87Th Precinct Books in Order

The 87Th Precinct books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the 87Th Precinct books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of 87th Precinct Books

Cop Hater

McBain, Ed 1956

THE HEROES OF THE CITY'S STREETS BECOME THE HUNTED -- IN THIS CRIME FICTION CLASSIC ED MCBAIN'S FIRST 87th PRECINCT NOVEL Swift, silent, and deadly -- someone is knocking off the 87th Precinct's finest, one by one. The how of the killings is obvious: three .

45 shots from the dark add up to one, two, three very dead detectives. The why and the who are the Precinct's headaches now. When Detective Reardon is found dead, motive is a big question mark. But when his partner becomes victim number two, it looks like open-and-shut grudge killings.

That is, until a third detective buys it. With one meager clue, Detective Steve Carella begins his grim search for the killer, a search that takes him into the city's underworld to a notorious brothel, to the apartment of a beautiful and dangerous widow, and finally to a .

45 automatic aimed straight at his head. . . .

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The Pusher

McBain, Ed 1956
Detective Carella, Lieutenant Byrnes, and the officers of the 87th Precinct investigate the hanging of a young dope peddler who died from an overdose of heroin. Reissue. Read More

The Con Man

McBain, Ed 1957

A trickster taking money from an old woman for his own private charity. A cheater fleecing the businessmen of their thousands with the oldest gimmick in town. A lady-killer after the ladies' dollars with just a little bit of love...The guys of the 87th Precinct thought they knew every trick in the book - so why are there bodies still washing up on the shore? The Con Man: handsome, charming - and deadly.

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Killer's Choice

McBain, Ed 1957
4 paperbacks titles from the acclaimed 87th Precinct series by Mcbain! Read More

Killer's Payoff

McBain, Ed 1958

He appeared to be a decent, upright, honest citizen....And yet appearances can be more than deceiving in the world of blackmail and extortion. The shocking gangland-style murder of known blackmailer Sy Kramer begs the question: which of Kramer's marks had given him his very last payoff? A politician's beautiful wife with a deadly secret? An overly interested ex-con? A wealthy soft-drinks executive? Or the mystery person who had fattened Kramer's wallet by the thousands? The detectives of the 87th Precinct must break the chain that links the dead man's associates and single out a killer -- before someone else cashes it in.

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Lady Killer

McBain, Ed 1958
The detectives at the 87th Precinct have twelve hours to find out to whom the mysterious crank letter writer was referring when he wrote "I will kill the lady tonight at 8. What can you do about it." Reissue. Read More

'Til Death

Ed McBain 1959

The wedding day of Detective Steve Carella’s sister Angela should be the most romantic, special day of her life. But it might turn out to be the worst if her brother can’t figure out which man on the guest list has come to murder the groom. Carella and the men from the 87th Precinct find themselves on the clock as they desperately hunt amongst the name cards and catered dinners for the would-be assailant.

Trouble is, the crowd has numerous people with viable motives: the best man who stands to inherit everything the groom owns, the ex-boyfriend with a homicidal crush, and even an ex-GI with a score to settle. But time is ticking, and if they don’t act fast, Angela will become a bride—and a widow—on the same day.

Another riveting installment of the 87th Precinct series, 'Til Death is one of bestseller Ed McBain’s finest, an intense, life-and-death nerve-wracker hailed by the Literary Review as “zestful, inventive, and utterly compulsive.”

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Give the Boys a Great Big Hand

McBain, Ed 1960

The mystery man wore black, and he was a real cut-up king. Why else was he leaving blood-red severed hands all over the city? Was he an everyday maniac with a meat cleaver, or did he have a special grudge against the 87th Precinct? Steve Carella and Cotton Hawes went along with the grudge theory, because the black-cloaked killer didn't leave any clues to go on - the grisly hands even had the fingertips sliced off.

And how do you nail a murderer when you can't identity or unearth most of his victims? That's what the boys of the 87th Precinct have to do: find a killer before he carves up any more corpseless hands!

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The Heckler

McBain, Ed 1960

"There are crazy people all over, you know that, don't you?" Spring was intoxicating the city air, but the harassing anonymous telephone calls planting seeds of fear around town were no April Fool's joke. Crank calls and crackpot threats reported to the 87th Precinct by a respected businessman were not exactly top priority for detectives Carella and Meyer -- until a brutal homicide hits the papers.

Connections are getting made fast and furious, and there's a buzz in the air about the Deaf Man, a brilliant criminal mastermind. Now, the 87th Precinct is buying time to reveal the voice on the other end of the line -- as the level of danger rises from a whisper to a scream.


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See Them Die

McBain, Ed 1960

Kill me if you can - that was Pepe Miranda's challenge. Murderer, two-bit hero of the street gangs, he was holed up somewhere in the 87th Precinct, making the cops look like fools and cheered on by every neighbourhood punk. It was not a challenge Lieutenant Pete Byrnes and the detectives in the squad room could leave alone.

