Donna Ball Books in Order

The Donna Ball books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Donna Ball books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Books

Smoky Mountain Tracks

Ball, Donna 2006
Raine Stockton, a dog trainer who gave up her career as a Search and Rescue worker after a tragic loss, reluctantly returns to active duty when a mother and daughter are kidnapped and taken deep into the forest where nothing is what it seems. Original. Read More

Rapid Fire

Ball, Donna 2006

"A simply fabulous mystery starring a likeable, dedicated heroine..." --Midwest Book Review "A delightful protagonist..." --Romantic Times Raine's old boyfriend Andy Fontana is back in town... and at the top of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. With a fortune in diamonds hidden somewhere in the wilderness, several recent acts of ecoterrorism and an unsolved murder laid at Andy's door, the feds turn to Raine Stockton, with her unsurpassed knowledge of the mountains and her reputation as a wilderness tracker, to help bring Andy to justice.

The only problem is that Raine still believes Andy is innocent... With the help of Cisco, her golden retriever, Raine must uncover the truth about the man she once loved and uncover a killer in the process.

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Gun Shy

Ball, Donna 2007

Michelle White may have committed suicide. For days, her body has lain in a cabin along with her terrified dog. So they call in Raine Stockton. Raine hardly has time for the poor dog she's named Hero. But as she falls for him, questions surface about his late owner-and Raine realizes that Hero may be the only witness to a murder.

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Bone Yard

Ball, Donna 2011

Fourth Installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series: a short novella. Dog trainer Raine Stockton has lived all her life in the quiet community of Hansonville North Carolina. She is the daughter of a judge, the niece of a sheriff, and the ex-wife of a deputy.

She does not lead the kind of life, generally speaking, in which people get buried in her back yard. But when Cisco, Raine’s mischievous golden retriever, digs up human bones beneath the site of what will soon be her new training kennel, mayhem ensues.

With the state police swarming everywhere, references to a mass grave and suspicions of a serial killer, Raine is surrounded by chaos. But when her beautiful collie Majesty keeps disappearing and cryptic messages from a pet psychic only add to the confusion, Raine soon finds herself plunged into the midst of a mystery that is far too close to home.

Can she and Cisco track down the truth before it’s too late?

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Silent Night

Ball, Donna 2011

A Christmas Raine Stockton Dog Mystery "An exciting, original and suspense-laden whodunit...A simply fabulous mystery starring a likeable, dedicated heroine..." --Midwest Book Review on the Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries It's Christmas time, and for Raine Stockton and her Search and Rescue dog, Cisco, Hansonville, North Carolina is just like a Norman Rockwell painting-- except for the rash of thefts of baby Jesus figurines from nativity scenes, an abandoned box of golden retriever puppies that someone leaves beside her mailbox, and a mysterious gift from one of Cisco's a grateful admirers.

Raine already has her hands full with her own misbehaving pooches, unexpected house guests, and a complicated new relationship. But when a newborn is abandoned in the manger of the town's living nativity and Raine walks in on what appears to be the scene of a murder, she has more to worry about than keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

More Praise for the Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries “ An intriguing heroine, a twisty tale, a riveting finale, and a golden retriever to die for. [This book] will delight mystery fans and enchant dog lovers.” ---Carolyn Hart “Has everything--wonderful characters, surprising twists, great dialogue.

Donna Ball knows dogs, knows the Smoky Mountains, and knows how to write a page turner. I loved it.” --Beverly Connor “Very entertaining… combines a likeable heroine and a fascinating mystery… a story of suspense with humor and tenderness.” --Carlene Thompson "There can't be too many golden retrievers in mystery fiction for my taste.

" --Deadly Pleasures "A delightful protagonist....a well-crafted mystery" --Romantic Times

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The Dead Season

Ball, Donna 2012

Praise for the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series "An exciting, original and suspense-laden whodunit... A simply fabulous mystery starring a likeable, dedicated heroine..." --Midwest Book Review "A delightful protagonist...a well-crafted mystery." --Romantic Times "There can't be too many golden retrievers in mystery fiction for my taste.

" --Deadly Pleasures Book Six in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series January is known as the dead season in the small Smoky mountain community of Hanover County, North Carolina. For dog trainer and wilderness expert Raine Stockton, who hasn't had a client in six month, this season has been deader than most.

When the New Day Wilderness Program for Troubled Teens offers her a job leading a group of students on a winter camping expedition as part of their rehabilitation program, Raine jumps at the chance-- particularly since it means she will be able to take her golden retriever, Cisco, with her.

But something is not right at New Day, and Raine and Cisco soon find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, suspicion and sabotage. As the group moves deeper into the wilderness beneath steadily worsening weather, Raine begins to fear she and Cisco may soon find themselves trapped on the mountainside.

.. with a killer.

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All That Glitters

Ball, Donna 2012

Raine Stockton looks back on how she first met Cisco, her incorrigible golden retriever pup, in this Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Christmas short story (approximately 50 print pages). Times are hard in the small Smoky Mountain town of Hansonville, North Carolina, and for former forest service employee Raine Stockton this Christmas will be harder than most as she prepares to spend her first holiday without her family, without a job… and without a dog.

When a mysterious Secret Santa starts making dreams come true all over the county everyone’s spirits are on the rise, but Raine can’t help but wonder whether there is more to this enigmatic philanthropist than meets the eye. Meanwhile, the police are baffled by a string of crimes that are unlike anything the small town has ever seen before.

It will take a mischievous golden retriever pup to find the clues that solve both mysteries… and to heal Raine’s broken heart.

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High In Trial

Ball, Donna 2013

A weekend competition turns deadly in this seventh Raine Stockton Dog Mystery. Dog trainer Raine Stockton and her happy-go-lucky golden retriever Cisco have been looking forward to the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility all winter. They travel to the low country of South Carolina to compete against some of the top dogs in the southeast for blue ribbons, squeaky toys, and perhaps even that elusive title of High in Trial.

But even in this carefree atmosphere of high-spirited dogs and dedicated owners ambition runs high, and when one of the competitors is found brutally murdered it begins to look as though corruption might have penetrated even this last bastion of decency and sportsmanship, the AKC.

While Raine and Cisco stalk a killer, a twenty-year old mystery is unfolding back home that will have devastating consequences for Raine and those she loves, and every hour that passes brings a deadly threat closer. "A simply fabulous mystery starring a likeable, deciated heroine.

.." --Midwest Book Review "A delightful protagonist... a well-crafted mystery." --Romantic Times

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Double Dog Dare

Ball, Donna 2013

For dog trainer and search-and-rescue volunteer Raine Stockton the last few months have been marked by murder, danger, and betrayal. A luxury vacation to the Caribbean resort island of St. Bart’s sounds like the perfect antidote for stress, particularly since it includes three of her favorite traveling companions: boyfriend Miles, his daughter Melanie, and Raine’s happy-go-lucky golden retriever Cisco.

But even in paradise, trouble finds them. An American actress has suffered a fatal diving accident, and someone close to Miles appears to have been involved. As more and more people from Miles’s past surface, he and Raine are drawn reluctantly into a murder investigation.

Raine, far more comfortable in her native North Carolina mountains than in this foreign culture surrounded by the baffling behavior of the rich and famous, is at a distinct disadvantage. But Raine faces her worst fears when someone she loves goes missing, and she is forced to navigate unfamiliar terrain in an alien land to track down a killer.

