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He wet a paper towel, and took my chin, lifting and wiping my face. "Derek? I'm not hurt.""You're covered in blood.""But it's not mine. Honest. It's from—""The werewolf. I know." He picked up my hand and started cleaning it. "That's why I have to get it off.""Derek?" I leaned down, trying to see his face. "Are you okay?" He kept scrubbing. "There are two ways to become a werewolf. Either you're born or you get bitten by one. If you get saliva in your bloodstream, it's like a virus.""Blood, too?""Dad says no, it's just saliva. But he could be wrong, and you've got cuts and scrapes and blood all over." I had a few cuts and scrapes, and I was only flecked with blood, but I kept my mouth shut and let him clean.As he did, I tried to check out how badly he was hurt. His scraped cheeks were pitted with gravel. His nose was bloodied. Broken? One eye was already darkening. Was that blood in the corner? His lip was cut and swollen. Were any teeth loose? MIssing? "Stop fidgeting, Chloe." I couldn't help it. His injuries obviously needed more attention than mine, but here was no sense saying anything until he was done.Finally, when he seemed to have scrubbed off every fleck of blood—and a few layers of skin—I said, "Okay, now on to you.""Take off your jacket and sweatshirt.""Derek, I'm clean. Trust me, I've never been this clean.""You've got blood on your cuffs."*** "Okay, now can we take care of the guy that was actually in the fight? There's a lot of blood. It seems to be mostly from your nose.""It is.""You got hit in the chest a few times. How are your ribs?""Maybe bruised. Nothing critical.""Shirt off." He sighed, like now I was the one fussing too much