Gordon R Dickson Books in Order

The Gordon R Dickson books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Gordon R Dickson books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Hoka Books

Earthman's Burden

Anderson, Poul 1957
Humorous science fiction Read More

Star Prince Charlie

Anderson, Poul & Dickson, Gordon R. 1975


Poul Anderson 1983
Vintage paperback Read More

Hokas Pokas!

Anderson, Poul 2000
On a distant planet far from Earth, a young human boy and his Hoka tutor are destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy that could have unexpected and deadly consequences. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Childe Cycle Books

Necromancer aka No Room for Man

Dickson, Gordon R. 1962

Life on Earth is good. Disease is checked, hunger ended, and war and suffering abolished, with liberty and justice and a high standard of living for all.But Paul Formain, a strangely gifted young engineer, doesn't believe a word of it.So he comes to Walter Blunt's Chantry Guild, whose motto is "Destruct!" and whose stated goal is the end of civilization.

There are Alternate Laws at work in the world, says the Chantry Guild; Walter Blunt has pledged his life to them, and to the principle of destruction as a positive force.Even more disturbingly, the Alternate Laws appear to work.After centuries of hope and progress, and the triumph of science, something strange is happening to mankind.

And whatever it is, it's going to be big.

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Soldier, Ask Not

Dickson, Gordon R. 1964

On the sixteen colonized worlds, mankind had changed, evolved into something that was slightly more than human...and slightly less. Men of War on the Dorsai worlds, men of Faith on the Friendly Worlds of Harmony and Association, men of Science, the Exotics of Kultis and Mara, and the Splinter cultures which had produced even stranger new talents.

Those who knew said it was the Dorsai who supplied soldiers to the sixteen worlds. The Friendlies supplied cannon fodder, common soldiers who could be relied on to obey orders at all times.But even cannon fodder can sometimes produce genius. Jamethon Black is a true soldier, and a true man of faith.

Now he must face a deadly enemy--an enemy whose defeat will forever separate Black from the only woman he has ever loved.

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Tactics Of Mistake

Dickson, Gordon R. 1971

It's obvious that Cletus Graeme--limping, mild-mannered scholarly--doesn't belong on a battling field, but instead at a desk working on his fourth book on battle strategy and tactics. But Bakhalla has more battlefields than libraries, and Graeme sees his small force of Dorsai--soldiers of fortune--as the perfect opportunity to test his theories.

But if his theories or his belief in the Dorsai lead him astray, he's a dead man.

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Spirit of Dorsai

Dickson, Gordon R. 1979
When the male Dorsai warriors leave their world to fight wars on distant planets, the women Dorsai, led by courageous warrior Amanda Morgan, remain behind as the fierce and unfailing guardians of their home. Reprint. Read More

Lost Dorsai

Gordon R. Dickson 1980
A collection of Dorsai literature features the Hugo Award-winning novella, Lost Dorsai, the classic short story, "Warrior," and a roadmap of the author's massive creation, the "Childe Cycle." Read More

The Final Encyclopedia

Dickson, Gordon R. 1984
This book is an adult science fiction novel. Read More

The Dorsai Companion

Dickson, Gordon R. 1986
Presents a selection of shorter science fiction stories from Dickson's continuing saga, the "Childe Cycle" Read More

The Chantry Guild

Dickson, Gordon R. 1988

Hal Mayne is lured away from important research aboard the Final Encyclopedia by the shattering news of the Younger Worlds' oncoming defeat--an inevitable triumph for the cross-cultural hybrids known as the Others. And on the planet Kultis, Hall will meet his ultimate challenge--and enter a battle that will alter mankind's destiny forever.


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Young Bleys

Dickson, Gordon R. 1991
The Splinter Cultures' longtime experimentation in human genetics pits Hal Mayne, hero of the Young Worlds, against power-hungry Bleys Ahrens and his greedy half-brother, Dahno Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 1994

Bleys Ahrens is now a political power on the planet Association, home of the Friendlies. His people--his Others, not Dorsai or Friendly or Exotic, but hybrids--are in place on all the new worlds, and are ready to take his message to the greater human public.

