Andrew Clements Books in Order

The Andrew Clements books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Andrew Clements books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Pets To The Rescue Books

Ringo Saves The Day!

Clements, Andrew 2001

Beginning readers will love reading the true story of Ringo, the cat who alerted his owners of danger. This Level 1 Ready-to-Read is sure to be a hit with pet lovers!One day, Ringo the cat leads his owners outside. "Meow! Meow!" he says. Ringo digs in some rocks.

Why is Ringo digging? What will he find? Ringo is about to save his owners' lives!

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Brave Norman

Clements, Andrew 2001

Beginning readers will love reading the true story of Norman, a heroic dog who saved a girl at the beach. This Level 1 Ready-to-Read is sure to be a hit with pet lovers!Norman is a dog who cannot see. One day, he is at the beach when he hears a girl in the water calling for help.

Can Norman lead the girl to safety? Read all about the heroic rescue in this nonficton Level 1 Ready-to-Read!

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Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends

Clements, Andrew 2002

Beginning readers will love reading about the true story of Tara and Tiree, two dogs who saved their owner's life. This Level 2 Ready-to-Read is sure to be a hit with pet lovers!Jim loves to go for long walks with his dogs, Tara and Tiree. One cold winter day, Jim falls through the ice on the frozen lake.

Tiree tries to save him and falls through the ice too. What will happen if Tara tries to help them both?

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Dolores and the Big Fire

Clements, Andrew 2002
Dolores and the Big Fire Dolores is a very timid cat. Her owner, Kyle, keeps a light on all night so she won't be scared. One night Dolores pokes at Kyle's face while he is sleeping. The house is on fire! Can Dolores wake Kyle up in time? Read More

Publication Order of Jake Drake Books

Jake Drake Know-It-All

Clements, Andrew 2001

Desperately wanting to win the grand prize at the school's science fair, Jake knows he has to beat out the third-grade hot-shots Marsha McCall and Kevin Young, but in planning to do so, Jake has to turn his whole life inside out and may end up losing more than he could win in the end.

Teacher's Guide available. Simultaneous.

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Jake Drake, Bully Buster

Clements, Andrew 2001

Meet Jake Drake. He's not the toughest kid in fourth grade or the fastest kid or the funniest. But he's got ideas -- big ideas, and boy, does he have stories to tell about what really goes on in school. Like bullies, for instance. Jake wants to know "if everybody who works at school is so smart, how come they can't get rid of the bullies?.

..Because every year, it's the same thing. Bullies." So it's up to Jake Drake to take matters into his own hands when Link Baxter, SuperBully, moves into the neighborhood. Link's reign of terror must be stopped...if only Jake can figure out how. In this new series by the bestselling author of Frindle, The Landry News, and The Janitor's Boy, Jake Drake confronts the problems of school life and finds some surprising solutions!

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Jake Drake, Teacher's Pet

Clements, Andrew 2001

MEET JAKE DRAKE, TEACHER'S PET Jake doesn't mean to be a teacher's pet. Bit somehow everything he does has his teachers singing his praises -- and his classmates rolling their eyes in disgust. Jake figures a little misbehavior should take care of his goody-goody image, but even his attempts to be bad just seem to make his teacher's praise him more.

And now he's been summoned to the principal's office. Has Jake gone too far to prove he's no teacher's pet?

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Jake Drake, Class Clown

Clements, Andrew 2002

Meet Jake Drake. He's ten years old and he already has a full-time job. Because that's how he treats school. Like it's a job. And his teachers are his bosses. Up until now -- fourth grade -- Jake has lucked out in the boss department. All of his teachers have been pretty nice.

But Jake is about to have the grumpiest teacher yet, and the worst thing is, she's not even a real teacher. She's a student teacher. How can Jake make his grumphead student teacher, Miss Bruce, lighten up enough to crack even the littlest smile? Why, by becoming the class clown, that's how.

But will Jake take his new act too far? In this series by the best-selling author of Frindle, The Landry News, The Janitor's Boy, and The School Story, Jake Drake confronts the problems of school life and finds some surprising solutions.

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Publication Order of Reading Program Books

Life in the Desert


Desert Treasure

1998 Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Books Fluency Stage 4 -- Desert Treasure (P) Written by Andrew Clements / Illustrated by Wayne Anthony Still ***ISBN-13: 9780817272968 ***32 Pages Read More


Book by STECK-VAUGHN Read More

Milo's Great Invention

Milo, who does not share his family's fondness for peas, invents a machine to make the unpleasant vegetables disappear Read More

Publication Order of Real Monsters Books

Real Monsters Go for the Mold

Clements, Andrew 1997
Ickis hopes to win the mold medal in the Creep-O-Lympics, and he gets some help from his friend Oblina in the final event Read More

Things That Go Eek on Halloween

Clements, Andrew 1997
Halloween is a simply perfect event for Krumm, Ickis, and Oblina as it is the one night of the year they seem to fit in just right. Original. Read More

Real Monsters Stage Fright!