And this time, even Cisco can’t help her. “There can’t be too many golden retrievers in mystery fiction for my taste.” -- Deadly Pleasures

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Home of the Brave

Ball, Donna 2014

Raine Stockton and her high-spirited, big-hearted golden retriever Cisco are accustomed to being heroes wherever they go. But there’s a new dog in town, and Raine and Cisco find themselves unexpectedly upstaged by a flashy K-9 addition to the sheriff’s department.

Nike and her handler, Jolene, are part of a new government-funded program for law-enforcement agencies, and though Raine admires Nike’s talent almost as much as she resents Jolene’s arrogance, she can’t help wondering why the Department of Homeland Security would send such an expensive gift to their sleepy little Smoky Mountain community.

Sheriff Buck Lawson has his hands full with an upcoming election, a bizarre murder, and a special appearance by a celebrity politician at the Fourth of July parade, and he is not about to look a gift horse—or dog—in the mouth. But when things go horribly wrong at a children’s camp just outside of town where Raine and Cisco are spending the holiday weekend, the scattered puzzle pieces begin to form a terrifying picture.

In a desperate battle against an enemy whose face they can’t even see, Raine, Jolene, Cisco, Nike and Buck must work together and reach for depths of courage they never knew they had to save the lives of those they love.

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Dog Days

Ball, Donna 2015

"A simply fabulous mystery starring a likable, dedicated heroine..." --- Midwest Book Review The dog days of summer bring murder to the Smoky Mountains in this tenth installment of the best-selling Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series. For Raine Stockton, owner and proprietor of Dog Daze Boarding and Training, August is the busiest time of year.

She has all she can handle with a kennel full of dogs, a very strange new employee, and a personal life that seems to be falling apart at the seams. The last thing she needs is another complication. But when she takes in a gorgeous white golden retriever that was found covered in blood and wandering alone in a national park, the complications have only begun.

When the new dog escapes during the night, the search for her leads Raine and her irascible search-and-rescue dog, Cisco, to the scene of a tragic accident at the bottom of a gorge. But was it an accident, or a well-planned murder? The answer to that question draws Raine into a dangerous intrigue in which she doesn’t know who to trust.

.. one that will turn an afternoon at the fair into a deadly ordeal, and could end up costing Raine her life.

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Land of the Free

Ball, Donna 2016

No one knows the mountains of North Carolina like Raine Stockton and her search and rescue dog, Cisco. When they are called in to search for an elderly man who has wandered away from home it seems like a routine mission, until Raine looks through her binoculars and sees something she wasn’t supposed to see.

A dead man is very much alive, a felon is walking around free, and Raine is the only person who can testify to the fact. The problem is that no one takes her claims seriously...except the person who wants her dead.Unwillingly thrust into the midst of an unpleasant child custody battle and a hotly contested political race, Raine finds herself questioning her own judgment and uncertain who to trust.

Is she suffering from PTSD, or has a nightmare from her past materialized to haunt her? The police tell her one thing, her common sense tells her another. But when murder strikes too close to home, the hypothetical question becomes all too real, and no one is above suspicion: not the man Raine loves, not the man she once married, not even Raine herself.

And they all must choose how far they’re willing to go to protect the ones they love.In this thrilling conclusion to the trilogy that includes HOME OF THE BRAVE, DOG DAYS and LAND OF THE FREE, Raine and Cisco face their biggest challenge yet, and when it is over nothing will ever be the same.

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Ball, Donna 2017

Book #12 in the Best-Selling Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series Hollywood has come to the scenic Smoky Mountain community of Hanover County, and dog trainer Raine Stockton can’t resist the opportunity when her dogs are offered a chance at a role in the film.

Naturally, she expects her showy golden retriever, Cisco, to win the part, but Cisco’s impetuous nature does him in, and the role goes to her twin Australian Shepherds, Mischief and Magic. For the first time in his young life, Cisco is left behind.

Film-making turns out not to be as exciting as Raine had expected, and the only upside to the long, mostly boring days is the new friend she makes on set, a stunt woman by the name of Dallas McKenzie. But it doesn’t take Raine long to discover that Dallas is a woman of secrets and lies, and trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes.

The set is plagued by accidents and vandalism, and Dallas always seems to be at the center of everything that goes wrong. But even Raine can’t imagine how wrong things have yet to go. Meanwhile, Raine agrees to investigate a case for her lawyer friend Sonny involving a service dog who is accused of biting a child.

The case seems open and shut until Cisco, who is beginning to show some talent as a medical alert dog, sniffs out evidence that throws previous theories into disarray—and may shed some light into the mysterious happenings on the movie set. But when Cisco and Raine start to track down answers, they find murder instead.

In a world where nothing is what it seems, it’s up to Raine and Cisco to find the truth… before it’s too late.

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The Devil's Deal

Ball, Donna 2018

From the winner of the Dog Writer’s Association of America “Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017”award comes this thrilling new installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series. The annual Hansonville, North Carolina Founder’s Day Festival always draws plenty of locals and tourists alike who are eager to immerse themselves in the Smoky Mountain culture and show their support for local businesses and civic organizations.

For dog trainer and Humane Society volunteer Raine Stockton, it’s a perfect opportunity to raise money for the local animal shelter. But when a stranger wanders into her fund-raising booth with his young daughter and their beautiful black Lab, the peaceful country afternoon is turned into chaos.

Within moments the man is arrested for murder, his child is placed in foster care, and Raine finds herself the temporary custodian of what may well be the most valuable dog in the world. While Raine’s ex-husband, the newly appointed county investigator Buck Lawson, tries to sort out the tangled threads of a murder case that isn’t even his own, Raine discovers that the man they’ve taken into custody is the world-famous research scientist Dr.

Jason Broderick and that the Labrador, Bongo, is one of an elite group of dogs Broderick has bred and trained to detect concealed micro-technology. Raine can’t believe that someone she so admires could be guilty of murder, particularly when she learns that one of his associates is her own fiancé, Miles Young.

But is her faith in both men misplaced? It turns out that Bongo has skills that go beyond even those of his fellow scent-detecting canines—skills that are worth billions of dollars to some people, and are worth killing for to others. When the unthinkable happens and an innocent life is placed in jeopardy, Raine is forced to make a terrible choice: one that will shake her to her very core and cause her to question not only herself, but everything she has ever believed.

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Murder Creek

Ball, Donna 2020

Book #14 in the Award-Winning Raine Stockton Dog Mystery SeriesRaine Stockton knows dogs, not kids. Nonetheless, she is supremely confident in her ability to take care her fiancé’s ten year old daughter, Melanie, for a week while he is out of town.

After all, how hard could it be?But things get complicated when Raine and her golden retriever, Cisco, rescue a dog who is locked in a hot car in a remote Smoky Mountain park… and subsequently discover the owner of that car drowned in the creek only a few dozen yards away.

Was it an accident, or was it murder?Raine is certain that she recognizes the abandoned dog from her puppy training class six years ago. Mere months later, the dog, along with his three-year-old owner, disappeared from the child’s bedroom during the night and were never seen again.

Now the dog is back, and Raine is convinced his reappearance might hold the key to the truth about the missing child. The problem is that no one believes her.While Raine tries to unravel the mystery of the abandoned dog’s past—and a six-year-old missing child case—her ex-husband, criminal investigator Buck Lawson, opens an investigation into the death of the man in whose car the dog was found.

He soon finds himself involved in another cold case, one that leads him from an apparent serial killer in Florida to a murder in his own hometown.The one thing that ties the two cases together is the dog whose shadowy history opens the door to questions better left unasked, and whose answers may prove to be deadly.

