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The Dana Fuller Ross books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

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Publication Order of Wagons West Books


Ross, Dana Fuller 1979
When the Panic of 1837 creates hard times, a dauntless band of pioneering men and women journey from Long Island to Missouri with the hopes of eventually finding a better future in the rich Oregon Territory. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1979

Autumn, 1837. Blazing onward from New York to Missouri, the legendary wagon train sent by US President Andrew Jackson has reached the last outpost of civilization. Now 500 strong, these brave pioneers set a course across the great rolling plains towards the treacherous Rockies, hoping to stake a claim in the American West.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1979
1838. The first wagon train to Oregon country moved slowly across the Great Plains, reaching the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in early autumn. Led by wagon scout Whip Holt, the 500 strong community of courageous men, women, and children prepare for the bitter winter ahead. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1980
Crossing the Rockies, America's first wagon train enters the Oregon territory in hopes of blocking the claims of Russia and England, and insuring that the region becomes part of the United States. Reissue. 70,000 first printing. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1980

It's 1844. The bold new Republic of Texas is fighting for its life. Rallying to the cause of liberty, the brave pioneers who forged the Oregon Trail are called upon to lead a new wagon train into the fray. Leaving their homes in the thriving Oregon Territory, they face impossible odds on the wild Texas frontier, overrun with dangerous outlaws, native tribes, and the powerful Mexican Army.

Among the freedom fighters are veteran commander Lee Blake and his wife Kathy, boat builder Harry Canning, and the fearless volunteers who would risk their lives as Texas Rangers. Their new leader, Captain Rick Miller, holds the destiny of Texas in his hands.

But in his heart, he hides a passion for a woman he cannot have - and a dream he cannot surrender. This is the fight for Texas, in all its grit, glory, and grandeur. This is America at its best...

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1981
The Gold Rush of 1848 is sweeping the US from coast to coast. But in Sacramento Valley, California, settlers face an all-out assault on the homes they'd struggled so hard to build in the face of the new wave of incomers who are chasing their own version of the American Dream. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1981
Some came for freedom, others to build a new life. But in 1858, when gold is discovered in the Colorado region, thousands of desperate men and women descend on Denver like a hungry swarm. Homesteaders struggle to hold onto their claims, but none are immune to the effects of gold fever. Read More


Dana Fuller Ross 1982
Major General Lee Blake must outsmart Confederate saboteurs and British agents in order to guarantee a Nevada silver shipment safely reaches New York. Reissue. Read More


Fuller Ross, Dana 1982
The Civil War is over. North and South, battle-weary soldiers are returning home. But wounded veteran Toby Holt, son of legendary wagon-master Whip Holt, is riding west to claim a homestead on the Washington timberland - and reunite with a wife he barely knows. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1983

Toby Holt, son of the legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt, courageously accepts a presidential mandate to extend the Northwest Railroad across the hazardous Montana Territory. But Sioux war drums beat a fearsome warning to stay off their land - while the bloodthirsty Hastings gang launch their own wave of terror.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1983
The magnificent saga of bold men and defiant women riding under freedom's banner into a raw, untamed land. Read More


Dana Fuller Ross 1983

Raw determination carried them across steep mountain trails to the lawless territory of Utah. Here brawny work gangs and rugged engineers blasted out rock-walled tunnels and laid countless miles of shining rails to link a vast continent from coast to distant coast.

But soon rampaging Indians with rifles blazing joined unscrupulous ranchers in trying to stop the iron wheels of progress from entering this virgin, untamed land.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1984
Toby Holt and his family and friends journey to the rugged Idaho territory, where he has been appointed military governor by President Grant and given the assignment of establishing a lasting peace with rebellious Indians Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1984
Toby Holt and Englishman Edmund Blackstone match wits with the unprincipled scoundrel Luis de Cordova, a notorious gunrunner, con man, procurer, and blackmailer, as they attempt to stop an Indian uprising and rescue the lovely Millicent Randall from his shameful clutches Read More


Dana Fuller Ross 1985

The irresistible lure of limitless opportunity drew con men and kings, merchants and sailors, outlaws and heroes to New Orleans, the spicy Cajun capital at the mouth of the majestic Mississippi. Here European bluebloods mingled with buckskin-clad frontiersmen - knives flashed in deadly duels over marked cards, fancy women, and shady deals - and legal commerce vied with criminal schemes to possess the vast fortunes of America's most ambitious and ruthless men.

MISSISSIPPI! From north of St. Louis down past Natchez to the fertile Bayou, the broad deep river carried barges piled high with valuable cargo and stern-wheelers crowded with eager Americans hungry for the sin and sweetness of exciting New Orleans. But on its seamier streets a dark underworld flourished.

There, a cruel ex-lawman hid the beautiful young gentlewoman he had seduced with lies, while he plotted to kill the bold Englishman who had sworn to avenge her honor. And from the far west rode Toby Holt - a fighting man as famous as his father, Wagonmaster Whip Holt - to wage a one-man war on a dreaded Oriental Tong.

