Charlotte Macleod Books in Order

The Charlotte Macleod books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Charlotte Macleod books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Professor Peter Shandy Books

Rest You Merry

MacLeod, Charlotte 1978

CONTINUING THE DEFINITIVE SERIES OF CLASSIC MYSTERIES BY AMERICAN MYSTERY AND NERO WOLFE AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR CHARLOTTE MacLEOD For years, Professor Peter Shandy has been badgered by Jemima Ames, Assistant Librarian and Annual Chairperson, to decorate his campus home for the Grand Illumination which is Balaclava Agricultural College's main fund-raising event.

Now he can hold out no longer. Goaded to madness, he buries his small brick house under an avalanche of plastic reindeer, flashing lights, and fake Santa Clauses. Hooks up an amplifier blaring "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth," locks the switches at "on," and escapes to sea on a tramp steamer.

Shipwrecked and conscience-stricken, he crawls back to face his irate colleagues, and finds Jemima Ames dead on his living room floor. Police and security guards say it's an accident; Shandy says it's murder. President Thorkjeld Svenson says he'd better find out the truth without wrecking the Illumination.

..or the next corpse will be Shandy's.

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The Luck Runs Out

MacLeod, Charlotte 1979

Wrack and Rune

MacLeod, Charlotte 1982
A centuries-old Norse curse, vandalism, and two irrepressible centenarians combine to confront Proffessor Peter Shandy with a puzzling murder case Read More

Something The Cat Dragged In

MacLeod, Charlotte 1983
Peter Shandy investigates the mysterious death of a fellow professor at Balaclava College, eighty-year-old Herbert Ungley Read More

The Curse of the Giant Hogweed

MacLeod, Charlotte 1985

FIELD TRIPS AND EERIE ACCIDENTS Professor Shandy, propagator of the world's most renowned rutabaga and Balaclava College's best amateur sleuth, takes on the case of the Giant Hogweed--a garden pest about to wipe out Britain's lovely hedgerows. With colleagues Dan Stott and Timothy Ames at his side, he leaves the groves of academe for some fancy fieldwork deep in the heart of Wales.

But never in their wildest dreams did the three professors expect the bizarre events that awaited them ... where Miss Hilda Horsefall's recipe for homemade lye soap becomes as valuable as Dan Stott's knowledge of The Chronicles of Narnia...and where pursuing the wild asparagus .

.. or rather the Giant Hogweed ... becomes a dangerous expedition indeed. This is #5 in A Peter and Helen Shandy Novel.

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The Corpse in Oozak's Pond

MacLeod, Charlotte 1987
Professor Shandy decides to investigate when a corpse discovered in Oozak's Pond has a possible connection with Balaclava Agricultural College Read More

Vane Pursuit

MacLeod, Charlotte 1989
A gang of thieves determined to steal every Praxiteles Lumpkin weathervane in Balaclava County winds up snatching Helen Shandy as well, and it is up to her husband Peter to set her free Read More

An Owl Too Many

MacLeod, Charlotte 1991
When boorish Emory Emmerick is netted and stabbed to death during the Annual Owl Count at Balaclava Agricultural College and then Professor Binks is kidnapped, Peter Shandy steps in to investigate. Reprint. PW. Read More

Something in the Water

MacLeod, Charlotte 1994
Botanist and sleuth Peter Shandy discovers deception during a field trip, when a man is poisoned and the locals seek out the murderer--to give proper thanks Read More

Exit the Milkman

MacLeod, Charlotte 1996
When his colleague, Professor Jim Feldster, disappears and Feldster's notoriously unstable wife appears at his door, Professor Peter Shandy agrees to track down his lost friend, reputed to be the heir to an agricultural empire Read More

Publication Order of Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn Mysteries Books

The Family Vault

MacLeod, Charlotte 1979

Great-uncle Frederick has passed away, and the Kelling clan of Boston has made plans to put the old gentleman's remains in the family vault on Beacon Hill. When the vault is opened, however, there's someone already there that no one could have ever expected -- the skeleton of a burlesque queen who disappeared thirty years ago! With the help of private detective Max Bittersohn, it's up toSarah Kelling to hold the shocked family together, and try to find out what happened.

What they unravel is a complex murder plot that not only stretches into the past, but also has Sarah marked as a victim!

