Charles G West Books in Order

The Charles G West books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Charles G West books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Culver Books

Savage Cry

West, Charles G. 2002
Civil War veteran Caly Culver journeys deep into the dangerous world of the western frontier and into the middle of a fierce conflict among the Blackfoot, Crow, and Union profiteers, in search of his sister, who has been abducted by the Blackfoot. Original. Read More

Hero's Stand

West, Charles G. 2003

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. MILITIA MADNESS Up in the Montana mountains, Canyon Creek is the perfect little town for Simon Fry and his men to hole up for the winter. The folks are friendly enough to open their homes to eight perfect strangers—and gullible enough to believe that Fry’s gang is a militia sent to protect them from hostile Indians.

Jim Culver is new in town, but he knows something isn’t right about Simon Fry’s “militia.” They seem more interested in intimidating people than helping them. Anyone who questions them ends up dead or driven out. Someone has to step forward to protect the people of Canyon Creek from their new “protectors.

” That someone is Jim Culver. And this sleepy town is about to wake up with a bang.

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Evil Breed

West, Charles G. 2003
When he accidently kills an Army officer in self-defense, Jim Culver finds himself on the run from a ruthless bounty hunter by the name of Slocum who, despite the fact that he is suppose to bring Jim back alive, will stop at nothing to silence Jim forever. Original. Read More

Bloody Hills

West, Charles G. 2004
When Billy Ray Blevin leaves a trail of carnage and bloodshed in his wake, two survivors, a widow and a deputy, hire scout Clay Culver to find this vicious killer and help them avenge the senseless deaths of their loved ones. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Jason Coles Books

Stone Hand

West, Charles G. 1998
From the ashes of his massacred Cheyenne village, a legendary killer named Stone Hand descends on a settlement on the Oklahoma Territory and kidnaps an innocent young girl, bringing master tracker Jason Coles into a fight to the finish. Original. Read More

Black Eagle

West, Charles G. 1998
Old-time scout Jason Coles quit tracking outlaws for the army to settle down with his wife and child, but when his ranch is burned to the ground and his family abducted by the bloodthirsty Cheyenne Little Claw, Coles straps on his revolvers for the last time. Original. Read More

Cheyenne Justice

West, Charles G. 1999
In his third frontier adventure, master tracker Jason Coles pursues a headstrong female reporter who sets off to interview Sitting Bull and disappears into a prairie dominated by Sioux and Cheyenne warriors and treacherous white traders. Original. Read More

Publication Order of John Hawk Books

Hell Hath No Fury

West, Charles G. 2017

Winner of the 2018 Spur Award for Best Paperback Western   In the first of a trailblazing new series, acclaimed western author Charles G. West introduces the legend of a man called Hawk . . .   To start their new life together, Jamie Pratt and his young bride join a westward wagon train bound for the Rocky Mountains.

They get as far as Helena when their unscrupulous wagon master deserts them, leaving them as good as dead in a godforsaken, blood-scorched land. The other settlers agree to set stakes where they are, but Jamie and his bride press on toward the Bitterroot Valley, deep into Sioux territory.

  THEY NEVER COME OUT THE OTHER SIDE   Jamie’s brother, Monroe, enlists the legendary scout John Hawk to find them. A hardened veteran of the range, Hawk is living off the land in a little cabin on the Boulder River when Monroe comes begging for his help.

To rescue Jamie and his bride, Hawk—and his guns—will soon be back in the saddle, riding fast and fierce into deadly odds. For any other man it’s a suicide mission. For Hawk, delivering justice is what he was born to do . . .

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No Justice in Hell

West, Charles G. 2018

Winner of the 2018 Spur Award for Best Paperback Western   From acclaimed storyteller Charles G. West comes a thrilling new chapter in the saga of John Hawk, an army scout with a tracker’s eye, a cowboy’s grit—and his own brand of justice . . .

Three desperate women. One deranged killer. No way in hell is John Hawk going to sit back and let the innocent get slaughtered. He first meets the three lovely ladies as they’re fleeing in a wagon—alone—through Blackfoot country. What’s their rush? They’re being pursued by a wanted outlaw who wants them dead.

Their only chance is to reach the Last Chance Saloon in Helena—and John Hawk is their last hope… Hawk can track down a low-life like nobody’s business. But this time he has to stay two steps ahead, keeping the ladies safe and sound until they get to the saloon.