.. as the forces of good and evil prepared to battle for control of this rich, fast growing land along the MISSISSIPPI!

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1985
Vol. #16 in the Wagons West saga. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1986
Under secret orders from the White House, legendary frontiersman Toby Holt journeys to Memphis to stop a conspiracy against the U.S. government, led by a sinister, unscrupulous politician with a powerful, private army of renegades Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1986
As roughrider Toby Holt struggles to build a new life in nineteenthcentury Chicago, an old enemy and a former love bring upheaval, tragedy, and death in a tale set against the 1871 fire that devastated Chicago Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1987
Famous rough-rider Toby Holt battles the wealthy lumber barons of Milwaukee--including a ruthless enemy obsessed with destroying Holt and his enterprise--to build a lumber operation in the forests of Wisconsin Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1987
In the dark aftermath of the Civil War, the legendary Toby Holt is charged with finding a deadly assassin plotting to kill President Grant Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1988
Arizona! Wagons West #21 DANA FULLER ROSS 0553270656 Read More

New Mexico!

Ross, Dana Fuller 1988
Ross, Dana Fuller, New Mexico: Wagons West Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1989
With the likely prospect of a bloody range war hanging in the balance, sharpshooter Toby Holt tries to ease the tensions between landowners and cattlemen in the turbulent Oklahoma territory Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1989
Ross, Dana Fuller Read More

Publication Order of The Holts: An American Dynasty Books

The Oregon Legacy

Ross, Dana Fuller 1989
As Toby Holt battles to save his ranch from the harsh winter weather of 1887, his headstrong son, Tim, sets out to seek his fortune in the silver mines Read More

Oklahoma Pride

Ross, Dana Fuller 1990
Seeking to chronicle the West as he sees it, renowned journalist Tim Holt travels into the heart of Indian territory and confronts injustice as thousands of settlers prepare to encroach on Indian land Read More

Carolina Courage

Dana Fuller Ross 1990
The saga of the Holt family continues with Janessa and Charley, who are both in Cherokee country using their knowledge of medicine to battle the disease that has stricken the Indians, and who end up fighting for their own lives Read More

California Glory

Dana Fuller Ross 1991
San Francisco newspaper mogul Tim Holt's dedication to publishing the truth wins him formidable enemies who have become very close with the Holt clan and could threaten the family power and prestige Read More

Hawaii Heritage

Ross, Dana Fuller 1991
While royalist rebel Sam Brentwood faces the death penalty as a traitor on the Hawaiian islands, on the mainland, Janessa Holt Lawrence wages a war against prejudice and disease on Ellis Island Read More

Sierra Triumph

Ross, Dana Fuller 1992
Heading west after a fight with his folks, seventeen-year-old Frank Blake, the great-grandson of frontiersman Whip Holt, finds adventure and danger, while, back in the city, his cousin, Tim Holt, meddles with a feisty suffragette. Original. Read More

Yukon Justice

Dana Fuller Ross 1992

1869.  As the gold fever swept the nation, a great migration north begins to the Yukon Territory of Canada, where the adventurous Frank Blake chases his dreams of fortune aboard a rickety steamer headed for the unchartered waters of the Klondike--pursued by a dangerous enemy bent on deadly vengeance.

  Across the continent, on New York's teeming shores, daring trailblazer Dr. Jasnessa Holt Lawrence scandalizes eastern society with her radical discoveries and impassioned struggle for women's right.  And amid the dazzle and deception of Washigton's glittering social whirl, Toby Holt fights a desperate battle with President McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt to prevent a war that could alter the fate of a nation.

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Pacific Destiny

Ross, Dana Fuller 1994

1898.Remember The Maine! As  the nation's headlines scream for revenge,  inciting America to war against Spain, newspaper  publisher Tim Holt vows to report the story himself from  the front line in Cuba--a searing tropical  adventure that will change his life and his country  forever.

Thousands of miles away, in the frozen Yukon  Territory, young Frank Blake seeks his fortune in  gold--only to have his dreams shattered and his  heart broken before his true destiny becomes clear.  And across the Pacific, in the Philippines,  Frank's estranged father, Henry Blake--a U.

S. government  spy--undertakes a secret mission that leads to the  threshold of the American century.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1994
As the twentieth century draws near, intelligence agent Henry Blake watches with dismay as the U.S. sinks into a quagmire in the Philippines, while his estranged son Frank travels west in search of adventure to New Mexico. Original. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1995
Leaving her family to make her New York City debut in 1900, sixteen-year-old Sally watches her dream shattered amid the tumult of history, while her best friend India rises to a pinnacle of unwanted fame and discovers a depth of unforgettable tragedy. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Wagons West Frontier Books


Ross, Dana Fuller 1992
Escaping a brutal blood feud in the fertile Ohio Valley, brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt strike out for new territories, unaware that a shadowy killer is following their every move. Read More


Ross, Dana Fuller 1993

Once there was a wilderness so vast, no white man had ever crossed it.  Then Lewis and Clark became the pathfinders for a nation, opening up a land of limitless possibilities that called with a siren's song to brave men looking for a dream . . . the first Holts.

