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There are human boys here somewhere?” Zoey asked.Aurox’s face scrunched up as he frowned at her. “Not here. Outside—out there. ” He pointed in the general direction of the door to the field house behind them.“Outside the field house!” she almost yelled.“Zo, sometimes I think you don’t listen so good,” Aurox said. Still frowning at her, he continued speaking slowly, as if trying to get her to understand a foreign language.“Two boys. Outside the wall. With the keg. And cups. They. Want. Hot. Vampyre. Chicks.”“Okay, I think I get it.” Stark grabbed Aurox’s arm and started to drag him toward the door and away from Zbefore she went for his throat, although that would have been funny as hell. “You found two kids, with beer, trying to get over the wall, right?”“See, you listen better.” Aurox patted him on the back, almost knocking Stark over. “But they’re just looking through the hole for vampyre pussy, not trying to get over the wall.”“If you say pussy one more time I’m going to smack the crap out of you,” Zoey said, coming after them.“You can’t come!” Aurox stumbled to a stop. “You have legs and tits!”“Oh. My. Goddess. I’m going to kill him!” Stark stepped between the two of them. He faced Zoey.She’d gone from pale to bright red in zero-point-nothing seconds. “Z, I think this is something that a Warrior needs to handle.”Behind him, Aurox belched, sending a wave of beer air wafting over them.Zoey narrowed her eyes and pointed at Aurox. “You have never been able to drink!” Then she spun around and stomped back to the basement entrance, slamming the door behind her.“She seems mad. Should we bring her a beer?” Aurox said.Stark covered his laugh with a cough. “Ur, no. Z doesn’t like beer.”“Doesn’t like beer? She should. It would make her head feel bubbly and happy.”Stark didn’t bother to cover his laugh a second time. “I wish it worked that way with her, but it doesn’t.”“Because she has legs and tits?”Stark knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself.“I’m not sure. Maybe you should ask her next time you see her.”Aurox nodded, looking as serious as a drunk could look. “I will.”“That should be fun. But until then, show me where these humans are, and while we’re going there, start back at the beginning and tell me exactly what happened before and after you were introduced to the red Solo cup.