Not in the sticky, July heat of the city with the gangs just waiting to explode into violence ...

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The Empty Hours

McBain, Ed 1962

She was young, wealthy - and dead. Strangled to death in a slum apartment. All they had to go on was her name and some cancelled cheques. As Steve Carella said, 'Those cheques are the diary of her life. We'll find the answer there.' But how was he to know that they would reveal something much stranger than murder? On Passover the rabbi bled to death.

Someone had brutally stabbed him and painted a J on the synagogue wall. Everyone knew who the killer was - it had to be Finch, the Jew-hater. Or did it...? The snow was pure white except where Cotton Hawes stared down at the bright red pool of blood spreading away from the dead girl's body.

Hawes was supposed to be on a skiing holiday, but he couldn't just stand by and watch the local cops make a mess of the case. He had to catch the ski-slope slayer before he killed again.

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Like Love

McBain, Ed 1962

A young girl jumps to her death. A salesman gets blown apart. Two semi-naked bodies are found dead on a bed with all the hallmarks of a love pact...Spring really was here for the 87th Precinct. Steve Carella and Cotton Hawes thought the double suicide stank of homicide, but they just couldn't get a break.

Fortunately Hawes has something else going on in his life at the moment - something like love.

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Ten Plus One

McBain, Ed 1963
Ten Plus One (87th Precinct Mystery) by Ed McBain Read More


McBain, Ed 1963
Steve Carella, Cotton Hawes, and the boys of the 87th Precinct know where, when, and how George Lasser died, but they don't have a clue as to who had "given him the ax." And when the mad marauder strikes again, it's time to take the ax to the grindstone. Reissue. Read More


McBain, Ed 1965
A model is slashed to death and irascible investigator Bert Kling disappears while on the case, leaving only a toy doll behind, in another case in the popular series of police procedurals. Reprint. Read More

Eighty Million Eyes

McBain, Ed 1966
Another installment in the enormously popular series of police procedurals set in the 87th Precinct finds detectives Meyer and Carella on the case of the televised death of a beloved television comedian. Reprint. Read More


McBain, Ed 1968
Twice outfoxed by a brilliant maniac, the men of the 87th attempt to uncover the master criminal known as the Deaf Man who shot the commissioner dead on the steps of Philharmonic Hall. Reprint. Read More


McBain, Ed 1968
With Walter Damascus, a psychopath who likes his women well-off, well-built, and dead, loose on the city, Detective Carella and the investigating team of the 87th Precinct must work overtime to find him before he can take out his next victim. Reprint. Read More


McBain, Ed 1970
Detective Arthur Brown discovers that the odd-shaped snapshot found clutched in the dead man's hand holds a clue to a deadly puzzle worth a suitcase of stolen cash, the haul from a six-year-old bank robbery. Reprint. Read More

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!

McBain, Ed 1971
Detective Steve Carella attempts to find out who killed a nude dancer, bombed a ghetto church, murdered a local resident, and shot Detective Andy Parker. Reprint. Read More

Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man

McBain, Ed 1973
While the boys at the 87th Precinct search for an elusive cat burglar, Detective Steve Carella searches for the Deaf Man--the killer who sends clues to the police station. Reprint. Read More

Hail to the Chief

McBain, Ed 1973
Detectives Steve Carella and Burt Kling of the 87th Precinct set out to end the racial warfare that has resulted in the deaths of six people, one a baby, and find themselves taking on a mysterious criminal mastermind. Reprint. Read More


McBain, Ed 1974
Investigating the murder of a warehouse watchman, the cops of the 87th Precinct face a disturbing outbreak in cash-related crimes that link a prostitute's death, a warehouse fire, and a slum redevelopment deal. Reprint. Read More

So Long as You Both Shall Live

McBain, Ed 1976

Detective Bert Kling has had some rough luck with women. First his fiancÃe Cindy Townsend was gunned down in an infamous bookstore shooting. Then there was Cindy Forrest, who informed him one day that she was in love with a doctor at work—and was gone.

Now he’s finally hit the jackpot. Kling just married the beautiful model Augusta Blair, and they are about to enjoy the first night of their marriage together…until bad luck catches him again. When Kling gets out of the shower, Augusta is gone, leaving behind one shoe—and cotton soaked in chloroform.

Even harder than calling Detective Steve Carella with the news is standing on the sidelines while the rest of the men do all the work. But he’ll have to—or he’ll never see her alive again.A spine-tingling race against time as the detectives of the 87th do what they do best, So Long as You Both Shall Live is an extraordinary addition to the series, an Ed McBain masterpiece that marries taut police procedure with the personal stakes of a man who stands to lose everything—again.

