Jason F Wright Books in Order

The Jason F Wright books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Jason F Wright books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Christmas Jars Books

Christmas Jars

Jason F Wright 2005

This New York Times Bestseller has sold nearly 1,000,000 copies across all formats!Christmas Jars -- The Movie was released in theaters on November 4, 2019. Find details at ChristmasJars.com"Just like It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Jars is American storytelling at its best.

Jason Wright has written the next Christmas classic." -Glenn Beck, radio host and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts Christmas Jars shares the story of Hope Jensen, an aspiring journalist who uncovers the remarkable secret behind a holiday phenomenon: money-filled glass jars anonymously given to people in need.

Hope desperately wants to post the story, but doing so would be a breach of trust to the family who entrusted her with the secret. What she decides to do will change her life forever. A heartwarming story that will restore your faith in humanity and make you want to start your own Christmas Jar tradition.

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Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle

Jason F. Wright 2009

Readers across the country have been touched and forever changed by the New York Times bestselling book Christmas Jars. Now, children can feel the spirit of the Christmas Jar in this full- color illustrated children s picture book. Penny s Christmas Jar Miracle is an original story based on the Christmas Jars tradition that has touched hundreds of thousands of lives.

Penny Paisley and her family have a special Christmas tradition. All year long they collect their loose change and drop it in a glass jar on the kitchen counter. Then, each December, Penny and her family make their most exciting decision of the year: Who will receive the Paisley Family Christmas Jar? This year, Penny gets to choose what to do with the jar, and she has something special in mind.

Instead of just giving our jar to only one person or one family, what if we gave it to the entire neighborhood? said Penny. We could use the Christmas jar money to have the biggest and best party anyone has ever been to. No one will ever forget it! To earn money for the Christmas Jar, Penny sets up a hot chocolate stand in front of her house.

Mr. Charlie, the kind elderly man across the street, is her best customer. He even helps her make invitations for the party. But when Mr. Charlie becomes ill, Penny sets a new plan in motion and gets the whole neighborhood involved. Yes, this will be a Christmas and a party that no one will ever forget! Children will not only learn about compassion and service but, most important, they ll see that no matter what your age, you can make a difference in the life of someone else.

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Christmas Jars Reunion

Jason F. Wright 2009

The New York Times bestseller Christmas Jars has sold nearly 500,000 copies. Thousands of people across the country have emailed the author at ChristmasJars.com about how the Christmas Jars tradition has touched their lives either by receiving a jar or by giving one.

Hope Jensen s story continues in Christmas Jars Reunion. It s been two years since Hope was reunited with her biological mother on Christmas Eve at Chuck s Chicken n Biscuits. Hope has never felt more complete. She s writing full- time for a family magazine and, with the help of her mother, Marianne, leading the Christmas Jars Ministry out of Chuck s quirky restaurant.

To top it off, she s dating a marketing executive in a comfortable long- distance relationship. Her life is right where she wants it to be a state of orga - nized chaos as another Christmas rolls around. Then her world changes forever over Thanks - giving weekend.

The Maxwells hire a nephew to take over the family furniture restoration business. Someone that Hope can t stop thinking about. Then an out- of- town stranger shows up at the diner asking to help in the ministry a stranger whose motives are yet unclear.

Before the sun sets on Christmas Day, two men will try to change Hope s life forever. In the process, Hope will be reminded of the immense power of a single jar, and the healing that sometimes comes only with forgiveness.

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Christmas Jars Journey

Wright, Jason F. 2015

In 2005, Jason F. Wright penned a small story centered around a Christmas tradition of collecting spare change in a jar and then giving it to someone in need. The novella, Christmas Jars, would go on to become a New York Times best seller and a Christmas phenomenon.

This eBook exclusive celebrates the tenth anniversary of the book with a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the story along with excerpts from letters from people who either gave or received a Christmas Jar of their own.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The James Miracle

Jason F. Wright 2004

Fans of Jason Wright can enjoy his very first novel, never released to the national market, until now. Originally written as a personal Christmas gift for his wife in 2004, The James Miracle: 10th Anniversary Edition isn't just a novel - it's a message.

Sam and Holly Foster never expected the hardship that shattered their perfect world. It will take the miracle of their young son James' toy boat and a mysterious man to remind them that heaven is not far and that love is never lost. Do you believe in miracles?

