Dci Brendan Moran Books in Order

The Dci Brendan Moran books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Dci Brendan Moran books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of DCI Brendan Moran Books

Black December

Hunter, Scott 2011

DCI Brendan Moran, world-weary veteran of 1970s Ireland, is recuperating from a near fatal car crash when a murder is reported at Charnford Abbey. The abbot and his monks are strangely uncooperative, but when a visitor from the Vatican arrives and an ancient relic goes missing the truth behind Charnford’s pact of silence threatens to expose not only the abbey’s haunted secrets but also the spirits of Moran’s own troubled past .

. .

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Creatures of Dust

Hunter, Scott 2013

An undercover detective goes missing and the body of a young man is found mutilated in a shop doorway. Is there a connection? Returning to work after a short convalescence, DCI Brendan Moran’s suspicions are aroused when a senior officer insists on freezing Moran out and handling the investigation himself.

A second murder convinces Moran that a serial killer is on the loose but with only a few days to prove his point the disgruntled DCI can’t afford to waste time. As temperatures hit the high twenties, tempers fray, and the investigation founders Moran finds himself coming back to the same question again and again: can he still trust his own judgement, or is he leading his team up a blind alley?

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Death Walks Behind You

Hunter, Scott 2015

An unusual crime requires an unusual detective ... DCI Brendan Moran's last minute break in the West Country proves anything but restful as he becomes embroiled in the mysterious disappearance of an American tourist. Does the village harbour some dark and dreadful secret? The brooding presence of the old manor house and the dysfunctional de Courcy family may hold the answer but Moran soon finds that the residents of Cernham have a rather unorthodox approach to the problem of dealing with outsiders.

As Moran is drawn deeper into Cernham's mysterious past a cold-blooded execution in Berkshire plunges deputising DI Charlie Pepper into a maelstrom of murder, double cross and treachery ...Death Walks Behind You is the third book in the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series by CWA shortlisted author, Scott Hunter.

 Praise for the DCI Brendan Moran series: 'The story grabbed me from the start and never let up until the final pages, taking me through perfectly credible and well orchestrated twists and turns throughout.''Well written, a good solid story, with believable main characters.

I like Moran's human frailty, and though this particular tale is bleak and harsh, it rhymes well with Moran's own problems. A good read all round.' 'A well-planned, well-written novel ... the second book I have read by this author ... the writer has a fertile imagination and an attractive narrative style.

' --Amazon Death Walks Behind You is the third book in the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series by CWA shortlisted author, Scott Hunter.

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A Crime for all Seasons

Hunter, Scott 2016

Unusual crimes demand an unusual detective . . .   From the midwinter snowdrifts of an ancient Roman villa to a summer stakeout at an exclusive art gallery, join DCI Brendan Moran and his team for the first volume of criminally cunning short stories in which the world-weary yet engaging Irish detective reaffirms that there is indeed a crime for all seasons .

. . The DCI Brendan Moran Crime Series - REVIEWS'...a well-planned, well-written novel. The writer has a fertile imagination and an attractive narrative style.''...one of the best reads I have had this year. Gripped by the grizzled Irish detective..

...plenty of twists and turns Bravo!''...I thoroughly enjoyed Black December - it's a very good "who done it" - and so often!''...Top drawer crime fiction...' --Amazon

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Silent as the Dead

Hunter, Scott 2018

An emotional homecoming - a murderous welcome ... '...Hunter just gets better and better ... if you haven't read this brilliant series, it's time to start ...'--AmazonA call from an old friend whose wife has vanished from their home in Co.Kerry prompts DCI Brendan Moran to return to his Irish roots.

The Gardai have drawn a blank; can Moran succeed where they have failed? Moran's investigation leads him to a loner known locally as the Islander, who reveals that the woman's disappearance is connected to a diehard paramilitary with plans to hit a high profile target in the UK.

 Time is running out. Can Moran enlist the Islander's help, or does he have to face his deadliest foe alone? Silent as the Dead is the fourth novel in the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime seriesIf you like Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, DCI Banks, and the Shetland TV series, you'll love this tense and exciting crime thriller from CWA-shortlisted author, Scott Hunter.

So go ahead! Hit the buy button now and join DCI Moran on a thrilling adventure you won't forget in a hurry ...

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Gone Too Soon

Hunter, Scott 2019

DCI Moran is called to a burial in a local cemetery. But this is no ordinary interment; the body of a young woman, Michelle LaCroix, a rising star in the music world, is still warm, the grave unmarked. A recording reveals the reason for her suicide. Or does it?Why would a young, successful singer take her own life? To unlock the answer, DCI Moran must steer a course through his darkest investigation yet, as the clues lead to one shocking discovery after another .


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The Enemy Inside

Hunter, Scott 2020

DCI Brendan Moran's morning is interrupted whena suicidal ex-soldier threatens to jump from a multi-storey car park ...Moran soon regrets getting involved when an unexpected visitor turns up on his doorstep toconfront him with what appears to be damning evidence of his past misconduct.

Can the Irish Detective clear his name, or must he come clean and face the consequences?One thing seems certain: by the time the night is over, his reputation may not be the only casualty ...

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When Stars Grow Dark

Hunter, Scott 2021

A fatal road traffic collision uncovers a bizarre murder when it transpires that an elderly passenger in one of the vehicles was dead before the accident. All indications point to the work of a serial killer - but with little forensic evidence, how can DCI Brendan Moran and his team run the killer to ground?To add to Moran's problems, an unexpected discovery prompts the Irish Detective to undertake a dangerous and unscheduled journey to Rotterdam where he believes his former friend and MI5 agent, Samantha Grant, is being held.

Can Moran succeed in his rescue mission whilst juggling the heavy demands of his most perplexing murder investigation to date?  When Stars Grow Dark is number seven in the popular DCI Brendan Moran crime series    If you like Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, DCI Banks, Vera and the Shetland TV series, you'll love this tense and exciting crime novel from CWA-shortlisted author, Scott Hunter.

 REVIEWS - The DCI Brendan Moran Crime Series★★★★★ '...a sparkling mystery - the highlight of a strong series.' ★★★★★ '... a well-planned, well-written novel. The writer has a fertile imagination and an attractive narrative style.

' ★★★★★ '... one of the best reads I have had this year. Gripped by the grizzled Irish detective.....plenty of twists and turns. Bravo!'★★★★★ 'The story rattles into action and concludes with two jaw-dropping climaxes and a final fraught decision.

This series is destined for greatness.'

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