There’s just one problem: the outlaw got there first. He’s the notorious Zach Dubose. He’s waiting for Hawk and his girls. And he’s ordering them a round vengeance with a bullet chaser—and death on arrival . . . “Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.

” —Ralph Compton

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Montana Territory

West, Charles G. 2020

From Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West comes a blistering tale of the American West, where guns are the law, good men are outnumbered—and  sudden death  is a way of life . . .   MASSACRE IN MONTANA   Raised among the Blackfoot, John Hawk is a valuable asset to the US Army.

As a military scout at Fort Ellis, he is able to cross the line between two worlds—and help keep the peace. But when he disobeys a direct order from his commander, Hawk is immediately dismissed from his post. That was the army’s first mistake.   The second was losing track of a small mule train en route to Helena.

At the request of his former lieutenant, Hawk leaves his cabin on the Boulder River to help find the missing party. The mule train, it appears, was ambushed by a savage gang of outlaws. Most of the travelers were murdered. Only a few survived to tell the tale.

And now it’s up to Hawk to stalk the killers across the lawless Montana territory—alone. No backup. No calvary. No mercy . . .   “Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.” —Ralph Compton

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Publication Order of Jordan Gray Books

Devil's Kin

West, Charles G. 2005

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. THE WRONGED SIDE OF THE LAW Jordan Gray was hot on the trail of some killers when his wife and child needed him most. The very hardcases he was after rode right up to his home and murdered all those he held dear.

Now, Jordan will ride the vengeance trail until he hunts down his family’s killers—even if it means becoming a vigilante. But seeking justice is one thing—finding it is another. After the gang that murdered Jordan’s family robs a bank in Fort Smith, lawmen under the jurisdiction of “Hanging Judge” Parker set out to catch them swiftly and ruthlessly, but in a rush to judgment, the townsfolk mistake Jordan for one of the desperadoes.

Caught in the middle, Jordan learns that he doesn’t have to take the law into his own hands to wind up a wanted man.

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Hangman's Song

West, Charles G. 2005

When Preacher Nathaniel Rix and his sons bring a new kind of religion--one that involves guns--to the settlers on the Western frontier, annihilating sinners and saints alike, Jordan Gray, haunted by the tragic death of his wife and son, vows to teach this twisted man of the cloth a valuable lesson.


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Cruel Rider

West, Charles G. 2005
When mountain man Jordan Gray is hired to guide beautiful Polly Pike to the Black Hills, Gray discovers that she is on the run from her husband--a savage killer who is not about to let her go without a fight. (westerns). Read More

Publication Order of Little Wolf Books

Wind River

West, Charles G. 1999
Adopted and raised by the Arapaho, Robert Allred finds himself torn between his adopted people and the white settlers, especially when he discovers that one of the soldiers pursuing the tribe is his long-lost white brother. Original. Read More

Bitter Root

West, Charles G. 1999
The saga of a white man raised by the Cheyenne continues when the fugitive U.S. soldier who helped Little Wolf escape from captivity comes calling, with bounty hunters hot on his trail. Original. BAKER & TAYLOR Bks Read More

Medicine Creek

West, Charles G. 2000
When a renegade army kills the members of his Cheyenne tribe and steal away his beloved wife, Rain Song, Little Wolf's dreams of a peaceful life are put on hold as he sets out to seek revenge on all those involved. Original. Read More

Publication Order of Matt Slaughter Books

The Hostile Trail

West, Charles G. 2006
After surviving a Sioux attack in the Bighorn Mountains, trail partners Matt Slaughter and Ike Brister discover they are not out of danger when Matt's girlfriend is taken hostage, forcing them both to reholster their weapons for a deadly showdown with the bloodthirsty leader of the Sioux. Original. Read More


West, Charles G. 2006

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. AN OUTLAW IS BORN When war came to the Shenandoah Valley, Matt Slaughter and his older brother joined the Confederate army. But three years defending his homeland as a sniper has weighed heavily on Matt’s conscience.

With the cause lost, the brothers desert—only to find upon their arrival home that Owen’s farm has fallen into the hands of swindlers… Then, after his brother accidentally kills a Union officer, Matt takes the blame. But now—facing a sham trial and a noose—he escapes to the west, where he saves the life of another fugitive down-and-outer.