But when lives are in danger, it is up to Raine and Cisco to track down the truth, even though it means risking someone she loves.

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Publication Order of The Kincaids Books

Raging Rivers

Ball, Donna 1992

Driven by Dreams... Called by Destiny>p On foot, on horseback, in covered wagons and mule carts they came, traversing treacherous rivers and wild plains in search of the Promised Land, drawn ever westward by the promise of the new American frontier.

>p Katherine Carlyle, a desperate woman with a violent past, leaves behind the graves of her family and the only home she has ever known in search of a new life. An unwanted passenger on a westward bound flatboat, she is forced into the role of hero when catastrophe strikes and only she has the skill-- and the courage-- to lead a band of women and children through the wilderness to safety.

>p Byrd Kincaid, trapper, trader, adventurer and river pilot, is interested in only one thing: survival. His chances of survival are cut in half the minute he hooks up with Katherine Carlyle’s ragtag band of refugees, but he knows he has no choice.

Together Katherine and Byrd must overcome fire, flood and the vicious vengeance of evil men before claiming their destiny: a dynasty that will tame a wild land and build a civilization.

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Prairie Thunder

Brady, Taylor 1993
Guided by trailblazer Boothe Carlyle, a wagon train of missionaires embarks in the spring of 1837 for native American territory, where missionary Kitty Kincaid will rediscover her proud Shawnee heritage. Original. Read More

Mountain Fury

Brady, Taylor 1993
While Meg Kincaid, on the run from an abusive marriage, is forced to seek shelter with her family's sworn enemy, Jim Kincaid enters a troubled and volatile manhood in the Rockies. Original. Read More

Westward Winds

Brady, Taylor 1993
While Meg Kincaid and her partner attempt to make a fortune during the California Gold Rush, Jim Kincaid hungers for vengeance. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Ladybug Farm Books

A Year on Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2009

Their husbands were gone, their families were grown, and the future stretched out before them like an unfulfilled promise... Tired of always dreaming and never doing, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget make a life-altering decision. Uprooting themselves from their comfortable lives in the suburbs, the three friends buy a run-down mansion, nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley.

They christen their new home "Ladybug Farm," hoping that the name will bring them luck. As the friends take on a home improvement challenge of epic proportions, they encounter disaster after disaster, from renegade sheep and garden thieves to a seemingly ghostly inhabitant.

Over the course of a year, overwhelming obstacles make the three women question their decision, but they ultimately learn that sometimes the best things can happen when everything goes wrong...

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At Home on Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2009

From the award-winning author of A Year on Ladybug Farm comes the continuing story of three women who learn what it takes to turn a house into a home. A year after taking the chance of a lifetime, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget are still trying to make a home for themselves on the newly-renovated Ladybug Farm.

Life in the Shenandoah Valley is picturesque, but filled with unexpected trials? such as the introduction of two young people into the ordered life the women have tried to build for themselves. As the walls of the old house reveal their secrets and the lives of those who have gone before begin to unfold, the cobbled-together household starts to disintegrate into chaos.

And when one of their members is threatened by a real crisis, they must all come together to fight for the roots they?ve laid down, the hopes they share, and the family they?ve become.

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Recipes From Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2010

Bridget's Blueberry Scones... Miss Emily's Brunswick Stew... Ida Mae's Fruit Cake... These are some of the seventy-plus recipes from Donna Ball's beloved "Ladybug Farm" series of novels that are included in this novelty collector's recipe book. Organized according to seasons, rather than traditional food categories, this book emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients that should bring out the best in any home cook.

Pithy advice from Ida Mae and Bridget, along with memories from the previous Ladybug Farm books, are designed to bring a smile to the table, along with a great new dish or two.

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Love Letters from Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2010

Love is in the air in this delightful novel-third in the bestselling Ladybug Farm series from award-winning author Donna Ball. Renovating a broken-down mansion in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley gave three lifelong friends a welcome second chance. But after taking the biggest risk of their lives, are these women also willing to risk their hearts? All the effort Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget have put into transforming an historic but overgrown farm into an upscale winery and special events business is paying off-Ladybug Farm has been chosen to host a society wedding.

What this really means is that they are about to be invaded by warring mothers-in-law, a Bridezilla, and a completely clueless groom. They have their hands full keeping Ladybug Farm from descending into total chaos. But there's something about a wedding.


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Christmas on Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2011

"A must read." Christmas on Ladybug Farm is a short novel with a bonus holiday recipe section! 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... It’s Christmas Eve, and Cici, Bridget and Lindsay are busy preparing for their annual holiday party.

The tree is sparkling, the turkey is roasting, the stockings are hung and the eggnog is chilled. The scene is set for the perfect Christmas... with one or two exceptions. The entire state is in the midst of a heat wave. No one can find any mistletoe.

The Christmas tree lights keep exploding, and, perhaps worst of all, something has gone terribly wrong with Ida Mae’s fruitcakes. It wouldn’t be Ladybug Farm if everything went according to plan, and as the ladies deal with one mishap after another, they remember Christmases past, laughter shared, and lessons learned.

But when nightfall descends upon Ladybug Farm and one of their own still has not come home, they begin to worry that this Christmas will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. All they can do is cling to each other as they watch and wait ... and pray for miracle.

Praise for the Ladybug Farm series: "Donna Ball has created a delightful world in her Ladybug Farm novels. Her characters are lively and endearing, and readers will feel a longing to join the girls on the front porch in the evenings as they reminisce about the day's activities.

" --Fresh Fiction "A delight to read" --Book Binge "Once you've traveled down that long road to Ladybug Farm, it's hard to leave." --Georgia Mountain Laurel "Here's to Ladybug Farm!" --Beyond Her Book "Absolutely delectable" --Publisher's Weekly

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Vintage Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2012

Come home to Ladybug Farm, the place for everyone who has ever had a friend... or a dream. Four years have passed since best friends Cici, Bridget and Lindsay left the suburbs for an old mansion in the Shenandoah Valley. They’ve survived broken plumbing, leaky roofs, and marauding sheep.

They’ve faced fire, hail, snow, and financial set-backs. Yet somehow through it all they’ve managed not only to build a home, but a family. And now, much to their amazement, all their dreams seem to be coming true. The vineyard has been restored and Ladybug Farm Winery is on the verge of bottling its first vintage.

Their friends Paul and Derrick are building a house next door. High school and college graduations are just around the corner for the two young people they have shepherded for the past four years. Life couldn’t be more perfect. But Ladybug Farm still holds a few surprises for them all.

.. Someone is getting married. Someone is keeping a monumental secret. And someone is leaving Ladybug Farm forever. Vintage Ladybug Farm is Ladybug Farm at its best: heartwarming, heartbreaking; filled with compassion, humor and hope. Welcome back to Ladybug Farm, where dreams never die.

Praise for the Ladybug Farm series: “A must read.” “Absolutely delectable” --Publisher’s Weekly “This delightful series continues to engross me with its wit and charm.” --Beyond Her Book “A hilarious and heart-warming story” --North Carolina Pilot “A wonderful novel with wonderful characters” --Reader to Reader

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A Wedding on Ladybug Farm

Ball, Donna 2014

When Bridget, Cici and Lindsay left behind their safe suburban lives for a stately old mansion in the Shenandoah Valley, they redefined the concept of family. The friends, like the house, have faced many challenges and undergone major changes over the years.

But the one thing they never imagined was that one day they would be expanding their house of women to make room for a husband. A second marriage in midlife is never easy, and Lindsay and Dominic know they will be facing their share of adjustments when they begin their life together.