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The Withdrawing Room

MacLeod, Charlotte 1980

n What's the proper way for a Boston landlady to react when her most obnoxious boarder gets squashed by a subway train? Sarah Kelling doesn't mind losing Barnwell Augustus Quiffen. She already has a far nicer applicant for the drawing room suite, now that money problems have forced her to turn her historic brownstone into a boarding house.

And curmudgeonly old Mr. Quiffen had been a mistake from the first with his quarrels, complaints, and endless nosey-parkering. But then an odd eyewitness shows up on her doorstep, insisting somebody pushed Mr. Quiffen under the train, and Sarah finds herself knee-deep in yet another mystery.

This time, though, Sarah needn't face her problem alone -- not while she can rely on her basement boarder: Max Bittersohn, an art expert with a very special sort of expertise....

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The Palace Guard

MacLeod, Charlotte 1981

Sarah knows she shouldn't be here. The Kellings never did get invited back after that unfortunate incident when Madam Wilkins first opened her palatial museum to Boston's most critically outspoken Brahmins. But things have been quiet at Sarah's elegant Beacon Hill boarding house lately -- nobody's been murdered in months.

Lodger Max Bittersohn has free passes to today's concert, and he's one man she finds hard to turn down. But then something falls past them from the floor above, and the oldest guard sprawls dead among the hyacinths.

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The Bilbao Looking Glass

MacLeod, Charlotte 1983
Sarah Kelling's peaceful summer holiday at Ireson's Landing becomes a deadly nightmare when her two neighbors are murdered and her friend May is arrested and charged with the killings Read More

The Convivial Codfish

MacLeod, Charlotte 1984

After years of toiling upward through the ranks, Jeremy Kelling has finally attained his goal: to preside as Exalted Chowderhead over the Annual Scrooge Day revels of the Comrades of the Convivial Codfish. Suddenly, at the height of the ceremonies, Jeremy discovers that he's been robbed of his extremely valuable emblem of office.

The Great Chain of the Convivial Cod is gone! He calls his new nephew-in-law, Max Bittersohn, nemesis of art thieves from Boston to Bangladesh. Max isn't inclined to take the Codfish seriously until Jeremy falls victim to what may, or may not, be a particularly vicious practical joke.

From then on, it's champagne, caviar, and cold-blooded mass mayhem in high society as Max puts his life on the line to find a killer. "Another delightful whodunit in the Kelling-Bittersohn saga. MacLeod shows that humor and mystery can go hand-in-hand.

" (Kirkus Reviews)

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The Plain Old Man

MacLeod, Charlotte 1985
When her Aunt Emma's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Sorcerer" leads to murder and the disappearance of the Romney ancestral portrait, Sarah Kelling Bittersohn undertakes an investigation Read More

The Recycled Citizen

MacLeod, Charlotte 1987
When amateur sleuth Sarah Kelling and her husband Max Bittersohn join the rest of the Kelling clan to plan a charity auction to benefit the Senior Citizens' Recycling Center, the Kellings find themselves at the center of a bizarre murder plot. Reprint. Read More

The Silver Ghost

MacLeod, Charlotte 1987
The annual Renaissance Revel takes a mysterious and deadly turn when Rolls-Royces begin disappearing and the gatekeeper is found dead, and it is up to Max and Sarah Kelling to solve the mystery Read More

The Gladstone Bag

MacLeod, Charlotte 1990
Aunt Emma expects to spend a quiet summer vacationing, but when her bag of fake diamonds is stolen twice and a scuba diver is found dead, Sarah and Max must help her trap the villain Read More

The Resurrection Man

MacLeod, Charlotte 1992
When Renaissance art expert Bartolo Arbalest's main client turns up dead with a spear through his chest, renowned art detective Max Bittersohn and his wife, socialite Sarah Kelling, decide to investigate Read More

The Odd Job

MacLeod, Charlotte 1995
Sarah Kelling's vacation at her shorefront home is cut short when the administrator of Boston's Wilkins Museum is murdered with an antique hat pin, and Sarah must handle the burial arrangements and find the murderer before he finds her. Reprint. Read More

The Balloon Man

MacLeod, Charlotte 1998

With a serenely beautiful, picture-perfect day as a backdrop, what could possibly go wrong at the glorious seaside wedding on the Kelling estate? Plenty. First, Max is knocked unconscious by someone trying to steal the bride's gold and ruby necklace. Then a hot air balloon suddenly crashes into the tent leaving a mangled corpse beneath its wicker basket.

Later, Uncle Jem's vintage Rolls Royce is stolen. It will now take all of Max's formidable skills as the world's greatest expert on art theft to pop this mystery wide open.

