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Highwaymen?" she asked, and couldn't hide the hopeful note from her tone."In the middle of the day?""So they're desperate."Being robbed wouldn't be pleasant, but it would actually be preferable compared to an angry criminal running them down from his stolen property."That would be the logical assumption, Becca,if we didn't just leave the house of a confirmed mass murderer.""So you did find the evidence you were after?""It's in the book I asked you to smuggle out. Considering how quickly we left,my guess would be that Mary Pearson immediately mentioned to her husband that she'd put you in their bedroom, and that I entered it as well. Samuel would have gone straight upstairs in that case to check on the imcriminating ledger he'd carelessly left lying on the desk.""And found it gone," she said with a resigned sigh."Don't sound so aggrieved. We'll be fine."She could have screamed at him like a harpy for that ridiculous assessment. With two more shots fired at them, her fear was rising fast. It had been the same back at the Pearson house. The moment Rupert had warned that he'd disabled one of the servants,meaning they could be found out at any moment, her nausea had abruptly ended. Incredible. Did the sudden rush of fear do that? Not that she was going to seek out things to frighten her just to get through this pregnancy a little easier, but it as an interesting side effect. She could at least test the theory at home by having Flora try to startle her or...what the deuce was she doing thinking about things that might never happen when she could end up dead in minutes?