Clements, Andrew 1997
Ickis gets stage fright just before his turn in a talent show, but the Gromble gives him an alternative that makes him think twice about backing out Read More

Gromble's Haunted Halloween

Clements, Andrew 1998
Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm set out to find where the Gromble goes on Halloween night dressed as a human Read More

Publication Order of Slippers Books

Slippers At Home

Clements, Andrew 2004

Slippers lives in his own little house inside a bigger house. In his big house, Slippers has four people. Baby Edward walks around on all fours, just like Slippers. Laura lives in a place way up the stairs. Mommy puts food into Slippers' round bowl to feed his round tummy.

Daddy takes Slippers on long walks and always finds the way home. Every night Slippers falls asleep happy because he has four people of his very own, and he loves every one of them. Written from a puppy's point of view and illustrated with cheerful pictures, this story is simple enough to engage toddlers and funny enough to amuse beginning readers.

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Naptime For Slippers

Clements, Andrew 2004
Unhappy about having to take his afternoon nap, a precocious pup decides to take the few minutes he has to gather up some necessary naptime items, including Laura's cap, Daddy's work gloves, and Edward's shoe, before settling down for his required rest. Read More

Slippers at School

Clements, Andrew 2005

The lovable pup is back and raring to go . . . to school! Slippers wants to go to school with Laura. So when she isn?t looking, he nuzzles his way into her backpack. Slippers rides the bus, then visits the classroom, the cafeteria, the gym, and even the principal?s office.

Kids will squeal with delight over knowing more than Laura and seeing the incongruity of a puppy in the halls at school.

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Slippers Loves to Run

Clements, Andrew 2006

Slippers loves to run, but everyone is too busy to chase him.  So Slippers runs to the front gate, and then out, all by himself.  After he investigates new smells and places, Slippers gets scared when he can't find his family.  Soon his nose leads him home again, and Slippers remembers why he loves to run—so he can be caught in a big hug!

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Publication Order of Benjamin Pratt Books

We the Children

Clements, Andrew 2010

Benjamin Pratt’s school is about to become the site of a new amusement park. It sounds like a dream come true! But lately, Ben has been wonder if he’s going to like an amusement park in the middle of his town—with all the buses and traffic and eight dollar slices of pizza.

It’s going to change everything. And, Ben is not so big on all the new changes in his life, like how his dad has moved out and started living in the marina on what used to be the "family” sailboat. Maybe it would be nice if the school just stayed as it is.

He likes the school. Loves it, actually. It’s over 200 years old and sits right on the harbor. The playground has ocean breezes and the classrooms have million dollar views…MILLION DOLLAR views. And after a chance—and final—run-in with the school janitor, Ben starts to discover that these MILLION DOLLAR views have a lot to do with the deal to sell the school property.

But, as much as the town wants to believe it, the school does not belong to the local government. It belongs to the CHILDREN and these children have the right to defend it! Don’t think Ben, his friend Jill (and the tag-along Robert) can ruin a multimillion dollar real estate deal? Then you don’t know the history and the power of the Keepers of the School.

A suspenseful six book series, book one, We the Children, starts the battle on land and on sea. It’s a race to keep the school from turning into a ticket booth and these kids are about to discover just how threatening a little knowledge can be.

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Fear Itself

Clements, Andrew 2011

Time is ticking as the countdown to Ben Pratt’s school’s total demolition continues. Ben has been given a handful of clues that could help them save the school, but they are all written in maritime riddles. “After five bells sound, time to sit down.

” What the heck does that mean? It’s hard to know where to begin when Ben and Jill don’t even know what they are looking for. All Lyman, the snake posing as the school janitor, needs to know, though, is that they are looking, and that could mean the end of the 30-million-dollar development deal that pays his salary.

(Which, by the way, is MUCH larger than what a typical janitor makes.) As Lyman lurks in the shadows—and sometimes not in the shadows—Ben and Jill have to add another to-do to their list of things to accomplish in the next twenty-one days: (1) Figure out the clues left by past Keepers of the School groups, (2) figure out how these clues will help them save the school, and (3) stay one step ahead of Lyman.

That’s the mission…which seems, at times, impossible. The second book in this riveting and mysterious six-book series is as action-packed as the first one, culminating in a faceoff between Ben, Jill, and Lyman. “After five bells sound, time to sit down” makes for a good riddle, but Ben and Jill also knows when it’s time to stand up…for Oakes School and for themselves.

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The Whites of Their Eyes

Clements, Andrew 2011

Andrew Clements delivers the latest in his adventure-filled school series. This could be the last great Memorial Day weekend on Barclay Bay, and Ben knows it. This time next year, he might not be able to stand in the yard of the Oakes School and watch the harbor shake off winter—boats buzzing just beyond the bulkhead and families spreading picnics in the fields.