But within his inner circle is Henry McLean, Soldier of God, and a True Faith-Holder. Henry fears for the soul of his nephew Bleys, and while he guards, he also watches, and judges.And beyond Bleys Ahrens' control is Hal Mayne: the one man in all the human worlds who might successfully challenge Bleys in his bid for power.

For Hal Mayne is the true culmination of the Cycle's grand design. Bleys would give anything to convert Hal Mayne to his cause--or failing that, to destroy him.

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Four to Dorsai!

Dickson, Gordon R 2002
great book Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 2007

Gordon R. Dickson’s “Childe Cycle” of novels depicting the future of the human race has been one of the grand epics of science fiction. At the time of his death in 2001, Dickson was writing Antagonist, the tale of Bleys Ahrens’ turn toward darkness.

Now Dickson’s assistant David W. Wixon has brilliantly finished the long-awaited book, working from Dickson’s copious notes. Antagonist is a fitting capstone to one of the most ambitious series in SF history. The Childe Cycle is the story of a new human evolution: the development of a real, hardwired sense of “responsibility” shared by all human beings.

Donal Graeme was a Dorsai, a mercenary soldier, and also a mutant gifted with insight into the path forward for the human race. Through his gifts Donal would come to bend time and live three lifetimes—and, in the process, run into problems he had not expected: first, his own flaws, and second, the existence of another mutant, Bleys Ahrens.

 Following Young Bleys and Other, Antagonist advances the story of the formidably powerful Bleys Ahrens. Bleys is a man with a clear vision of the struggle in which he’s involved -- but an increasingly deficient sense of human values. He and his organization, the Others, are tracking down an elusive interplanetary opposition.

Meanwhile, Bleys' own intricate conspiracies and devisings, and his quest for power, which began with the best of motives, have become something darker and fiercer.  He's committed to his plans. They may bring about the advent of Homo superior. And they may destroy the human race.

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Publication Order of Under the Sea Books

Secret Under the Sea

dickson, gordon r. 1960

Why is his dolphin acting so strangely? Something must be wrong. It is the year 2013, and Robby lives in an Underwater Research Station with his scientist parents. Most of the time he has fun exploring the ocean caves with the dolphin who is his favorite companion.

But something has frightened the dolphin, and Robby sets out to investigate. Then he finds the giant footprints. And he knows that something enormous and unknown is walking here across the bottom of the sea.

Read More

Secret Under the Caribbean

Dickson, Gordon R 1964
1964. FIRST EDITIOIN Read More

Publication Order of Dilbia Books

Spacial Delivery

Dickson, Gordon R. 1960
John Tardy, a champion decathlon athlete, is recruited by Helping Hand to travel to the planet Dilbia and rescue Ty Lamorc, an envoy of the interplanetary contact agency Read More

Space Paw

Dickson, Gordon R. 1969

Operation Spacepaw. Bill Waltham has a sneaking suspicion that a few important details were purposely withheld from him when he receives his assignment to the planet Dilbia. At first, the project - to teach the planet's bearlike inhabitants the basic agricultural skills - seems a straightforward, though boring, undertaking for a young engineer on the rise.

But Bill immediately senses a very keen hostility from the DIlbians toward interfering humans. And in trying to solve a major crisis on the planet, he finds himself involved in a knock-down, drag-out brawl that has all the undertones of a David-and-Goliath battle revisited.

Read More

The Right to Arm Bears

Dickson, Gordon R. 2000

HUMANS OR HEMNOIDS:AN UNBEARABLE CHOICE!Planet Dilbia is in a crucial location for both humans and their adversaries, the Hemnoids. Therefore making friends with the Dilbians and establishing a human presence there is of the utmost importance, which may be a problem, since the bearlike Dilbians stand some nine feet tall, and have a high regard for physical prowess.

They're not impressed by human technology, either. A real man, er, bear doesn't need machines to do his work for him.But Dilbians are impressed by sharp thinking, and some have expressed a grudging admiration for the logical (and usually sneaky) mental maneuvers that the human "shorties" have used to get themselves out of desperate jams.

Just maybe that old human craftiness will win over the Dilbians to the human side. If not, we lose a nexus, and the Dilbians will learn just how unbearable Hemnoids can be....