But she has the Vera Wang; she has a famous style columnist as her wedding planner; her best friend is the most popular caterer in the county, and she is marrying the love of her life. What could possibly go wrong? When the wedding takes place at Ladybug Farm, the answer is: almost anything.

The three friends have weathered many storms together, but this one could shake the foundation of their life together. Only when they are faced with the loss of someone they all hold dear do they come to a renewed appreciation for the depth of their devotion to each other, the power of love, and the real meaning of family.

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Publication Order of Hummingbird House Books

The Hummingbird House

Ball, Donna 2013

In this eagerly anticipated spin off from Donna Ball’s beloved Ladybug Farm series, Paul Slater and Derrick Anderson set about opening the Hummingbird House B&B with their usual style and flair, only to find that they may have taken on more than they bargained for.

Despite constant coaching from their friends Cici, Bridget and Lindsay, they don't seem to be able to do anything right. Before they know how it happened, they are at odds with their teenage housekeeper, overwhelmed by a zany spiritualist who seems determined to take over their lives, and, most horrifying of all, on the wrong side of the law.

But while they wrestle with one misfortune after another, forces are at work behind the scenes that have put unrelated strangers on the road to The Hummingbird House, where accidents become destiny, defeat is transformed into victory, and all that is required for a miracle is an open heart.

Welcome to The Hummingbird House, where you may not find what you expect, but you'll always find what you need. Praise for Donna Ball's Ladybug Farm series: "A must read." "Absolutely delectable" --Publisher's Weekly "Hilarious and heartwarming" --North Carolina Pilot

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Christmas at The Hummingbird House

Ball, Donna 2015

A heartwarming holiday tale from the author of A YEAR ON LADYBUG FARM Paul and Derrick have hit their stride with the Hummingbird House Bed and Breakfast, a destination of distinction in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Guests are coming from all over the country to enjoy their Christmas weekend extravaganza, featuring sleigh rides, champagne suppers, holiday concerts and spa treatments.

Of course there are a few glitches: twenty Christmas trees to be decorated in less than a week, an absentee massage therapist, and--perhaps most distressing of all-- the unexpected presence of three school-age children in the Hummingbird House, courtesy of their saucy young housekeeper Purline.

While Purline tries to teach her children, as well as her bosses, the true meaning of Christmas, the lost and the lonely-- often disguised as the wealthy and the privileged-- are drawn to the Hummingbird House. Among them are: The author of a famous book on miracles who has lost his faith A family secretly on the verge of disaster A husband and wife facing their last Christmas together With the help of a Harley-riding stranger, a series of unexpected events, and the innocent good intentions of their hosts, healing comes to the wounded and miracles unfold, proving once again that at the Hummingbird House you may not always find what you expect, but you’ll always find what you need.

“Full of comedy and sentiment” --Kirkus reviews on THE HUMMINGBIRD HOUSE

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Love, From the Hummingbird House

Ball, Donna 2018

In this Hummingbird House short novella (about 80 pages), Paul and Derrick organize a Book Lovers’ Gala Weekend at the Hummingbird House, featuring none other than the Queen of Romance, Esmerelda Delaware, as their guest speaker. Despite dire warnings from Harmony-- the Hummingbird House’s massage therapist, general manager, and resident mystic-- that the stars could not be more misaligned for such an event, they even invite the members of their old book club, many of whom they haven’t seen in years.

Of course, the problem with reunions is that everyone changes with time and some of those changes are more dramatic than others. Add to this a secret crush about to be made public, a secret identity about to be exposed, and an 84-year-old queen married to a 24-year-old prince, and the weekend quickly deteriorates into a web of deception and evasion.

As they watch their grand extravaganza slowly spin into chaos, Paul and Derrick are forced to admit their mistakes, and are reminded once again that honesty is always the best policy… or is it?

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Publication Order of Heart of the Wolf Books

Wolf in Waiting

Flanders, Rebecca 1995
Noel Duprey, the fiercest and noblest of his kind, is convinced that beautiful Victoria St. Clare is a traitor, bent on destroying his destiny, but he soon learns that all she wants is his love, forever. Reprint. Read More

Secret of the Wolf

Flanders, Rebecca 1995
Aggie McDonald finds that the man she has hit on a rain-swept highway has no recollection of his past, and as she nurses him back to health, she discovers that he is not what he seems when his memory returns. Reprint. Read More

Shadow Of The Wolf

Rebecca Flanders 1995
Shadow Of The Wolf by Rebecca Flanders released on Oct 25, 1995 is available now for purchase. Read More

Publication Order of Devoncroix Dynasty Books

The Passion

Boyd, Donna 1998

In finely crafted prose and lush detail, Donna Boyd weaves a spell-binding tapestry of romance and suspense set against richly imagined landscapes of sensuousness. An intense saga of love and betrayal,The Passion is a story of those who walk the fine line between man beast.

On the eve of a brutal murder in contemporary Manhattan, Alexander Devoncroix finally reveals to his son and heir a tightly guarded chapter in the family history, which is know to no outsiders.In a world in which a superior race of werewolved holds the positions of power, human and werewolf segregation had become the norm.

But for the first time, the leaders of the pack have accepted a human. In dazzling nineteenth century Paris, we meet three pivotal players: the young human Tessa LeGuerre, who falls under the spell of a very powerful, very sensual werewolf; Alexander Devoncroix, the charismatic werewolf who adores humans too well, but whose ultimate loyalty is to the pack; and Elise, the imperial pack leader who lays claim to Alexander.

Beloved "pet" of select members of the pack, Tessa naively embraces all things werewolf--an ambition that results in unspeakable tragedy.

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The Promise

Boyd, Donna 1999
After recovering a strange diary and a wounded wolf from a plane wreck, Hannah Braselton North sifts through strange journal entries about a race of werewolves that controls human destiny while she nurses the animal back to health. Reprint. Read More


Boyd, Donna 2011

The Long Awaited Third Installment in the Devoncroix Dynasty Emory Hilliford, an unassuming anthropology professor, is drugged, held captive and interrogated by a mysterious stranger who wants only one thing: the truth about an ancient race of beings known as the lupinotuum, half man/half wolf, who have walked among humans for centuries.

Once they ruled the tundra, now they rule Wall Street. Once they fought with teeth and claws, now they fight with wealth and power. And Emory Hilliford, an orphan who was raised by a family of sophisticated, influential lupinotuum in twentieth century Venice, is uniquely positioned to chronicle their culture, their history, and their secrets.

Unknown to all but a select few, Emory has also been carefully groomed to play a crucial role in history, one that could have deadly consequences for his own race, and theirs. Now forced to tell his story, Emory must decide how much of the truth he can afford to reveal, and what secrets he will take to his grave… because his own time is running out.

From the ancient legends of Greece and Rome to the mysteries of the Dark Ages and the glitter of modern day New York, RENEGADE is a sweeping saga of passion and betrayal, sacrifice and destiny, that will consume your days and haunt your nights long after the last page is turned.

Praise for Donna Boyd's Devoncroix Dynasty "...A horror/love story offering some of the density of background found in the best vampire fiction... [Boyd] knows how to keep a tale moving." Kirkus Reviews "Boyd transforms the monsters of myth and legend into erotic and charismatic beings.

" Library Journal "A maelstrom of suspense, love, and terror... a gripping, intense fantasy with riveting characters." Rendezvous "[Boyd] makes the esoteric werewolf culture consistently and appealingly exotic, witty and sexy....Readers will crave another novel set in this magical realm.

