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The Alice Taylor books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Alice Taylor books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Mossgrove Books

The Woman of the House

Taylor, Alice 1997

The Phelans have owned Mossgrove for generations. The small, rural Irish farm has been the pride of them all until Ned's wife, Martha, arrives and begins to undermine generations of hard work and happiness. She resents the deep history of the place and sets about making it her own, shutting out what is left of Ned's family.

She is particularly jealous of Ned's sister, Kate, a local nurse and doting aunt to Martha's children.When Ned dies suddenly, Martha puts Mossgrove up for sale in hopes that it will be bought by the neighbouring Conways, who have long coveted the Phelan farm.

What she does not realize are the lengths to which Kate and the hired hand Jack will go to keep the land in the family ...

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Across the River

Taylor, Alice 2000

Alice Taylor’s gripping sequel to The Woman of the House.At Mossgrove, the Phelan family farm, long-time hired hand Jack plays peacemaker as widow Martha Phelan battles her young son, Peter, who wants to modernize the farm. Tensions on the home front are bitter enough, but at the Conway farm across the river, more trouble is brewing.

Slovenly Matt Conway feels trapped and abuses his wife, Biddy. Spurred on by a misguided belief that the Phelans got the best of him in a loan to buy land, he keeps vigil at a fence post plotting revenge ...

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House of Memories

Taylor, Alice 2005

Set in rural Ireland in the early 1960s, a sequel to The Woman of the House and Across the River, House of Memories concludes the story of two neighbouring farms and their feuding families.Following his brutish father's death, young Danny Conway strives to rescue the family farm from ruin.

When all seems hopeless, help comes from the most unexpected quarter. A story of grief and trying to cope with loss, but also of resilience in the face of family tragedy.No one knows the minutiae of country life as Alice Taylor does, and again she displays her unique ability to capture its rhythms and cadences.

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Publication Order of Poetry Collections

Close to the Earth

Taylor, Alice 1989
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Going to the Well

Alice Taylor 1998
A collection of poetry with a strong religious element, focussed in particular on a series of reflections on a visit to the Holy Land. Read More

The Journey

Taylor, Alice 2010

Alice Taylor's poems have proved perennially popular. Some have been woven into her phenomenally successful memoirs, and she has published three previous books of poetry. Organized thematically, this substantial collection includes sections entitled "The Home Place"", "A Village Romance", "Grief and Grace", and "Winter Ploughing.


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The Grief Road

Alice Taylor 2012

Alice Taylor's writing is celebrated for its healing qualities, and her books of memoirs have been used in counselling and assisting older people with psychiatric difficulties. Two of her recent books, the novel House of Memories (2005), and the memoir, The Parish (2008), have been praised for their treatment of death and grieving.

Now in The Grief Road she explores the grieving experience in a short book addressed specifically to those trying to cope with bereavement.

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Publication Order of Picture Books

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

To School Through the Fields

Alice Taylor 1988

The biggest bestseller ever published in Ireland, this sparkling memoir of life in the Irish countryside is a book of charm and lasting appeal. ""A delightful evocation of Irishness and of the author's deep-rooted love of `the very fields of home', this picture of bucolic life in an earlier time, with its rituals of religion and the antics of local characters, has universal appeal.

""-Publishers Weekly. ""One of the most richly evocative and moving portraits of childhood [ever] written ... A journey every reader will treasure and will want to read over and over again.""-Boston Herald.

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Country Days

Taylor, Alice 1988

Memoir from the bestselling author of 'To School Through the Fields' who has been described by 'The Observer' as 'Ireland's Laurie Lee...a chronicler of fading village life and rural rituals who sells and sells'. In this collection she takes her readers along the byways of Ireland and into the heart of the country.

In stories by turn comic and poignant, she explores the character of family and friends, testing the bonds of concern and kindness which hold people together.

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Quench The Lamp

Taylor, Alice 1990

If ever a voice has captured the colors, the rhythms, the rich, bittersweet emotions of a time gone by, it is Alice Taylor's. Her tales of childhood in rural Ireland hark back to a timeless past, to a world now lost, but ever and fondly remembered. The colorful characters and joyous moments she offers have made her stories an Irish phenomenon, and have made Alice herself the most beloved author in all of the Emerald Isle.