If the school gets torn down and replaced by an amusement park, the town will never be the same. But that’s only if the school gets torn down. Ben and Jill are determined to keep that from happening. And the evil janitor Lyman has taken note. He’s following their every move—and undoing their progress along the way.

Good thing Ben and Jill have a secret weapon. (Who knew that annoying Robert Gerritt would be such a spy wiz?) But Lyman has a secret weapon as well: a vicious guard dog. These kids are smart, but can they outsmart Lyman—and his beast—as the clock tick, tick, ticks toward total demolition?

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In Harm's Way

Clements, Andrew 2013

The threat to the Keepers doubles in the fourth Keepers of the School adventure from Andrew Clements, the master of the school story.Benjamin Pratt and his friends Jill and Robert are determined to save their school from destruction. But just when it seems they’ve finally gotten the upper hand over that awful Janitor Lyman, they’re caught completely off guard by his next move: Lyman has called in reinforcements, and suddenly Benjamin, Jill, and Robert find themselves dodging not one evil janitor, but two.

That’s right: Lyman’s got himself a partner. And it quickly becomes clear that Wally, the new guy, is even more corrupt and menacing than Lyman. Luckily, Ben’s team has been growing too. Plus, thank to the latest safeguard, they also have a secret fund of millions of dollars.

But all the money in Massachusetts isn’t enough to stop Lyman and Wally, not when they’ve come this far, and not when they are about to put the most harmful part of their plan into play. Could the next safeguard give the Keepers what they need—or has their battle to save the school already been sunk?

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We Hold These Truths

Clements, Andrew 2013

Time is almost out for the Keepers of the School in this fifth Keepers adventure from Andrew Clements, the master of the school story.The Keepers of the School—known to their friends as Ben, Jill, and Robert—have one last chance to save their school before it’s torn down to make room for a seaside amusement park.

But their nemeses, Janitors Lyman and Wally, are just as determined to keep the kids out of the way and the demolition on schedule. One way or the other, this battle is about to come to a head. When all is said and done, will the school still be standing? Or will everything the Keepers have fought for be destroyed?

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Publication Order of Things Books

Things Not Seen

Clements, Andrew 2002

Winner of American Library Association Schneider Family Book Award! Bobby Phillips is an average fifteen-year-old-boy.  Until the morning he wakes up and can't see himself in the mirror.  Not blind, not dreaming-Bobby is just plain invisible.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to Bobby's new condition; even his dad the physicist can't figure it out.

  For Bobby that means no school, no friends, no life.  He's a missing person.  Then he meets Alicia.  She's blind, and Bobby can't resist talking to her, trusting her.  But people are starting to wonder where Bobby is.  Bobby knows that his invisibility could have dangerous consequences for his family and that time is running out.

  He has to find out how to be seen again-before it's too late.

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Things Hoped For

Clements, Andrew 2006

Seventeen-year-old Gwen is preparing to audition for New York City’s top music schools when her grandfather mysteriously disappears, leaving Gwen only a phone message telling her not to worry. But there’s nothing more stressful than practicing for her auditions, not knowing where her grandfather is, and being forced to lie about his whereabouts when her insistent great-uncle demands an audience with him.

Then Gwen meets Robert, also in town for music auditions, and the two pair up to brave the city without supervision. As auditions approach and her great-uncle becomes more aggressive, Gwen and Robert make a startling discovery. Suddenly Gwen’s hopes are turned upside down, and she and Robert are united in ways neither of them could have foretold.

. . .

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Things That Are

Clements, Andrew 2008

Alicia may be blind, but that doesn?t mean she can?t see what?s happening right in front of her eyes. Like how her parents try to give her freedom. Or how Bobby?now Robert?has returned to figure out their relationship. Or even the invisible man, William, and just how dangerous he is to Alicia, to Robert, to their whole family?or so the police say.

Or is Alicia wrong this time? If her normally sharp instincts are wrong, the results could be disastrous. From award-winning author Andrew Clements, here is a novel full of adventure, romance, and mystery, which at its heart is about trusting?even things we know but cannot see.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Bird Adalbert

Susi Bohdal 1985
When Adalbert's wish for great beauty suddenly comes true, he becomes so proud and overbearing with the other birds that he is left alone and unhappy. Read More

Noah and the Ark and the Animals

Clements, Andrew 1987
Retells the Bible story of Noah's ark from an animal's point of view Read More

Big Al

Andrew Clements 1988

Poor Big Al! He just wants to make friends. And in the whole wide blue sea you can't find a nicer fish. But because Big Al is large and scary-looking, the little fish are afraid to get to know him. What can he do? He tries everything he can think of -- from disguising himself with seaweed to burrowing under the ocean floor so he'll look smaller.