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The Wednesday Letters

Jason F. Wright 2007

Jack and Laurel have been married for 39 years. They've lived a good life and appear to have had the perfect marriage. With his wife cradled in his arms, and before Jack takes his last breath, he scribbles his last "Wednesday Letter." When their adult children arrive to arrange the funeral, they discover boxes and boxes full of love letters that their father wrote to their mother each week on Wednesday.

As they begin to open and read the letters, the children uncover the shocking truth about the past. In addition, each one must deal with the present-day challenges. Matthew has a troubled marriage, Samantha is a single mother, and Malcolm is the black sheep of the family who has returned home after a mysterious two-year absence.

The Wednesday Letters has a powerful message about forgiveness and quietly beckons for readers to start writing their own "Wednesday Letters."

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Recovering Charles

Jason F. Wright 2008

Luke Millward is a man who does not know he is lost. His girlfriend loves him; his career is going well; and every night he falls asleep knowing that his life is good and meaningful. Only when the past reveals its twisted smile in a phone call and the disconnected voice asks him to come find his father in post-Katrina New Orleans is Luke compelled to find out what kind of man he truly is.

Recovering Charles is for every family who's had its share of tough times, for anyone who regrets the things you've never said, for everyone who needs to know their life has a second verse.

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The Cross Gardener

Wright, Jason F. 2010

From the New York Times bestselling author, an inspiring story of life, love, and moving on. Married and the father of a young daughter, John Bevan had finally found the traditional family he lacked as an orphaned child. But all that disappears when a fatal car accident steals away his wife-and the unborn child she carried.

Filled with sorrow, John withdraws from life and love. He erects a small cross at the scene of his wife's accident and visits daily, grieving. Then one morning he encounters a young man kneeling before the cross, touching it up with white paint. John's conversations and travels with this mysterious man-known to him only as the Cross Gardener-will forever change his world.

From Jason F. Wright comes a timeless tale that explores the questions we ask when our lives are touched by loss: How do we carry on? And who will show us the way? The answers John Bevan finds illuminate the hope that even in our darkest hours we are not alone.

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The Seventeen Second Miracle

Wright, Jason F. 2010

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wednesday Letters and The Cross Gardener, a story of small kindnesses-and life-changing miracles. Seventeen seconds can change a life forever. This is what Rex Connor learned on a gorgeous summer afternoon in 1970 when, as a lifeguard, he diverted his gaze for seventeen seconds and tragedy occurred.

Forty years later the waves of that day still ripple through the lives of countless people, including his son, Cole. Cole Connor has become a patient teacher, and now he has invited three struggling teenagers to visit him on his front porch to learn about Rex Connor—and the Seventeen Second Miracle.

Together they will learn how Rex Connor could have allowed seventeen seconds to destroy him, but instead he chose to live every day believing the smallest of acts could change the world for good. And the students, each with their own secrets and private pains, will begin to understand that even tragedy brings lessons.

Even pain brings comfort. Even death brings miracles. A seventeen second miracle can change a life—if you let it.

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The Wedding Letters

Jason F. Wright 2011

Their remarkable journey began in 2007 with the New York Times bestseller, The Wednesday Letters.Now comes the next stage of one family's journey to survive their past and forge their own future. With no more secrets...When Noah Cooper "bumps" into Rachel, he thinks it's love at first sight.

Rachel isn't so sure. In time, Noah's charm pays off and he introduces his bride-to-be to a special Cooper family tradition -- the wedding letters. Family and friends of the happy couple are invited to send letters of advice on love, life, and happiness.

However, when a dark secret from Rachel's past surfaces, will Noah, and his parents, Malcolm and Rain, be able to help save the wedding from disaster? And what about the scrapbook of wedding letters that have already been gathered? Could a single letter really provide the answer that will bring Rachel back?Set against the backdrop of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, The Wedding Letters will remind you that sometimes, no matter the secrets of years past, two hearts can still be one.

And by the final page, you might just want to create your own book of wedding letters for someone you love.