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An Irish Country Christmas

Taylor, Alice 1994
The author recounts Christmas stories from her childhood in the snowy Irish countryside, capturing the sights and sounds of holiday festivities among her family, beginning with the lighting of the Christmas candle. Read More

Night Before Christmas

Taylor, Alice 1994

Alice Taylor returns to the world of "To School Through the Fields" in this story of oldstyle country Christmas. She attempts to convey the magic that lies in every detail of the festive season for a young child. Her story begins with the geese as they wobble around the farmyard and down to the river.

She conveys the childrens' aching anticipation of the village schoolmaster's official announcement of the holidays. And then the scene moves to the farmhouse kitchen, where their neighbour Bill supervises the important business of writing to Santa.

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A Country Miscellany

Alice Taylor 1998
A collection of stories set in the Irish countryside, accompanied by beautiful color photographs. Read More

Irish Country Diary

Taylor, Alice 1999
Book by Taylor, Alice Read More

The Parish

Taylor, Alice 2008

In a series of vignettes of life in her village, Alice Taylor reasserts the priorities of public space and local community. The Parish evokes and explores the positive values of community, which could be renewed and reinvigorated for a present and future that achieves harmony between comfort and the pressing need to respect the environment.

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The Village

Alice Taylor 2010

The third of Alice Taylor's unique accounts of life in the Irish countryside, and another bestseller with universal appeal. ""What makes the story unique is Taylor's disarming style; she writes as though she were sitting next to you, at dusk, recounting the events of her week.

..Taylor has a knack for finding the universal truth in daily details.""-Los Angeles Times. ""The Village is the third in the trilogy, and will, I believe, be acknowledged the best.""-Boston Irish Reporter. ""Taylor is in love with life, in love with family, in love with people, and in love with nature, and all this affection is evident in every page of the book.

""-Irish Echo .

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And Time Stood Still

Taylor, Alice 2012

Alice has known, loved, and lost many people throughout her life. Here she talks about her special people, her memory of what meant so much to her about them. She remembers her husband, father and mother, a beloved sister, her little brother Connie, and many others.

She tells how she coped with the emptiness she felt when they died, of the seeming impossibility of moving on with life after such deeply felt loss, when time stood still.This book is a sharing – it lets the reader in on a story and celebration of life in its intimacy, its small, precious moments.

When we experience grief, sharing in someone else’s story can help us more than anything, and in the hands of master storyteller Alice Taylor, we may find our own solace and the space to remember our own special people.

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The Gift of a Garden

Taylor, Alice 2013

A book of wisdom and life.Welcome to Alice Taylor’s garden:‘Just inside the gate, hand-painted on a rickety piece of timber, is a little sign: Miracles only grow where you plant them. I saw it in a garden centre and could not resist it. This garden is full of my lack of resistance.

I have no in-depth gardening knowledge and I work on impulse.‘My gardening expertise, acquired through trial and error, is nurtured by the unbelievable pleasure that I have discovered in simply digging the earth. Where does that satisfaction come from? Maybe buried deep in each of us is the secret need to cultivate the soil.

Digging the earth breathes life back into us.’ A reflective and uplifting account by Alice Taylor of her love of nature and gardening.

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Do You Remember?

Taylor, Alice 2014

Alice Taylor remembers her childhood home – the farm with all its tools and animals, the home with its equipment for living, its daily challenges, constant hard work, and its comforts too.She describes the huge open fireplace where all the cooking was done, where the big black kettle hung permanently from the crane over the flames; here the family sat in the evenings, talking, knitting, going over the events of the day, saying the rosary.

She experienced the sow being brought indoors to have her precious brood of bonhams. She recalls the faithful, beloved horses and their wonderfully varied outfits – one set of tackle for each job they did on the farm; the ritual of lighting the oil lamps – from the fancy one in the parlour to the tiny one under the Sacred Heart picture; the excitement of threshing day and the satisfaction of a good harvest – the stations, the neighbours, and later the local dancehall and cinema.

All the jobs and tools of a way of life long gone live on in the hearts of those who were formed by it. Here Alice Taylor celebrates them all with love.'magical … reading the book, I felt a faint ache in my heart … I find myself longing for those days … it is essential reading.

' Irish Independent

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The Women

Taylor, Alice 2015

‘We walk in the footprints of great women, women who lived through hard times on farms, in villages, towns and cities. The lives of these women are an untold story. This book is a celebration of the often forgotten “ordinary” women who gave so much to our society.

’Alice TaylorIn her eagerly-awaited new book, Alice salutes the women whose energy and generosity made such a valuable contribution to all our lives.'[It] warmed my heart and reminded me of the value of family, friendship and community... I was enthralled.