But something always goes wrong, and lonely Big Al wonders if he'll ever have a single friend. Then one frightening day, when a fishing net captures the other fish, Big Al gets the chance to prove what a wonderful friend he can be!

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Santa's Secret Helper

Clements, Andrew 1990
One Christmas Eve Santa has a secret helper who sets off in a reindeer-drawn sleigh with a huge stack of toys, just like Santa; but will the mysterious helper do the job as well as Santa? Read More

Temple Cat

Clements, Andrew 1991
"This endearing tale is sure to find favor wherever cat stories are in demand. Worshipped as a god with servants to coddle him, a temple cat in ancient Egypt yearns for the freedom to live as a normal feline . . ."-School Library Journal Read More

Mother Earth's Counting Book

Clements, Andrew 1992
In an imaginatively illustrated counting book, Mother Earth teaches children how to count using plants, animals, lakes, oceans, an continents. Read More

Billy and the Bad Teacher

Clements, Andrew 1992
Billy makes lists of the things he dislikes about his teacher, but when he starts to think about what his new teacher should be like he makes an interesting discovery Read More

Who Owns the Cow?

Clements, Andrew 1995

Simple, playful text and colorful paintings in an "American primitive" style explore the many ways the farmer's cow can be "owned": by the neighbor girl who thinks about her, the milkman who buys her milk, the garden growing richer from her manure, the painter who paints her, and the author who writes about her.

Young children will discover, in this dazzling picture-book debut, that they "own" the cow themselves.

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Bright Christmas

Clements, Andrew 1996
Retells the story of the Nativity from an angel's point of view and tells how Earth was made ready for that one special, glorious evening. Read More


Clements, Andrew 1996

From bestselling and award-winning author Andrew Clements, a quirky, imaginative tale about creative thought and the power of words that will have readers inventing their own words.Is Nick Allen a troublemaker? He really just likes to liven things up at school -- and he's always had plenty of great ideas.

When Nick learns some interesting information about how words are created, suddenly he's got the inspiration for his best plan ever...the frindle. Who says a pen has to be called a pen? Why not call it a frindle? Things begin innocently enough as Nick gets his friends to use the new word.

Then other people in town start saying frindle. Soon the school is in an uproar, and Nick has become a local hero. His teacher wants Nick to put an end to all this nonsense, but the funny thing is frindle doesn't belong to Nick anymore. The new word is spreading across the country, and there's nothing Nick can do to stop it.

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Phillip's Birthday Book

Hanna Turk 1996
Philipp the Mouse just loves birthday parties, and lucky for him, he has one to go to every month. Bouncing verse and charming watercolor illustrations invite children to a year's worth of celebrations. Full color. Read More

Music Time, Any Time

Clements, Andrew 1997
Allegra and her friends use the items they find at day care to imitate the noises she hears at home in the morning to turn the sounds of everyday life into music Read More

Double Trouble in Walla Walla

Andrew Clements 1997

It was an ordinary Monday morning in Walla Walla―until Lulu walked up to her English teacher's desk. "Mrs. Bell, I feel like a nit-wit. My homework is all higgledy-piggledy. Last night it was in tip-top shape, but not it's a big mish-mash." With those few words, things become not so ordinary after all, for it seems that Lulu has opened up a super-duper, helter-skelter WORD WARP.

Luckily for Lulu and the rest of the English-speaking world, the school nurse has an idea about how to handle this hodge-podge of topsy-turvy chit-chat. Will it work? Zig-zag through the jibber-jabber and the yakety-yak to find out!

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Clements, Andrew 1999

The dazzling cut-paper artistry of Caldecott medalist David Wisniewski combines with Andrew Clements's free-verse celebration of woodworking tools to tell the story of a surprise in the making. The evocative description of each workshop tool-ruler, axe, saw, hammer, and the rest-is accompanied by a vivid, dramatically composed illustration showing how it is used in the step-by-step construction of an ornate, old-fashioned carousel.

An eager young apprentice assists one craftsman after another as the project takes shape and is rewarded with a toolbox of his won. Young wood-working enthusiasts will enjoy the affectionate and knowledgeable portraits of familiar tools as well as an acclaimed artist's vision of the magic simple tools can do.

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Hey Dad, Could I Borrow Your Hammer

Clements, Andrew 1999
A child calculates just how far a hammer has traveled in the fifteen years since his father borrowed it from Grandpa. Read More

The Landry News

Clements, Andrew 1999

NEW STUDENT GETS OLD TEACHER The bad news is that Cara Landry is the new kid at Denton Elementary School. The worse news is that her teacher, Mr. Larson, would rather read the paper and drink coffee than teach his students anything. So Cara decides to give Mr.

Larson something else to read -- her own newspaper, The Landry News. Before she knows it, the whole fifth-grade class is in on the project. But then the principal finds a copy of The Landry News, with unexpected results. Tomorrow's headline: Will Cara's newspaper cost Mr.

