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She's standing on the orangegold shingle, arms akimbo, drinking the beach in, absorbing sea and spindrift, breathing it into her dusty memory. It's all here, alive and salt and roaring and real. The vast cold ocean and the surf breaking five yards away and the warm knowledge of home just up the shore. "Ahh," she sings wordlessly, hugging herself, oblivious of the two behind her. She stamps her feet in the shingle, bends down and throws off her boots, and stamps again, bare feet tensing against the damp cold stones."I am back!" she calls in a high wild voice, "I am here!" The wind blows more strongly it seems, and a larger breaker than the ones before comes crashing down in front of the woman and sends long white fingers speeding towards her. The foam curls round her ankles and Kerewin cries aloud with joy. "O Thou art beyond all good but truly this land and sea is your dwelling place--"She spins round, dancing herself round, spreading her arms wide in a welcome, her eyes alight. Tendrils of her joy and possession steal to them, and the man runs across the gap calling, "Tihe mauriora!" “and Kerewin laughs and holds him and hongis. And the child runs into them both, literally, blind in his need to be with them. She picks him up, and holds him one-handed on her hip. "Tihe mauriora to you too, urchin." One arm still round Joe's shoulders: they are knit together by her arms. She can feel their heart beats echo and shake through her. She says softly, but clearly above the thunder and swash of the sea, "Welcome to my real home. For now it is your home too.