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The Evelyn Anthony books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Evelyn Anthony books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Romanov Trilogy Books

Imperial Highness

Anthony, Evelyn 1953
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Curse Not the King

Anthony, Evelyn 1954

Set in 18th century Russia, the dramatic events leading to the death of Catherine Alexeievna are re-enacted and the bitter conflict between Catherine the Great and her son Paul is described. Paul is an ugly, pathetic figure, plagued by misfortune. His fate is in his mother's hands.

The author has written "The Silver Falcon" and "The Tamarind Seed".

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Far Fly the Eagles

Anthony, Evelyn 1955
This final volume in the Romanov trilogy relives the story of Czar Alexander the First, grandson of Catherine the Great and his opponent Napoleon, the Emperor of France. It leads to some of the bloodiest battles of the century and culminates in the 100 days War and Waterloo. Read More

Publication Order of Davina Graham Books

The Defector / Betrayal

Anthony, Evelyn 1981
The Defector (Signet) Read More


Anthony, Evelyn 1982

The Company of Saints /Mind Games

Anthony, Evelyn 1983
British secret agent Davina Graham finds herself confronting--in mutual bafflement, this time--her old nemesis, KGB chief Igor Borisov, when an American diplomat and his daughter are killed by a terrorist bomb on the Grand Canal Read More

Publication Order of MacDonald Books


Anthony, Evelyn 1962
Set in 1745, in the time of feuds between the Clans and the Scottish support for the Old Pretender, Katherine falls in love with James MacDonald, and despite the family feuds which separate them, their love never dies. Her other books include "Imperial Highness" and "Curse Not the King". Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Anne Boleyn

Anthony, Evelyn 1957


Anthony, Evelyn 1958


Anthony, Evelyn 1960

Describes the emotions of Queen Elizabeth I. For although her great passion was for power, she was capable of more human feelings such as her love for the worthless Earl of Leicester. Also brought to life are the monarch's vanities, her favourites and her political intrigues - including her struggle with her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, for the throne of England.

The author, who twice won a US Literary Guild Award, also wrote "Anne Boleyn", "Victoria", "Valentina", "Far Fly the Eagles", "Curse Not the King" and "Imperial Highness".

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The Heiress

Anthony, Evelyn 1964


Anthony, Evelyn 1966

Anne of Austria

Anthony, Evelyn 1968
Set against the background of seventeenth-century France, this is the story of the Hapsburg princess who became bride and Queen to Louis X111 of France. Read More

The Legacy

Anthony, Evelyn 1969

The Legend

Anthony, Evelyn 1969
A chilling tale of espionage and betrayal Read More

The Assassin

Anthony, Evelyn 1970

The Rebel Princess

Anthony, Evelyn 1974
Book by Evelyn Anthony Read More

The Persian Ransom / The Persian Price

Anthony, Evelyn 1975

(Logan Field has an enviable position at the top of Imperial Oil. A big contract with the Shah in Teheran, with some financiers in Japan and the Imshan refinery project are supposed to make the West's oil secure and make Imperial Oil millions of dollars.

But the Russians want the Imshan refinery for themselves and so back the Syrians who back some Palestinian terrorists who kidnap Field's wife. What will be Filed's priority: the oil business, his mistress or his wife?)

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The Return

Anthony, Evelyn 1978
Vintage paperback Read More

Voices on the Wind

Anthony, Evelyn 1985
Years after World War II, Kate Alfurd is recalled to espionage to seek vengeance on Christian Eilenburg, a Nazi SS lieutenant, and Pierrot, a French collaborator who had betrayed Kate and her lover during the war Read More

House of Vandekar

Anthony, Evelyn 1988
Spanning five decades, this saga centers on three generations of Vandekar clan and the buried desires, deceit, and tortured expiation that eventually erupts into shocking violence Read More

The Scarlet Thread

Anthony, Evelyn 1989
Lovers in Italy during World War II, Englishwoman Angela Drummond and Mafia scion Steven Falconi are separated by a bombing raid and fall in love again after a post-war reunion in New York Read More

The Relic

Anthony, Evelyn 1991

The Doll's House

Evelyn Anthony 1992
On assignment with British Intelligence to investigate a hotel in Southern England believed to be the secret headquarters of a group of international terrorists, career diplomat Rosa Bennett finds herself drawn to the hotel's proprietor. 25,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Read More


Evelyn Anthony 1993


Anthony, Evelyn 1994
The diamond industry explodes into anarchy when a mine of rare and beautiful gems is discovered in Russia, a powerful jeweler prepares to sign an exclusive agreement, and the international governing body seeks to regain their control Read More

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