Both men are a breed apart from other outlaws. Neither kills for pleasure or steals for profit. But that doesn’t matter to the cold-blooded men who are going to give them hell to pay—and get the same in return…

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Vengeance Moon

West, Charles G. 2007

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. BLOODY MAMA On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, Matt Slaughter is lying low in the badlands with a new life, and a new woman. But old troubles are right behind him: her name is P.

D. Wildmoon, a hard-drinking bounty huntress armed with a .44, a rawhide horsewhip, and three wild-eyed sons bred to kill. The job? Bring the fugitive back to Virginia—dead or alive. Making matters worse is a Sioux war that’s trapped Slaughter between the vengeance of a hostile tribe and the blind greed of a gun-crazy mother who’s blocking his only way out.

But for Slaughter, there’s even more at stake. By his side is Molly, the vulnerable love of his life. And she’s just the pretty little tool Wildmoon and her killer brood need for hitting Slaughter straight through the heart.

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Publication Order of Trace McCall Books

Wings of the Hawk

West, Charles G. 2000

An action-packed adventure of the Old West from the author of Trial at Fort Keogh... REVENGE CAN TURN A BOY INTO A MAN...AND PUT A MAN SIX FEET UNDER At just fourteen, Jim Tracey found himself without a friend in the world, running from the Indian war party that had killed his father.

But he was saved by a pair of grizzled old fur trappers, and he learned to fend for himself and live off the land. When Jim finally returns home to St. Louis, he finds that there was more to his father's murder than he'd thought. Though the Indians did the killing, someone else did the planning--someone too close for comfort.

Now young Jim must untangle a thick web of lies, and when the dirty dealings come to light he will come face-to-face with a murderer. But if he tastes the vengeance owed him, it won't be as the boy everyone knew as Jim--it will be as a man named Trace McCall.


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Mountain Hawk

West, Charles G. 2001

Mountain man Trace McCall has seen enough of “civilization” to be content with a simple existence living off the land. He keeps mostly to himself—except for visiting with pretty neighbor Jamie Tresh and occasionally crossing paths with the local Blackfeet tribe.

But forces beyond his control are about to put Trace’s peaceful life on the line. Trouble starts when he decides to help some homesteaders make their way to Fort Bridger. The journey puts Trace on the wrong side of two violent men—and a group of renegade Blackfeet on a murderous mission.

Then he finds out Jamie’s been abducted—possibly sold into slavery, or worse. Now it’s kill or be killed as Trace’s pursuit of the kidnappers leads him ever deeper into danger among warring Indian factions and hostile white men in the world he’d hoped to leave behind…

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Son of the Hawk

West, Charles G. 2001

Action-packed western adventure from the author of Crow Creek Crossing. Over a decade ago, a Shoshoni maiden loved mountain man Trace McCall. Her father did not approve of the union and stole her away—unaware that she was carrying the white man's child.

She married a member of her tribe to give her son a father, naming the child White Eagle. A war party of Sioux slaughters the Shoshoni camp, but the child escapes. With no place to run, White Eagle decides to find his white father.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels


West, Charles 1989
The seemingly unrelated drug overdose of a young prostitute and a long-hidden murder in the Australian outback lead movie stand-in Tom Grant into a deadly confrontation with a gang preying on the elderly and a killer, Funnelweb Read More


West, Charles 1990
Paul Crook ends up fishing for the deadly drug kingpin of Sydney when he inherits a detective agency and has to move from his home in the outback Read More

Rat's Nest

West, Charles 1991

The Tenant

West, Charles G. 1996

Jesse Campbell is a sociopath, horribly disfigured, monstrous in size and wanted for murder. He is spotted on a construction site next to a research hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Resisting capture, Campbell attacks police, killing one and wounding another.

He is mortally wounded with a bullet through the brain.Dr. Chris Warren, a transplant specialist, researching the transplantation of the human brain, happens upon the scene and attempts to save the wounded monster's life. In the process, Campbell stabs Dr.

Warren through the heart with a screwdriver.Warren's assistant, Dr. John Sumner, is forced to make a desperate decision, and attempts to save Warren's brain by transplanting it into Campbell's body. The operation is a success, but Sumner decides it best to keep it a secret until his patient shows no sign of rejection.

Unfortunately, Sumner is killed in a traffic accident, leaving Chris Warren to try to convince his wife, police and hospital staff that he is no longer the sociopathic Jesse Campbell. Wanted by the police for murder, Warren is forced to escape, knowing that no one will believe his wild story.