  In the heart of this majestic land, Clay Holt and his Sioux Wife, Shining Moon, lead a perilous expedition up the Yellowstone River.  While Clay and his band confront fierce storms and the plots of adversaries, brother Jeff Holt heads back East on a treacherous quest; impetuous young cousin Ned takes to the high seas; and in the East, Melissa Merrivale Holt struggles against the unscrupulous businessman to means to have her.

  With the bravery and fighting spirit, the intrepid Holts battle on . . . to shape the destiny of a nation and to build and American dynasty.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1993

They crossed the vast frontier in pursuit of a dream, men and women whose courage and daring shaped the future of the great young nation and forged an unforgettable legacy passion and adventure in a brave new land they called home… To the brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt, the western territory is a land of breathtaking beauty and unlimited possibility.

But, it is also a place of lawlessness and sudden, brutal violence. Sworn to bring a longtime enemy to justice, Clay heads north to Canada and a dangerous showdown, while in far-off North Carolina, Jeff is stocked by a ruthless killer determined to destroy his family.

As war cries fill the air, the Holts must fight once more for their home, their nation, and the magnificent dynasty that will live forever in the pages of history.

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Publication Order of Wagons West Empire Books


Ross, Dana Fuller 1998

As the first book of the trilogy opens, it is early spring in 1811 and the Holt family is getting together for a reunion at the family homestead near Marietta, Ohio. Among the family members gathered for the joyous occasion are frontiersman Clay Holt, who has come all the way from the Rocky Mountains with his Teton Sioux wife and their young ward; and Jefferson Holt, Clay's brother, who has come from Wilmington, North Carolina with his wife and son.

The festivities are interrupted, however, when Clay receives a letter signed by Merriwether Lewis informing him that he has been awarded a land grant in return for his services on the Lewis and Clark expedition several years earlier. Aware that Lewis, his former captain on the expedition to the Pacific, has recently died under mysterious circumstances, Clay finally decides to travel to Washington to investigate the matter.

Upon arrival, both Clay and Jeff are approached by none other than President Thomas Jefferson, who enlists their aid in uncovering a conspiracy to illegally acquire land in the western territories. Jefferson believes that Merriwether Lewis had discovered such a scheme and was murdered for it.

Soon, Clay and Jeff find themselves at the heart of a deadly quest that separates them from their families and leads them from the manors of Virginia to a fateful steamboat voyage down the Mississippi.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1999

They are bold men and women who chase their dream from the cities of the East to the wild vastness of the West. Daring and determined, they seek their fortune in a rough-and-tumble new land, forging their destiny along with that of the great American continent.

  A raw young nation needs foreign commerce to survive, so Jefferson Holt stakes the future of his company on blazing trade routes to the Pacific. He sends his cousin Ned to an isolated land of great riches, while he himself journeys to Russian Alaska.

Meanwhile, Clay Holt continues his undercover efforts to unmask the powerful Washington politician who is plotting against his own country. But each of the Holts soon finds himself in deadly peril: Jeff in the snows of Alaska, Ned on the rough Pacific seas, and Clay in a wilderness rent by nature’s fury.

To fulfill their destiny—and to build their nation’s future—the Holts must battle for their lives, and their freedom.

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Ross, Dana Fuller 1999

The triumphant conclusion to the epic saga of an American pioneer dynastyThey are men and women of bold vision and boundless courage who dared to follow their dreams across an untamed country. Against incredible odds, they would risk everything for a chance to build a glorious future, leaving their mark on a young America whose great destiny would be forever linked with their own.

To the Holts, the idea of America is one worth fighting for. So when Clay Holt learns that a French diplomat once aligned with Napoleon and linked to the death of famed explorer is on western soil, he and Lieutenant John Markham go undercover to find him.

To keep America whole, Clay and John will track their elusive quarry up to St. Louis and then west through the treacherous, snowy Rockies. Meanwhile, the other Holts face deadly challenges of their own: Jeff, as a prisoner of the Tlingit Indians in the frozen north; Melissa, in a new venture that sparks a violent rivalry; and Ned, caught in a life-and-death struggle on the high seas.

Separated by miles and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the Holts nonetheless battle together in spirit . . . united in their hopes for a burgeoning young nation and a promise they have sworn to keep.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels


Dana Fuller Ross 1982
An American sailor on a secret mission in Turkey is captured by a sultan and falls in love with Mary Ellis, an English fellow prisoner Read More

Yankee Rogue

Ross, Dana Fuller 1984
Unhappily married to a Delaware plantation owner, Caroline Murtagh meets Lieutenant Jared Hale, a dissolute cavalry officer, on a trip to London in 1739 Read More

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