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Publication Order of Madoc Rhys Books

A Pint of Murder

Craig, Alisa 1980
When the doctor trying to determine the cause of Agatha Treadway's death is himself murdered, suspicion falls on the elderly woman's heirs Read More

A Pint of Murder

Craig, Alisa 1980
When the doctor trying to determine the cause of Agatha Treadway's death is himself murdered, suspicion falls on the elderly woman's heirs Read More

Murder Goes Mumming

Craig, Alisa 1981
Book by Craig, Alisa Read More

Murder Goes Mumming

Craig, Alisa 1981
Inspector Madoc Rhys of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is invited to the Condrycke's Christmas house party and discovers a family with a penchant for practical jokes and a case of murder Read More

A Dismal Thing to Do

Charlotte MacLeod 1986
Mystery paperback by Charlotte Macleod writing as Alisa Craig. Detective Inspector Madoc Rhys of the Royal Canadian Mounties investigates strange happenings. Read More

Trouble in the Brasses

Craig, Alisa 1989

While stranded in the wilderness, an orchestra confronts a killer in its ranks Although he is a decorated officer of the Mounted Police, Madoc Rhys’s tin ear has long been an embarrassment to his musically fixated family. But when his father’s orchestra needs a policeman, the Mountie gets a chance to make daddy proud.

It began as pranks among the brass instruments, but something is rotten inside the Wagstaffe Symphony, and is about to graduate to something criminal. Called in to look into the tensions within the group, Madoc arrives just in time to see the French horn player keel over.

The death appears natural, and the orchestra boards the plane to its next engagement. But when a storm forces them to make an emergency landing and take shelter in an eerie old lodge, the extent of the danger becomes clear. Madoc may never understand music, but he has a good ear for murder, and is about to show off his chops.

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The Wrong Rite

Charlotte MacLeod 1992
When a family member at Sir Caradoc Rhys's ninetieth birthday party goes to pieces, Detective Inspector Madoc Rhys and his wife Janet must remove themselves from the festivities and investigate their kin's odd behavior. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Grub-And-Stakers Books

The Grub-And-Stakers Move a Mountain

MacLeod, Charlotte 1981
Members of the Grub-and-Stakers Gardening Club set out to find a murderer after a body is unearthed on a Canadian wildflower preserve Read More

The Grub-And-Stakers Quilt a Bee

Alisa Craig 1985
When a considerable legacy leads to the murder of the curator of their new museum, the members of the Grub-and-Stake Gardening and Roving Club solve the mystery with the help of an embroidered wedding quilt Read More

The Grub-And-Stakers Pinch a Poke

Craig, Alisa 1988
The Grub and Stake Gardening and Archery club, rehearsing for a drama competition, finds that someone is trying to kill their leading man and it is up to actress/sleuth Dittany Henbit Monk to track down the muderer Read More

The Grub-and-Stakers Spin a Yarn

MacLeod, Charlotte 1990
Miss Jane Fuzzywuzzy's Yarnery is the site of murder when someone makes mincemeat out of a local merchant, and the Monks, a husband-and-wife detective team, take the case Read More

The Grub-And-Stakers House a Haunt

Craig, Alisa 1993
When the ghost of murdered mule driver Hiram Jellaby appears in the kitchen of widow Zilla Trott's house, Sergeant McVicar investigates the century-old crime. Reprint. Read More

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Fat Lady's Ghost

MacLeod, Charlotte 1968

A young art student catches a thief—and finds her soul mate—in this charming, early YA novel from the million-selling “mistress of the ‘cozy’ mystery” (Los Angeles Times).   Possessed of cool common sense and burning ambition, nineteen-year-old Corin Johansen leaves home to attend a prestigious art school in Boston.

But Corin never met anyone back in Proctor’s Crossing, Pennsylvania, like the larger-than-life landlady at her new boardinghouse. A former circus star known as Daring Dina who trained lions and leopards under the big top, Madame Despau-Davy now contents herself with teaching her four beloved pet ocelots tricks in the kitchen.

  Corin soon learns the boardinghouse kitchen is supposedly haunted by the ghost of the Fat Lady from the circus, Dina’s old friend Rosie Garside. Corin is skeptical, but when she cooks, she can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched.   The tall redhead has also caught the eye of some of the young male boarders: playboy Jack Banks and standoffish but gifted art student Alex Bodmin.

