A J Rivers Books in Order

The A J Rivers books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the A J Rivers books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Emma Griffin FBI Mysteries Books

The Girl in Cabin 13

Rivers, A.J. 2019

Knock…Knock…When Emma finds a dead body on her porch with her name written on the dead man's hand she uncovers a sinister clue to the mystery that has haunted her since childhood. FBI agent Emma Griffin is sent undercover to the small sleepy town of Feathered Nest to uncover the truth behind the strings of disappearances that has left the town terrified.

To Emma there is nothing that can lay buried forever. Even though her own childhood has been plagued by deaths and disappearances.Her mother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and her boyfriend’s disappearance. The only cases that she hasn’t solved.

Her obsession with finding out the truth behind her past was what led her to join the FBI. Now, she must face what may be her biggest case. In Cabin 13 there lies an uneasy feeling. The feeling of her movements being watched.When a knock on her door revealed a body on her porch and her name written on a piece of paper in the dead man’s hand.

Suddenly her worlds collide.With the past still haunting her, Emma must fight past her own demons to stop the body count from rising.The woods have secrets. And this idyllic town has dark and murderous ones.Either she reveals them or risk them claiming her too.

In Feathered Nest, nothing is what it seems.The Girl in Cabin 13 is about to find out that the dead may have secrets of their own. The Girl in Cabin 13 is the first book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl That Vanished

Rivers, A.J. 2020

Ring…Ring… One call from her past was all it took to change everything. A ten-year-old girl has vanished on her way home from camp.And things took a turn for the worse when another child, a child that Emma knows, goes missing. Disappearances, death, and tragedies have followed Emma Griffin throughout her childhood.

Her obsession with finding out the truth behind her past was what led her to join the FBI. It’s been months since the horror of Feather Nest.After the shocking revelation of the last case, FBI agent Emma Griffin decides to take a much-needed vacation.

But a phone call from Sheriff Sam Johnson, a man from her past, completely derails her plans.A young girl has disappeared, and another child has gone missing.With the number count slowly climbing.Emma must now put her plans on hold, go back to her hometown and face some ghosts from her past.

When a mysterious package appears on her birthday.Emma can’t shake the feeling that someone is monitoring her every movement.Someone is getting too close for comfort. The question is who? In the close-knit town of Sherwood, the truth is never as it seems.

The Girl that Vanished is the second book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl in the Manor

Rivers, A.J. 2020

The sound of a blood curdling scream echoed through the manor. Her pleas ignored, her screams unheard. Tomorrow would not come for Everly Zara… What does the death of a young child, and the sudden death of the girl in the manor have in common?Was it simply just a coincidence, or is there something far more disturbing than anyone could ever imagine? Everly Zara, a beautiful young woman, is found dead in the bedroom of the manor.

The news is shocking and disturbing to everyone who knows her.But the heartbreaking death of a beautiful young woman may not be as straightforward as everyone thought. The further Emma dives into the case, the more she realizes, everything is not as it seems.

As secrets from Everly's past rise to the surface and the shocking nature of it discovered.Emma must unravel the truth before she becomes a victim herself. In the close-knit town of Sherwood, something or someone is coming for Emma Griffin.With her past constantly haunting her, and the disturbing nature of this mystery.

Nothing is what it seems, yet everything feels so familiar.Emma is left to wonder if she is really losing her mind. How deep down the rabbit hole will Emma go to find out the truth of her past?How far will she go to find out the truth behind Everly Zara's death?One thing's for certain, Emma's entire world will be forever changed once the truth is revealed.

The Girl in the Manor is the third book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone. *Inspired by many true and cruel events. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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The Girl Next Door

Rivers, A.J. 2020

Complete silence filled the room until an unexpected sound brought Emma out of her slumber and into the mystery of the girl next door. Sherwood is a sleepy little town. A town full of friendly faces, and even friendlier neighbors.Which is why FBI agent Emma Griffin isn't surprised when her new neighbor starts stopping by to chat.

Turns out her neighbor has a dark past and secrets that made her run.As much as Emma wished it wasn’t true, dark past and secrets are things that she is far too familiar with, especially now more than ever.A chilling unknown filled the air of Sherwood, Virginia.

