Charles D Taylor Books in Order

The Charles D Taylor books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Charles D Taylor books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Show of Force

Taylor, Charles D. 1980
Creases on corner of cover. Reading creases Read More

The Sunset Patriots aka The Twilight Patriots

Taylor, Charles D. 1981
Uneasy about the Soviet invitation for the United States Seventh Fleet to visit Vladivostock, Admiral Magnuson decides to investigate on its own Read More

First Salvo

Taylor, Charles D. 1985

Choke Point

Taylor, Charles 1986

The battle zone wasn't Asia or Europe. It was America's own back yard - the Caribbean. The bluffing was over. The game of pawns, of move and countermove, had reached a stalemate. The time of naked confrontation had arrived. A Soviet battle fleet faced the naval might of the U.

S. And now it was a question of who had the fighting power - and the nerve to use it . . .

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Silent Hunter

Taylor, Charles D. 1987


Taylor, Charles D. 1988
Duran, Cuba's fanatical successor to Castro threatens Soviet power and American peace, and while Soviet forces move to replace him, American forces hatch a counter-plan and war seems inevitable Read More

War Ship

Taylor, Charles D. 1989
Tells the harrowing tale of the Soviet capture of the USS Gettysburg, an American warship carrying ultra-sensitive defense information, and former SEAL commando David Chance's desperate attempt to protect U.S. secrets Read More


Taylor, Charles 1990
When a Soviet ruse cripples the submarine fleet of the United States, the superpowers clash underwater in a tale of submarine warfare Read More

Deep Sting

Taylor, Charles D. 1991
Nicholas Koniev, a Soviet strategic and technical genius, takes advantage of the post-Cold War calm to seed the harbor around the U.S. Trident missle submarines with mines that will deny the Tridents access to the Pacific Read More

Shadow Wars

Taylor, Charles D. 1992
With the Warsaw Pact countries in a state of economic and political chaos following the collapse of communism, a deadly, well-trained group of deposed communist elites plots a strike against emerging democratic forces Read More


Taylor, Charles D. 1993
Navy SEAL Commander Matthew Stone, working for the Defense Intelligence Agency, investigates two MIA sightings and unearths a web of greed, violence, and deception. By the author of Boomer. Original. Read More


Taylor, Charles 1996
When fourteen world leaders gather aboard a high-security yacht to discuss peace terms, the negotiations are threatened by a deadly terrorist plot involving a rogue submarine. Original. Read More


Taylor, Charles D 2002
Arson investigator Henry Hyde sets out to find the vicious psychopath who is setting fire to Boston's landmarks. Read More

Mermaid Murder Case

Taylor, Charles D. 2010

Alex Brown, private eye, vacationing in Florida, after his last job, finds a dead woman washed upon beach wearing only a wet suite from the waist down, looking like a mermaid to him, murdered by a long steel spear in her heart. The mermaid's stepdaughter, a beautiful young lawyer, is ordered by her father to retain Alex to find the killer, at first he refuses, but has to take the job to replenish his bankroll.

In the story we meet the father and travel to the Bahamas and get involved with the cartel. Alex must prove to the boss of the cartel that his daughter killed his ex-wife; the Mermaid. We meet the doorman at Paradise Island who supplies Alex with all the info on the cartel and it's leader.

The cartel finds out putting Alex in danger of losing his life. The reader is exposed to the love affair with the black mayor, a member of the cartel, and the mermaid's stepdaughter that gets the mayor murdered and puts Michelle in danger. Alex saves his life by proving the real killer and gets reward from the government that lets him retire in Florida.

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Reverend Adams

Taylor, Charles D. 2011

Chilli Dawgg

Taylor, Charles D. 2011

Two Black Bears

Taylor, Charles D 2011


Taylor, Charles D 2011

Easier Than ABC and the Farm

Taylor, Charles D 2012
Taylor, Charles D Read More

Shadows of Vengeance

Taylor, Charles D. 2014
Larisa recognized the KGB officer — recognized him as a traitor she saw as a six-year-old child. Then he recognizes her, as well, and Larisa is on the run. CIA agent Morrison wants to find her to save her, to hold her one last time. But Morrison knows his only hope now might be for revenge. Read More

Mountains to Move

Taylor, Charles D. 2015

On one occasion during his ministry, Jesus told the apostles that if they had faith as great as a mustard seed, they could say to a mountain, "Get up and be cast into the sea," and it would be done. In the light of all the beautiful figures of speech that Jesus used, this one seems to follow that course.

There would be no great value in moving a mountain into the sea or anywhere else, so what could he have meant? The contention of this work is that he was talking about the great hindrances, the almost impossible barriers that would confront the apostles and others in the early church.

Some of them were external, and some had to do with internal attitudes. In fact, the very size of the daunting task would make many feel that it was futile to even start. If the figures are anywhere close to accurate, about 120 individuals were being asked to go out and conquer the world.

That looked impossible, not only because of the fantastic odds they faced, but because of the many racial, cultural, and religious obstacles that they were to face. Instead of talking about literal mountains, Jesus was probably indicating that, with faith, they could accomplish tasks that appeared to be overwhelming.

They confronted much opposition, but with faith and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, they did move mountains.

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