When Corin discovers jewelry hidden in the haunted kitchen and hears the real story of how Rosie met her demise, she begins to suspect one of them may be a jewel thief—and possibly a murderer.

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Mouse's Vineyard

Macleod, Charlotte 1968

Brass pounder

MacLeod, Charlotte 1971

Ask Me No Questions

MacLeod, Charlotte 1971
A college student, invited to spend the summer with an uncle she has not seen since childhood, soon suspects he may be an impostor. Read More

King Devil

MacLeod, Charlotte 1978
The last thing Lavinia thinks she will encounter when she goes to live with rich cousin Zilphia in 1908 is mystery and romance. Read More

We Dare Not Go A-Hunting

MacLeod, Charlotte 1980
When Molly is hired to care for a child on Netaquid Island, she uncovers the truth about a kidnapping of the previous summer and becomes involved in an even more disastrous kidnapping. Read More

Cirak's Daughter

MacLeod, Charlotte 1982
An unexpected legacy from the father who deserted her as a baby starts Jenny on a dangerous search for answers to questions concerning her father, his death, and her own future. Read More

The Terrible Tide

Charlotte MacLeod 1983
Holly takes a job caring for an elderly couple's valuable antiques, which become the target of a charming, but unscrupulous and murderous thief Read More

Maid of Honor

MacLeod, Charlotte 1984
Chaos erupts at the Green household during preparations for the wedding of Persis' spoiled older sister and Persis must discover the truth about the disappearance of an expensive brooch. Read More

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Grab Bag

MacLeod, Charlotte 1987
There is murder in a massage parlor, dastardly doings at a British dinner party, larceny for sale at a general store, and sinister schemes at Balaclava College in this collection of seventeen murder and suspense tales Read More

It Was an Awful Shame and Other Stories

MacLeod, Charlotte 2002
This is the definitive Charlotte MacLeod collection, filled with the humour, plot twists and whimsy that have made her known and celebrated worldwide. Read More

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Astrology For Skeptics

MacLeod, Charlotte 1972
Book by MacLeod, Charlotte Read More

Had She but Known

MacLeod, Charlotte 1994

The life of Mary Roberts Rinehart, for many years America's best-known author, is one of love and violence, overpowering ambition, and immense courage. From witnessing the carnage on the battlefields of France in World War I to surviving a murder attempt in her own house, from the pain-wrecked wards of a Pittsburgh hospital to decades of glittering celebrity, Mrs.

Rinehart is here depicted by fellow writer Charlotte MacLeod, a lifelong fan whose empathy and perception bring a complex woman back to life on these pages.

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Publication Order of Grub-And-Stakers Books

The Grub-And-Stakers House a Haunt

Alisa Craig 1993
When the ghost of murdered mule driver Hiram Jellaby appears in the kitchen of the widow Zilla Trott's house, Sergeant McVicar investigates Read More

Publication Order of Anthologies

Mistletoe Mysteries

MacLeod, Charlotte 1989
The Queen of the Whimsical Whodunit presents a collection of mystery stories centered around a Yuletide theme, written by some of the best practitioners of the cozy mystery working today. Read More

Christmas Stalkings

MacLeod, Charlotte 1991
1989's Mistletoe Mysteries, a collection of all-new Yuletide mystery stories written by today's top practitioners of the cozy mystery, was a runaway success with critics and fans. Now bestselling novelist Charlotte MacLeod returns to her editor's seat with Christmas Stalkings. Read More

Christmas Stalkings

Hill, Reginald 2016

When the weather outside is frightful, curl up with New York Times–bestselling masters of holiday mystery Elizabeth Peters, Margaret Maron, and more! A New England college hosts a counterfeiting scrooge, an angelic chorister falls to earth, a tight-fisted patriarch realizes his days are numbered, and a politician presents his wife with an explosive gift.

In Christmas Stalkings, bestselling mystery author Charlotte MacLeod gathers fellow partners in crime for a collection of capers that will keep you reading—and guessing—all through the night. Spend the twelve days of Christmas enjoying tales of holiday mayhem.

From secrets in a snowy graveyard to schemes in the Deep South to mischief in Manhattan, this stocking full of cozy stories is to die for.This festive anthology includes thirteen stories by Charlotte MacLeod, Reginald Hill, Elizabeth Peters, Medora Sale, John Malcolm, Dorothy Cannell, Bill Crider, Patricia Moyes, Evelyn E.

Smith, Eric Wright, Mickey Friedman, Robert Barnard, and Margaret Maron.

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