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Duel at Low Hawk

West, Charles G. 2007
Boot Stoner spent twelve years behind bars for stealing. Upon release, he added murder and kidnapping to his list-and U.S. Deputy Marshal John Ward is the only one who stands a chance of stopping Stoner's bloody rampage. Read More

Range War in Whiskey Hill

West, Charles G. 2008
Colt McCrae, sent to jail for a crime he did not commit, is released when his estranged father is murdered and returns to Whiskey Hill, Wyoming, with a thirst for justice and vengeance. Original. Read More

Tanner's Law

West, Charles G. 2008
With no home to return to after the Civil War, Tanner Bland heads west to join an old army buddy and hit the gold mines of Montana, but the wagon train they join could become their undoing as they go up against the Leach brothers, each one meaner than the next. Original. Read More

Luke's Gold

West, Charles G. 2008
When he teams up with veteran ranch hand Luke Tucker to find a lost fortune in Union Gold, Cade Hunter instead finds himself searching for revenge when Luke is murdered. Original. Read More

Lawless Prairie

West, Charles G. 2009

A man discovers the bloody cost of freedom in this bold tale of the Old West.Clint Connor only took the horse to stop a man from mistreating it, but a vengeful judge sentenced him to six years. Quietly serving his time, Clint suddenly finds himself free after he’s swept up in a daring jailbreak.

  Now a fugitive, Clint Connor will need courage, cunning, and a cold-blooded ruthlessness as he rides the lawless prairie. But before he can escape to the hills of Montana, he’ll have to outgun malicious outlaws and face a final showdown with a marshal determined to bring Clint back as a prisoner—or a corpse.

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Shoot-out at Broken Bow

West, Charles G. 2009
When his partner, U.S. Deputy Marshal Casey Dixon, is vengefully targeted by the outlaw Blanton family for hanging their cop-killing youngest son, Buck Avery postpones his retirement in order to take the family down. By the author of Lawless Prairie. Original. Read More

The Blackfoot Trail

West, Charles G. 2009
Mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly led a group of settlers through the Rockies--and into the clutches of Max Starbeau, who traveled with the party until he was able to commit theft and murder--and kidnap Joe's girl. Now, Joe Fox is forging a new trail--of vengeance! Read More

Reno's Island

Charles G. West 2010

Laura Hammond, bright young advertising executive and daughter of crime fighting Senator Eugene Hammond is abducted from a shopping mall in Fort Lauderdale and taken to a deserted island off the coast of Florida. Her abductors are two members of a Philadelphia crime family under investigation by the senator's committee.

An unlikely hero appears to free her from the two gangsters, but she finds she is far from safe. The island is too small to hide them indefinitely and her hero seems to be as lost as she. He has no memory of who he is or how he came to be on the island.

Consequently they are forced to fight for their lives and hope that the senator and the FBI can move swiftly enough to save them.

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The Marble Hill Hotel

Charles G. West 2010

A forty-seven year old bachelor who courts a twenty-one year old girl, only to have his wedding turn into a fist fight - An old mill hand who drops dead in the mill, and because of a serious lack of funds to bury him, is carried to his final resting place in a rather bizarre way - An old man called Duck, who demonstrates an incredible sex drive - Agnes, the owner of the boarding house, whose long overdue passionate fulfillment almost means the death of Peacock.

These are only a few of the characters who make The Marble Hill Hotel a boarding house like no other.The year is 1950. Young John Reed, a newly graduated Textile Engineer, lands his first job as a trainee at a Goodyear mill in the small town of Rockledge, Georgia.

His financial situation dictates the necessity to seek a room in The Marble Hill Hotel, a boarding house for bachelor mill workers. From his first day at the Marble Hill, John discovers that his life will never be the same after exposure to the cast of zany characters who reside there.

J. Homer, Robert Linville, Austell, Ever-Ready, Paula, and Peaches; they all play a role in John's introduction to a world he wouldn't have believed to exist. But most of all, Billy Dawson, a free spirit who shares a room with John, has the ultimate impact upon his life, teaching him what friendship truly means.

The story begins when John returns to Rockledge after an absence of many years, only to learn that Billy Dawson has been killed in an automobile accident and is to be buried that very day. While attending the service, John's thoughts carry him back to that first day at the Marble Hill, and the two years of his life that left him with a lifetime of memories.

The story is humorous, raunchy at times, and written with the safety off.