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Publication Order of Sea People Books

The Space Swimmers

Dickson, Gordon R. 1967
Land-born humans are forced to overcome their hatred of the sea-born so that the sea-born can learn the secret of space flight from the mysterious Swimmers Read More

Home from the Shore

Dickson, Gordon R. 1978
Vintage paperback Read More

Publication Order of Dragon and the George Books

The Dragon and the George

Dickson, Gordon R. 1976

Through no fault of his own, the once human Jim Eckert had become a dragon. Unfortunately, his beloved Angie had remained human. But in this magical land anything could happen. To make matter worse, Angie had been taken prisoner by an evil dragon and was held captive in the impenetrable Loathly Tower.

So in this land where humans were edible and beasts were magical--where spells worked and logic didn't--Jim Eckert had a big, strange problem.

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The Dragon Knight

Dickson, Gordon R. 1990

In the sequel to The Dragon and the George, Sir James Eckert is transformed back into the shape of a dragon. Now he must learn to control his magical abilities and truly become the Dragon Knight--which carries some responsibilities he hadn't counted on.

"Lives up to its predecessor. . . ."--Library Journal. HC: Tor.

Read More

The Dragon on the Border

Dickson, Gordon R. 1992
Sir James, the Dragon Knight, faces his most terrifying challenge in the nearly indestructible Hollow Men, spirits of the dead who reside in empty suits of armor. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon at War

Dickson, Gordon R. 1992
As France prepares for war against England, Jim Eckert, the Dragon Knight--a twentieth-century college professor transported to an alternate medieval England--discovers that he is all that stands between England and utter destruction. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll

Dickson, Gordon R. 1994
In the middle of the Earl of Somerset's lavish Christmas feast, the fortress is attacked by an army of land-hungry trolls and a band of traitors, and brave Dragon Knight Sir James undertakes a mission that no one can win. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon and The Djinn

Dickson, Gordon R. 1996
Venturing out on a supposedly simple quest to the Holy Land, the Dragon Knight encounters such unexpected challenges as pirates, sea giants, and the legendary Djinn, all of which threaten to make his voyage the most dangerous quest known to man or dragon. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon & the Gnarly King

Dickson, Gordon R. 1997
Jim Eckert travels to a parallel medieval world only to find that he can transform himself into a large dragon named Gorbash, and now as Baron de Bois de Malencontri et Riveroak, he must once again assume the shape of the dragon to save his enchanted realm. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon in Lyonesse

Dickson, Gordon R. 1998
The Dark Powers threaten proud King Arthur and his knights, as they reside under the sea in the land of Lyonesse, leading to a call for help to the Dragon Knight, Jim Eckert, and his friends. Reprint. Read More

The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent

Dickson, Gordon R. 2000

Jim Eckert, the Dragon Knight, must now confront the three disasters that lie in wait for any visitor to the English Middle Ages: war, plague, and Plantagenets.The plagues is caused by a covert invasion of shape-shanging goblins with plague-tipped spears that seek to take over the world.

Meanwhile, Eckert's castle is invaded by Plantagenets: Edward III, his son Edward the Black Prince, and Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent.Against the background of a full-scale human-versus-goblin war, these worthies move in a swirl of intrigue and dynastic tension.

And, as usual, it's up to the Jim Eckert, in all his scaly glory, to make sure good triumphs in the end!

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Publication Order of Jim Eckert Books

Beyond the Dar Al-Harb

Dickson, Gordon R. 1985
Jami al-Kafir, a young Scottish prince turned bodyguard for a jewel merchant in Ayla, is tricked by an unscrupulous Persian sorcerer into kidnapping an exquisite and enchanted young woman called the White Flower Read More

Publication Order of War and Honor Books

The Harriers/Of War and Honor

Gordon R. Dickson 1991
Class warfare rages on the Hub, an artificial world where the Petit Harriers--a motley band of adventurers created to do the planet's dirty work--rebel against the tyranny of the Grand Harriers Read More

Blood and War

Dickson 1993
As they settle more and more planets, the human race must deal with the Emerging Planets Fairness Court, a stern governing body that sits in judgment on all intergalactic newcomers. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Combat Command Books

The omega rebellion

Denning, Troy 1987
The reader plays the role of Gaspar Newlin, a junkloader in the Hillgrove Production Complex who becomes caught between rebel and government forces and must choose to lead either a group of outlaws or a government security force Read More