Strange things are happening around Emma.Things that no one can explain, and many don't believe.And when Emma witnesses two figures hidden by sheer curtains, strangling a smaller figure.A figure she can only assume to be Ruby's.She becomes a witness to the murder of the girl next door.

But what do you do when no one believes that the girl even existed?Emma’s world starts to spin, and she begins to wonder…Is someone taunting her and taking lives to torment her? Or has she truly gone crazy? The Girl Next Door is the fourth book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl and the Deadly Express

Rivers, A.J. 2020

On board an unstoppable train the truth of the past finally unfolds, but will it be at the expense of everyone’s life on board the deadly express?FBI agent Emma Griffin is starting to get her life back on track.But as she gets used to the changes in her career and settling into her personal life, questions about her past continue to haunt her.

When a mysterious letter appears from Feathered Nest asking Emma to help, suspicion arises.She’s being lured onto the train and she doesn’t know why.But she can’t ignore it.This is her fight, and she won’t back down.With Sam on the train an hour behind her, Emma begins the journey.

Four hours closed in the train.A strange fellow passenger and a note appearing at her seat send her into an empty passenger car,where she finds the body of a murdered man, and a message addressed to her.Warned not to call police or let the train stop for any reason,Emma is drawn into a sick and twisted game where the painful memories of her family are used to taunt and threaten her.

The minutes tick by, bringing her closer to destruction.A huge storm is brewing, and Emma must face it head on if she wants to survive long enough to learn the hidden secrets of her past.The Girl and the Deadly Express is the fifth book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl and the Hunt

Rivers, A.J. 2020

Catch me.The words that taunted FBI Agent Emma Griffin on the blood-soaked train ride from Sherwood continue to follow her.Drawn to Feathered Nest, she discovers that the horror is far from over and whoever is behind the dare has no intention of his brutal game slowing down any time soon.

While in Feathered Nest, she revisits Cabin 13 to figure out the truth behind the necklace and search for more clues to discover the secret of the dead man that she found on its doorstep.As she tugs the threads of the mysteries that have haunted her, the life Emma thought she knew starts to unravel around her.

How well did she really know her mother and father?How much can she trust Greg?Are the secrets in Feathered Nest really her own?Lives depend on Emma's skill and instinct. Some she has the chance to save. Others are long lost, but she can ensure they are remembered for what they were.

As she pieces together the stories of her past, she begins to realize they are far bigger than she could have imagined. But only Emma can determine how they end.There is no turning back now. It is catch or be caught. Hunt or be hunted.The Girl and the Hunt is the sixth book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl and the Deadly End

Rivers, A.J. 2020

Small towns have secrets. The dark mysteries of Emma's life are ready to be told.It has been more than a year since Emma Griffin stumbled upon a clue behind the dangerous secrets of her past.Now, she has the answers at her fingertips.The only question is will she survive long enough to find them?As Greg struggles to recover, Emma keeps watch over him.

She’s desperate for answers, answers locked inside him.And she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.Her dangerous cat and mouse game with Catch Me, leads her to discover more about Dean and how their pasts truly collide.Is she who she has always believed? Or does her uncle know more about her than she would ever want to know?One thing is for certain, a small town full of deadly secrets still has more to tell.

The Girl and the Deadly End is the seventh book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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Dangerous Waters

Rivers, A.J. 2020

She was terrorized, afraid, and desperate for help.But her hopeless pleas would never be answered. No one would come to her rescue.Now her body lays lifeless, floating in the water.The girl could not escape the deadly and sinister secrets that Windsor Island holds…It’s been a year since the body of FBI agent Emma Griffin's ex-boyfriend was found on the beach.

His death remains as mysterious as ever, the truth has yet to be revealed.Emma still cannot escape the feeling of guilt, regret, and grief that follows her daily.Until a girls night with her best friend brought an unexpected surprise.A week-long-all-expense paid vacation to an exclusive island resort.

Being in paradise should be the perfect way to clear her mind… But, when a body turns up and girls start to go missing. Disturbing secrets about the resort are coming to the surface. Turns out paradise is just an illusion, and the truths behind the dangers on this island are far more disturbing than Emma and her friends could ever imagine.