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The 13th Day of Christmas

Wright, Jason F 2012

For Marva Ferguson, Christmas is a whirlwind season of joyous activity, and this season, she has a special bit of holiday magic in her apron pocket especially for her youngest neighbor, Charlee. They appear to be unlikely friends-an eighty-year-old widow and a nine-year-old girl-but these two souls find friendship together as they both face obstacles too insurmountable to survive alone.

As Christmas draws closer, Marva chooses the person she would like to carry on her special tradition of "The 13th Day of Christmas." And she knows just the person for the job. She just hopes her message comes in time to change--or save--a life. This beautiful, heartwarming story will inspire you to think about what is important in your own life-and what message of love you might share on the 13th day of Christmas.

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Jeffery, Mr Dave 2016

Disgraced detective Charlie Phillips is used to dealing with the murky underworld thriving in the city of London. But usually those committing the crimes are human.Now something far sinister lurks beneath the streets. A malevolent presence that has been in existence for centuries.

It is drawn to violence, it savours humanity's endless appetite for self destruction.For an age it has been content to keep it's distance, snatching the hapless from alleyways and feeding on their flesh under the cover of darkness. But now it grows restless and craves freedom.

Events in the past are about to give opportunity for mankind's nemesis to rise from their underground lair - and bring merciless carnage to the unsuspecting world above.Once the gateway opens the fate of humanity is sealed. And Phillips is the only one who can stop it .


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The Christmas Doll

Jason F. Wright 2019

Christmas is fast approaching, but in the Saxton home, there is no money for gifts. Could there still be something special for Gail underneath the tree? In The Christmas Doll, best-selling author Jason F. Wright shares a true story from the life of Gail Saxton Miller, billionaire businesswoman and owner of the Utah Jazz NBA team.

But Gail's childhood was vastly different from her life now—facing poverty in the 1940s, the Saxton family made ends meet by turning their small home into rental apartments and made do with hand-me-downs and secondhand items. However, their humble circumstances didn't stop the Saxtons from being rich in what mattered most: self-less acts of love, the rewards of a job well done, and the hope and renewal we can feel through Jesus Christ.

All of these lessons come together at Christmastime, when Gail learns of love and sacrifice through a single, precious gift. The Christmas Doll teaches a wise lesson about the true meaning of the holiday. Christmas isn't just about beautiful decorations or shiny, expensive gifts; it's about the miracle of Jesus to make old things new, revitalize our lives, and bring out the best in humankind to care for another.

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Proposal Letter

Wright, Jason F. 2012

The Proposal Letter is a "bridge novella" that connects The Wednesday Letters (2007) to The Wedding Letters (2011).For years, readers have wondered what became of Malcolm Cooper and Rain Jesperson after the final pages of the New York Times bestselling sleeper hit, The Wednesday Letters.

Did Rain forgive him for running away to Brazil? Did Malcolm recover after learning his parents' shocking secret? Did they fall back in love and marry? What happened to The Domus Jefferson, the Cooper family's beloved B&B?In this short novella, their story continues.


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Picturing Christmas

Wright, Jason 2017

Fresh out of college and about to start her dream job as a photographer in New York, Aubrey is sure her life is picture perfect. From the moment she sets foot in the city, though, everything starts to crumble around her. With family problems back home, a complicated relationship, and an unforgiving city all around her, this Christmas, all Aubrey really wants is to find the real meaning of the holiday.

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books


Wright, Jason F. 2013

A compilation of a three-part series of columns on the inspirational life of FBI Special Agent Knapp. The series first appeared in the Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah) and Northern Virginia Daily (Strasburg, Virginia).Agent Knapp was an agent assigned to Puerto Rico when a series of rescues changed his life - and the lives of family and strangers alike - forever.

"Humble service is a gift that keeps on giving. May we all learn that lesson well." - ALH in Enumclaw, WA"This is inspirational writing at its best about someone whose life is inspiration at its best. Thank you!"-Nan BW in Elder, CO"I guess there really are saints in this world.

This is a great story. It's remarkable how many people have been directed by an unseen voice. I have hard many such stories from people of all religions and even from the not religious."-Jimmy in Bay Area, CA

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Wright Words

Wright, Jason F. 2013

Jason Wright's popular weekly newspaper column — "Wright Words" — appears both in print and online. For the first time ever, compilations of his columns are now available as ebooks. Wright's popular, often deeply personal columns cover topics like family, faith and his observations on current events.