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Storm in Paradise Valley

West, Charles G. 2010

There’s trouble brewing in paradise in this action-packed novel from award-winning author Charles G. West.Jason Storm has had a career any lawman could be proud of, but now he’s ready to take off the badge and begin a peaceful life as a modest cattle rancher.

With the help of a generous and kind benefactor, Storm is able to make a fresh start in Paradise Valley.But six outlaws have other plans as they raid the ranch of Storm’s backer, killing him and bushwhacking his men. After the massacre the outlaws decide to take the town for themselves.

With a cowardly sheriff, an inexperienced young deputy, and a rising body count, Paradise is in desperate need of rescue. It’s time for Jason Storm to load up, mount up, and clean up the town.

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War Cry

West, Charles G. 2010
Will Carson is the best scout at Fort Dodge. Then he saves the life of Sarah Lawton, a lovely widow with her young daughter, both helpless under Indian fire. And by doing so, he' made mortal enemies with the Cheyenne-who are now out for his blood... Read More

Ride the High Range

West, Charles G. 2010

Young Jim Moran never had a real family-but his sense of honor and razor-sharp instincts earned him a loyal partner who gave him a second chance, a home with a Montana Indian tribe, and a new name: Rider Twelve Horses. And when his friend is brutalized by a trio of killers, nothing can stop Rider's merciless search for justice.

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Thunder Over Lolo Pass

West, Charles G. 2011

In this tale of the American West, the search for gold could be a triumph or a fool’s errand. Either way, a storm is coming....The McCloud brothers know the Bitterroot Mountains better than any other, but they rarely have time for sightseeing. That is, until the lovely Roberta Morris comes knocking at their door and asks them to help find her uncle, who went missing while mining for gold.

The brothers are happy to oblige. A pretty little lady can’t face the wilderness all by her lonesome.But she’s not alone. Because Frank Burdette and his gang are hot on her trail…and they know exactly what lies in those mountains.

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Left Hand of the Law

West, Charles G. 2011

After a corrupt deputy kills his family, burns his home, and leaves him with a scar across his face, Ben Cutler settles the score. The townsfolk called it justice, but the judge called it murder-and Cutler is a wanted man. He's also trailed by an obsessed marshal, a vengeful Sioux warrior, and a low-down scoundrel.

While on the run, will Cutler ever find hope?

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Outlaw Pass

West, Charles G. 2011

Desperate times calls for deadly measures in this action-packed western.Adam Blain was always content to stay on his family’s cattle ranch on the Yellowstone. Unlike his brother, Jake, who never could resist the open road—or the prospect of gold. But when Jake doesn’t return home, Adam sets off looking for him, never expecting to find the hell waiting for him.

Because where there’s gold, there are thieves. And these rats don’t think twice about putting a bullet in a man. But when a case of mistaken identity turns Adam into a ‘vigilante’ on the run, he finds himself in the company of a miner and prostitutes, also with targets on their heads.

Will he be able to save his brother without sacrificing his own hide?

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Death Is The Hunter

West, Charles G. 2012

The Old West comes to vivid life as a man hunts his family’s killer in this classic tale of vengeance.When John Chapel was young, his parents were brutalized and murdered by Bevo Rooks and his gang of cutthroats. With a cold, undying tenacity, he tracked the men, picking them off one by one.

But the wily Rooks got away, and Chapel was taken in by the Chickasaw Nation, and lived as one of them.Twelve years later, Chapel is a deputy marshal, renowned for his ability to run down his quarry. But he hasn’t forgotten the promise he made to finish what he started.

When Chapel joins the hunt for Rooks, he knows his quest for vengeance is coming to a close—and that his prey will finally die by his bullet....

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A Man Called Sunday

West, Charles G. 2012

A good man finds himself in bad trouble in this thrilling tale of the American West.Strapped for cash, Luke Sunday takes a job as a scout for the army’s war against the Sioux. Raised by the Cheyenne and Crow, he runs afoul of the army when they attack a peaceful Cheyenne village, believing it to be Sioux leader Sitting Bull’s camp.

When he accuses them of wrongdoing, the outlaw Bill Bogart leads the charge to oust him from the campaign.Set adrift, he happens upon the Freemans, who need a guide to the Gallatin Valley. When they meet the sinister-looking Sunday, they’re hesitant to hire him.