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Long Time No See

McBain, Ed 1977
The 32nd book in the 87th Precinct series. Read More


McBain, Ed [Evan Hunter] 1980
A double murder takes place in NYC at Christmas time, and it all occurs starting on page one. Read More


McBain, Ed 1981
While he investigates a questionable suicide, Detective Bert Kling begins to buckle under from the stresses of his personal life--he is afraid his wife is having an affair and he is being hunted by a psychopathic ex-convict. Read More

McBain Brief

McBain, Ed 1982
Paperback. Read More


McBain, Ed 1983

Ice coats the streets where the rapist prowls. Ice spills from the pockets of a dead diamond dealer. Ice runs through the heart of a cold-blooded killer and that of the players in a multimillion dollar show-biz scam. And the deep chill of winter, it is the 87th Precinct who must brave the winds of death to save a city frozen with fear.

National ads/media. Reissue.

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McBain, Ed 1984
Two women are found murdered, several other young women are raped two or three times by the same man, and the men and women of the 87th precinct have their professional skills tested to the limit Read More

And All Through The House

McBain, Ed 1984
A peaceful Christmas Eve turns riotous when the members of the 87th Precinct bring in a kid who has stolen a sheep from the zoo to give to his sister, a pawnshop robber with a bag of gold, and a pregnant woman who promptly gives birth behind the filing cabinets Read More

Eight Black Horses

McBain, Ed 1985

It all got terribly confusing when the Deaf Man put in an appearance.... ...and the criminal mastermind is making his presence known by the dead bodies that are turning up around Isola. Then there are the notes -- with cryptic patterns including eight black horses dancing across a page -- that look like they mean nothing.

But Detectives Kling, Carella, and Meyer know that with the Deaf Man, the seemingly meaningless always means something. Something bad. And as late fall hurtles toward Christmas, the Deaf Man is counting down the days, luring the cops of the 87th Precinct with a series of taunting clues -- all leading toward a horrifying act of revenge orchestrated by a psychopathic killer.

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McBain, Ed 1987
Detective Hal Willis, investigating the deaths of two of Marilyn Hollis's former boyfriends, finds himself falling in love with the woman and uncovers a trail of deception and danger Read More


McBain, Ed 1989

The squadroom at 5:15 on New Year's morning looked much as it did on any other day... But an exceptionally heinous crime was already sending a wave of outrage through even the veteran cops of the 87th Precinct: a wealthy couple, returning home from New Year's festivities, discovered their baby -- and the infant's teenage sitter -- murdered.

Parents themselves, detectives Carella and Meyer resolve to bring in the perpetrator at any cost. Meanwhile, gang warfare is overtaking the city's streets, threatening its very foundation. A sinister song of death and destruction echoes through the 87th, and it isn't "Auld Lang Syne.


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McBain, Ed 1989

2005, hardcover reprint edition (of a work first published in 1990), Tess Press / Black Dog, NY. 355 pages. Ed McBain / Evan Hunter revolutionized the police procedural novel. His 87th Precinct novels were highly popular and featured quirky characters, great dialogue, and constant action.

Here's one of them, involving a group of Satanists in New York, up to no good at all. If you haven't found McBain to date, this is a good place to start.

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McBain, Ed 1989
On Halloween night in the 87th Precinct, a liquor store owner is shot, by costumed children, a headless torso is discovered, and Detective First Class Eileen Burke, disguised as a hooker, hopes to trap a serial killer Read More


McBain, Ed 1991

The beautiful blonde in the penthouse apartment was dead,her face and body laced with slashes from a paring knife -- grisly evidence of the terrible things the city can do to pretty young women. What sordid web of money, sex, and greed had ensnared Susan Brauer? The stack of unsigned erotic letters in her possession was the first clue.

Then the murder of Susan's lover, a married lawyer in his sixties, leads the cops of the 87th to the women left behind: the lawyer's wife, his ex, his daughters. And for Detective Carella, his own father's senseless death in a bakery holdup sears through the intense summer heat -- and sends him on a fevered hunt for the one who made his mother a widow and shrouded his family in grief.

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McBain, Ed 1992
An 87th Precinct novel - Certain that someone is trying to kill her, Emma Bowles turns to another killer for protection, and only a dedicated cop trapped in a defective legal system can save her. Read More


McBain, Ed 1993
Investigating a series of cryptic murders in the worst section of the city, detective Steve Carella of the 87th Precinct uncovers the trail of the returned Deaf Man, an elusive stalker of vandals and other mischievous outlaws. Reprint. Read More


Hunter, Evan 1995
In the forty-sixth installment in the best-selling, critically acclaimed series, detective Bert Kling brings the curtain down on a Broadway play about an actress who is slain. Reprint. Read More


McBain, Ed 1997

In Isola, the hours between midnight and dawn are usually a quiet time. But for the 87th Precinct detectives Carella and Hawes, the murder of an old woman makes the wee hours anything but peaceful--especially when they learn she was one of the greatest concert pianists of the century long vanished.