" Publisher's Weekly

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Publication Order of Dogleg Island Mystery Books


Ball, Donna 2015

The first in a powerful new series from the author of THE RAINE STOCKTON DOG MYSTERIES... Aggie Malone is a dedicated young cop who has spent her entire life just looking for a place to call home. She never thought she'd find it in a quaint Florida village called Dogleg Island, where almost nothing ever happens.

Almost... Deputy Ryan Grady is an easy going playboy who carries a surf board in the trunk of his patrol car and lives in the same rambling beach cottage his grandfather built seventy years ago. He grew up on Dogleg Island and can't imagine ever living anywhere else.

It's always been the most peaceful place he has ever known. Until... Flash is a black and white, blue eyed border collie with amazing powers of perception, recollection, and deduction. He was born to be nothing more than a pampered family pet, however, and his skills might never have been uncovered.

And then... A single night of blood and terror changed the lives of these three forever, and forged a bond between them that nothing will ever break. While each of them struggles to deal with the scars left by that night, they must also bring a killer to justice-- a killer who is also stalking them.

And only Flash knows who it is.

Read More

The Sound of Running Horses

Ball, Donna 2016

Enthralling --Kirkus Reviews The second book in the riveting new Dogleg Island mystery series from the author of FLASH. Still recovering from the traumatic events of the past year, newlyweds Aggie Malone, police chief of Dogleg Island, and Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady are looking forward to a casual day trip to Wild Horse Island, a nearby nature preserve, with their precocious—and uncannily perceptive—border collie, Flash.

But when Flash discovers a body in a shallow grave on the island, and Aggie and Ryan learn of an attack on the park ranger, a tangled knot of conspiracy, murder and deception begins to unfold. Fifteen hundred miles away, an ex-con and a fifteen year old girl embark upon a crime spree that will earn them the nicknames “Bonnie and Clyde”.

As they make their way inexorably south, Aggie, Grady and Flash are thrust into the middle of a murder investigation that leads to the arrest of one of their neighbors and the attempted suicide of another. When a search of the dead girl’s belongings reveals a priceless emerald bracelet and two of the island's most popular residents go missing, the puzzle becomes even more complicated.

Grady and Aggie struggle to put all the pieces into place while Flash, ever obsessed with understanding the human condition, wrestles with a more painful dilemma: how do you tell the good guys from the bad guys when they are so often the same person?

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Flash of Brilliance

Ball, Donna 2017

There’s nothing like family during the holidays... unless one of those family members is in jail, and you’re the cop who was responsible for putting him there.Police Chief Aggie Malone is facing her first Christmas as a married woman, and hoping for a relatively uneventful holiday in the quiet Gulf Coast community of Dogleg Island where she, along with her perspicacious border collie Flash, is in charge of keeping the peace.

She is still trying to find her place in the big, boisterous Grady family, but unlike Flash—and her own husband, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady—Aggie does not see the appeal of the holiday, and the magic of the season is completely lost on her.The old-fashioned Christmas Grady has planned for his bride begins to unravel when Aggie’s investigation into a homicide hit-and-run leads to the arrest of her own brother-in-law and exposes a crime syndicate that’s responsible for spreading millions in counterfeit bills throughout the southeast.

A police informant turns up dead, and evidence suggests his murder may be the result of corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement.Flash, who is an expert at putting things together, understands that all these pieces of the puzzle are related, and with Aggie’s help they’ll soon be able to see the big picture.

But not even Flash can foresee the demons their search for the truth will unearth. When the shadows from the past reach forward to cloud their future, Aggie, Grady, and Flash find the limits of their loyalty tested, even as they discover the lengths to which they will go to protect the ones they love.

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Pieces of Eight

Ball, Donna 2019

From the award- winning author of FLASH… A deadly explosion at an archaeological dig on Dogleg Island plunges police chief Aggie Malone and her canine partner Flash into a dark mystery from the past. On the other side of the bridge, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, still reeling from the brutal assassination of his ex-partner, stumbles onto the site of a mass murder.

In the midst of a state-wide manhunt for a desperate fugitive, Aggie deals with a new island administrator who threatens the future of police department, while a mysterious stranger with an agenda of his own stalks Grady. As the pieces of the investigations fall into place, Aggie and Grady begin to see that their cases, though separated by fifty years, are more alike than they are different… but only Flash knows how they are connected.

And by whom. When a family tragedy is traced back to the elusive Ghost Syndicate, the fight for justice turns fiercely personal for Aggie, Grady, and Flash. And this time it’s a fight they can’t afford to lose. Don’t miss this exciting sequel to Flash of Brilliance, nominee for Dog Writers of America’s Best Fiction Book of the Year!

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Publication Order of A Century of American Romance/Dreams Books

The Sensation

Rebecca Flanders 1990
The Sensation by Rebecca Flanders released on Jul 25, 1990 is available now for purchase. Read More

Saturday's Child

Schulze 1990
Saturday's Child by Dallas Schulze released on May 25, 1990 is available now for purchase. Read More

American Pie

Margaret St. George 1990
American Pie by Margaret St. George released on Apr 24, 1990 is available now for purchase. Read More

A> Loverboy

Judith Arnold 1991
Romance. Read More

My Only One

Eileen Nauman 1991

When Abby Fielding is knocked into the frigid Bering Sea, she has only one thought: to save the planet's gentlest creatures from a whaler's harpoon. When Aleksandr Rostov dives from his helicopter into those arctic waters, it is to rescue the woman he spotted through his field glasses.

Little does the Soviet naval officer know she's the woman of his dreams. For Aleksandr, dreams are of Mother Russia. But as he and Abby bring their dramatic tale of courage to an eager world, she shows him the wonders of her homeland. And all the time, another, more personal story is unfolding before them.

To the world, they are heroic, but all they long for is to be together. For Abby and Alec, glasnost is more than a policy--it's a prayer

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Kissed by the Sea

Rebecca Flanders 1994
Kissed By The Sea by Rebecca Flanders released on Apr 22, 1994 is available now for purchase. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels


Ball, Donna 1982

Twice in a Lifetime

Rebecca Flanders 1983
Twice in a Lifetime Read More

A Matter of Trust

Rebecca Flanders 1983

The axis of any relationship is a matter of trust...Lindsey Madison is absentminded. She forgets little things like housekeys, pocket money, and to lock her front door at night. When she comes from Iowa to Atlanta to help her uncle in his campaign for a Senate seat, she fully intends to focus all of her energy on his reelection.

Trey Sinclair is single-minded. Often called Washington's most eligible bachelor, he wants to be the new senator from Georgia. He was committed himself to the pressures and obligations of a long, hard campaign and a successful term of office.Lindsey and Trey - on opposite sides of a political battle until their undeniable love joins them as one!

Read More

Morning Song

Flanders, Rebecca 1983

Best Of Friends

Rebecca Flanders 1983
Best Of Friends by Rebecca Flanders released on Jul 25, 1983 is available now for purchase. Read More

Suddenly Love

Rebecca Flanders 1984

Falkone's Promise

Rebecca Flanders 1984

hey couldn't agree on anything! Dawn's assignment to write an article on Byron Boyd's Hebridean castle wasn't going to be easy. He was harsh, sarcastic, unlikable and clearly resented the prospect of tourists invading his home. Dawn thought him selfish for wanting to keep the treasures of his Scottish heritage hidden from the world.

"If I am," he grated, "it is my right!" He was infuriating. Impossible. She could never like him. But she could, and did, learn to love him ..