But when Mr. Freeman is killed in a Sioux attack and the reckless Bogart shows up, Mrs. Freeman must put her trust in the man called Sunday.

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Day of the Wolf

West, Charles G. 2012

In this western adventure, a solitary man learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished.When a mysterious mountain man named Wolf comes down to a Crow village to return one of its wounded, the Crow wonder whether he is man or spirit. Wanting no part in the rampant war in the western plains, Wolf is set on returning to his mountain refuge.

But his journey home is interrupted by three desperate women who need his help. What Wolf doesn’t realize about these women is that they aren’t what most people would call ladies. His innocent association with these prostitutes leads to a near-deadly fight that ends with a charge of attempted murder.

Chased by the most experienced deputy the marshal service has, Wolf leads him to the Black Hills, where their final showdown can only end in blood....

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Black Horse Creek

West, Charles G. 2012

In this thrilling western, the combined sins of a father and son will push a lawman to his limits.There’s no taming Billy Blanchard. He’s cut from the same rough cloth as his father, Jacob, the man who built the town of Black Horse Creek from nothing.

Jacob takes pride in Billy’s lawless, wild ways. But when the boy returns home with a stolen horse, having just killed a U.S. Marshal, Jacob knows trouble will be coming.Called in on special assignment, enigmatic former deputy marshal Grayson is asked to find Billy.

The marshals would prefer to have him brought in alive. But Grayson knows Billy. He knows his father. And he knows that things don’t always go the way the law would like....

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Way of The Gun

West, Charles G. 2013

A wrongly accused man must break the law to win his freedom in this tale of the Old West.Even at seventeen years old, Carson Ryan knows enough about cow herding to realize the crew he’s with is about the worst ever. They’re taking the long way around to the Montana prairies, and they’re seriously undermanned.

While rounding up strays, Ryan hears gunshots ring out across the range and gallops straight into a U.S. Army raid. He soon learns that the outfit he’s with is nothing but a bunch of murdering cattle rustlers, and the law thinks he’s one of them.

Tied up, thrown in jail, and tried by a court that’s more interested in hanging a man than learning the truth, Carson has only two options: escape or die trying.

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Long Road To Cheyenne

West, Charles G. 2013

A prospector finds himself on the most dangerous ride of his life in this action-packed western. Cam Sutton is ready to make his name prospecting for gold in the Black Hills. But his quest for riches is interrupted when he happens upon a stagecoach holdup and ends up rescuing Mary Bishop and her two young daughters.

Before striking out on his own, Cam decides to help Mary search for her husband, who disappeared while mining. Turns out Mr. Bishop was murdered—but not before finding enough gold to make Mary a very wealthy woman. Unwilling to leave them unprotected, Cam offers to help escort the ladies on the long journey back to Cheyenne.

But with the threat of bandits constantly looming, and a greedy, cold-blooded killer on their trail, the road is even more treacherous than Cam anticipated....

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Mark of the Hunter

West, Charles G. 2013

RAZED FROM CHILDHOOD No child should have to witness what twelve year old Cord Malone saw the day his parents were murdered and his home burned to the ground. Rescued from the blaze by his Uncle Jesse, the terrible image still haunts him, as does the name of the man responsible…Eli Creed.

 Jesse had tried to track the man down, only to lose Creed’s trail. But Cord never gave up. He just waited out his young years before setting out on a trail long gone cold to satisfy the need for revenge that still burns inside him. 

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Wrath of the Savage

West, Charles G. 2014

TRAIL OF REDEMPTION When a vicious band of Blackfeet Indians attacks two homesteads along the Yellowstone River, they leave behind nothing but wreckage and blood. Though what’s even more disturbing is what they’ve taken with them… Second Lieutenant Bret Hollister is charged with finding two women who were taken hostage and bringing those responsible to justice.

But when an unfortunate mishap results in the massacre of almost his entire patrol, he’s forced to return to Fort Ellis a failure. Betrayed by the survivors of his unit, Bret is stripped of his rank and resigns from the army in shame. But he hasn’t forgotten about the two women whose lives are at stake.

So with the help of old trapper and army scout Nate Coldiron, Bret resolves to go after them on his own—no matter who stands in his way.

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Silver City Massacre

West, Charles G. 2014

A former soldier must survive a journey more treacherous than any war in this novel from Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West.Joel McAllister is a lieutenant in the Confederate Army—or at least he was, until Lee surrendered. Now he’s determined to get as far away from war as possible, somewhere beyond North and South and maybe somewhere with some gold: Idaho Territory.

