mychildhood ...The day after tomorrow I’ll be someone else,My life will triumph,All my real qualities—intelligent, well-read, practical—Will be gathered together in a public notice ...But the public notice will go up tomorrow ...Today I want to sleep, I’ll make a fair copy tomorrow ...For today, what show will repeat my childhood to me?Even if I buy tickets tomorrow,The show would still really be the day after tomorrow ...Not before ...The day after tomorrow I’ll have the public pose I will have practicedtomorrow.The day after tomorrow I’ll finally be what I could never be today.Only the day after tomorrow ...I’m sleepy as a stray dog's chill.I’m really sleepy.Tomorrow I’ll tell you everything, or the day after tomorrow ...Yes, maybe only the day after tomorrow ...By and by ...Yes, the old by and by ...
My route, Sior Francis—and don't be surprised when you hear it—my route when I set out to find God... was... laziness. Yes, laziness. If I wasn't lazy I would have gone the way of respectable, upstanding people. Like everyone else I would have studied a trade—cabinet-maker, weaver, mason—and opened a shop; I would have worked all day long, and where then would I have found time to search for God? I might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack: that's what I would have said to myself. All my mind and thoughts would have been occupied with how to earn my living, feed my children, how to keep the upper hand over my wife. With such worries, curse them, how could I have the time, or inclination, or the pure heart needed to think about the Almighty?But by the grace of God I was born lazy. To work, get married, have children, and make problems for myself were all too much trouble. I simply sat in the sun during winter and in the shade during summer, while at night, stretched out on my back on the roof of my house, I watched the moon and the stars. And when you watch the moon and the stars how can you expect your mind not to dwell on God? I couldn't sleep any more. Who made all that? I asked myself. And why? Who made me, and why? Where can I find God so that I may ask Him? Piety requires laziness, you know. It requires leisure—and don't listen to what others say. The laborer who lives from hand to mouth returns home each night exhausted and famished. He assaults his dinner, bolts his food, then quarrels with his wife, beats his children without rhyme or reason simply because he's tired and irritated, and afterwards he clenches his fists and sleeps. Waking up for a moment he finds his wife at his side, couples with her, clenches his fists once more, and plunges back into sleep.... Where can he find time for God? But the man who is without work, children, and wife thinks about God, at first just out of curiosity, but later with anguish.