Dorsai's Command

Gordon R. Dickson 1989
You are Mies Ohanlon, active-duty officer of the elite corps known as the Dorsai. Young and inexperienced, you are about to take on your first assignment--a raw, violent challenge that will make or break your career in the finest military force in the universe. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Mankind on the Run aka On the Run

Dickson, Gordon R. 1956
After the police order him to forget his missing wife, Kil Bruner's search leads him to deformed psychos, secret societies of wierd giants, time-warping superhumans, and warring conspiracies ready to destroy Earth Read More

Time to Teleport

Dickson, Gordon R. 1960
They called their secret society Members of the Human Race, but the majority of humanity preferred to call them "the Inhumans." That's because it was generally believed that they were a vicious masked gang of vivisectionists, mutators, and monster-makers. Read More

Naked to the Stars

Gordon R. Dickson 1961

A Nebula Award-winning Author During an action on the third planet from Arcturus, soldier Cal Truent woke up in the hospital with a sixteen-hour hole in his memory. No one knows what it is that Cal has forgotten, but his superiors can't take the chance that it might be something deadly to his fellow soldiers -- and to Earth.

Somehow Cal means to seek out whatever it is that his mind is resisting ...

Read More

Delusion World

Dickson, Gordon R. 1961

There had to be a reason why that isolated human colony had been able to survive mankind's implacable enemies. But nobody had been able to get to the quaintly named Dunroamin to find out.If they had a secret defence, it could be the answer to a hundred planets' prayers.

And Feliz Gebrod realized as he came in for a crash landing that he'd know the secret sooner than he'd expected.Except that what he encountered was a life-and-death riddle that had nothing to do with stellar defence. It was this: how can two mutually irreconcilable Utopias occupy the same space at the same time?

Read More

Mission to Universe

Dickson, Gordon R 1965
Mission to Universe paperback book Read More

The Alien Way

Dickson, Gordon R. 1965
Ace paperback, 1983, later printing. This is a 1965 science fiction adventure novel about the human battle against alien invaders. First published in a shorter form as "The Hard Way" in Analog (January 1963). Read More

Space Winners

Dickson, Gordon R. 1965
Stranded on the Quarantined World of Quebahr, the first high-school students selected to leave Earth for study in the Galactic Federation must overcome their lack of training and learn to adapt and survive. Reprint. Read More


Gordon R. Dickson 1969
One hundred years into the future, the first expedition from Earth reaches Alpha Centurai III and discovers that all life, including humankind, is governed by the Throne World and Earth is only a primitive outpost, but one man from Earth will show the High-Born something unexpected. Reissue. Read More

None but Man

Dickson, Gordon R. 1969

A classic of science fiction from SF legend Gordon R. Dickson, winner of three Hugo awards, a Nebula award, and an inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.The long period of civil unrest known as the Frontier Rebellion has come to an end. The Old Worlders of Earth and the colonists of the Pleiades Planets at the edge of known space have at last formed an uneasy peace.

But for former Rebel highjacker Culihan O’Rourke, peace will not last long. The aliens known as the Moldaugs have returned from their long absence, and they are demanding the Old Worlders turn over the Pleiades Planets to them. If the Old Worlders fail to do so, the Moldaugs will annihilate the human race.

With Old Earth aligned with the aliens against them, the colonists don’t stand a chance. But Cully O’Rourke has faced down long odds before—and he’s not one to give up his home without a fight.   About Gordon R. Dickson:  "Dickson is one of SF's standard-bearers.

"—Publishers Weekly "Dickson has a true mastery of pacing and fine understanding of human beings."—Seattle Post Intelligencer "A masterful science fiction writer."—Milwaukee Journal “The grandest saga in the history of science fiction.”—Ben Bova on Dickson’s Dorsai stories "Dickson is among the best storytellers we have ever had.

..one of the finest makers that our field has ever known."—Poul Anderson

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Hour of the Horde

Dickson, Gordon R. 1970
Representatives of each planet meet in space in a last-pitch effort to turn back an invading horde of space travelers Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 1970
Vintage paperback Read More

Sleepwalker's World

Dickson, Gordon R. 1971

A SCIENCE FICTION CLASSIC FROM A MASTER. Celebrated author Gordon R. Dickson's classic novel pitting good against evil, back in print.The Sleeper Wakes The energy crisis has been solved. Core Taps have been driven 300 miles into the Earth to tap into the subterranean power source at its core.