Read More

A Modern Girl

Rebecca Flanders 1984

Gilded Heart

Author unknown 1984

Second Sight

Rebecca Flanders 1984

Desert Fire

Rebecca Flanders 1984
Mass market paperback. Read More

The Key

Rebecca Flanders 1984
The Key (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1) (Mass Market Paperback) by Rebecca Flanders Read More

The Third Time

Rebecca Flanders 1984

Silver Threads

Rebecca Flanders 1984
Book used Read More


Rebecca Flanders 1984

Love was simple in a world of daydreams Reality was always disappointing and Stacey had no desire to spoil the image of the Jon Callan of her daydreams. Stacey protested vigorously as she was ushered backstage to Callan's dressing room. When she stood before Callan himself, Stacey felt embarrassed and nervously wished she'd never attended his Boston performance.

Jon had never really known a fan before; his schedule didn't permit it The quiet woman in the simple linen suit was alien to the glittering, hectic world he lived in. She wasn't what he expected ... but he sensed she was what he needed.

Read More

Easy Access

Rebecca Flanders 1985
Paperback/1985/Harlequin. From Private Collection. Pristine Condition. Read More

Open Hands

Rebecca Flanders 1985
Open Hands by Rebecca Flanders released on Feb 22, 1985 is available now for purchase. Read More

The Growing Season

Rebecca Flanders 1985
Mass market paperback Read More

Uncertain Images

Rebecca Flanders 1985
Uncertain Images by Rebecca Flanders released on Jul 25, 1985 is available now for purchase. Read More

The Last Frontier

Rebecca Flanders 1985
verry nice book paperback been read once Read More


Rebecca Flanders 1985

His first encounter with her landed Adrian A. Wesley III in jail. that was just for openers. By the end of the night, the Philadelphia blue blood's cashmere coat was drenced in Kentucky bourbon, he'd witnessed one of Santa's helpers get glassy-eyed on Purple Passions and he'd asked a complete stranger to spend the weekend with him.

.. Sandy Garrett had agreed to the illicit weekend only because she didn't believe the invitation for a minute. By morning, Adrian's brush with the masses would surely be reduced to an amusing anecdote and Sandy herself would be forgotten. Might as well believe in Santa Claus as believe she'd ever lay eyes on Adrian Wesley again.

But wasn't Christmastime the season for miracles?

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Painted Sunsets

Rebecca Flanders 1986
Painted Sunsets by Rebecca Flanders released on Nov 24, 1986 is available now for purchase. Read More

The Straight Game

Rebecca Flanders 1986
The Straight Game by Rebecca Flanders released on Jan 24, 1986 is available now for purchase. Read More

Minor Miracles

FLANDERS, Rebecca 1986

Leslie couldn't shake that eerie first impression Michael Bradshaw was certainly unique. His oddly hued eyes lent him a mystical air, a quality that was confirmed by his abilities. For hours the scientists at the Maryland research center watched a demonstration of bizarre, supernatural strength as Michael melted iron chains, boiled water, and caused disconnected telephones to ring--using nothing more than the power of his mind.

As a professional psychologist and part-time parapsychologist, Leslie Roarke was trained to seek rational explanations. But when those strange topaz eyes looked up, they somehow saw through her two-way mirror, and smiled knowingly at her, Leslie could only wonder: exactly what was Michael Bradshaw? Born In The USA Maryland

Read More


Rebecca Flanders 1986
Driven by an obsessive need to succeed, Leigh single-mindedly builds her nightclub, Refractions, into the most glamorous and exclusive nightclub in the world, while Phoenix, a self-made millionaire, single-mindedly pursues the love of the elusive Leigh Read More

Satin Fires

Rebecca Flanders 1986
Arabella becomes disappointed with her husband, flees from him, and falls in love with the mysterious masked bandit known only as the Fox Read More

After the Storm

Rebecca Flanders 1986
mystery Read More

Scarlet Sunrise

Bristol, Leigh 1987
Follows the captivating love affair between Elizabeth Coleman, a pampered Southern belle and Jed Fielding, the only son of an Alabama dirt farmer who is determined to tame a piece of the lawless Texas he loves Read More

Amber Skies

Bristol, Leigh 1987
When Jessica's father shoots Daniel Fielding, her fiance, on their wedding day and kidnaps Jessica, her only hope is Dan's brother, Jake Read More

Silver Twilight

Bristol, Leigh 1987
English aristocrat Anne Edgecomb enjoys her new-found freedom at the Texas ranch that she had inherited until the arrival of a hard-riding, mysterious stranger named Josh Read More

Under Cover

Donna Carlisle 1988

Search the Heavens

Rebecca Flanders 1988
Search The Heavens by Rebecca Flanders released on Jun 24, 1988 is available now for purchase. Read More

Hearts of Fire

Bristol, Leigh 1988


Donna Carlisle 1989


Bristol, Leigh 1990
The toast of Sydney, Australia, Maddie Burns had built her family's modest tavern into the restaurant of choice for the expatriate English aristocracy Down Under, but even Maddie's admirer is unaware of her shameful past Read More


Flanders 1990

Twice Blessed

Bristol, Leigh 1991
Texas rancher's daughter Tori is torn between her loyalty to her less-than-law-abiding father and her passionate love for her husband, who is bent on bringing her father to justice Read More

For Keeps

Donna Carlisle 1991
Lyn couldn't believe she'd thought working for her sister's pet-sitting agency would be easy Read More

The Stormriders

Donna Carlisle 1991

HER COLD, COLD HEART Hotdog pilot Red Worthington had vowed he'd never see Meg Forrest again. For six long months he'd avoided his beautiful, stubborn, soon-to-be ex-wife. But now that she was leaving Alaska, he realized he couldn't stay away, so he returned to the tiny town they'd once called home.

But Meg was sick and tired of tundra, and she rued the day she'd met Red. She tried to convince herself that she'd had enough of his cocky grin, risk-taking attitude and swaggering style. But when he took her in his arms, all she could remember was the heat of his kisses.

Now Red was back, trying to change her mind--what was she supposed to do?

Read More

Cast Adrift

Donna Carlisle 1992

SWEPT AWAY... Tall, lean, overbearing Jess Seward wasn't exactly scientist Kelsey Morgan's fantasy in the flesh. But Kelsey had sacrificed a lot for two weeks at sea to complete her dolphin research. And she wasn't about to let any last-minute interference from this arrogant sailor blow the whole project now.

... Jess knew Kelsey's type--they worked men's jobs, wore men's clothes and thought the best part of being a woman was forgetting how to love a man. He'd always made it a point to avoid the Kelsey Morgans of the world, but it looked as though he was stuck with the stubborn beauty.

And on a small craft at sea for two weeks, who knew what could happen?

Read More


Bristol, Leigh 1992
When Angel Haber, a mean poker player in the saloons of the West, wins a jewel-covered silver cross in a friendly game, she finds herself in grave danger as two desperados and handsome Adam Wood pursue her, eager to reclaim the cross. Original. Read More

Yesterday Comes Tomorrow

Flanders, Rebecca 1992
A mystery weekend turns into an unforgettable adventure in love for Amelia Langston when journeys back in time to the 1870 South, where she finds love with a murder suspect. Original. Read More

The Darkest Hour

Donna Ball 1992
Mistaken for someone else, Cathy Hamilton is set upon by a group of men intent on carrying out a terrible act, and she must soon rely on the assistance of police officer Dave Jenks. Original. Read More

Once Upon A Time

Rebecca Flanders 1992
Once Upon A Time by Rebecca Flanders released on Jul 24, 1992 is available now for purchase. Read More

It's Only Make Believe

Donna Carlisle 1992

MAKE BELIEVE MARRIAGE Sexy engineer Stone Harrison needed a wife--and fast! His matchmaking mother was on his back, a gaggle of marriage-minded businessmen were at his heels, and unless pretty Allison Carter agreed to help him out, he'd break his mother's heart and lose a major corporate account.