Emma isn’t content to let any secrets lie hidden. She’s going to find the culprit behind the murder and the disappearance.Even if it means she gets taken too.Will Emma be able to survive “paradise” and get off the island alive?The Girl in Dangerous Waters is the eighth book in the Emma Griffin Mystery series, it can be read as a standalone.

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The Girl and the Secret Society

Rivers, A.J. 2020

Evil has many faces. This one you will never see coming.This is the bizarre and shocking case of Lakyn Monroe.In the midst of filming her show, Lakyn vanished without a trace.Four months have passed, and the unusual disappearance of the internet celebrity has garnered nationwide attention.

With no clues to the reasoning behind her disappearance, the beautiful girl with the world at her feet would soon become just another missing face.It has been months since the horror of Windsor Island. FBI agent Emma Griffin has fully settled back in Sherwood.

Balancing her time between the Bureau, the local police, and making sense of her ex-boyfriend’s mysterious death.When her cousin Dean shows up for an impromptu visit and brings along a strange missing person's case.The case of Lakyn Monroe that he still can't untangle, she's willing to help him puzzle it out.

They get drawn into a string of murders and disappearances. Cases that seem unrelated, but as more clues are uncovered, more questions arise.When the cases start to intertwine leading back to one man.A “disturbed and unstable” man that is fighting for his life against the executioner’s time.

They start to discover the sinister secret behind Lakyn’s disappearance.Faced with an insurmountable opponent, they must fight against the clock to rescue the missing and save innocent lives.Emma must not only uncover but expose the monsters lurking in the shadows.

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The Girl and the Field of Bones

Rivers, A.J. 2020

There are secrets only the dead can tell.And some of these secrets refuse to remain buried.Since the death of her mother, FBI agent Emma Griffin has devoted her life to uncover the truth behind even the most shocking mysteries.Now Emma must confront the dangerous, but unavoidable truth behind what she witnessed in the temple.

The people behind this secret society call themselves the Order.The Order has committed one too many atrocities to ignore.But their vow of secrets and silence locked behind vaulted doors has made Emma’s mission of confronting the truth, almost impossible.

When another mystery resurfaces and death comes knocking close to home, Emma begins to feel entrapped by a maze. A mysterious field with the dead buried beneath.The lives of the past and the present lay on the line. The only way to save them is to fight the terrifying monsters head on.

But what do you do when the evil you are fighting lurks in the shadows and refuse to come out?There is no more running, and you cannot hide.The only option is to fight like mad to survive.

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The Girl and the Black Christmas

Rivers, A.J. 2020

When a mysterious package containing a severed hand is left at FBI agent Emma Griffin’s doorstep, Emma is suddenly pulled into one of the buried mysteries of her past.Emma is looking forward to spending the holidays with the family she’s built around herself.

Bellamy, Eric, Dean, and Xavier are coming to Sherwood to celebrate the season with her and Sam, and she’s looking forward to spending some time relaxing and sharing traditions, old and new.Before the festivities can begin, she takes a trip to Feathered Nest to bring some closure, but before they can leave, an email brings an uncomfortable reminder that there are always more questions to be answered.

Soon she discovers there is someone wanting to ensure that there is no peace or joy for Emma this year. The reminders of a past she doesn’t talk about and twisted gifts leave her in a brutal holiday rush to find the truth that was buried many years ago.

Before the Bureau. Before Feathered Nest. Before this life.This holiday, no matter how far Emma runs, death, disappearances, and mysteries follow.What should be the most wonderful time of the year may turn into a nightmare she can’t escape.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Gone Woman

Rivers, A.J. 2020

In a peaceful small town, a young woman disappeared from her home without a trace.But when the truth is discovered, Mary’s life could be at stake… It’s the holidays and Mary Whitman has the perfect life. A beautiful home built just for her, and a blissful marriage to her adoring husband.

But a terrible accident left her with no memories of her past and a lifelong illness. An illness that keeps her confined in her home. She's plagued by nightmares and haunted by a face of a woman and an empty nursery. As memories start to resurface of people she shouldn’t know and moments she shouldn’t have.

Mary is left to wonder how lost she really is. When life with her perfect husband begins to unravel and she sees what seethes below the pristine surface. She begins to uncover the dark truth and learns that there might be more than just her memories that she must save.

Will Mary be able to uncover the mysteries of her past? One thing is for certain… Some truths are far too sinister and may be best left buried.

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