Meanwhile 88th Precinct cop Fat Ollie Weeks has his own early morning nightmare: he's on the trail of three prep school boys and a crack dealer who spent the evening carving up a hooker.

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The Big Bad City

McBain, Ed 1998

In this city, you have to pay attention. In this city, things are happening all the time, all over the place, and you don't have to be a detective to smell evil in the wind. Take this week's tabloids: the face of a dead girl is splashed across the front page.

She was found sprawled near a park bench not seven blocks from the police station. Detectives Carella and Brown soon discover the girl has a most unusual past. Meanwhile, the late-night news tracks the exploits of The Cookie Boy, a professional thief who leaves his calling card -- a box of chocolate chip cookies -- at the scene of each score.

And while the detectives of the 87th Precinct are investigating these cases, one of them is being stalked by the man who killed his father. Welcome to the Big Bad City.

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The Last Dance

McBain, Ed 1999

In this city, you can get anything done for a price. If you want someone's eyeglasses smashed, it'll cost you a subway token. You want his fingernails pulled out? His legs broken? You want him hurt so bad he's an invalid his whole life? You want him..

.killed? Let me talk to someone. It can be done. The hanging death of a nondescript old man in a shabby little apartment in a meager section of the 87th Precinct is nothing much in this city, especially to detectives Carella and Meyer. But everyone has a story, and this old man's story stood to make some people a lot of money.

His story takes Carella, Meyer, Brown, and Weeks on a search through Isola's seedy strip clubs and to the bright lights of the theater district. There they discover an upcoming musical with ties to a mysterious drug -- and a killer who stays until the last dance.

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Money, Money, Money

McBain, Ed 2001
The discovery of a mutilated corpse points the way to a major counterfeiting operation, and Steve Carella, Arthur Brown, Meyer Meyer, and Fat Ollie Weeks are all on the case, as they confront a host of bizarre clues and intense media scrutiny. Read More

Fat Ollie's Book

McBain, Ed 2002

Irritating though he was, Lester Henderson had it all when he strode up to rehearse his keynote address in the darkness of a downtown theatre. Widely tipped to be the next mayor and possessing a nice line in catalogue-casual daywear, Henderson stood four-square facing his glorious future.

But five shots later and his lifeblood was seeping away - gunned down by person or persons unknown from stage-right... At that point he became Ollie Weeks' problem. But this savage crime is suddenly overshadowed by a deed even more repugnant. Ollie's life's work is his novel.

Honed by countless rejection letters, it is finally ready to be released to the general populace. But then the one and only manuscript disappears, leaving Ollie to head off in pursuit of the thief. A thief who is convinced that Ollie's work contains the secret location of a hoard of hidden diamonds.


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The Frumious Bandersnatch

McBain, Ed 2003

The kidnapping was audacious,and there were plenty of witnesses...But no one attending the dazzling launch party for up-and-coming pop idol Tamar Valparaiso knew what they were seeing when, halfway through her performance, masked men whisked the sexy young singer off a luxury yacht and into a waiting speedboat.

Now, the evening that was supposed to send Tamar's debut album, Bandersnatch, skyrocketing with a million-dollar promotional campaign has instead kicked off a terrifying countdown for Steve Carella and the detectives of the 87th Precinct. Time is their enemy in the race to find Tamar's abductors -- before the rising star is extinguished forever.

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McBain, Ed 2004

I'm a Fathead, Men! I Am the Deaf Man! Unscrambling the cryptic messages -- anagrams, Detective Carella called them -- delivered to the 87th Precinct confirmed that the master criminal who has eluded them time and again is not only alive and well, but may or may not be behind a deadly revenge shooting.

For that matter, the Deaf Man may or may not be deaf. But he's getting through loud and clear with clues drawn from Shakespeare's works -- taunting hints and maddening riddles pointing to his next plan of attack. It doesn't take a literary scholar to know there's no room for misinterpretation.

For when the Deaf Man talks, everybody listens...or somebody gets hurt.

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McBain, Ed 2005

This installment in the 87th Precinct series finds the detectives stumped by a serial killer who doesn't fit the profile. A blind violinist taking a smoke break, a cosmetics sales rep cooking an omelet in her own kitchen, a college professor trudging home from class, a priest contemplating retirement in the rectory garden, an old woman out walking her dog—these are the seemingly random targets shot twice in the face.

But most serial killers don't use guns. Most serial killers don't strike five times in two weeks. And most serial killers' prey share something more than being over fifty years of age. Now it falls to Detective Steve Carella and his colleagues in the 87th Precinct to find out what-or whom-the victims had in common before another body is found.

With trademark wit and sizzling dialogue, McBain unravels a mystery and examines the dreams we chase in the darkening hours before the fiddlers have fled.

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