The only catch: when activated, the Core Taps disrupt brain waves, sending everyone nearby into a deep, forced sleep. It’s a small price to pay for a world of plenty. Or so it seems. Rafe Harald is one of the few humans not affected by the Core Taps.

Back from the Moon, where he has been preparing for humankind’s first trek into deep space, he makes his way through a shadowy night world of induced slumber. He’s come to discover the whereabouts of a missing colleague. What he’ll find is a mysterious figure known as the Old Man—and a conspiracy so devious in its design, he’ll wish it was a nightmare.

But soon the Old Man will discover that he has awoken a sleeping giant in Rafe Harald. And on a planet of perpetual sleep, a new day is about to dawn. About Gordon R. Dickson: "Dickson is one of SF's standard-bearers."—Publishers Weekly "Dickson has a true mastery of pacing and fine understanding of human beings.

"—Seattle Post Intelligencer "A masterful science fiction writer."—Milwaukee Journal

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The Outposter

Dickson, Gordon R. 1971

A classic of science fiction from SF legend Gordon R. Dickson, winner of three Hugo awards, a Nebula award, and an inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.IT’S ALWAYS HIGH NOON ON THE FINAL FRONTIER The Earth is overcrowded. Chosen by lottery, people are shunted off to the far-flung planetary colonies.

But winning this lottery is no prize, for the colonist are largely ignored by the people of Earth, considered disposable. Left to defend for themselves, the colonists are plagued by low supplies and are forced to eke out a hardscrabble existence. Worse, they face an ever-looming threat from without: the alien Meda V'Dans, who routinely attack without provocation.

Fortunately, the colonists have the Outposters to protect them. One such Outposter is Mark Ten Roos, a young man with a score to settle against the Meda V'Dans . . . and the will to bring a corrupt system to its knees. About Gordon R. Dickson: "Dickson is one of SF's standard-bearers.

"—Publishers Weekly "Dickson has a true mastery of pacing and fine understanding of human beings."—Seattle Post Intelligencer "A masterful science fiction writer."—Milwaukee Journal

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The Pritcher Mass

Dickson, Gordon R. 1972
Book by Dickson, Gordon R. Read More

The R-Master

Dickson, Gordon R. 1973
Science Fiction book. Read More

Alien Art

Dickson, Gordon R. 1973
Mattie was a nineteen-year-old girl, Cary, an ignorant backwoodsman, and Charlie, a swamp otter who carved things with his teeth--against them stood the resources of a hundred worlds... Read More

The Last Master

Dickson, Gordon R. 1973
Etter Ho decides to take the R-Master treatment, which unpredictably turns people either into geniuses or idiots, in hope of saving his brother, a victim of the treatment Read More

Ancient, My Enemy

Dickson, Gordon R. 1974

STATED FIRST PRINTING. APRIL 1976 DAW MASS MARKET PAPERBACK, Gordon R. Dickson (The Forever Man). Here are stories of interstellar exploration, of adventure at the dawn of star flight and at the ultimate end of star flight, of man versus machine, of man versus nature, and of man versus the cosmos.

- Goodreads

Read More

Gremlins Go Home

Ben Bova 1974
Baneen devises a plan so that he and his fellow gremlins can leave earth and return to Gremla Read More

The Lifeship / Lifeboat

Gordon R. Dickson 1975
A human spokesman attempts to save himself and others from the death-in-space credo of the Albenareth commander of their emergency spacecraft Read More

Time Storm

Gordon R. Dickson 1977
Accompanied by a leopard and a nearly autistic young woman, Marc Despard sets out to locate his wife, who, along with the rest of humanity, was swept away by a time storm. Reprint. Read More

The Far Call

Dickson, Gordon R. 1978

Jens Wylie would never leave Earth, but his heart was with the brave men and women of the first Mars Expedition, enchanted by the siren song of the stars. As U.S. Undersecretary of Space, he thought he could share some small part of that bold adventure.

But as the mission progressed, Jens saw the sure signs of imminent disaster, a mission failure that could bring Earth's Space program to a halt. He knew that he must risk his future, and maybe even his life, to keep humanity on the road to the stars-the only question was whether he had the courage to do it.