Larson his job?

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Look Who's In The Thanksgiving Play!

Clements, Andrew 1999
At first Annie enjoys participating in the school's production of the first Thanksgiving, until her two-year-old brother Alex starts appearing, in a lift-the-flap book which invites readers to find where Alex is hiding next. Read More

The Secret Father's Day Present

Clements, Andrew 2000
In order to make sure that their father gets his special day off from doing his chores, Sarah and James go about hiding all of his tools in this amusing lift-the-flap holiday tale. Original. Read More

The Mouse Family

Andrew Clements 2000
The mouse family has a bare pantry so Raggedy Ann, Andy and their doll friends come to the rescue. A trip to the kitchen at night means getting past a very hungry Fido. Read More

The Janitor's Boy

Clements, Andrew 2000

IT WAS THE PERFECT CRIME Unfortunately, it also led to the perfect punishment. When Jack Rankin gets busted for defacing a school desk with a huge wad of disgusting, watermelon bubble gum, the principal sentences him to three weeks of after-school gum cleanup for the chief custodian.

The problem is, Jack's anger at the chief custodian was the reason for his gum project in the first place. The chief custodian happens to be Jack's dad. But doing time in the school basement after hours reveals some pretty surprising things: about the school, about Jack's father, and about Jack himself.

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Circus Family Dog

Clements, Andrew 2000

Grumps is a circus dog who loves to make people laugh--all he has to do is lie down on the ground with his feet in the air and the crowds cheer and roar. But one day a new dog named Sparks joins the circus. Sparks can jump through hoops, balance a ball on his nose, and even ride on the back of a running zebra.

How can an old dog with one simple trick compete with the likes of Sparks? Sue Truesdell's exuberant illustrations capture all the excitement of circus life in this heartwarming story about friendship, family, and the universal need for acceptance.

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The Christmas Kitten

Clements, Andrew 2000
When they find a lost kitten in the cold on Christmas Eve, Raggedy Ann and Andy take to the holiday spirit and bring it home with them. Original. Read More

The School Story

Clements, Andrew 2001

Two middle school girls scheme to publish a book in this novel from Andrew Clements, the author of Frindle.Natalie's best friend, Zoe, is sure that the novel Natalie's written is good enough to be published. But how can a twelve-year-old girl publish a book? Natalie's mother is an editor for a big children's publisher, but Natalie doesn't want to ask for any favors.

Then Zoe has a brilliant idea: Natalie can submit her manuscript under a pen name, with Zoe acting as her literary agent. But it's not easy for two sixth graders to put themselves over as grown-ups, even with some help from a couple of real grown-ups who are supportive but skeptical.

The next bestselling school story may be in their hands—but can Natalie and Zoe pull off their masquerade?

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The Jacket

Clements, Andrew 2002

Thief! When Phil sees another kid wearing his brother's jacket, he assumes the jacket was stolen. It turns out he was wrong, and Phil has to ask himself the question: Would he have made the same assumption if the boy wearing the jacket hadn't been African American? And that question leads to others that reveal some unsettling truths about Phil's neighborhood, his family, and even himself.

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A Week in the Woods

Clements, Andrew 2002

Collision course The fifth-grade Week in the Woods is a beloved tradition of Hardy Elementary, where Mark Chelmsley (the Fourth) is pretty much killing time before his parents send him off to an exclusive prep school. But then Mark realizes the Week might be a chance to prove to Mr.

Maxwell that he's not just another of the slacker rich kids the teacher can't stand. But it may be too late for Mark to change Mr. Maxwell's opinion of him. On the first day of the Week, the tension between teacher and student explodes, and in a reckless moment, Mark puts not only himself, but also Mr.

Maxwell, in grave danger. Can two such strong adversaries work together to save their lives?

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Big Al and Shrimpy

Andrew Clements 2002

In the wide blue sea there was a very clever fish named Shrimpy. You could not find a smarter fish. But Shrimpy was also very, very small. Poor Shrimpy! He wants to be like Big Al, loved and adored by all the other fish. But who would want to be friends with such a teeny, tiny fish? Big Al, that's who! He's big and scary-looking, and he remembers what it was like to be friendless.

Still, all the other fish think Shrimpy's just a nuisance. Then one day, when Big Al's life is in danger, Shrimpy is the only one brave enough and smart enough to save the day. Suddenly, everyone can see that friends come in all shapes and sizes and Shrimpy turns out to be the best friend any fish could want!

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The Report Card

Clements, Andrew 2004

A fifth-grade genius turns the spotlight on grades—good and bad—in this novel from Andrew Clements, the author of Frindle.Nora Rose Rowley is a genius, but don't tell anyone. She's managed to make it to the fifth grade without anyone figuring out that she's not just an ordinary kid, and she wants to keep it that way.

