Jack Slater Books in Order

The Jack Slater books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Jack Slater books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of DS Peter Gayle Books

Nowhere to Run

Slater, Jack 2017

‘There are lots of twists and turns in this book and it has the makings of a great series’ - Annette (Netgalley)A missing child. A dead body. A killer on the loose.Returning to Exeter CID after his son’s unsolved disappearance Detective Sergeant Peter Gayle’s first day back was supposed to be gentle.

Until a young girl is reported missing and the clock begins to tick.Rosie Whitlock has been abducted from outside her school that morning. There are no clues, but Peter isn’t letting another child disappear.When the body of another young victim appears, the hunt escalates.

Someone is abducting young girls and now they have a murderer on their hands. Time is running out for Rosie, but when evidence in the case relating to his own son’s disappearance is discovered the stakes are even higher…Looking for more from DS Peter Gayle? Don’t miss his next case in:No Place to HideWhat reviewers are saying about NOWHERE TO RUN‘a lot of suspense and tension as the story twists and turns.

’ - Carol (Goodreads)

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No Place to Hide

Slater, Jack 2017

A house fire. A suspicious death. A serial killer to catch.When a body is found in a house fire DS Peter Gayle is called to the scene. It looks like an accidental death, but the evidence just doesn’t add up.With only one murder victim they can’t make any calls, but it looks like a serial killer is operating in Exeter and it’s up to Pete to track him down.

But with his wife still desperate for news on their missing son and his boss watching his every move, the pressure is on for Pete to bring the murderer to justice before it is too late.NOWHERE TO RUN is out now, but if you’re looking for more from DS Peter Gayle, then don’t miss this gripping new case.

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No Way Home

Slatcher, Julian 2017

Looking for more from DS Peter Gayle? Then don’t miss this chilling new police procedural!A dead body. A mysterious murder. A serial killer on the loose.A taxi driver is found murdered in a remote part of Exeter. He is a family man, no enemies to be found.

There is no physical evidence, except for dozens of fingerprints inside the cab. How will DS Peter Gayle ever track down his killer?Then another cab driver is found dead. Now this isn’t just a case of one murder but a serial killer on the loose, once again…DS Peter Gayle is back! Don’t miss the thrilling next book in Jack Slater’s brilliant crime series, perfect for fans of Angela Marsons and Rachel Abbott.

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No Going Back

Slater, Jack 2018

DS Peter Gayle crime , Book 4.A gruesome find on a woodland walk. A body posed and naked, the killing savage and frenzied. Was the victim known to her attacker? Or is a serial killer emerging in South Devon? With no clues at the scene, DS Pete Gayle and his team must identify the victim before they can even start looking for a suspect.

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No Middle Ground

Slater, Jack 2018

A missing father. A desperate daughter. A terrible discovery. A new case is the last thing DS Pete Gayle needs right now, but when it falls right into his lap, he has no choice. Justice is crying out to be served. With a career-making trial about to begin and his son in imminent danger from a pair of psychopathic brothers, Pete goes on the hunt in what could turn out to be the biggest case of his life.

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No Safe Place

Slater, Jack 2019

His young son is recently dead, his traumatised daughter is going through hell and his station chief is out for his blood – or at least his career – when DS Pete Gayle is called to a murder scene on a residential street in Exeter.A body has been found, horrifically tortured and left outside a women’s refuge.

She is quickly identified as a resident, the victim of domestic abuse. But the obvious suspect was three hundred miles away, so who did this? And why? Haven’t these women been through enough?Touched by the plight and the resilience of the shelter’s residents, Pete must track down a vicious and sadistic killer before more can fall prey.

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No Compromise

Slater, Jack 2019

No Compromise (DS Peter Gayle thriller series, book 7)A brutal murder. A man jailed. A new witness who claims he couldn’t have been there.Already in the middle of a violent and complex case, DS Pete Gayle gets entangled in a tangled web of lies and intrigue.

With a man in jail for a murder he may not have committed, the reputation of the station and the whole force is on the line. Pete has to face one of the hardest choices of his life. To break ranks and go against another officer risks losing friends, colleagues and career, but if he ignores the case, will he be able to live with himself?

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Nowhere to Run - The Dark Side

Slater, Jack 2020

A young girl is snatched from right outside her school.While she fights to survive in the clutches of her abductors, her family is ripped apart by guilt and recriminations. But, with no demand or even a message to go on, they are forced to rely on the police to find her.

And not even the officer in charge of the case is aware until it’s too late of just how close he is to the kidnappers.The other side of the mirror from DS Pete Gayle’s investigation in Book One of the series, Nowhere to Run – this is The Dark Side.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Venus Flaw

Slater, Jack 2018

The Venus FlawMurder and corruption in the Maltese government combine with the concealment of a horrific secret in a minefield of intrigue and violence.When Dan and Wendy Griffin find a cave full of prehistoric artwork on the coast of Malta they are plunged into a living nightmare.

Someone is trying to keep something hidden, but who? And what?Unable to trust the police or the British Embassy and with no clues other than the cave itself and the fact that one of the men trying to keep them from it works for the National Security Service, they must try to figure out what is going on before one or both of them are killed.

The Venus Flaw was inspired by the mysterious events that have plagued Maltese archaeology since the early 1950s. Theft, lies, violence and vandalism, have been integral to a campaign of misinformation that has reached all the way to the top levels of government.

Such a concerted and extensive campaign strongly suggests that something is being hidden. But what? Why are archaeologists being discouraged from the island and the public from its caves? And, with these often illegal activities being instigated when Malta was still well and truly a part of the British Empire, who is behind it all?

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