Trouble was, Allison needed some convincing. Allison Carter would do a lot of things for money, but pretending to be some man's wife was certainly not one of them! Okay, Stone was the best-looking thing she'd seen in ages, but making his mom happy and entertaining a bunch of stuffy corporate types wasn't her idea of a good time.

But then Stone took her in his arms...

Read More

The Last Real Man

Rebecca Flanders 1993
The Last Real Man by Rebecca Flanders released on Jan 25, 1993 is available now for purchase. Read More


Bristol, Leigh 1993
When outlaw Peach Brady goes to Charleston in search of Laurel Sinclair Laughton, he does not expect that the key to finding a lost treasure would be so beautiful. By the author of Angel. Original. Read More

Forever Always

Rebecca Flanders 1993
Forever Always by Rebecca Flanders released on Nov 24, 1993 is available now for purchase. Read More

Stealing Savannah

Donna Carlisle 1994

ALL THAT GLITTERS From the moment hotel manager Savannah Monterey laid eyes on C. J. Cassidy she knew he was trouble. True, the reformed ex-jewel thief was the best security agent in town, and Savannah needed to protect her guests from a recent rash of robberies, but there was something about the suave, sexy man that didn't look one bit reformed.

Cassidy could tell that Savannah didn't trust him an inch, but he also knew he could charm the socks--and more--off her anytime he wanted. But when a valuable necklace was found in his room, Cassidy realized he'd better think fast, because Savannah was one "jewel" he wanted in his collection--for keeps.

Read More

Quinn's Way

Rebecca Flanders 1994
Quinn's Way by Rebecca Flanders released on Sep 23, 1994 is available now for purchase. Read More


Ball, Donna 1996

Have you ever done anything you’re ashamed of? For popular talk show host Jessamine Cray, it started as just another piece of slightly weird fan mail: a single typed line on an unsigned sheet of paper that reads: Have you ever done anything you’re ashamed of? No one takes it as a threat until the second communication comes, and then the third… a blood-stained prom dress, a disfigured photograph from a high school year book, copies of private papers to which no one but Jess should have had access.

Every celebrity’s worst nightmare has come true for Jessamine Cray: she is being stalked, and shame is her terrorist’s secret weapon. Old friends, former lovers, guests on her talk show, colleagues and family members… no one is safe from suspicion, and everyone has a motive—even Jess herself.

As the police investigation turns its spotlight on Jess herself and uncovers her most deeply buried secrets, Jess can only watch in helpless horror as her tormentor’s diabolical plan unfolds. First he will shatter her trust, then he will shake her peace of mind … and then he will come for her.

And by the time she sees him coming, it will be too late.

Read More

Just Before Dawn

Ball, Donna 1997
As a serial killer stalks a quiet, resort community in Florida, the parents of a missing teenage girl begin receiving cryptic midnight phone calls from a young woman who sounds very much like their daughter. Original. Read More

The Alchemist

Boyd, Donna 2002

In a sweeping epic of dazzling magic, soaring suspense, and dark longing, three immortal souls are united by fate and a fearless ambition that will change the course of history–even as it destroys their own way of life. . . . On an upper floor of a plush, high-security building on Central Park West, an elegant man sits in the office of Dr.

Anne Kramer, confessing to the heinous murder that has horrified the modern world. Randolf Sontime is renowned for his personal charm, and Dr. Kramer is fighting to keep from falling victim to it. For the first time in her life, she truly understands the meaning of the word “charisma.

” Not knowing that her own destiny is irrevocably tied to his, Anne Kramer listens to the story of Sontime’s life.“It began with the magic, you see. And so, perforce, must I.” As a boy named Han at the House of Ra, an isolated oasis in the Egyptian desert of a far ancient time, Sontime lived in privilege.

There the chosen were trained in the science of alchemy–magic, philosophy, miracles. Only two other initiates were as skilled as he: Akan, quiet and studious, a boy whose thirst for knowledge was matched only by his hunger for truth; and Nefar, beautiful and brilliant, a girl as filled with wonder and unfathomable ambition as Han himself.

Together they discovered that in union, theirs was a power unmatched in the physical world.But even in the House of Ra, there were boundaries to be observed, knowledge that only the masters understood and feared. As the threesome’s thirst for answers–and for each other–deepened, they were tempted by the dark arts that they had sworn to avoid.

“Look at three magnificent youths who stand astride your world and scoff at the rules you must obey. . . . Look at us, and call us gods.” Their power was palpable, their desire total–until the fateful moment when their alliance was forever damned, their gifts horribly corrupted.

A seductive work that seethes with mystery and passion, The Alchemist hurtles readers back through time to an era when magic was sacred and the workings of the world lay in the hands of a few gifted, but tortured souls. In a stunning feat of unbridled imagination, Donna Boyd has created her most hypnotic novel to date.

Read More

The Awakening

Boyd, Donna 2003

It was supposed to be a time for healing. But it soon turned to horror. Paul and Penny Mason are spending the summer at the family lake house with their troubled, teenage daughter, Elsie, in a last-ditch effort to save their crumbling marriage. But the tension between them only thickens when they arrive at their once-idyllic summer home, a place that now feels eerily cold and darkly foreboding.

It quickly becomes clear that all is not right. Penny is plagued by horrific, recurring nightmares. Paul and Elsie are surprised by the curious appearance of a sad, strange woman—a woman who purports to know them, but who calls them by names that are not their own.

The mystery only deepens when they discover an antique box in the house. Inside is a photo of the woman, alive in a distant past. Who is she? And what is the source of the seeping, chilly discomfort that has suddenly settled over the family? The answer lies within Penny’s disturbing dreams and Elsie’s fragile emotional state—and when long-buried secrets reveal themselves, it will be the most frightening day of their lives.

. . .

Read More

Keys to the Castle

Ball, Donna 2010

The author of the Ladybug Farm series delivers an exhilarating new novel of a middle-aged woman who follows her heart to love and happiness. When a dashing French poet swept forty-something workaholic Sara Graves off her feet, she did something completely unexpected: She married him.

Then three weeks later he died, leaving her a house she can't afford to keep in a country she's never been to. Traveling to France to settle the estate, Sara is shocked to discover that her husband wasn't the impoverished poet he claimed to be- and that the estate he left her is a 400-year-old crumbling castle in the Loire Valley.

Now Sara must sell Chateau Rondelais before it (not to mention her late husband's disarmingly handsome lawyer and best friend) makes her question her decision to leave-and opens her heart to change and all its unexpected possibilities.

Read More


Ball, Donna 2011

In the terrifying tradition of Dean Koontz...Fleeing the violence and crime of life in the city, architect Laura Kane and her five year old daughter Christy move to an exclusive planned community deep in the untouched mountain wilderness of the Smoky Mountains.

Legend has it that their home is built on holy ground. Other legends tell of hideous beasts that roam the mountainside, Yeti-like creatures so terrifying that no one has ever dared disturb their sanctuary… until now.First there are random acts of vandalism, then small pets begin to disappear, and then men go into the woods and don’t come back.