But then Nora gets fed up with the importance everyone attaches to test scores and grades, and she purposely brings home a terrible report card just to prove a point. Suddenly the attention she's successfully avoided all her life is focused on her, and her secret is out.

And that's when things start to get really complicated....

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The Last Holiday Concert

Clements, Andrew 2004

For Hart Evans, being the most popular kid in sixth grade has its advantages. Kids look up to him, and all the teachers let him get away with anything -- all the teachers except the chorus director, Mr. Meinert. When Hart's errant rubber band hits Mr.

Meinert on the neck during chorus practice, it's the last straw for the chorus director, who's just learned he's about to lose his job due to budget cuts. So he tells the class they can produce the big holiday concert on their own. Or not. It's all up to them.

And who gets elected to run the show? The popular Mr. Hart Evans. Hart soon discovers there's a big difference between popularity and leadership, and to his surprise, discovers something else as well -- it's really important to him that this be the best holiday concert ever, and even more important, that it not be the last.

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Andrew Clements 2004
2004 Houghton Mifflin Leveled Readers/Practice Reader 3.3.1 -- Robocat (P) by Andrew Clements / Illustrated by Dave Murphy ***Number of Words: 295 ***ISBN-13: 9780618291601 ***Pages: 17 Read More

A Million Dots

Clements, Andrew 2005

It's a long way to a million, right? Of course it is. But do you really know what a million looks like? If you'd like to see -- actually see, right now, with your own eyes -- what a million looks like, just open this book. Be prepared to learn some interesting things along the way.

Like how many shoe boxes it would take to make a stack to Mount Everest. And be prepared to do some number wondering of your own. But, most of all, be prepared to be amazed. Because a million is a LOT of dots.

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Lunch Money

Clements, Andrew 2005

MEET GREG KENTON, BILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING. Greg Kenton has two obsessions -- making money and his long-standing competition with his annoying neighbor, Maura Shaw. So when Greg discovers that Maura is cutting into his booming Chunky Comics business with her own original illustrated minibooks, he's ready to declare war.

The problem is, Greg has to admit that Maura's books are good, and soon the longtime enemies become unlikely business partners. But their budding partnership is threatened when the principal bans the sale of their comics in school. Suddenly, the two former rivals find themselves united against an adversary tougher than they ever were to each other.

Will their enterprise -- and their friendship -- prevail?

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Because Your Daddy Loves You

Clements, Andrew 2005

A day spent with a young child at the beach is filled with many minor dramas—a lost shoe, a ball that floats too far out into the water, a drippy ice-cream cone. These can be frustrating events for both child and parent, but the daddy in this book finds a way to fix each problem, lovingly and patiently.

Why? Because he loves his little girl, of course! This spot-on pairing of words and images is a warm, reassuring, and humorous tribute to dads everywhere.

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Room One: A Mystery or Two

Clements, Andrew 2006

Ted Hammond loves a good mystery, and in the spring of his fifth-grade year, he's working on a big one. How can his school in the little town of Plattsford stay open next year if there are going to be only five students? Out here on the Great Plains in western Nebraska, everyone understands that if you lose the school, you lose the town.

But the mystery that has Ted's full attention at the moment is about that face, the face he sees in the upper window of the Andersons' house as he rides past on his paper route. The Andersons moved away two years ago, and their old farmhouse is empty, boarded up tight.

At least it's supposed to be. A shrinking school in a dying town. A face in the window of an empty house. At first these facts don't seem to be related. But Ted Hammond learns that in a very small town, there's no such thing as an isolated event. And the solution of one mystery is often the beginning of another.

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The Big Gust

2004 Houghton Mifflin Leveled Readers Level 4.3.3 -- The Big Gust (P) by Andrew Clements / Illustrated by Terry Widener ***Number of Words: 650 ***ISBN-13: 9780618292844 ***Condition: Like New/Good Used ***Pages: 18 Read More


Andrew Clements 2007

A tale in haikuof one adorable dog.Let’s find him a home. Wandering through the neighborhood in the early-morning hours, a stray pooch follows his nose to a back-porch door. After a bath and some table scraps from Mom, the dog meets three lovable kids.

It’s all wags and wiggles until Dad has to decide if this stray pup can become the new family pet. Has Mooch finally found a home? Told entirely in haiku by master storyteller Andrew Clements, this delightful book is a clever fusion of poetry and puppy dog.

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No Talking

Clements, Andrew 2007

It’s boys vs. girls when the noisiest, most talkative, and most competitive fifth graders in history challenge one another to see who can go longer without talking. Teachers and school administrators are in an uproar, until an innovative teacher sees how the kids’ experiment can provide a terrific and unique lesson in communication.