Read More


Gordon R. Dickson 1978
Harb Mallard, the ambitious new Sector Chief for the Galactic Expansion Service, decides to circumvent Service guidelines and convert the alien inhabitants of world 49381D by taking control of a local warlike faction Read More

Masters of Everon

Gordon R. Dickson 1979
Vintage softcover Read More

The Man from Earth

Gordon R. Dickson 1983
Book by Gordon R. Dickson Read More

Jamie the Red

Dickson, Gordon R. 1984


Dickson, Gordon R. 1984
Combining action, adventure, and emotion the author pits humans against insurmountable aliens, bitter weather on frontier planets, and their own fears to depict man's heroism in the struggle for survival Read More

Secrets of the Deep

Dickson, Gordon R. 1985
Vintage paperback Read More

Steel Brother

Dickson, Gordon R. 1985

The Forever Man

Dickson, Gordon R. 1986

The Last Dream

Gordon R. Dickson 1986
The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author presents a fantasy tale featuring dragons, water-witches, were-creatures, and a haunted village Read More


Gordon R. Dickson 1986
In a look at human-alien communication, the author explores the potential dangers of misunderstanding when dealing with an alien race possessing potentially lethal weaponry Read More

Way of the Pilgrim

Dickson, Gordon R. 1987

Shane, a gifted linguist, has spent his life learning the language of the old and powerful alien race that has conquered Earth. He has learned it so well that the interstellar masters, old hands at enslaving planets, regard him as a valuable servant.But Shane has a secret.

One day, in a rebellious moment, he invented The Pilgrim: a mysterious figure who incites rebellion and vanishes unseen, leaving a distinctive icon behind him.Now the human underground is preparing to rebel. Shane knows how hopeless their rebellion will be.

He knows, as well, that he will be unable to keep himself from taking part.

Read More

The Earth Lords

Dickson, Gordon R. 1988
In a labyrinth hidden below the Caradian border, dwarfish race rules over humans and plots the downfall of humankind, while Bart Dybig, one of the groups captives, plans his escape to the world above Read More

Wolf and Iron

Dickson, Gordon R. 1990
After a worldwide financial collapse cripples America, Jeremy Bellamy Walther, one of the few who knows how to reverse the catastrophe, begins a cross-country trek in order to spread his knowledge Read More

The Magnificent Wilf

Gordon R. Dickson 1995
Earth has been contacted by galactic civilization, and Tom and his wife, Lucy, seem to be the perfect candidates to tour the galaxy as Earth's representatives and learn the ways of the galaxy, but on their performance hinges Earth's relations with other civilizations. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Collections

Time Grabber

Dickson, Gordon R. 1952

Philton J. Bugsomer is a scholar of sociomaticsin the 27th century. With the time-grabber he'll be able snatch some Christians from the 1st century before they are killed by the Roman Gladiators. Bugsomer, despite the possiblilty of a time paradox, decides to replace those Christians with some round heads.

But things don't got exactly as planned. Do they ever when time travel is involved?Also includes the story THE BREAKING OF JERRY McCLOUD. Jerry didn't want to bring his wife to this wild outpost without a stake―but he turned sentimental when he was vamped by a skem!

Read More

Planet Run

Laumer, Keith 1967
Two space explorers decide to take part in a land rush, a merchant crash-lands on a wilderness planet, and a farmer is assigned to be a prince's bodyguard Read More

The Book of Gordon Dickson

Dickson, Gordon R. 1970
A collection of thirteen short stories. Read More


Dickson, Gordon R 1970

The Star Road

Dickson, Gordon R. 1973
Clean bright cover with edge wear. Text is perfect. Same day shipping first class from AZ. Read More

In Iron Years

Dickson, Gordon R. 1980
A serious collection of Science Fiction stories which must be read all the way through Read More

Love Not Human

Dickson, Gordon R. 1981

From the icy depths of Loch Ness to the alien skies of Arcturus IV, from the strange people at the top of the hill to a lonely computer, from tentacled Minions and swampdwelling Cidorians to a telepathic dog and genius — I.Q. cat—Gordon R. Dickson, Nebula and Hugo winning author of the fabulous Dorsal saga, spans space and time to explore the secrets of the human—and inhuman—heart Black Charlie - (1954) Moon, June, Spoon, Croon - (1955) The Summer Visitors - (1960) Listen - (1952) Graveyard - (1953) Fido - (1957) The Breaking of Jerry McCloud - (1953) Love Me True - (1961) The Christmas Present - (1958) It Hardly Seems Fair - (1960) The Monster and the Maiden - (1976)

Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 1985
Stories deal with construction crews in space, emigrants, contact between minds, a rescue mission to an alien world, robots, psychic powers, apparitions, and alien games Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 1985
Stories deal with colonial rebellions, interstellar trading, alien invaders, invincible armadas, telepathic hunting, frontier law, and extraterrestrial warfare. Read More

The Man the Worlds Rejected

Dickson, Gordon R. 1986
Stories deal with a misplaced treasure, a mysterious stowaway, an abandoned spaceship, interstellar crime, a post-nuclear war survivor, and the Loch Ness monster Read More

The Stranger

Dickson, Gordon R. 1987
A collection of fourteen stories, including "The Stranger," "MX Knows Best," "IT, Out of Darkest Jungle," "The Green Building," and "Cloak and Stagger" Read More

In the Bone

Dickson, Gordon R. 1987

Guided Tour

Dickson, Gordon R. 1988
A selection of short works by the noted science fiction writer includes "The Monkey Wrench," "Last Voyage," "Rehabilitated," "Lulungomeena," and "Time Grabber" Read More


Dickson, Gordon R. 1988
Vintage paperback Read More


Gordon R. Dickson 1988
Book by Gordon R. Dickson Read More

Bootcamp 3000

Dickson 1992
A collection of short stories set in a future of space-age wars features works by Christopher Anvil, Raymond E. Banks, Sonya Dorman, Joe W. Haldeman, Harry Harrison, Chad Oliver, and Jack Vance. Original. Read More

Hour of the Gremlins

Dickson, Gordon R. 2002
Filled with adventure, humor, and excitement, a thrilling trio of stories, by two science fiction masters, features Gremlins, Go Home, in which Baneen devises a plan so that he and his fellow gremlins can leave Earth and return to Gremla. Reprint. Read More

The Human Edge

Dickson, Gordon R. 2003
The powerful alien armadas that have conquered half the galaxy are suddenly confronted by a dangerous new obstacle to their goal of ultimate power--the tricky human inhabitants of a backwater planet called Earth. Original. Read More

The Best of Gordon R. Dickson, Volume 1

Dickson, Gordon R. 2017

The best of the best from a legendary master of science fiction, the first of two volumes.The Best of Gordon R. Dickson, Volume I, gathers together fourteen stories, predominantly from the first half of legendary science fiction and fantasy writer Gordon R.

Dickson’s career, ranging from the early 1950s through the 1960s, including tales dragons, dolphins, aliens, werewolves, mutants and humans trying to make sense of an infinitely bewildering universe. A maiden aunt is suddenly given superpowers. An alien who looks like a large, sentient rabbit makes ominous announcement which make no sense from behind an impenetrable force shield.

Humans besieged by an alien enemy refuse, against all reason, to give up fighting. And much more, in stories running the gamut from exciting adventure to stark tragedy to hysterical comedy. Plus the never before published “Love Story,” written for Harlan Ellison’s legendary, but never published anthology, The Last Dangerous Visions.

And stay tuned for The Best of Gordon R. Dickson, Volume II, with another generous display of Dickson’s virtuosity, covering his brilliant career from 1970s to the century’s end.At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

"Dickson is among the best storytellers we have ever had...one of the finest makers that our field has ever known."—Poul Anderson“Dickson is one of SF’s standard-bearers.”—Publishers Weekly“The grandest saga in the history of science fiction.

”—Ben Bova on Dickson’s Dorsai storiesGordon R. Dickson (1923-2001) was one of the most prolific and popular science fiction writers of the 20th Century, frequently nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards and winning three Hugos and one Nebula.

He also received the Jupiter, August Derleth, and Skylark Awards, and was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. He published nearly fifty solo novels, as well as several collaborations with such SF masters as Poul Anderson, Ben Bova, Keith Laumer, and Harry Harrison, and over one hundred and fifty short stories, novelettes, and novellas.