The 2013 collection includes these columns, and more: -Use Monkey Bars to Craft 2013 New Year’s Resolutions--Notre Dame Won a Much More Valuable Prize than BCS Championship this Year-9-year-old Nascar Fan is Pillar of Faith-Bestselling Author Shares Theory – and His Cellphone Number-Why I’m Not an Eagle Scout-Legacy of Phoenix Boy Inspires Second Annual ‘Errands for Ethan’ Day-What Could Kindergarteners Possibly Know About God?-Dying Woman’s Plea Leads to Adoption, Bittersweet Mother’s Day-An Open Letter From a Fad to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Mike Jeffries-20 Things to Embrace this Summer Besides a Summer Romance-Questions That Haunt — Am I Loved? Am I Beautiful? Am I Divine?-Meet a Bestselling Author Who Failed the Seventh Grade-Recovering Alcoholic Finds God Through Guitar Street Performing-From Tragedy of Sexual Assault, Auburn’s 100th Miss Homecoming Shines Light on Adoption-Your Facebook Friends Don’t Care What You Had for Breakfast-Between the Lines of Glenn Beck’s New Book, ‘Miracles and Massacres’-Christmas Jars Tradition Celebrates 9 Years of Miracles

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A Letter to Mary

Jason F. Wright 2016

If Christ had written a letter to His mother, what would He have said? In A Letter to Mary, best-selling author Jason F. Wright contemplates this idea. The essential role of Mary in the life and mission of our Savior is explored through words and artistic photography in the pages of this beautiful book.

Make sharing and reading this book a new part of your holiday traditions as you share the love of Christ with your friends and family.

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Publication Order of Essays

Wright Words - 2010

Wright, Jason F. 2015

Jason Wright's popular weekly newspaper column — "Wright Words" — appears both in print and online. For the first time ever, compilations of his columns are now available as ebooks. Wright's popular, often deeply personal columns cover topics like family, faith and his observations on current events.

The 2010 collection includes these columns, and more: -The Pros and Cons of Life at 37,000 Feet -Failure Is an Option -The Power of Praise -Pass the Grace, Please -No, I can’t introduce you to Glenn Beck

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Wright Words - 2011

Wright, Jason F. 2015

Jason Wright's popular weekly newspaper column — "Wright Words" — appears both in print and online. For the first time ever, compilations of his columns are now available as ebooks. Wright's popular, often deeply personal columns cover topics like family, faith and his observations on current events.

The 2011 collection includes these columns, and more: -Why Fox Fired Glenn Beck-Meet an Alcoholic Husband, Father, Bishop-The New York Times Best Seller List Debunked-Are You Proud To Be an American?-The Top Ten Excuses for Missing a Deadline-The 25-year Anniversary You Don’t Care About-The 82-inch Plasma Rule for a Happy Marriage-Why You Could Be Wrong About Public Schools-Five Tips to Writing The Book in Your Soul-Adultery, Forgiveness and Divorce-What I Wish I’d Known When I Turned 16-A Personal Invitation to The ’12 Days of Service’

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Wright Words - 2012

Wright, Jason F. 2015

Jason Wright's popular weekly newspaper column — "Wright Words" — appears both in print and online. For the first time ever, compilations of his columns are now available as ebooks. Wright's popular, often deeply personal columns cover topics like family, faith and his observations on current events.

The 2012 collection includes these columns, and more: -Let’s Put Noisy Eaters and Other Pet Peeves to Sleep in 2012-What Steve Young Taught Me About Famous People-The Secret of Sound Bite Parenting-The Unspoken Secrets of Bullying at Church-Behind the Scenes of a Fox News Appearance-The Story You Haven’t Heard About David Archuleta’s Mission-Would You Trade Your Life’s Packet of Problems?-Why I’m glad I Lost My Campaign for Congress-The Mitt Romney Effect on Mormon Mission Curiosity-Could You Forgive The Men Who Killed Your Father and Son?-Former Mrs.

Idaho Inspires and Lifts After Near-death Tragedy-Are Your kids Playing Sports for You or for Them?-11-year-old Writer Submits Manuscript and Waits 30 years for Response-Son Admits After 25 years: ‘I Have Not Mourned My Father Very Well’

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