In No Talking, Andrew Clements portrays a battle of wills between some spunky kids and a creative teacher with the perfect pitch for elementary school life that made Frindle an instant classic.

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Lost and Found

Clements, Andrew 2008

Identical twins Ray and Jay Grayson are moving to a new town. Again. But at least they’ll have each other’s company at their new school. Except, on the first day of sixth grade, Ray stays home sick, and Jay quickly discovers a major mistake: No one knows about his brother.

Ray’s not on the attendance lists and doesn’t have a locker, or even a student folder. Jay decides that this lost information could be very…useful. And fun. Maybe even a little dangerous. As these two clever boys exploit a clerical oversight, each one discovers new perspectives on selfhood, friendship, and honesty.

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Extra Credit

Clements, Andrew 2009

It isn’t that Abby Carson can’t do her schoolwork. She just doesn’t like doing it. And consequently, Abby will have to repeat sixth grade—unless she meets some specific conditions, including taking on an extra credit project: find a pen pal in a distant country.

But when Abby’s first letter arrives at a small school in Afghanistan, complications arise. The elders agree that any letters going back to America must be written well, but the only qualified English-speaking student is a boy. And in this village, it’s not proper for a boy to correspond with a girl.

So, Sadeed’s sister will dictate and sign the letters for him. But what about the villagers who believe that girls should not be anywhere near a school? And what about those who believe that any contact with Americans is...unhealthy? As letters flow back and forth—between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of central Asia, across cultural and religious divides, through the minefields of different lifestyles and traditions—a small group of children begin to speak and listen to each other.

And in just a few short weeks, they make important discoveries about their communities, about their world, and most of all, about themselves.

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Clements, Andrew 2011

Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker?There’s a folder in Principal Kelling’s office that’s as thick as a phonebook and it’s growing daily. It’s filled with the incident reports of every time Clayton Hensley broke the rules. There’s the minor stuff like running in the hallways and not being where he was suppose to be when he was supposed to be there.

But then there are also reports that show Clay’s own brand of troublemaking, like the most recent addition: the art teacher has said that the class should spend the period drawing anything they want and Clay decides to be extra “creative” and draw a spot-on portrait of Principal Kellings…as a donkey.

It’s a pretty funny joke, but really, Clay is coming to realize that the biggest joke of all may be on him. When his big brother, Mitchell, gets in some serious trouble, Clay decides to change his own mischief making ways…but he can’t seem to shake his reputation as a troublemaker.

From the master of the school story comes a book about the fine line between good-humored mischief and dangerous behavior and how everyday choices can close or open doors.

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Because Your Mommy Loves You

Clements, Andrew 2012

When a little boy and his mom go camping, mini-disasters abound, and there arelots of opportunities for Mom to step in and fix everything. But instead, with a lovingtouch, this mommy shows her child ways to do things for himself, going far to encourageher child’s independence.

And there is still plenty of opportunity for snugglingunder the stars.This warm and humorous testament to all the loving things a supportive mom doeseach day is every bit as heartwarming as its predecessor and is sure to become a favoritefor families everywhere.

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About Average

Clements, Andrew 2012

Can average be amazing? A girl challenges herself to become extraordinary in the latest from bestselling author Andrew Clements.Jordan Johnston is average. Not short, not tall. Not plump, not slim. Not blond, not brunette. Not gifted, not flunking out.

Even her shoe size is average. She’s ordinary for her school, for her town, for even the whole wide world, it seems.     But everyone else? They’re remarkable. She sees evidence everywhere—on TV, in  magazines, and even in her classroom. Tremendously talented.

Stunningly beautiful. Wildly gifted. And some of them are practically her age!     Jordan feels doomed to a life of wallowing in the vast, soggy middle. So she makes a goal: By the end of the year, she will discover her great talent. By the end of the year, she will no longer be average.

She will find a way to become extraordinary, and everyone will know about it!     Well known for his expert ability to relate to kids in a school setting, bestselling author Andrew Clements presents a compelling story of the greatest achievement possible—personal acceptance.

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The Map Trap

Clements, Andrew 2014

This map-tastic middle grade story from Andrew Clements gives the phrase “uncharted territory” a whole new meaning!Alton Barnes loves maps. He’s loved them ever since he was little, and not just for the geography. Because maps contain more information than just locations, and that’s why he likes to draw maps as well as read them.

Regular “point A to point B” ones, sure, but also maps that explain a whole lot more—like what he really thinks about his friends. And teachers. Even the principal. So when Alton’s maps are stolen from his locker, there’s serious trouble on the horizon…and he’ll need some mad cartographic skills to escape it.

From “a genius of gentle, high-concept tales set in suburban middle schools” (The New York Times), this stand-alone story is off the charts.

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Because Your Grandparents Love You

Clements, Andrew 2015

As every child knows, grandparents are special. Why? Because they love their grandchildren in their own unique way. Although the boy and girl in this story often make mistakes, their grandparents never lose patience, but help their grandchildren and cheer when they get things right.