.. wonderful.' Irish Independent on And Time Stood Still

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Tea and Talk

Taylor, Alice 2017

Relax with Alice, sit and chat over a cup of tea, as she invites you into her life.See an old press overflowing with the linen collection of two generations, the oil lamps and clocks inherited and collected over many years, and the books of people who once lived here.

Alice tells you of the sad loss of her beautiful dogs Kate and Lolly, friends of the heart, and takes you around her village to meet her neighbours, join a meitheal to plant trees, and visit the fairy doors in the nearby wood.But Alice’s home and community are not a perfect place: hear about the split in the local GAA club, blocked off rights of way, the donations of the local canine population on the footpaths! Visit a restored famine graveyard and hear about the landlords who once owned this village and the landmarks they left on the landscape and the people.

This is life in a small Irish village in 2016, one hundred years after the Rising.This Bestselling book is coming in paperback edition.

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Home For Christmas

Taylor, Alice 2017

Join Alice Taylor this Christmas as she welcomes us into her home and shows us the traditions of her family's Christmas. Alice looks back over her past Christmases and prepares for this Christmas.With all the warmth of a winter fire, Alice takes us through the exciting preparation for Christmas from getting the perfect tree to baking those very crucial puddings and pies.

Alice also give us a intimate insight into her Christmas Eve and Christmas day rituals and talks us through her favourite Christmas recipes. She tells how the Christmas foods were made when she was a child, using the bastable and the range, and how she prepares them now.

Alice loves Christmas and her huge enjoyment of the season fills this book with pleasure and delight.

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And Life Lights Up

Taylor, Alice 2018

Let Alice Taylor encourage you to live in the now, to really live your experiences and to treasure the special moments in your life.With Alice as a guide, explore the steps and ways to live a conscious life and focus on the goodness of the world around us.

Alice's beautiful and captivating writing is an act of mindfulness in itself, and she shares her favourite moments in life, encouraging us to ponder our own. Alice also inspires the reader to be attentive to the here and now and embrace moments as they arise.

A beautiful and enchanting book by a bestselling and celebrated author.Table of ContentsIntroduction – Golden Moments 9Part 1 AWARENESSOut of Our Minds page 15Meeting the Morning 21Repairs and Maintenance 29Afternoon Tea 35An Ordinary Day 39Finding My Feet 45The Wonder of Wood 51Take Good Care of Me 56Part 2 ROOTSBeauty from Boredom 67The Gap 73The Well 77The Fort Field 82The Sacred Earth 90Part 3 SPECIAL MOMENTS IN THE GARDENDancing with the Day 101Red and Yellow 104Black Gold 107Blue Brilliance 112Fresh Flowers 115Waiting … 124The Plantsman 129An Old Tree 133Part 4 SMALL KINDNESSESThe Black Bubble 143Beautiful Mind 147Battered Chalice 152Never Suppress a Good Impulse 156Let It Be 161A Passing Kindness 165Part 5 THEN AND NOWThe Agony and the Ecstasy 172A Time to Write 178From There to Here 182Refeathering the Nest 189It Takes So Long to Say Goodbye 193Both Sides Now 197

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As Time Goes by

Taylor, Alice 2019

Alice Taylor brings the reader with her on her 80th birthday year.Alice had a big birthday on the horizon, the village was about to celebrate many milestones, and she had just received the gift of a book focusing her on the art of living well. So she decided to write about her year as it unfolded, to keep a journal of the big events, and record the twists and turns normal life brings to all of us in just one year.

But 2018 turned out to be far from normal, with storms, snow blizzards, blistering sun, severe drought and water shortages. She describes the challenges of all these dramatic weather changes.Alice began the year wondering how she would feel about reaching eighty.

She was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was just another milestone on a journey that is still varied and interesting. Here she writes about these feelings, and the many pleasant and challenging events of her eightieth year.

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Books from the Attic

Taylor, Alice 2020

Alice Taylor takes a look back at the well-used schoolbooks she used in her youth in the 1940s and 1950s. Flicking through the pages of the books and recalling poetry and prose she learned at school, Alice reminisces about these texts, how she related to them and how they integrated with her life on the farm and in the village.

In her warm, wise way, Alice reflects on poems and stories on topics ranging from birds, trees and nature to fairy tales and legends, and ties them in with her own knowledge and memory of traditional country life.Containing the text of the poems that readers will remember from their own school days, and evocatively illustrated with photographs of the school books and Alice’s notes on them, as well as nature, flora, fauna and objects associated with schools of old, this is a reminder of childhood days and a treasure trove of memory.

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