When Christy’s nightmares begin to suggest that she can actually communicate with the creatures who are wreaking such havoc on their small and vulnerable community, Laura is terrified. Because Christy’s dreams tell her that the monsters are coming for her next.

And she is right.Sanctuary is a suspense-filled tale of love, courage and redemption that will take you in its grip from the first page and leave you breathless by the last. Because sometimes the real monsters are the ones you can’t escape, no matter how far you run.

Praise for the Work of Donna Ball:“A maelstrom of suspense… gripping, intense”--Rendezvous“[Ball] knows how to keep a story moving”--Kirkus Reviews“A Major talent of the genre”--Publisher’s Weekly“A must read”

Read More


Ball, Donna 2012

A missing teenage girl... a desperate mother... a frantic call in the night... is this a cruel hoax, or the work of a maniacal serial killer? The peaceful resort town of St. Teresa-by-the-Sea on Florida's Forgotten Coast is known for its low crime rate, pristine beaches, and great fishing.

But tragedy can come even to Paradise, as Carol Dennison found out two and a half years ago when her fourteen-year-old daughter, Kelly, disappeared on her way to a Tallahassee concert. Now, just as Carol as beginning to rebuild the pieces of her shattered life, she receives a midnight call from someone who calls her "mama" and begs for help.

Is this a cruel prank designed to terrorize and punish Kelly's father for the role he played in bringing a recently paroled criminal to justice? Or is it possible that Kelly is still alive? A grim investigation uncovers a connection between Kelly and other girls who have gone missing along the Gulf Coast in the past few years.

When the body of one of those missing girls washes up on the shores of St. Teresa-by-the-Sea, the police are forced to admit they may have a serial killer in their midst. And with over three thousand college students poised to descend on the tiny community for spring break, their only hope for stopping him before he strikes again is the frightened voice of a teenage girl on the telephone.

.. and the desperate determination of the parents who love her. Shattered is Donna Ball at her best: spine-tingling terror, chilling realism and unforgettable characters. No parent will ever watch her child leave the house in the same way again. Praise for the work of Donna Ball: "A maelstrom of suspense… gripping, intense” --Rendezvous “[Ball] knows how to keep a story moving” --Kirkus Reviews “A major talent of the genre” --Publisher’s Weekly “A must read” --Examiner.


Read More

Publication Order of Mossy Creek Books

Mossy Creek

Smith, Deborah 2001
A collective novel details the lives of the residents of Mossy Creek, from the rambunctious patrons of O'Day's Pub and Mama's All You Can Eat Cafe, to a sharp-tongued gossip columnist. Read More

Reunion at Mossy Creek

Smith, Deborah 2002
Return to Mossy Creek, when a class reunion stirs up more than just memories. Read More

Summer in Mossy Creek

Deborah Smith 2003

Treat yourself to another helping of down-home charm with new stories of "the warm, offbeat, fun-loving place that is Mossy Creek, GA" (Romantic Times).The third novel in the acclaimed Mossy Creek Hometown Series continues the warm, witty and wise doings in a small southern village you'll want to call home.

It's a typical summer in the good-hearted mountain town of Mossy Creek, Georgia, where love, laughter and friendship make nostalgia a way of life. Creekites are always ready for a sultry romance, a funny feud or a sincere celebration, and this summer is no different.

Get ready for a comical battle over pickled beets and a spy mission to recover hijacked chow-chow peppers. Meet an unforgettable parakeet named Tweedle Dee and a lovable dog named Dog. Watch Amos and Ida sidestep the usual rumors and follow Katie Bell's usual snooping.

In the meantime, old-timer Opal Suggs and her long-dead sisters share a lesson on living, and apple farmer Hope Bailey faces poignant choices when an old flame returns to claim her.Your favorite authors are back along with some wonderful new storytellers plus more recipes from Creekite chef Bubba Rice.

Pull up a wicker rocker, sip some peach-flavored iced tea, and listen as the townsfolk of Mossy Creek share their lives with you once again.

Read More

Blessings of Mossy Creek

Sandra Chastain 2004

The good-hearted citizens of Mossy Creek, Georgia are in a mood to count their blessings. Maybe it's the influence of the new minister in town, who keeps his sense of humor while battling a stern church treasurer. Maybe it's the afterglow of Josie McClure's incredibly romantic wedding to the local "Bigfoot.

" Or maybe it's the new baby in Hank and Casey Blackshear's home. As autumn gilds the mountains, town gossip columnist Katie Bell, has persuaded Creekites to confess their joys, trouble, and gratitudes. As always, that includes a heapin' helping of laughter, wisdom and good-old-fashioned scandal.

Read More

A Day in Mossy Creek

Sabrina Jeffries 2006

Maybe it's the post-New Year's boredom. maybe it's the cold, frisky air. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Mossy Creek seem determined to get into trouble on a clear winter day in mid-January. Police Chief Amos Royden and his loyal officers, Mutt and Sandy, can barely keep up with the calls.

Hank and Casey Blackshear's great aunt Irene, 93, leads a protest march of angry old folks--on their electric scooters. Louise and Charlie Sawyer battle renovation pitfalls (literally) in their cranky house. Pearl Quinlan fights her sister, Spiva, over a plate of brownies.

Patty Campbell performs a makeover on Orville Gene Simpson's front yard, against Orville's will. All that and more! Last, but not least, Amos and Ida finally stop fighting their secret attraction, but then the trouble really begins!

Read More

At Home in Mossy Creek

Debra Leigh Smith 2007
Book six in the Mossy Creek Hometown Series about life, love in a small Southern town. Mayberry meets Mitford. Humor, romance. Read More

Gone But Not Forgotten

Jeffries, Sabrina 2008

A mother’s work is never done.Not while Sunny has a ghost of a chance. Her sister and brother-in-law, Honey and Bert, are good people, no worries. Sunny’s twins will have a loving home with them in Mossy Creek, a warm-hearted small town in the mountains of Georgia.

But Sunny, a San Francisco voiceover artist before the accident that killed her and her husband, has bad memories of Honey and Bert’s unpredictable, autistic son, Jeremy. Will he harm her babies? Sunny’s not leaving until she’s certain they’re safe.

Read More

Critters of Mossy Creek

Smith, Deborah 2009

Springtime brings thoughts of love to people all over the world, and Creekites are no exception. Although love to Creekites isn t necessarily romantic. Take, for example, how they feel about their pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish take center stage as we once again see how the Southern half lives.

Your favorites are back and in just as much trouble as ever. Amos and Ida are still circling each other s wagons. Sandy Crane has a little Faith. Jayne Reynolds emerges from widowhood to take a long lingering look at Mossy Creek s Bubba Rice. Ed Bailey and his beloved dog Possum, Lil Ida Hamilton, Peggy Caldwell and others will make you laugh and cry at human and animal antics.

Cat heists. Fish ponds. Bird nappings. Don t miss the fun with Critters of Mossy Creek!

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Closer Than They Appear

Jeffries, Sabrina 2014

He’s sexy, Scottish, and too good to be true.That’s the problem. David Crogan’s got the voice, the looks, the charm, and he loves to read. Mossy Creek librarian Hannah Longstreet can’t resist that combination, though it’s the first time in years this single mom has let her guard down.

She allows herself to be romanced by the handsome, if mysterious, photographer, who’s in town for a few weeks to photograph Mossy Creek’s colorful people and places. But just when she’s about to toss all caution to the wind, she finds out who he really is.

And his real purpose will break her heart.

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