Lyrical, soothing words are paired with warm and humorous pictures in this tribute to the unconditional love every grandparent and grandchild share.

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The Losers Club

Clements, Andrew 2017

The beloved New York Times bestselling author of the modern classic Frindle celebrates books and the joy of reading with a new school story to love!   Sixth grader Alec can’t put a good book down.   So when Principal Vance lays down the law—pay attention in class, or else—Alec takes action.

He can’t lose all his reading time, so he starts a club. A club he intends to be the only member of. After all, reading isn’t a team sport, and no one would want to join something called the Losers Club, right? But as more and more kids find their way to Alec’s club—including his ex-friend turned bully and the girl Alec is maybe starting to like—Alec notices something.

Real life might be messier than his favorite books, but it’s just as interesting.   With The Losers Club, Andrew Clements brings us a new school story that’s a love letter to books and to reading and that reminds us that sometimes the best stories are the ones that happen off the page—our own!Winner of the Rhode Island Children's Book Award (2019)Winner of the International Reading Association and Children's Book Council: Children's Choices List (2018)Winner of the Garden State Children's Book Award (2020)2021 Grand Canyon Reader Award NomineeA Kansas William White Master List Selection (2018 & 2019)An Arkansas Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award Nominee (2019)A California Young Reader Medal Nominee (2019)A Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee (2019)A Virginia Young Readers Program Award Nominee (2019)A Minnesota Maud Heart Lovelace Award Nominee (2019) A Missouri Mark Twain Award Nominee (2019)An Oregon Reader’s Choice Award Nominee (2019)   Praise for The Losers Club!* "Clements’s latest is engaging and funny.

A laugh-out-loud first purchase for all middle grade collections, and a solid read-aloud choice for classrooms."—School Library Journal, Starred Review"Clements is out to celebrate reading in all its obsessiveness, and...tosses in shout-outs to a passel of other writers.

[The Losers Club] gives fried bookworms everywhere the satisfaction of knowing that friends may desert them (if only temporarily) but books never will. "—The New York TimesPraise for Andrew Clements! “Clements is a genius.” —The New York Times   “We have never read an Andrew Clements book that we haven’t loved.

” —The Washington Post

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The Friendship War

Clements, Andrew 2019

Stickers, Silly Bandz, Rainbow Looms, fidget spinners . . . buttons?! A brand-new school story about friendship and fads from the bestselling author of Frindle.This is war. Okay--that's too dramatic. But no matter what this is called, so far I'm winning.

And it feels wonderful.Grace and Ellie have been best friends since second grade. Ellie's always right in the center of everything--and Grace is usually happy to be Ellie's sidekick. But what happens when everything changes? This time it's Grace who suddenly has everyone's attention when she accidentally starts a new fad at school.

It's a fad that has first her class, then her grade, and then the entire school collecting and trading and even fighting over . . . buttons?! A fad that might also get her in major trouble and could even be the end of Grace and Ellie's friendship. Because Ellie's not used to being one-upped by anybody.

There's only one thing for Grace to do. With the help of Hank--the biggest button collector in the sixth grade--she will have to figure out a way to end the fad once and for all. But once a fad starts, can it be stopped?Andrew Clements, the beloved author of Frindle, returns with a deliciously entertaining and deeply satisfying story that will resonate with anyone who's ever been in a classroom .

. . or been a kid. A fad is a tough thing to kill, but then again, so is a friendship."On-point."--Publishers Weekly"A girl accidentally starts a school fad, causing a rift with her best friend, in this latest novel fromClements. The funny, science-loving Grace is an endearing narrator--just the right person to document the strange but creative ways her classmates' button obsession flourishes.

A fun, charming story about fads and the friendships thatoutlast them."--BooklistPraise for Andrew Clements!"Clements is a genius." --The New York Times"We have never read an Andrew Clements book that we haven't loved." --The Washington Post

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Air from Other Planets

Clements, Andrew 2000

This magical tale of self-discovery set in the South Pacific charts the adventures of Mark, the most closeted of gay men. He is a hack journalist on a British tabloid local paper, aeroplane spotter and still a virgin at thirty. A chance reading of Robert Louis Stevenson gets him hooked on the South Pacific and he flies 12,000 miles to Samoa in search of his fantasies.

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The Handiest Things in the World

Clements, Andrew 2010

The mother of invention is right at your fingertips! Ten knuckles, two thumbs, two flat palms, and all those fingers—but our hands can be so much more. They were once the first pair of earmuffs, a primitive sun visor, and a convenient set of chopsticks.

The work done by hands centuries and centuries ago has paved the way for many of our favorite and most useful tools. The always clever Andrew Clements reminds us all that the mother of much invention is right at our fingertips.

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Publication Order of Anthologies

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