His most popular works were the novels and shorter pieces in the Childe cycle (which included the Dorsai stories). Also very popular was his Dragon series of fantasy novels, which began with the award-winning The Dragon and the George, and continued for a total of nine novels, and the humorous Hoka stories, co-authored with Poul Anderson.

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

No Shield from the Dead

Dickson, Gordon R. 1953
This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them. Read More

It Hardly Seems Fair

Dickson, Gordon R. 2011

"Sunset." said Creighar, thickly, tossing the knife on the table between them. "You cut him loose."ExcerptHe did, on a higher note. "You heard me? Cut him loose!" Face calm above his triumph pounding heart, Frank rose; still without words, he picked up the knife and went out of the little camping shell.

Outside, beyond the shell's own glow of yellow glow-tube illumination, the sun Alpha Celana was dropping under the horizon. Her orange rays struck full on the squat black forms of the forest's native trees ; and flooded through with a halloween color upon the table before him, the two camping shells behind, the clearing and the bluey huddled shapes of the natives.

The 'Daddy' of the native group — now a mottled shadow — still lay where he had been tied, spread-eagled and belly-up in the clearing. He said nothing now, as Frank approached him with the knife, but looked up at the young human with his wide mouth half-open and the pointed teeth inside skinned free of the lips.

But for all the exposure of his fangs, there was no impression of belligerence or fierceness to begot from him. He only looked stranded — tied down there — like a shark half-dead and helpless on some storm wrung beach. Frank cut the ropes that bound his legs and arms to the pegs driven into the soft, grey earth.

"You can go now," he said. He hesitated, then held out a hand to the native. "Let me help you. How do you feel?" "Sick, sick — " moaned the Daddy, in his own tongue — but he did not avail himself of the thin, human hand outstretched ; but rolled over, and over again, half-tumbling half-crawling toward the huddle of other natives, until he reached and was absorbed in the mass of their mutual shadow.

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Green Guide: Mushrooms and Toadstools

Dickson, Gordon 1992
This is an illustrated guide to 150 species of mushrooms and toadstools, commonly found in Britain and Europe. All can be recognized without a microscope, and a concise description details the main characteristics of each species. Read More

Publication Order of Hoka Collections

Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!

Gordon Dickson 1983
Alexander Jones, a representative of the Interbeing League for the teddy-bear like Hoka species, finds his assignment challenging when the human-emulating Hokas are unable to discern Earth fact from fiction. Original. Read More

Publication Order of War and Honor Books

Blood and War

Dickson 1993
As they settle more and more planets, the human race must deal with the Emerging Planets Fairness Court, a stern governing body that sits in judgment on all intergalactic newcomers. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Day the Sun Stood Still

Poul Anderson 1972
Three stories about modern man's confrontation with a miracle provide a penetrating study of human faith Read More

Wondermakers 2

Robert Hoskins 1974

Wondermakers 2 offers a view of science fiction's development over the past two decades. The twenty stories included here are representative of the work of writers who are shaping the science fiction of today and tomorrow. Perhaps in the shape of these new and original ideas of today we can determine something of the true shape of tomorrow.

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Alpha 6

Robert Silverberg 1976
Book Read More

Beyond Tomorrow

Lee Harding (ed) 1976
1st edition NEL 1977 paperback, fine, Isaac Asimov, Philip K Dick, JG Ballard, Silverberg etc - We have traded for 20+ yearsIn stock shipped from our UK warehouse Each Book is in a protective clear bag, well packaged and normally sent out with Read More

Robert Adams' Book of Soldiers

(Franklin) Robert Adams 1988
A collection of science fiction stories, featuring the warriors and heroes of such writers as Larry Niven, Poul Anderson, D.C. Poyer, David Drake, and Roger Zelazny Read More


Greenberg, Martin Harry 1997
Just like the title reads...This is for Dragon and Fantasy Lovers alike...Great collection of authors... Read More

Robert Silverberg Presents the Great Science Fiction Stories

Greenberg, Martin H. 2001

A anthology of the best short Science Fiction published in 1964. Selected by Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg. Some of the stories included are: "The Last Lonely Man" by John Brunner, "Outward Bound" by Norman Spinrad, "The Master Key" by Poul Anderson, and The Dowry of Angyar" by Ursula K.

Le Guin.

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