Accompanied by his steadfast sergeant, Riley, the two former soldiers travel westward from Texas. But the trail to Silver City is littered with peril. When his traveling party expands to include a Bannock Indian and two women survivors of a Comanche raid, Joel will need to rely on what soldier’s instinct he has left in him to deliver everyone to Silver City alive—and keep them alive once they’re there.

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Crow Creek Crossing

West, Charles G. 2014

In this gripping western tale, nothing burns as hot as the flame of righteous vengeance.Wyoming holds the promise of a bright future for newlyweds Cole and Ann Bonner. Alongside Ann’s sister, her husband, and their children, the young couple have braved the long, hard road across Nebraska in hopes of building a new life for themselves on a tract of land near Crow Creek Crossing.

But their dreams of a fresh start are quickly cut short. While Cole is away in town, a gang of outlaws led by the despicable Slade Corbett raids the family homestead, leaving behind a smoking ruin and the bodies of everyone Cole holds dear.The vicious attack transforms this once easygoing young man into a grim avenger.

With cold, merciless determination, Cole vows to track down every last member of the gang and make them pay—in blood.

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Trial at Fort Keogh

West, Charles G. 2014

No good deed goes unpunished… Clint Cooper, the easy-going foreman of the Double-V-Bar Ranch, expects little in return for his labor other than the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. So when Sioux raiders descend on Yellowstone Valley, threatening not only the livestock, but also the locals, it’s no surprise when Clint goes above and beyond to protect his folk and his livelihood—joining with soldiers from neighboring Fort Keogh to hunt the Sioux down.

 But while most people are impressed with Clint’s tracking skills and gunwork, not everyone is singing his praises. The crooked lawmen from the nearby town of Miles City have an agenda of their own, and Clint stands in the way. They want him out of commission—for good.

As they try to turn the army and townspeople against him, Clint may find himself fighting against the very men whose lives he just saved….

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The Devil's Posse

West, Charles G. 2015

IDLE HANDS Always dependable, brothers Logan and Billy Cross have worked the same cattle drive since they were teenagers. Now that they’re men, their boss is retiring, and they’re out of a job. He sends them to Fort Pierre in the Dakota Territory, recommending they join up with a horse drive to Sturgis.

 But the Crosses’ journey takes a dark turn when they enter a saloon to meet their prospective boss. After the younger brother, Billy, foolishly smiles at someone else’s woman, he draws the ire of Quincy Morgan and his gang of outlaws. Soon the brothers will learn a valuable lesson—one that will be paid for in blood.


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Slater's Way

West, Charles G. 2015

The author of The Devil’s Posse returns with the tale of one man’s journey from mines to mountain trails and the dangers hunting him every step of the way.…After gunfire and fear of the law drive him away from his home, young John Slater Engels is forced to seek refuge in the mountains of Montana.

There he meets Teddy Lightfoot, who invites the boy to live with his wife and him in a small Crow village nestled in the Absaroka Mountains. In case lawmen are still searching for him, Engels decides to drop his legal name, keeping only his middle name: Slater.

As the years go by and Slater grows into manhood, he also becomes an excellent scout—so much so that he’s hired to assist the soldiers based out of Fort Ellis. But just when Slater’s future begins to look bright, he crosses paths with a dangerous Sioux war chief named Iron Pony, who vows to take his life.

And as Slater’s past comes back to haunt him, he’s forced to make some tough decisions—decisions that may cost him everything he holds dear.…

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Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing

West, Charles G. 2019

A shocking tale of violence and vengeance in the hills of Wyoming. From Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West . . .   FIRST COMES BLOOD Cole Bonner will never forget what happened to his family at Crow Creek Crossing. His wife, her parents, and their three young children—brutally slaughtered by outlaws.

The horror of the massacre drove him into the wilderness. Drove him nearly mad. And drove him to seek an equally brutal revenge . . .   THEN COMES CARNAGE Now, against his better judgment, Bonner is returning to the place that almost destroyed him. While hunting in the mountains, he discovers that a man has been murdered and a woman abducted.

He manages to track the killers and free her. But to bring the widow to safety, he will have to face his own demons. Return to his old homestead. And relive the violence—and the vengeance—of another massacre at Crow Creek Crossing . . .   “Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.

” —Ralph Compton

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